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2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: My 7 Tricks To Attract HOT Woemn


Do you ever wonder how the most average looking guys always land the HOTTEST women?

Do you dream about being with GORGEOUS women that look like super models, but you just can’t seem to figure out how to score?

Well, the first thing you must do is keep in mind that these average men who are swooping up all the sexy women are successful at it for ONE reason:

It’s the way they present themselves.
Most guys are afraid to approach a hot woman or feel intimidated because they feel out of her league...but it’s not always about looks!

You don’t have to be rich and good looking to get the girl!

Check out my 6 ways to attract all kinds of hot women...ways to make them go so crazy they’ll be coming at you from every direction =)

1.) Have a Strong Dating Record
Think about this for a second:

Do you ever notice that women aren’t attracted to you for a long period of time, but as soon as you've got some pretty arm candy, you’re all the sudden ten times hotter?

Well, this kind of thing happens ALL the time.

Women are subconsciously drawn to men who are taken because they are seeing you in a romantic light.

They see that you are a gentleman and that you’re probably an all around decent guy...well that’s what she expects when you’ve have beautiful girl at your side.

And if you’ve got a ring on your finger, it shows a woman you can commit!

Yes, women are competitive creatures and can get pretty aggressive when the man she wants is unavailable, but she’s not doing it on purpose (well not always =)).

When a man is taken, it makes a woman want to know what else you’ve got going on. They want to find out what makes you so special and how you won yourself that hot piece of booty.

The girl-on-girl challenge is incredibly alluring to most women. We constantly try to one up each other and try to be the sexiest one in a group when we all go out. It’s our basic instinct...

And this also goes for dating...

Once a girl sees that you’re busy with other women, she automatically wonders why she didn’t get you first and her interest in you will grow much stronger!

So get out there and get yourself some dates with a ton of average women.

This will keep you busy and make you unavailable...ultimately forcing the hotter women to naturally gravitate to your magnetic charm =)

2.) Be Mysterious
A woman loves a man who’s got a little mystery in him.

It keeps them intrigued and eager to find out more about you.

You never want to reveal your entire life’s story all at once, especially all of your juicier details.

Doing this will ruin all anticipation and it leaves no room for surprises...and women really like surprises.

When the two of you get the conversation flowing, especially through’s very easy to confess all of your secrets and highlight every winning moment of your life before your first date.

But if you do might come back to bite you in the butt.

You can say too much too soon and she might decide she’s just not that into you.

This is because giving her too much up front is also giving her the chance to jump to conclusions.

She may think she’s already got you figured out a little too quickly and that's a big no no.

So...hold some stuff back and share little things about yourself here and there. She’ll be much more impressed when she finally learns your finer points on her own =)

3.) Have a Plan
Not just hot women, but ALL women want a man who is goal-oriented, and knows what he wants out of life.

This is a HUGE turn on for a woman! It shows her that you are CONFIDENT, intelligent and you have enthusiasm.

And if she’s anything like me, she's gonna want a man that'll keep her balanced, someone to help her set goals and accomplish ambitions.

Well, the same goes for a 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd date. When you’re taking out a hot girl, make a plan and show her that you care enough to follow through with every last detail.

Don’t just ask her what she feels like doing and make a decision based on her answer!

Put some thought into it, and once you figure something out, tell her exactly where you are going, the time you’re picking her up and fill her in on the dress code so that she can dress accordingly -)

Plan out every last detail. She will be blown away and fall head over heals for you!

4.) Don't Be So Easy
Think about how good it feels when you’ve been working so hard to save up for that new car you’ve had your eye on, and then finally...

You buy it all on your own with no one’s help, not even a co-signer.

You value it a lot more now don’t you? It’s yours and you worked very hard for it!

That’s because you earned it! You see, when things come too easy, the value of it lessens and this especially goes for dating hot women.

If you make yourself available all the time, a woman will start to expect it. She will know that you’ll be there whenever she calls and soon her interest in you will disappear.

Or even worse...she’ll start to take advantage of you =(

You always want to keep her guessing. Women like the game just as much as men do.

How many times have you been so into a girl and then lost interest because she gave herself up too quickly? It’s because the chase is gone.

Well, hot women feel that too! So your best bet is to always be unpredictable.

Don’t cancel a night out with the guys just so you can see her. It’s OK to reschedule as long as you're not flaking on an already planned date!

Besides, that shows you are loyal to your friends too and it means you’re one of the good ones.

The more work you let a woman put into being with you, the more she’ll want it, and that definitely includes sexy time in the bedroom.

5.) Just Go For It Already
The minute you and a hot girl eye sex each other from across the room, or once it’s been made clear that she’s noticed you, don’t even think about leaving her hanging!

Remember that hot women have guys coming at them all day every day and if you don’t have the balls to approach her for that first kiss or even just to exchange a few words and grab her number...

She will be more than happy to move right on to the next guy who will.

So grow a pair and make your move.

To her, you are just like every other guy in that room and you don’t matter yet, so be sure to show her that you are worth her while and that you are a confident man who isn’t afraid of being rejected.

If she sees that you are hesitant about saying hello, she will think that you're just not really into her or that you’re too shy, and she will most likely lose interest.

If you find a woman attractive and want to get to know her...just go for it!

6.) Change It Up
Blowing it with a woman is very easy (and I don’t mean with your load) =) of the biggest ways to turn a hot woman off is by being totally predictable.

Women crave the anticipation and excitement that comes with leaving her guessing.

It will keep her on her toes and really spark her attention because she’ll never know what to expect.

Don’t be scared to mix things up a bit either. It’s OK to change your plans and do something other than what was expected.

If you just take her to dinner three times a week, your woman will get bored very, very fast.

So, instead of going to dinner one of those nights, surprise her with a tasty, home cooked meal at your place.

Instead of going for your normal evening run, take her to a yoga class for the night.

I guarantee if you keep her guessing and throw in some unexpected adventures once in a while, you will have no problem keeping her around and keeping her very, very happy =)

7.) Don’t Be The Desperate Dude
If you haven’t been with many hot women before...act like it anyway!

You don’t want to seem like a total rookie!

Once the initial connection has been made and you’ve been on the first date, don't start calling her every day.

You will lose her in no time at all =(

Women enjoy and NEED their space, so give it to her.

When she texts you, make her wait for your response and when she calls you, don’t always answer right away.

Let her leave a cute message and call her back in 20 minutes =)

As long as you actually call her back, you’re doing just fine!

When dealing with a hot woman, it can be really hard not to want to hang out with her all the time, but you never want to make this desire obvious.

If you do, she will think you have no friends, you have no other interests, and you’re a little too lovesick and those are ALL turn offs!

Don’t give her a hard time when she isn’t available over the weekend or when she wants to go out with her girlfriends. It’s totally healthy to allow this kind of space.

It makes a relationship grow stronger and it makes you really stand out, because she knows that you're a man who can hold his own =)

Now let me ask you something...
What's the difference between the guy who gets to sleep with the hot girl and the dozens of guys who try and FAIL?

It's simple: The guys who get laid know EXACTLY hot to get a girl sexually turned on BEFORE they even get to the bedroom.

Just because you now have my 7 tips to attracting hot women doesn't mean you're guaranteed sex...
You MUST know how to get her feeling frisky, and wanting to come over for steamy, slippery, naked action!

And to help you out, I have something for you...

Click here to find out how to blow her mind the FIRST time.

It's your personal step-by-step guide to getting the girl you want, how to spark attraction, and how to take things to a physical level faster than you could ever wish for!

And you won't just learn how to get a date... You'll also learn how to get a girl from a date to the bedroom, secrets to MULTIPLE orgasms, and what to do the day AFTER you have sex to be sure she sticks around =)

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P.S. Please don't hesitate on this...I can assure you this is the best thing you could ever own. Getting her so turned on that she BEGS you to be inside her is just a click away... =)

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2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: How To: Make A Woman Do ANYTHING You Want Her To


The one thing I absolutely LOVE about a man is confidence...

Better yet, SEXUAL confidence.

That’s why I was so drawn to J, the incredibly handsome guy I’m seeing. I’ve mentioned him a few times already =)

In one of my last emails I told you about our “first time” together and how it was pretty much the BEST sex I’ve ever had...

Well, things just keep getting BETTER and the sex just keeps getting HOTTER!

I HAVE to tell you what happened last night...

But first I just want you to know, that J had an UNREAL amount of confidence when we first met.

He knew EXACTLY what to say, how to interact with me, and most importantly...he knew how to turn me on emotionally!

Plus, he looked at me the way no man has ever looked at me before. I could see the sex in his eyes.

I became so insanely attracted to him that I could have easily ripped off his clothes right then and there...

But I wanted to make him wait for it ;) And I did.

Ok, back to my story...

Last night, J asked me to come over, and without hesitation I headed to his place.

As soon as I walked in, he grabbed my butt, picked me up and slammed me down onto his bar top...

Yes, you heard me... J has a full on bar in his family room! It’s crazy!

I wrapped my legs around his hips as he took off my tank top and slowly began sliding his right hand up my skirt...

He began to tease me a little just to get my juices flowing, but let me tell you, that wasn’t even necessary...

I was turned on the moment I walked in the door!

He made his way up my chest and lightly began to choke me as he kissed my collarbone... My BIGGEST weak spot! =)

At this point I was ready to go! But he took FULL control like a sexually confident man does...

He took off my skirt, and spread my legs while I was still sitting on the bar.

He started to lick my inner thighs and just as I began to moan and pull him in a little closer, he backed away!

I sat there naked and vulnerable wondering what was about to happen.
And that’s when he whispered in my ear...

I want you to look me in the eyes and touch yourself until you come.

I was so ridiculously aroused that I didn’t even think twice about doing as he asked. He was dominant and I LOVED it!

I played with myself while he sat there and watched my every move…

And this, by far was one of the SEXIEST things a man has ever done with me..

The way he controlled my body, my mind, and of SOAKING WET vagina!

But the ONLY way he was able to pull this off was through confidence...

The kind of confidence that EVERY man should have, the kind of confidence that will give you the freedom to have sex with ANY girl you could ever want...

The kind of confidence that will allow you to live out a sex life beyond your WILDEST dreams...

Did I get your attention yet? I hope so... cause I just gave you some INTIMATE details of my personal sex life mister! =)

And now that you’re probably all hot and bothered ;) I want to remind you to watch this video...

Trust me you will LOVE it!

Click here to watch the video.

It’s totally free and it’s going to show you how to sleep with ANY woman you want, how to get her DRIPPING wet BEFORE taking her clothes off, and how to make her do ANYTHING you want her to do...

The best part is, this is 100% rejection-proof and you can even use it on girls who weren’t into you from the start!

Watch the video here.

And if you’re reading this right probably have nothing better to do, so do me a favor and watch it =)


P.S. Don't blow it on the first date the video and learn how to get laid tonight! The only thing you should be blowing is your load!! ;)

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2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: 5 Tips To Ensure She Has MULTIPLE O's Ronight;)


Imagine giving your girl the kind of pleasure that leaves her totally breathless, and her hair wild as she's smiling at you in pure ecstasy.

You know...the kind of pleasure that’s so deep her lady parts tingle whenever she thinks about you...

This is what happens when she experiences MULTIPLE orgasms, and this is the kind of buzz that makes her sexually ADDICTED to you =)

And I'm about to tell you EXACTLY how to do it...

The 5 ways to ENSURE your woman experiences powerful explosions one after the other until she just can't handle it any longer!


1.) Her Pleasure ALWAYS Comes First
The more foreplay you have, the better her experience will be throughout the night.

Using a lot of foreplay will bring her sexual arousal to the next level, and allow the multiple orgasms to come on much easier!

To do this, you must put your woman’s needs ahead of your own. This is the ONLY way she is guaranteed to have an intense wave of wild orgasms.

Make the night all about her, and once she is satisfied she will have no problem returning the favor.

Here’s the thing...a man’s orgasm comes way too easily in comparison to a woman’s...

It can take us, on average 4X longer to reach an orgasm than it takes a man, and men are averaging anywhere between 3 to 15 minutes!

Plus, after a guy has his first orgasm, he has to rest up and take a lot more time to recover before having a second go. Women are the complete opposite! We can keep on going =)

So if you want to give your girl multiple O’s, you have to take the time to make sure she is fully aroused and is constantly being mentally and physically stimulated.

2.) Prepare the Clit
A woman’s clit is INCREDIBLY sensitive to any kind of physical sensation.

It must be fully primed and ready before any kind of direct stimulation!

For the BEST results though, you should avoid touching that area for at least 15 minutes...

Holding off for a while will not only cause a TON of sexual tension and anticipation...

But it will also give her body time to fully awaken her sexual organs...most importantly, her mind.

Make sure your woman is comfortable and free from any stress. If she is mentally distracted in any way at all, you won't be able to give her a single orgasm, let alone multiple!

Take all the time you can to caress every inch of her warm body. Start from the top, running your fingertips along the sides of her arms while kissing her neck and gently nibbling on her earlobes =)

Play with her hair, but change the pace every so often by tugging on it a little harder.

When you do this, easily bite the sides of her neck and work your way towards her collarbone.

Lick around and near her nipples, but don’t actually come into contact with them yet...

Tease her, cup her breasts in the palms of your hands and kiss her entire stomach as you watch her breathing become shallow...

Her eyes will roll to the back of her head, she may pull you in closer, or bite down on her bottom lip...

These are all signs that her clit is slowly getting wet and ready for you, but continue playing with her until she just can’t take the teasing any longer!

Graze your hand over her vagina so lightly that it feels like a feather is being brushed up against her clit.

After doing all this, she’ll be so turned on, that a night of multiple orgasms will be cake!

Whew!! I'm getting turned on over here!! ;)

3. Know Your Way Around
Just because a woman’s clit is super small doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly powerful!!

A clit actually has over 8,000 nerve endings while your junk only has about 4,000...You do the math!

This tiny erogenous zone has the ability to feel sensations that are so strong, they can spread across a woman’s entire pelvic area affecting another 15,000 other nerve endings.

Amazing right? I love being a woman =)

Of course most guys generally know what a clit is and where to find it, but they don’t truly understand how everything all works together.

For example...the inside of the vagina is actually LESS sensitive than the outer parts of the vagina.

The best way to learn your way around and to be able to give her the most enjoyable sexual stimulation, carefully touch different parts of her clit, including the inner and outer lips of her vagina.

While doing this, watch the way she reacts to each sensation. That way you can understand what’s more sensitive for her, what makes her tick, and what parts to pay special attention to.

Try stimulating the clit in a variety of ways too...

Use circular patterns, move your finger up and down or back and forth.

Also, be sure to play around with different levels of pressure. You can start out by rubbing it very gently and then get stronger as she warms up.

I personally like lighter pressure at first, but as I become more turned on I’m all about stronger pressure!

Remember that all women are different so be sure to talk to her about what she likes. This will also make it easier for you to give her a ton and tons of orgasms!

4. Use Your Fingers
Some of the best orgasms a woman can experience is by receiving inner and outer stimulation...

Plus, those are the ones that always come on the quickest.

Try these 2 techniques:
#1 When your girl is laying down, position yourself beside her, place the palm of your hand over her vagina and press against her pubic bone.
Then, insert a finger or two (whatever she prefers) and move them in a “come here” motion.
While doing this, the palm of your hand is giving her clit direct stimulation while your fingers are doing the rest of the work.
This technique is one of my favorites and definitely works best with harder pressure. Go slow at first. If she wants more pressure, she will let you know, TRUST ME!

You’ll notice that she will push against the palm of your hand and pull you into her =)
#2. Have your girl stand up and rest her arm around your neck to keep balanced.

Use two fingers and insert them into her, but only go about an inch deep.

Position your fingers so that they are moving upwards as if you’re trying to touch her belly button. You should feel a spongy area here.

Continue to stimulate it in a “come here” motion at a fast speed. But be prepared...Doing this might even make your girl squirt! =)

I guarantee that using any of these tips this will give her more than one orgasm and very, quickly...but remember to keep a steady rhythm or it can throw off her ability to come the first time!

5.) The 3-Minute Window

During foreplay there is something I like to call the 3-minute window.

Once you give your girl her first orgasm, she will be ultra sensitive to any touch, so be sure to give her about two minutes to catch her breath.

During these two minutes, DO NOT STOP PHYSICAL STIMULATION on other parts of her body!

Continue rubbing up against her skin, kissing her breasts, or talking a little dirty to her =)

Then, use that last minute to go back to rubbing her clit and vagina, but use a lighter stimulation so she isn’t too overwhelmed.

During this time, your girl will be feeling a tingling sensation from the first orgasm and her vagina muscles will be contracting.

This why you want to go in for the next orgasm within those three minutes...

She is sensitive, but her lady part is already feeling those orgasm contractions that will cause her next climax to come on FASTER and STRONGER!

Well, that's it!! I hope you've enjoyed my tips =)

Remember to check in on my blog page! I just posted 3 positions that will also help get your girl mutiple O's!!

You can check it out right here. Have fun tonight ;)

XOXO Shawna
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2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: 5 Things She's Been Trying To Tell You in Bed


Trying to figure out what a woman really wants in the bedroom can be a total nightmare and that’s because most of the time, we have no idea how to express our sexual feelings when we’re lost in the moment...

Instead, we use sounds like, “Ohhh” “Ahhh” and “Mmmm” with the hopes that you’ll eventually just catch on.

I’m sure you already know that I enjoy doing naughty things with women in the bedroom, and that’s because we know EXACTLY how our bodies work =)

But...for men, it can be a bit trickier! To make things a little easier for ya, I decided to make a list of the most common things your women says and does in the bedroom...

And what she ACTUALLY means by them. So next time you’re in the middle of lustful love can give her what she REALLY wants.
Here we go...

What She Says: Don’t stop!

Here’s What You Think She Means: She’s really into this! I should go harder and faster.


Ok, when a woman says, “Don’t stop,” she actually means, not to vary what you’re doing.

In order for a woman to have an orgasm, you’ve got to stick to a specific pleasure spot.

If you change your technique or speed even just a little can totally KILL her orgasm, especially if she’s close to climax!

I remember being with this guy one night. He was going down on me for about five minutes and his tongue was perfectly massaging a very sensitive pleasure spot on the left side of my clit.

The combination of pressure from his warm tongue and the constant in and out stimulation from his two fingers against the ceiling of my vagina really felt good...

I was on the verge of coming, and screamed out, “Baby! Don’t stop, don’t stop!”

I started moaning really loud and all the sudden he started moving his tongue back and forth at a faster speed! And just like that, I lost my orgasm.

He assumed that speeding up the motion would bring out my orgasm quicker, but it didn’t. He completely threw me off and had to start over again =(

You must keep a steady pace and a constant rhythm to give your girl the MOST pleasure. So next time she says, “Don’t stop,” don’t even think about changing anything!

What She Says: Nothing

Here’s What You Think She Means: She’s not enjoying herself.

This Is What She REALLY Means:I’m about to come!

If you haven’t already noticed, some women will scream their little heart’s out when finally having that mind-blowing orgasm.

It’s a huge release and they have no problem digging their nails into your back and losing all control...

But others will literally hold their breath and get super quiet just before they’re about to come.

When a woman does this, it means she’s just focusing on that one spot and pushing her body towards the big explosion!

Don’t mistake a woman’s lack of sound for a bad time...

Being quiet builds tension, allows her to feel the vaginal muscles contract, and helps her feel every little thing her body is experiencing at that very moment.

Honestly, I’ve even blacked out during an intense orgasm once! All women are different. I know a few who’ve even cried afterwards.

The best way to figure out your woman’s sexual style is by asking her, and after being with a girl more than once...

You’ll be able to catch on to her sexy habits pretty fast! =)

What She Says:I’ve been masturbating more recently.

Here’s What You Think She Means: Sex with me isn’t enough.

This Is What She REALLY Means: You make me want to have EVEN MORE sex.

Truth of the matter is, the more sex a woman has, the more sex she seems to want.

When a woman is intimate with you five days a week, the more sexual she will feel in general.

Having fantastic sex that often can make women crazy (In a good way of course)! But it also means that when she doesn’t see you one night...she'll be more likely to pleasure herself on her own.

But this is a VERY good thing! The more a woman masturbates, the more confident and aggressive she will be with you.

This is because she knows what she wants and needs sexually.

Women have incredibly strong sex drives. They constantly want more sex, and when they are getting GREAT sex...they are ALWAYS horny =) Trust me.

So don’t get so upset when you catch your girl buttering her biscuit!

What She Does: She wiggles when you’re going down on her.

What You Think She Means: She loves this, she can’t keep still.

What She is REALLY Doing: She is trying to move around so that eventually you find it difficult to continue and give up.

A woman will NEVER straight up tell you that you aren’t doing a good job down there.

We aren’t dumb! We know it will shatter your sexual confidence, but truth many men don’t have the first clue about eating vagina.

And when you’re bad at it, it can totally kill the mood.

If your woman was truly enjoying herself she would lay still, her head will push back into the pillows and she’s grab on to your bed sheets like there’s no tomorrow.

She might even use her hands to push your head into her so that she feels more pressure from your tongue =)

What She Says:Can I get on top?

Here’s What You Think She Means: That’s right, take control baby. Ride me!

This Is What She REALLY Means: This isn’t working for me. Let me help you.

Being on top is the PERFECT way to hit a woman’s G-Spot and allow her to come much faster.

If you’re woman asks to get on top, it doesn’t ALWAYS mean you’re a lousy lay, but if she does it should brush up on your sexual skills.

She’s tying to tell you that the positions you’ve been trying aren’t quite working for her and you don’t know how to get her off very well.

When a woman is on top, she has full control over what’s happening.

Being on top also makes is easier for us to position out clit at your pelvic bone so that we can get inside and outside stimulation!

Pay close attention to her body language and what she is doing.

That way, she doesn’t have to do all the work next time the two of you are getting busy!

Ok, so now that you know what's REALLY going on in your girl's head, it's time to turn the heat up a notch...

A woman's body is capable of experiencing up to 10X as much pleasure as a man! Plus, we can experience pleasure in MANY different ways!

And that means that it's up to YOU to learn ALL of her secret pleasure spots, advanced penetration pleasure, how to SUPERCHARGE her arousal levels...and of course, get her ADDICTED to your touch.

And I have something that will teach you all of those things...

The program is called, "Female Body Mastery" and in it you'll learn the secrets and psychological tricks to make your EVERY touch feel ORGASMIC...

You'll have the power to make her come like crazy, and discover 7 SNEAKY ways to get her DRIPPING WET...even if you're not really her type. But trust me, that's not all you'll learn...

"Female Body Mastery" is one of my personal FAVORITES! Lexi Belle is a SEX GODDESS!!

Learn More and get the program HERE =)

Good luck lover <3 br="">


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2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: NEVER Get Repeated Again


I’ve got a video for you today that I KNOW you’re going to love =)

It’s a free presentation of a BRAND NEW way that shows you how to get any girl turned on, wet between the legs, and dying to sleep with you...

In just SECONDS.

You can use this on a girl you’ve just met..

Or you can use it on one you’ve known for ages...

The choice is yours =)

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Oh and the best part is...

This is 100% rejection-proof.

So if you’ve ever been scared to make your move because she might shoot you down...

Then this is for you.

Go ahead right now and...

Watch the video.
After you do, you’ll never have to spend another night alone.

Unless you want to =)

XOXO Shawna

Thursday, March 06, 2014


Kedves Swinger baratok!








2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: 3 Ways To Find Out EXCACTLY What She Needs in Bed


Every woman is different and her sexual needs will vary from one extreme to the other...

Unfortunately, that only makes it harder on you to give her what she REALLY wants in the bedroom.

This is where communication comes into play and that can be rough! Even some of the most intimate couples I know have a hard time opening up to each other.

Speaking up like that can make us feel vulnerable or jittery. And that's why a lot of women will use the same old excuse... “Well if he really likes me, I won’t have to tell him what I want, he’ll just know.

And we all know that’s NOT true!!

I remember I was with this guy a while back and he was always in such a hurry to get the sex going. I just went with it because I was shy and didn’t want to ruin the mood, but after a while it got really frustrating.

I finally built up some courage and asked him to SLOW DOWN. And when he changed everything!

Plus, me speaking up first was the icebreaker we needed. Once I did that, the communication in the bedroom started getting stronger and the sex became much more enjoyable.

So... to help you out, I wrote out some great tips to make communicating easier and to give your woman EXACTLY what she wants in the bedroom...

1. ) Ask Her
If you ask a woman what she likes or wants, it gives her the chance to actually tell you...

And even though asking for the first time might be a little awkward, don’t get discouraged because soon enough, you will both be more comfortable and the sex will be 10X HOTTER!! Trust me =)

Get your girl to speak up and tell you what she wants by giving her positive feedback.

Say something like...“Watching you is making me so hot! Do you want me to rub you faster?”

Asking her yes or no questions will help you figure out what she likes in an indirect way...but NEVER just ask, "What do you want me to do?"It's a BIG TURN OFF and she'll just assume you're inexperienced =(

Try These:
Do you want me to do this harder?

Do you like when I pinch your nipple? Should I do it softer or harder?

Is this your sweet spot baby?”

Then, when the situation is flipped, say something positive to your girl during sex that also makes it easier for her to do exactly what YOU want her to.

Example: “Baby that feels incredible, suck me harder!”
By saying something like this, not only are you are giving her positive feedback, but you’re making her feel that she is doing a good job at pleasing you...

And that will only make her want to work harder to maxamize YOUR pleasure! It's a win win! =)

2.) Let HER Show You
If your girl feels a little uneasy telling you what she wants out loud, ask her to SHOW you.

Assure her that it’s OK to move your hands from one spot on her body to another area that may feel better or increase her pleasure.

For instance, if you are using your tongue on your woman’s clit, try using different techniques and ask her to moan louder or raise her hips towards your mouth when she’s really enjoying what you are doing.

Tell her to show you how she wants to be touched, rubbed, or licked, on specific parts of her body and let her know that you’re feelings won’t get hurt if she is honest.

Remember J? I told you about him in my last email. He's the new guy in my life =)

Well, he introduced me to a very sensual game that gives each lover an exciting, and nonverbal way to show each other how they’d like to be touched.

For about 15 minutes, touch your girl EXACTLY the way YOU like to be touched, and then reverse roles and let her touch you the way SHE wants to be touched.

It’s really fun and it’s an easy way to get to know each other’s bodies without feeling pressured or uneasy!

3.) Be Very Hands On
Being hands on doesn’t mean to start grabbing and groping every inch of your woman’s body. No one likes sloppiness =(

Well...unless it's a wet and sloppy blowjob hehe =p

You learn by doing right? Well, same thing goes for sex...

Instead, tease and warm her up while paying EXTRA attention to her body’s language and movement. Touch, caress, taste, and lick EVERY inch of her. Then watch for her responses.

Making your way around her entire body will help you learn EXACTLY what gets her HOT!!

For instance, when your girl starts breathing heavily and her heart is beating faster than normal, it means more blood is flowing to her lady parts and she's getting warmed up =)

Also, check out her nipples and labia...

The extra blood flow will actually make them appear darker in color and the clit will look swollen.

That’s when you know you’re doing something she likes and you’re getting closer to giving her the big "O"!

Use your fingers and put them inside of her while stimulating her clit. If she pushes herself against your hand...

She is DEFINITELY enjoying herself and you should continue what you’re doing =)

If she's just lying there limp...well it's probably not happening for her and you NEED to change the pace!

When you're making your way around a woman's body and you KNOW you hit one of her sweet spots, try saying something like this...

"You look so sexy moving your hips like that. I want you to cum for me baby."

"You like the way I'm rubbing your clit don't you? Can I taste you?"

Asking her questions and complimenting her during sex will get her to to be more vocal with you. Plus, a little dirty talk can loosen her up and turn her on even MORE =)

So there you have it! My three tips to enhance your communication in the bedroom!

Now, pick up a copy of my program Extreme Female Orgasms,  and you will know exactly which one to give her =)

Get Extreme Female Orgasms here
Remember that reading and understanding your woman's body language only means INCREASED pleasure for both of you!

And you can NEVER stop learning when it comes to sex <3 br="">


Wednesday, March 05, 2014

2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: How To Meet Women Online (FREE REPORT)


Last week, I sent you an email about that online dating report I've been working on...

And I am FINALLY done with it!! =)

I am SO SO took WAY longer than I expected! There was A TON of valuable infortmation to write about!

Anyway...  Check it out right HERE!!

I've been using Tinder for the past month, and it's by far the STEAMIEST mobile dating app I've ever used!

It offers some of the most GORGEOUS women right to your very own fingertips...

And it’s one of the easiest and exciting ways to meet the kinds of women you’ve been dreaming about =)

You don’t want to wait too long to find your dream girl...

Plus, everyone knows that women can get pretty aggressive when it comes to finding a hot date for this very SPECIAL night! And that just makes it easier for YOU to win her over! =)

Click here for my FREE Tinder guide!

There are a TON of different dating sites and the pool of men looking for love online is over 20 million! So you really have to make yourself stand out in order to catch the one you've got your eye on.

Read my report to perfect the first message, take the BEST photos, and turn the Tinder game into real life dates and AMAZING sex!

I know it’s a lot to take in, but if you follow my tips you will definitely win the girl over and become the ULTIMATE Tinder Master =)

Click here to learn how to get the HOTTEST girl on Tinder.

Hope you love it!


I even included screenshots of REAL people so you know the exact do's and don'ts when taking a photo for your profile =)

P.S.S. Check out this awesome illustration my cartoonist drew for the report...



Some guys have NO CLUE how to go down on a woman.

I mean, sure they know the basics...stick your tongue out and lick the clit in a circular motion...but there’s A LOT more to it!!

Sure, doing that feels fantastic, but it's definitely NOT gonna make a girl scream out in multiple, mind-blowing orgasms!

No sir!! She needs MORE. She's CRAVING more.

So...I decided to share 3 of my personal favorite oral sex techniques with you.

Read them over, take notes, and use them on YOUR girl TONIGHT =)

1. The Clit Suck
The technique is my absolute favorite because it allows a man to really stimulate the entire clit...

And that means you hit ALL of the RIGHT pleasure points =)

Start by spreading her vaginal lips and lightly pulling back the clitoral hood so that the clit is fully exposed.

Put your mouth over it, lick it very gently...and then pull back. Continue teasing and using your tongue very lightly.

Remember to take your time..she will LOVE this!

You want to keep it light and simple at first. Don't use teeth and start sucking right away! You have to warm her up first.

Then, put your mouth directly on her clit and begin to suck (DON'T BITE!). While you are sucking, use one finger and insert it into her vagina.

Position your finger upwards so that you can hit her G-Spot at the same time. This will TRIPLE the intensity she feels!

After a few minutes of stimulation, I guarantee this technique will give your woman an orgasm that will leave her panting in ecstasy! =)

2. The Alphabet
Mmmm, the Alphabet is the most AMAZING technique ever!!=)

Use your tongue to carefully trace out the alphabet on and around your woman's clit!

In this technique, your tongue will constantly be moving in every direction so that you can stimulate her most sensitive spots.

As you go through the entire alphabet one letter at a time, her pleasure will escalate and get STRONGER as you get to the end...

Leaving your girl with an intense, toe-curling, orgasm!

Just beware...she might leave a few claw marks on your back from pulling you into her as she comes =p Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

3. The Flick
Before I reveal this special trick, keep in mind that ALL women are different!

It’s VERY important to keep an eye on YOUR girl and watch the way she responds to the technique. That way you are certain she’s enjoying herself.

pay attention to the way YOUR girl responds. You want to make sure she is liking what you’re doing or she could become uncomfortable =(

Ok...first be sure to spread her outer vaginal lips apart.

Then, with a POINTED tongue, gently flick around and near her clit.

The clit is DEFINITELY the most sensitive area, but never be afraid to move around and explore other parts of her vagina as well.

Flicking the clit correctly can bring on A TON of pleasure! I've actually cum from flicking alone and it’s the greatest sensation ever!!

I hope you enjoyed my tips =)

Try them out tonight!