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Did you know that nearly ALL women are curious about having a threesome? Most have actually fantasized about it too!

I for one have actually touched myself to the idea of being with a man and a woman at the same time, but this was before my days in the adult industry of course! hehe =)

Threesomes are insanely SEXY, totally wild and can actually rekindle a stagnant relationship or triple the fun in a sexually adventurous one...

And I can almost guarantee that the idea of having one is already in your girl's head...

But that doesn't mean she's going to jump at the first chance she have to work for it, re-ignite her curiosity, and plan for a STEAMY, memorable night.

I'm about to share the story of my first threesome (that didn't end so well!); But if you really want to have a 3 some, one that DOES go well - you need to watch one of my favorite programs, "The 3 Some Code."

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My very first threesome was REALLY hot, but unfortunately, it got the guy in A LOT of trouble...but I'll explain later so you better keep reading!

It was with one of my ex boyfriends Lance, a few months before I starred in my very first adult film.

He knew I was bisexual and continuously hounded me about getting down with other girls...but to be honest, I never wanted to share him.

I thought he'd like the other girl better. I know it sounds silly, but MOST girls worry about this, and as a man it's YOUR job to replace her fears with EXCITEMENT!

Anyway, we went out for drinks one night and without hesitation, Lance asked me again if I'd have a threesome with him.

I finally agreed just to get him off my back, and I figured it would give me some time to get comfortable with the idea...but little did I know he already had a plan!

He pulled out his phone, sent a text, and within five minutes, a gorgeous brunette walked over to our table and introduced herself to me.

I was completely caught of guard and had no idea who she was, until I put two and two together...

I realized that Lance had ALREADY picked the girl out and talked her into having a threesome with us! He was waiting for me to agree, and after I did...he text her to come over to our table.

I was so angry with him, but at the same time...the girl was SMOKING HOT and I couldn't say no. After an hour of small talk and a few more drinks, she came home with us...

The alcohol calmed our nerves and eased my worries as we walked into Lance's apartment and headed straight for the bedroom.

The moment I opened the door, Lance and the beautiful brunette immediately started making out as she fiercely bit his lower lip.

He reached under her shirt and pulled her closer towards his body as he removed her blouse and tossed it on the floor. I walked up behind her and began kissing her shoulders, licking the sides of her back, and gently biting her hips.

Lance grabbed her butt and lifted her up, carrying her to the bed as I followed behind them. The Brunette laid there on her back as I climbed on top of her, slowly unfastened each button of her tight, black jeans, and spread her legs apart.

I took pleasure in watching her delicate body tremble as my fingertips trailed along every inch of her naked body. I could feel my panties getting WETTER by the second.

I lightly kissed he breasts and worked my way down, lower until my lips were perfectly positioned between her legs. I started going down on her for about five minutes, listening to her moans, and watching her squirm, as her body grew hotter and hotter.

Lance watched for a bit until he came up behind me, kissing my neck and lifting up my dress so that he had a bold view of my bare butt.

He held my waist tightly as I could feel his tongue grazing over my lower back and his fingers reaching between my legs for my clit.

I continued going down on the other woman, my tongue moving faster in a circular motion, while I used two fingers to penetrate her. Finally, I brought her to a screaming orgasm...

I watched her closely as she grabbed the sheets and pulled them our from under the mattress, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, her breaths becoming more shallow.

Lance pulled me into him closer and flipped me over so that I was positioned on my back beside the breathless beauty.

He began kissing her again, as she unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants. She started going down on him as I touched myself and watched their every move.

Lance and the woman began making passionate love to each other, as he tugged on her hair and she squeezed his butt, pulling him in for deeper penetration.

After about ten minutes, Lance made the woman come for a second time, and moved his way towards me, but I could tell he wanted more of her.

I got on top and rode him hard and fast while the brunette and I locked lips. She grabbed my breasts and watched my body move up and down until I finally came, an explosion felt throughout my entire body! that was only HALF of my crazy hot threesome…we kept going until the sun came up!
BUT...although I enjoyed myself, Lance broke ALL the rules of having a threesome, and we actually broke up a few weeks later.

The first mistake he made was finding another girl WITHOUT me. As a man, you must be sure that your girl is 100% comfortable with the idea of bringing another woman into the bedroom.

And the best way to do that is by allowing HER to choose the other woman first, and then...letting her make the initial move.

By doing this, you’re giving your girl confidence and getting rid of any threat she may be feeling by bringing someone else into the relationship.

Plus, it’s always best to choose a girl who’s slightly less attractive so that your girl doesn’t feel jealous or intimidated by someone who might be hotter than she is.

The second mistake Lance made was not spending enough time on me during the threesome.

I totally get that he was excited to be with another woman, but as a rule of thumb, you should ALWAYS spend 2X as much time on your girl than you do the new partner.

He put most of his time and focus into the brunette and left me aside a little too often, and honestly it made me feel really insecure…and that’s the QUICKEST way to ruin your relationship and make your girl super ANGRY!

The threesome should be all about your girl. You shouldn’t pick favorites or make your her think you are enjoying the other woman better (even if you really are!)

And the last mistake Lance made was not reassuring me at the end. He just rolled out of bed the next morning like nothing ever happened! And that's a BIG no no.

It’s SUPER important to give your girl reassurance that she’s still pretty, fun, and smart. Make it known that SHE is the only girl for you and that you had a good time experiencing the threesome with her.

There’s a reason why threesomes are one of the most common male fantasies...they are AMAZING!

That said, you have to be as prepared as possible. Your relationship will change either for the better or worse (if you do it wrong), and it can be quite overwhelming to focus on four boobs instead of two =)

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Hope you enjoyed my sizzling story...



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