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Is 'back door' Better Sex?


I got a really interesting email from a lady named Paula the other day...

And I thought I’d share it with you…Here goes:

“Dear Shawna, I know you probably don’t get too many messages from women about your videos, but I needed to write you to thank you personally. My name’s Paula, and I’ve been dating my boyfriend Owen for about 3 years now. He treats me great, he’s totally respectful, and I’m totally in love with him. And our sex life is pretty fantastic, too!

However, Owen has really been wanting to try ‘backdoor sex’ with me for quite some time, and I haven’t let him. See, I had a bad experience with another boyfriend many years ago, and it hasn’t been something I wanted to do again. But I really love Owen, and I could tell this was something that turned him on. And since I want to make him happy, I decided I would give it another shot.

So the other night, I told him he could have my ass. I could tell how turned on he got right away. I was pretty nervous, but he spent a long time kissing and massaging me, really making me feel relaxed and comfortable. After a lot of heavy foreplay (including some sensuous licking around my ass that really got me wet), he eased me into it. It hurt a tiny bit at first, but after about ten seconds, it felt AMAZING.

Shawna, I never thought I’d be the kind of girl to admit this, but I loved getting f*@ked in my ass! It was just so hot, and the way Owen took his time and got me ready for it…it was almost like he pulled some weird Jedi Mind Trick on me! But it totally worked. I was so freaking turned on, in fact, I had a HUGE orgasm. I mean, I’ve NEVER come like that before…and it was all from having him in my dirty backdoor hole!

Afterwards, we cleaned up and I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time. The next day, I was in such a great mood that I decided to clean up the house for him while he was away at work.

And here’s where you come into the picture. While cleaning out his sock drawer, I found a set of DVDs called “Rear Entry Made Easy.” At first, I was shocked! What the heck is Owen doing with porn in our house, I thought! But I took a closer look at them, and I saw that these were your ‘How To’ videos for anal sex.

I was curious, so I popped one into our DVD player to check it out. There was an incredibly gorgeous girl named Tori who was demonstrating some of the exact same techniques Owen had used on me the night before to get me ready and excited for our backdoor sex session!

As I kept watching, I even realized that Owen had put me in the exact same position she demonstrated in the videos to give me my intense anal orgasm. He even did the same strange hand technique she used to stimulate my clit while he was inside me.

I was blown away. And then something funny happened…I actually started getting turned on! It was 10 in the morning, but no one was around, so I slipped off my jeans and panties and started playing with myself right there on the living room floor. I even started touching my own ass, which reminded me of the sex Owen and I had the night before. I gave myself another loud orgasm right there with my thumb all the way up my ass!

Afterwards, I finished cleaning up the house, and then I went out shopping and bought some super slutty black lingerie and fishnet stockings. Then I stopped at the supermarket and picked up a couple of juicy steaks and a six pack of Owen’s favorite beer.

By the time Owen got home from work, dinner was on the table, and I was waiting for him at the door in my new lingerie. Before he could even get through the doorway, I dropped down to my knees, unzipped his pants and wrapped my lips around his throbbing c@*k.

After getting him nice and hard in my wet little mouth, I looked up at him and said, ‘Baby, I need you to put your big, hard c@*k in my tight little ass like you did last night. Won’t you please f*@k my ass again?’

I don’t know what came over me, but it’s like my ‘inner XXX star’ just came out and I wanted to be treated like a dirty, filthy slut! We didn’t even make it to the bedroom. He took me right there on the floor and gave me the hardest, roughest f*@k of my life. I came harder than I EVER have before.

So that’s why I’m writing you, Shawna. Because of your videos, you have completely transformed out sex life. I’ve never been more satisfied, or happier to please Owen. I finally feel like I’m having the sex I was meant to be having my whole life!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Shawna!



I got this the other day and I thought to myself, “I need to help more couples start having this kind of amazing sex.” Because I know personally how AWESOME backdoor sex can be and how it really does bring the “inner XXX star” out of any woman.

“Rear Entry Made Easy” is one of our most popular programs, but it hasn’t been available for awhile…

I checked, and I have a little over 200 copies of this program left. 212, to be exact.

So for a limited time only (until these last copies run out), you can now get this life-changing program!

Get “Rear Entry Made Easy NOW

“Rear Entry Made Easy” stars the ultra-hot, ultra-kinky Tori Black, and it’s the ultimate guide to getting your girl to try “backdoor sex” for the first time…

And it’s got all the techniques to make sure she LOVES it and wants to do it again…

Even how to give her mind-blowing anal orgasms.

Believe it or not, many woman actually fantasize about it…but are too scared or embarrassed to do it.

And some of them, like Paula, have had bad experiences in the past.

In fact, I was the same way…

Prior to being an adult starlet, I had an awful experience trying it…It was painful and I NEVER wanted to try it again.

Then, a boyfriend who was also in the business used these strange techniques to break me into it…

And I LOVED it…I actually had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.

I loved it so much…I literally became ADDICTED to backdoor sex.

And this program gives you the foolproof tricks and techniques to break down her barriers, and make sure she has an AMAZING time…

AND an amazing orgasm.

Get “Rear Entry Made Easy NOW

It features Tori Black and several other of my hottest friends from adult films, in explicit XXX action…

Giving you up-close and personal demonstrations of the advanced techniques used in adult films for steamy anal action…

And it also gives you the specific things to SAY to a girl to get her interested…even if she’s tried it before and had a bad experience.

With over 5 hours of content on 3 DVDs….you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to know to bring out the inner adult film star from any girl.

You’ll also learn:

- The one trick to “warm her up” and get her nice and relaxed so it’s not painful for her. Skip this step, and she’s NOT gonna enjoy herself…and you can forget about ever getting any backdoor action again!

- What NOT to say if you don’t want to turn her off FOREVER from anal sex

- The best positions for giving her an anal orgasm

- How to “finish” anal sex that will turn her on more than anything else

And lots, lots more…

Get “Rear Entry Made Easy NOW

Once you click, you’ll enter your credit card information on our secure 128-bit encrypted order page.

Then, your DVDs will be shipped immediately directly to your home, in discrete packaging so no one…not even your mailman!…will know what’s inside.

Then, just watch the videos, and then start using the techniques contained in them to get the backdoor sex you want…and to make your girl LOVE it.

And if you find these techniques don’t work for you…

Or if you’re unsatisfied with this program for any reason…

Simply return the DVDs within the first 90 days, and I’ll return every penny of your purchase…no hassles, no questions asked.

If you’re not satisfied…I’m not satisfied.

So if you want the tools to start having the kind of filthy hot sex you see in adult films with the lady in your life…

And giving her such intense, juicy, orgasmic experiences she’ll want to do it again & again with you…

And will do ANYTHING to please you, just to get more of that hot backdoor action…

Then you’ve got to act now

Remember, there are only 212 copies left of this program. Once these are gone, I’m not sure when…if ever…I’ll be releasing it again.

So don’t miss out!

Get “Rear Entry Made Easy NOW


P.S., There are only 212 remaining copies of “Rear Entry Made Easy.” So if you’re interested in getting the proven techniques used by adult film stars to get a girl relaxed and comfortable with back door sex….even if she’s tried it before and didn’t like it…and then give her such an AMAZING anal orgasm that will bring out her “inner XXX star” and get her doing all sorts of filthy, hot things and dying to please you every chance she gets…Then you must ACT NOW. After tomorrow, this discount will disappear forever. Like all my programs, it comes protected with my 90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee.. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply send back the DVDs, and I’ll refund every cent of your investment, quickly and with no hassles. You’ve got nothing to lose by ordering now…And a lifetime of hot, nasty sex to gain!

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2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: Ancient Indian Sex Technique (Details Inside!)

Hey angelos,

So…I just got back from a short vacation, and something VERY exciting…and very SEXY…happened that I really wanted to share with you.

Ten days ago, a couple of girlfriends and I headed to India. I’ve always wanted to visit this exotic place, and was ecstatic to finally have the chance to go with some of my best and oldest friends!

We stayed at a resort on Kerala Beach. The moment we arrived I was totally TURNED ON by the natural beauty of this place…
All I could think about was how amazing it would be to have sex in such an exotic place! Unfortunately, that wasn’t the reason I was there….So I had to get my dirty little mind out of the gutter! =)

I was there to have a “girls only= getaway”…To relax in our bikinis by the pool, have a few fruity cocktails and get rid of as many tan lines as possible…

Although we found out that nudity is frowned upon there, so we had to get a little creative…if you know what I mean. =)

Of course one of the MUSTS was getting a massage! They had an amazing spa at the resort and I was excited because there I was allowed to strip down to NOTHING…which is always one of my favorite things to do.

The massage made my body totally MELT…I guess I really needed it! But little did I know at the time, that later that night I was going to get something else that would make my ENTIRE BODY SHUDDER…!

After my “de-stress” massage at the spa, my girlfriends were nowhere to be found…so I decided to wander the grounds while I waited for them.

I guess the massage put me in some sort of zone, because I didn’t even realize how far I had ventured off…I was pretty far from the hotel!

I had made my way down to the “backwaters” of Kerbala and I spotted a guy fishing with this bow and arrow looking thing…

Curious, I stopped to ask him about it…and he turned to greet me. His name was Ravi, and he was a local fisherman.
Ravi spoke pretty good English so we started chatting. He was probably in his 40s, and not in the best shape…But there was just something about Ravi’s energy that I immediately felt connected to.

Before I knew it Ravi and I had been talking for over an hour! I knew my girlfriends would be looking for me so I had to go…

But we both wanted to see each other again. So we agreed to have a drink later that night.

After I split with my friends that night I met up with Ravi down at one of the bars on the beach.

We talked for hours! I told him what I do for a living and the conversation turned into something even more interesting…TANTRIC SEX.

You may have heard of it. It’s that ancient technique for creating EXTREME sexual pleasure. It uses the power of your mind to fully arouse a woman’s whole body…for some of the most mind-blowing sexual experiences imaginable!

Tantra techniques are used all the time to create FULL-BODY, MULTIPLE ORGASMS because of the deep mental connection that’s involved. Normally I don’t really buy into that kind of stuff, but it was about to become UNDENIABLE for me…

One thing Ravi mentioned that peaked my interest was something called a Yoni massage. Yoni means “vagina” in Sanskrit…and that’s exactly what this erotic massage focuses on. I had actually heard about it before…but surprisingly, never had one!

When I told Ravi, he was surprised too and offered to show me the magic of it… I was instantly turned on simply by the thought of it! =)

I ended up going back with Ravi to his place, where he proceeded to give me the full Yoni Massage experience— and an unbelievable orgasm using just his hands that my entire SOUL felt! It sent these electric chills throughout my whole body and I shook uncontrollably… in a good way, of course!

We went on to try some pretty crazy Tantric sex positions that night…For an older guy, Ravi had amazing stamina. I lost count of how many orgasms I had in hour after hour of mind-blowing sex…I slept most of the next day away.

But it was that first orgasm he gave me with the Yoni massage technique that I kept thinking about later…

It was without a doubt one of the most INTENSE orgasms I’d ever experienced, and I’ve experienced A LOT! I knew immediately I could not keep the secret of this ancient sex technique to myself. I had to share the wealth!

So if you want to know this ancient secret to giving your girl an orgasm that she’s GUARANTEED to have never experienced before…read on!

I’ll give you all the juicy details from my experience on how to do just that!

Step #1 - The Preparation

Get your girl completely naked and lay her down on her back. Put a pillow under her head so she can look down and watch as you rub her body. Put another pillow under her hips to hoist them slightly up.

But make sure to cover it with a towel because there’s a big possibility of some serious water works happening…and I’m not talking about tears… well, maybe tears of joy! =)

Next spread her legs apart, bending them just slightly so her clitoris and vagina are completely exposed and ready for you to touch.

Now, here’s the MOST important part and the KEY to a mind-blowing Yoni massage! And that’s to put your girl at complete ease.

Have her take a few deep breaths, making sure she’s totally relaxed and UNINHIBITED. This will put her in touch with all of the sensations in her entire body so her mind will be on nothing else.

This is what the Yoni Massage is all about. It will knock down any mental barriers she may have that keep her blocked from having a phenomenal orgasm!

Step #2 - The Massage

Okay… now’s time for the fun part! Start by gently massaging your girl’s body. Her arms, breasts, stomach, thighs and legs. This will relax her body even more…

Next, pour some massage oil or lubricant on her clitoris. Let it drip down her outer lips and over her vagina and begin slowly and very thoughtfully massaging the area. You should notice her body start to quiver and tremble with pleasure…

Now here’s what makes this technique unique…Using your thumb and index finger, gently squeeze her outer and inner lips together, and slowly slide up and down the entire length of each lip.

An important part of this technique is EYE CONTACT…Be sure to look deeply into each other's eyes. The idea here is to fully connect with her. That mental connection is more of a TURN ON for her than you think!

Meanwhile, begin softly stroking her clitoris with small circles, then very gently squeeze it between thumb and index fingers.
REMEMBER: The entire time your goal should be to keep her as relaxed as possible! Whisper dirty talk to her as you look right into her eyes…Tell her all the things that turn you on about her. You can also lightly kiss or lick the inside of her thighs…This is sure to drive her wild with anticipation.

Step #3 - The Finishing Move

Now, slowly insert your middle and ring fingers into her vagina. Be careful not to go too fast, you want every touch to come from a loving place. Then very gently massage the inside of her vagina, moving up, down and sideways with varying pressure, speed and depth.

You are nurturing her vagina. With your palm facing upwards, and the middle finger inside of her, move your middle finger in a "come here" gesture towards the front of her vagina.

At this point, her body will to start to QUIVER…and it will only intensify when you begin to stimulate her clitoris with your thumb! And to really get her shaking, if your girl is comfortable with it…Insert the pinky of that same hand into her anus… or simply press FIRMLY on it.

This will drive her crazy! Then use your other hand to lovingly massage the other parts of her body. Continue massaging, using differing speeds, pressure and motion…Meanwhile, make sure to keep strong, sensual eye contact.

When she starts to climax, continue massaging and thrusting, keeping an even pace. Multiple orgasms will likely occur…Each gaining in intensity. In Tantra they call this "riding the wave.” =)

Then end the massage slowly and gently…
Don’t forget! The goal with this tantra technique is to show your lady’s most sensitive part some serious TLC. It’s to put her at full and total ease, not to get her to orgasm. And tell her this! It will get rid of any pressure there might be. But TRUST ME, fellas. If you can do this for her, her body will AUTOMATICALLY give her the BEST orgasm she’ll ever experience!

After the trip, I couldn’t get the Yoni Massage out of my head! And I wanted to see if it would have the same effect on my girlfriend Bethany! So I invited Bethany over and tried it on her. Sure enough, she was blown away! She said she felt as if she had an out of body experience!

This ancient massage is really what they mean when they say “the magic touch!”. I could actually see Bethany’s toes curling!

The Yoni massage is a ritual of receiving sensual erotic energy through the entire body and the secret to giving a woman an amazing full-body orgasm. Your girl will become positively ADDICTED to this one-of-a-kind experience which only YOU will be able to give her…

And trust me, she’ll be willing to do just about ANYTHING you want to get more of those mind-blowing orgasms! =)


P.S., Please try out this exotic “Yoni Massage” technique for giving your girl a powerful, full-body orgasm she’ll NEVER forget. Then write back to me and let me know how much your girl liked it! I want to hear all the “juicy” details! If you like this technique, I’ll share some more of the crazy Tantric positions Ravi used on me that night in India in one of my future emails! =)


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Are You Ready for Extreme Sex? (Free Illustrated Report)


Today I decided to go all out…

And give you the 4 wildest, most intense, most EXTREME sex positions known to man!

These are definitely NOT for beginners….

This is some truly advanced stuff.

But if you’re interested in looking like a total SEX GOD with your girl….

And giving her a sexual experience she’ll NEVER forget…Not to mention a totally EXTREME orgasm…

Then these positions are a MUST.

Get the FREE “Extreme Sex Positions” Illustrated Report

This report gives you everything you need to know to pull off these wild positions TONIGHT.

And it’s fully illustrated to show EXACTLY how to get into these crazy positions.

Trust me…

Your girl has NEVER done this stuff before.

But when you make her come over & over again in one of these positions…

She’s going to want more…and more…and MORE of that hot, intense sex that only YOU can give her.

So check it out! I think you’re gonna like it! =)

Get the FREE “Extreme Sex Positions” Illustrated Report


P.S., Check out this special FREE “Extreme Sex Positions” report, and if you have any questions…or if you try one of these positions and want to tell me how it went….Please write back to me! I always LOVE getting mail from you. =)

Get the FREE “Extreme Sex Positions” Illustrated Report

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Μy #1 Turn-On (Hint: It's NOT What You Think!)


Today I’m gonna talk to you about what’s the most important thing to me during sex….

The absolute #1 essential thing to making a powerful, memorable sexual experience for me…

The kind of thing that makes me want to sleep with a guy again, and again..and again.

You might think it’s something like great oral, or super deep penetration, or even squirting orgasms…

And believe me, those things ARE important…

But there’s one trick that trumps ALL of those things.

That’s because when a guy does this…

It makes all those other things even more intense.

What is it?

Dirty talk.

You heard me right…

When a guy knows how to talk dirty to me in a way that’s aggressive, yet also sensual…

There is NOTHING that gets me wetter…

In fact, if a guy doesn’t know how to talk dirty to me in bed…It’s a safe bet I WON’T have an orgasm with him.

It all has to do with establishing an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.

Women NEED to have one during sex in order for it to be a truly amazing experience.

You can do everything else right…

But if you don’t have an emotional connection…It’s like a birthday party with no cake!

However, there’s a RIGHT way to do it and a WRONG way to do it.

And if you do “dirty talk” WRONG….It’s a HUGE turn-off.

Let me give you an example…

I was dating a guy once, and I was really into him…

And the first time we got into bed together, I was SO excited…

I even thought I might be in LOVE with this guy!

So we’re making out….

And all of a sudden he starts ordering me around, telling me to go down on him in a super aggressive way…

And worst of all….He even starts calling me “bitch!”


I told him to stop right there. This was the FIRST time we had ever been together…

And I definitely did NOT know this guy well enough for him to start calling me that.

Needless to say, it was a HUGE turn off. I told him I wanted him to go….

We went out on one more date after that….But it just wasn’t the same. After that, I never saw him again.

He had completely turned me off.

Now, being aggressive with your dirty talk, even calling your girl names like that CAN be a turn-on…

But you have to do it the right way, at the RIGHT TIME.

And a girl first has to totally TRUST you before you can get away with stuff like that.

If we had been sexual together several times, and I already trusted him…THEN if this guy had talked to me like that, it might have been a huge TURN-ON rather than a TURN-OFF.

So timing is essential.

And more importantly…You have to be able to READ your girl.

Here’s some hints about how to go about doing “dirty talk” the right way:

- Be assertive. There’s nothing worse than a guy who’s timid about it. However, this is different from being overly aggressive or demeaning…especially if you do not know the girl that well.

Examples of assertive things to say: “Baby, you look so sexy tonight, I can’t wait to slip my cock inside you.”

Or…“I’m going to run my hand slowly down your thighs and open up that hot, pink little pussy of yours. I want to feel the juice dripping down my arm before I fuck you.”

Ooh…I actually got a little bit wet just WRITING that! =)

- Don’t be afraid to ask her what she’s into beforehand or even during sex.

Some girls are really into the rough stuff, so it never hurts to ask, especially once you’ve been with her a few times. It’s way better to be up front and clear about it than risk turning her off by saying something she doesn’t want to hear.

If she IS into the rougher stuff, you can start by telling her what a dirty little slut she is, or how she’s been a bad girl and you’re going to punish her. Then you can throw in some hair pulling, some light ass-slapping. Be assertive, confident….but NEVER cruel.

- Pay attention to what’s turning her on, then tell her how much she likes it. “You like it when I fuck that slippery wet pussy, don’t you?”

She wants to know YOU’RE in charge of what’s turning her on. She also wants to know you’re paying attention to what’s happening with her body. She wants to know you’re thinking about her…and ONLY her!

- Make her feel beautiful. Example: “You look so sexy with my cock in my mouth.” “I love the way you look when I’m fucking you.”

Make her feel beautiful, and she will be WAY more open to trying all sorts of dirty, sexy things with you.

- Mix in the sensitive stuff with the nasty stuff. Don’t be afraid to tell her you love her (if it’s true!)

Be sure to sprinkle in some deep, soulful kisses in between whispering dirty secrets into her ears.

- Use the right words.

You definitely don’t want to be saying technical words like “penis” and “vagina.” Sounds too clinical. Use taboo words like “cock” and “pussy”…It puts her in a state of mind that she’s being a little naughty…and we like that!

Get comfortable saying those words by yourself if you’re not already. That way, they won’t sound awkward coming out of your mouth.

- Finally, know when NOT to talk. There’s a fine line between just the RIGHT amount of dirty talk and TOO MUCH dirty talk. In general, it’s great in the beginning of sex…During foreplay, and as you first penetrate her. But as you really start pounding away, it’s not quite so necessary.

Well, that’s it. I hope you got some good ideas for putting some hat, nasty “dirty talk” into your lovemaking here.

I can’t tell you how important it is….

Remember, it’s all about CONNECTING to a girl. Get to know what she likes, what turns her on…And what DOESN’T turn her on…

And you’ll go a long way toward giving her some truly amazing, HEART-POUNDING SEX.


P.S., If you’ve got things that YOU like to say to a girl during sex….Please write me back and let me know! I always like hearing from you, and I want to know what sort of dirty talk turns YOU on. =)


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