Saturday, January 31, 2015

8 Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive NATURALLY

Hey Angelos,

So yesterday I wrote to you about one of the biggest HIDDEN CAUSES of low sex drive and erectile difficulty in men today…

Low Testosterone.

It’s estimated to affect 1 in 4 American men…and that number climbs higher the older you get.

Due to so many factors in our environment over the past 30 or 40 years…things like toxic chemicals in plastics, for example…

It is a fact that the average 60 year old American male today has LOWER TESTOSTERONE than a 60 year old man of thirty years ago.

And testosterone, as you probably know…Is the hormone responsible for making you “manly!”

And when it’s low…It lowers your libido, gives you erection difficulty, fatigue, weight gain…Even depression!

However, you might never know that you suffer from low testosterone…

You may think your low energy, low libido, and difficulty getting or maintaining erections is just a normal part of getting older…

And unless your “T” levels are in the ABNORMALLY LOW range, you can’t get a prescription for the drugs that might boost it.

Yet many men in the “low normal” range suffer from many of these symptoms…Especially in their sex lives, due to low libido and weak erections.

But the truth is, you don’t have to accept feeling like less of a man anymore…

There IS something you can do about it…

And get back the healthy, INTENSE sex life you deserve…

WITHOUT using prescription drugs or illegal, unsafe steroids.

So here you are…


1. Lose Weight

Overweight men are much more likely to have low testosterone levels to begin with. Simply shedding excess pounds is proven to be one of the BEST ways to get your “T” levels ramping back up!

2. High Intensity Exercise

Short, super intense exercise sessions have been shown to increase your T levels and to prevent them from going back down. In comparison, exercises like aerobics or other moderate intensity exercises seem to have no effect….Or even the OPPOSITE effect on your T levels.

In addition, intermittent fasting (2 days a week) works in combination with this type of exercise to really drive up production of your manly hormones.

3. Consume Lots of Zinc

This mineral is extremely important for testosterone production, and research has shown that restricting dietary sources of zinc can significantly decrease your “T” levels. Taking a zinc supplement can help…But even better is eating foods naturally rich in this mineral, such as raw milk, beans, yogurt, and kefir.

4. Weight Training

This is one of the BEST natural ways to make your testosterone skyrocket…And with it, your sex life! When strength training for a “T” boost, the key is to increase the weight and lower your number of reps. You can also “turbo-charge” your workout by moving SLOWER….When you do this, you turn it into a high-intensity exercise…Which is #2 on this list, so you’ll be doubling the impact on your “T” levels!

5. Get More Sun

Yep…It turns out, Vitamin D (which you absorb through your skin from sunlight) is a steroid hormone, and getting more of it can help increase your testosterone levels. It can also help raise your sperm count and even make for thicker loads! Who knew that getting a tan could be so great for your sex life?

However, sunscreen can actually block Vitamin D from absorbing into your body. To avoid skin damage from the sun, be careful and don’t overdo it outside!

6. Reduce Stress

When you’re under a lot of stress, your body starts to release the hormone cortisol. And this “stress hormone” actually BLOCKS testosterone form working in your body! Some things I do to relax when I’m getting stressed out are: Yoga, meditation, a loooong bath….And, of course, LOTS of sex (And masturbation, too!) =)

If you’re having trouble with low libido, of course, you just might not be in the mood for sex. There are some great natural herbs that are proven to help jump start your sex drive….I’m finding some great research on these, and I’ll have more info on that for you soon!

That way, you can start having more sex….Lowering your stress levels and RAISING your “T” levels…So you can have MORE GREAT SEX!! =)

7. Limit or Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

Your “T” levels actually go DOWN after you eat sugar, because sugar raises your insulin level and that is a big factor in low testosterone (If you suffer form diabetes, you’re VERY likely to have lower “T” levels as well)…So you’ll not only want to cut out most sweets or sugary sodas, but make sure you check the amount of sugar in your loaf of bread, too!

LOTS of processed foods these days come LOADED with TONS of extra sugar….Which is exactly why I try to eat only whole, organic foods whenever possible.

And cutting out that sugar is one way to help you LOSE WEIGHT…As you get slimmer and fitter, you’re DEFINITELY going to start feeling sexier and more confident….You’ll also notice your erections getting stronger, too!

8. Eat Healthy Fats

So…Did you know there are different types of fats? The ones you want to avoid are called Trans fats, which are found in lots of processed foods like doughnuts, microwave popcorn, potato chips, and candy bars…and which raise your bad cholesterol levels.

The ones you DO want to eat are mono- and polyunsaturated fats…Good sources of these are avocados (yum!) and nuts (also YUM!).

But for testosterone building, you also need to get lots of SATURATED FATS. Research has shown that a diet with less than 40% of energy as fat (and of those, mainly saturated fats from animal sources like meat, eggs, dairy) can lead to a decrease in “T” levels.

So go ahead…Eat that steak! Of course, be sure to check with your doctor or nutritionist if you have high cholesterol or heart problems…

9. Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

As I mentioned in a previous email…Water bottles and other common plastics contain a chemical called BPA, which is basically a form of estrogen. It can leach into your water or food, and when it’s in your body, can raise your estrogen levels and lower your testosterone.

So you definitely want to avoid anything that contains BPAs….I refuse to use water bottles anymore, and you NEVER want to drink from a water bottle that’s been heated by the sun. Also, avoid microwaving things in plastic containers…This causes your food to soak up the BPAs like crazy!

The linings of food cans also contain BPAs…So try to eat fresh, healthy foods, and you’ll avoid your exposure to these Testosterone-sapping chemicals.

OK, well…There you go…

9 easy ways to raise you testosterone naturally…

And in the process, get your libido back to where it needs to be so you can start enjoying the wild, crazy sex life you SHOULD be having!

Remember, women are INSTINCTIVELY ATTRACTED to men with higher testosterone levels…

So not only will YOU feel like having more sex…And have the virility and strong erections you need to even BEGIN to satisfy a woman…

But the woman in your life will suddenly start feeling more attracted to you than ever…She won’t be able to keep her hands off you, because you’ll be emitting more of those “manly” pheromones!

And if you’re single…you’ll notice more women looking your way, and even approaching you…

Your confidence is going to go off the charts! =)

And then you’ll be ready for some more of my advanced sexual techniques and positions…

Oh, speaking of which, I’ve got something REALLY special planned for you in the next couple of days…Some super advanced tips that will teach you how to perform in bed like a sexual superstar, taught to you by some of the SEXIEST young women in adult films! =)

So stay tuned!



P.S., I hope you enjoy these 9 easy tips to raise your testosterone naturally. It’s a sad fact that the average man’s testosterone levels have gone down considerably over the past 30 years due to toxic chemicals in our environment…And even sadder that many, many men do not even know they suffer from it. But you no longer have to just accept your low sex drive, weak erections, or low energy. These tips CAN help you get your “T” levels up…And with it, get your libido raging again and make you more attractive to women on a deep, instinctive level! I strongly advise you to try out these easy tips. And please write back to me if you have any other natural ideas on how to boost your virility!

P.P.S., Stay tuned for a very special, VERY HOT free report in the next couple of days on the most advanced, NEXT LEVEL sex techniques…Taught by some of the hottest adult film starlets on the planet! =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Is THIS Causing Your Low Sex Drive?

Hey Angelos,

Today I want to tell you about something SHOCKINGLY important to your sex life…

ESPECIALLY if you’re suffering from any of these problems:
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Unable to Get or Keep Erection
  • Weak Erections
  • Little or No Interest in Sex
If you are aged 35 or above, you may just think these problems are a normal part of getting older…

But you’d be wrong…

It turns out, these are all indicators of LOW TESTOSTERONE…

And this problem affects WAY more men than I EVER even knew about!

I didn’t know about any of this until recently…

When I started thinking about why men these days just don’t seem to be as MANLY as they used to be…

And I asked you for an explanation.

Well, you gave me a TON of great ideas to think about…

And you told me how things like chemicals called BPAs in everyday plastics (found in water bottles, and even inside cans of food!) can raise your estrogen levels and lower your testosterone…

Which, in men…Results in quite simply being LESS OF A MAN.

And it turns out there’s several other things that can throw your hormonal balance off…

For example, new studies have shown that too much soy in your diet can actually raise your estrogen levels as well…

And other studies have shown that estrogen from birth control pills can pass from women’s urine into your drinking water….Another thing throwing off your natural chemical balance if you are a man!

People are just now finding out about this…

And I’m not saying this is the only reason so many men today just don’t know how to act like MEN…

Because I DO think a lot of things have happened in our society that have resulted in men being more “feminine”…

But one thing is clear…

Testosterone levels in men are DEFINITELY DROPPING, all across the board.

I read about one recent study where researchers from Massachusetts found that the average American man’s testosterone level has dropped a whopping 22% in the last 20 years!

And not only that…1 out of every 4 men has BELOW AVERAGE testosterone in this country!

Can you believe that??

And the worst thing about having low “T” is that you may not even know you’re suffering from it…

Your low sex drive and inability to get rock hard erections may just seem NORMAL to you…

It can even cause fatigue, weight gain, and a TON of other common symptoms that you’d never know were caused by low T.

But do you know who CAN tell if you have Low T?


That’s right…

Women can literally SMELL if a guy has high testosterone… And if yours is low, there’s almost NO chance she’ll want to have sex with you.

As I started to research this subject… And I’ll admit, I got a little crazy over the past couple of weeks…Holing myself up in my room at night with a pot of strong coffee and reading everything I could about this subject…

I came across one article that sort of blew my mind.

Now, maybe you didn’t think adult film starlets like myself gave much thought to stuff like this…But guess what…We’ve got brains, too!! ;)

So…they did this study where researchers gave male volunteers t-shirts to wear for 2 nights in a row…

The men were not allowed to use any scented soaps or detergents, to drink or smoke, or eat any garlic or other strong-smelling foods…

After 2 nights, the scientists took the shirts and gave them to female volunteers…

These women were asked to SNIFF the shirts and rate them according to how SEXY they found the smell…

Meanwhile, the researchers took saliva samples from all of the men to measure their testosterone levels…

And can you guess what happened?

The women STRONGLY PREFERRED the smell of men with higher testosterone…

They rated those shirts the most “manly”!

What this means is…

Women are MUCH more likely to be attracted to a man with higher testosterone over a guy with lower testosterone…

Even though they’re not even aware of it! They can just SMELL the manliness coming off of a guy!!

So that means having “Low T” is BAD for 2 Reasons:

1. Low Testosterone Causes Lower Sex Drive and Difficulty Achieving Erections.

For a lot of guys, this means your interest in sex will wane.

And even when you do have sex, your low libido and low “T” levels keep you from getting as hard as you need to be to really satisfy a woman the way she wants…

And some guys will not be able to get fully hard enough to have sex at all!

Of course there are drugs you can take to help with that…But as you may know, they come with LOTS of bad side effects. (And many guys with heart conditions are not able to take them at all!)

2. Low Testosterone Makes You Less Sexually Desirable to Women

Women are just naturally attracted to men with high levels of testosterone.

So if you’re having trouble getting your wife or girlfriend interested in having sex with you…

This could be the reason why.

And as you may know, when couples stop having sex regularly…the relationship usually falls apart pretty FAST.

Or, if you’re single and having trouble attracting women…Low testosterone is often to blame.

Like I said, testosterone is like a natural pheromone to women…We can literally SMELL it!

Which is why we girls often end up with guys who are jerks…We physically can’t resist being turned on by their high T levels, even though they treat us badly!

This kind of raw, masculine energy just drives a girl wild…And brings out a really filthy, slutty side of us, where we’ll do ANYTHING to please him!

On the other hand…

Low libido, erectile difficulty, trouble attracting women…These things can negatively affect a man’s CONFIDENCE…

And the sad thing is, many men just ACEPT this problem as normal…

They assume it just comes with age, and there’s NOTHING they can do about it.

Well, the good news is…This is simply NOT TRUE.

In fact, there are now drugs on the market to help raise your testosterone levels.

But you need a prescription to get them, and they can be very expensive.

And here’s the other things about these drugs…

Doctors will only prescribe them to guys who have EXCESSIVELY Low T levels…

To the point where they’re having SEVERE SYMPTOMS, like growing breasts, or suffering from MAJOR DEPRESSION.

And this affects a relatively small number of men.

But MANY guys may test in what’s called the “low normal” range, where they don’t qualify for the testosterone-boosting drugs…

All the same, their testosterone is low enough to be affecting their sex drive, their erection strength, their energy levels, and negatively affecting their relationships.

So…whats a guy in the “low normal” range to do?

Remember…1 in 4 American men have below average T levels…And that number goes even higher for guys over the age of 35!

Well, it turns out there a a whole bunch of natural ways to boost your testosterone…And with it, boost your sex drive and start having an AMAZING sex life.

Because while it’s important to learn sex techniques and positions to satisfy your woman…

Learning new techniques won’t do you any good if your libido is lagging or you can’t stay hard enough to have sex!

So…stay tuned,because in the next email, I’m going to give you some proven ways to raise your T levels…

So you can start having the mind-blowing, balls-to-the-wall sex you DESERVE to have!



P.S., If you ARE suffering from low libido or difficulty getting full-strength erections, then you DEFINITELY want to keep checking in with me…I’ve been doing a TON of digging online, and I’ve got some great information that’s guaranteed to help you start having the healthy, WILD SEX LIFE every guy (and girl!) really deserves.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to: Spot a Horny Woman in a Crowd

Hey Angelos,

A few years ago I met a certain highschool EX boyfriend to catch up over dinner.

He confessed that he was unhappy and depressed.

He just wanted to get laid and have some casual fun.

He told me he was having a hard time meeting girls and hadn't had sex in months!

I laughed out loud.

His face turned red and he was embarrassed.

I told him:

"you know... there are girls out every night who want to have sex...

If you just want to get laid, it's EASY!"

He didn't believe me and wrote me off.

He didn't think I knew what I was talking about.

He was SURE things were WAY harder than they actually are.

But last year he finally discovered the secret signals a girl sends you when she wants to have sex.

Click Here >> Are You Missing These "Hidden Sex Signals" From Women?

They could come from a girl who wants to bang you.

They could be from a girl who's so DESPERATE she'll eagerly take the first man who notice's her signals.

Bottom line is you can get EASY sex.

I know plenty of guys who have figured it out, and you don't have to be good-looking or rich at all.

And the dirty truth is there are women who are horny for sex all around you.

You just need to look for the RIGHT signals.

So click that link above and I'll show you the trick to get laid EASY!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

GYUS: is this Household item Causing "Chemical Castration"??


Wow, I sent out a kind of crazy rant the other day about a bad date I’d had…

I was asking, what in the world happened to all the REAL MEN in this country?

Well, I got a TON of great emails from fans all around the world…

There are a lot of good guys are out there, it turns out!

And some guys definitely had some ideas about what’s happened in this country that have made men less “manly”…

Some guys blamed feminism…..And maybe they do have a point…

Back in the 50s, everyone knew what their role was. And while feminism DID help women get some equality they really DESERVE….

I still think women and men are basically DIFFERENT.

And now, maybe we’ve swung too far in the opposite direction…Where women are trying to be more like men…Which leaves a lot guys CONFUSED about how to act.

Some of my readers blamed the media….Saying male role models aren’t what they used to be.

And some blamed the government….Like I said, we live in a big “nanny state” that doesn’t teach people how to be responsible for themselves….

A lot of people had a lot of good ideas that gave me a lot to think about…

But a few people wrote in with a rather BIZARRE explanation I’d NEVER heard about before…

One that REALLY made me think.

For example, this is from Will in Des Moines, IA:

“Shawna, I totally agree with you. I am in my late 50s and I have to say today’s men are very sorry indeed. As I see it, there’s a lot of causes for this, but the main reason that men today are so sadly lacking in the “masculine” department is the chemicals that are found in much of the plastics we consume as a society.

Many people haven’t heard of it, but’s a chemical called “BPA” and it depletes men of testosterone, which is the male hormone for “manliness.” It also makes men have too much estrogen, which is the female hormone. Consequently, it makes the men more feminine, and it can even lower your sperm count! I believe this the real reason why you end up having dates with girly-men like the one you went out with the other night.

I’m not sure what can be done about this problem apart from moving out into the wilderness and never using plastics again, but in today’s society thats nearly impossible. I’m truly fearful of the problems our younger generation will face in the future because of this. Sorry to hear you had such a rotten date Shawna, best of luck in the future.” - Will

Well, this kind of took me by surprise…

I had never heard of “BPAs” before I read this…but afterward, I became alarmed!

What if this really was the cause of today’s problem with wimpy men like my PATHETIC date?

So…I looked into it online…

It turns out, what Will was saying was 100% correct!

There is a TON of research that links the chemicals found in hundreds of household objects with lower testosterone levels in men!

Testosterone, as you may know, is the hormone responsible for making a man manly and tough…

But did you know that up to 40% of middle aged men suffer from low testosterone levels? This drop is normal for most men as they age…similar to how women’s estrogen levels dip when they hit menopause.

But for other men, their Testosterone levels can dip even lower….Causing symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, erectile dysfunctions, hair loss, low energy…and a lot of other very common problems!

In fact, you could be suffering from low levels of testosterone and not even know it! You may just think your low energy or low sex drive is normal…

It turns out, over the last 50 years…Researchers have found a trend of declining testosterone rates in this country!

And with it…Lower sperm counts in men, and a rise in genital birth defects in boys.

Sad, right?!

I never knew about any of this…But it started to make sense.

I really started getting obsessed with this! I made myself a strong pot of coffee and kept reading…

And what I found next REALLY shocked me…

Other research has found that chemicals found in many plastic products…including water bottles and packaging used for food…can leach into your food or water and get into your body….

There, they can sap you of your male hormone (testosterone) and raise levels of your female hormone (estrogen).

The worst (and most common) of these chemicals are BPAs (bisphenol A)…

These chemicals are so commonplace, they’re called “everywhere chemicals”….

They’re in every plastic bottle of water or soda you can drink…They’re in household items made of plastic such as deodorants….And they are even found in baby bottles and pacifiers!

Here is a partial list of what BPA is found in:

plastic water bottles & every other plastic beverage container
the lining of our water pipes
the inside coating of almost every food & beverage can
deodorants & other skin-care products
on the lining of sales receipts
on movie and airline tickets
sports equipment
medical devices & dental fillings
eyeglass lenses
on the surface of CDs and DVDs

Basically, they are unavoidable.

And like I said, scientists have recently discovered that BPA can leach from these plastic containers into the food and water you consume…Especially when the containers are heated or exposed to the sun.

(Which is why you should NEVER drink a bottle of water that has been heated by the sun! However, even if you do…It’s still nearly impossible to prevent exposure to these chemicals. One study found that most people in the US have some amount of BPAs in their urine.)

Here’s why they’re bad for you:

BPAs are very similar chemically to estrogen.

Just listen to this quote from a leading researcher of this subject, Dr. Hugh Taylor, MD, of Yale University.

He said, “BPA looks like estrogen….By itself it is a very weak estrogen.”

Crazy, right??

This is why exposure to BPAs is much worse for men than it is for women…Because women have lots of estrogen anyways, it doesn’t make as much of a difference in their bodies when they get more of it.

But when men get more estrogen in their bodies…It throws their natural chemical balance off, and cause them to stop producing as much of their male hormone, testosterone….

Making them more feminine, in their minds AND bodies. In fact, because of this, many more men are now growing more womanly breasts!

Ask yourself if you know any guys with “man boobs”…Yep, this is the reason why.

There’s tons of research that proves all this…

One study from China, for example, showed that men working in a factory making BPAs had significantly lower levels of testosterone in their blood compared men working in a tap water facility.

And another one showed that lab rats exposed to BPAs had lower testosterone levels AND lower sperm counts than rats who were NOT exposed to it. The BPAs also gave them prostate problems.

There’s a lot more studies just like these…

All you have to do is google “BPAs” and you’ll see for yourself!

OK, I know….This all sounds very “science-y” and it’s NOT the sort of thing I normally write about…

But the truth is, I’ve always had a bit of an interest in biology! =)

And trust me, this gets WAY more interesting…

Remember, we are exposed to these chemicals all the time…They’re literally “Everywhere!”

In addition to BPAs, so many of these household plastics we use every day contain other chemicals called PHTHALATES.

Now, I can’t even pronounce this word properly…But it turns out, these are just as bad as BPA!

Phthalates work by blocking testosterone, your male hormone for manliness…And check this out:

In male lab animals, exposure to phthalates caused low sperm counts, undescended testicles, and decreased testosterone production…among other problems.

Human studies found the same thing…Exposure to BPAs results in lower testosterone for men.

A 2014 study at the University of Michigan found that adult men and young boys exposed to phthalates have reduced levels of testosterone in their blood compared to those who haven’t been exposed as much…By as much as 34% in some cases!!

Here’s a quote from the main researcher of this study - John Meeker, an environmental health science professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

"We found that reduced levels of circulating testosterone were associated with increased phthalate exposure in several key populations, including boys ages 6-12, and men and women ages 40-60….This may have important public health implications, since low testosterone levels in young boys can negatively impact reproductive development, and in middle age can impair sexual function, libido, energy, cognitive function and bone health in men and women."

Wow…This is WAY bigger than I ever thought.

BPAs and phthalates….

These plastics have only become widespread in America over the past 30-40 years…..

And that’s exactly when men have started to forget how to be men!…

There HAS to be a connection….

The science is really just now starting to show how bad this stuff is for you…

Gosh, when I thought about all the times I saw a guy drinking out of a water bottle…

Or eating something out of a can…Even putting on deodorant…

I started to feel SOOO BAD!

And I realized how it’s really not even the fault of men these days for not knowing how to act around a woman…

Or for having low energy, or lower sex drive…Or any kind of sexual problems at all…

It’s because of the environment around them!

I just wish everyone knew the TRUTH about this stuff…Then maybe we could actually DO something about it.

I mean…What do you think?

Have you heard anything about these BPAs before??

And do you think it might be a real explanation for what’s going on with men?

I’d love to hear your input…

I’m going to keep doing some research into this…

And if you find anything interesting about it online…Be sure to pass it on to me!

OK…Thanks for bearing with me on another strange rant….

Until next time,


PS, I know this is a little different than the sort of thing I USUALLY write about…But I don’t know, it just got me thinking about the reasons for all the sexual problems today’s men seem to be having! I really think the chemicals in plastics which put more estrogen into your body and deplete your testosterone might be what’s making men more feminine! Have you heard anything about this? Please write back to me with your thoughts about this!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Are There Any REAL MEN Still Out There?

Hey Angelos,

OK, I know it’s late…and I probably shouldn’t be writing this...

I might be a little bit EMOTIONAL….

But I have just had one of the WORST nights of my life…

Let me tell you what happened.

I haven’t had much luck with dating recently…

I’d met a guy recently who I thought I liked…But somehow, that sort of fizzled out. Our personalities just didn’t “click”…

So a girlfriend of mine persuaded me to try one of those online dating services…

Which I had resisted for a long time…But since I was so desperate to find a QUALITY man…

I thought, what have I got to lose? I gave it a shot and created a profile.

Right away, I got a lot of replies.

But one really stood out. A good looking guy, seemed like he was in great shape…About 35, he even had what seemed like a pretty good job as a securities trader.

I wrote him back, and we messaged each other back and forth a few times. He seemed smart, and even kind of funny online…So I agreed to set up a date.

I know I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up..But I’ll admit, I was pretty excited about seeing him! =)

So when the night came, I got all dressed up in a tight little black dress and some heels…And met him at a French restaurant called Le Petit Chateau near my place in Toluca Lake…

There he was, at the bar. I recognized him from his photo online.

I approached him and said hello. Right away I noticed he was drinking this fruity cocktail…A dacquiri...

I thought to myself…Aren’t those drinks for GIRLS?

I didn’t say anything, but I’ll admit…It was a bit of a turn-off.

Still, I remembered how charming he had been in his messages online…”I’ll give him a chance,” I thought to myself.

We sat down at our table. He was just as good-looking as his photos suggested, and dressed well…

But he avoided making eye contact with me as we spoke. Almost like he was intimidated by me…

Gone was the witty, charming guy I had messaged online. It was like this was a totally different person!

Worse, he was looking down at his smart phone half the time…I don’t know if he was texting or what, but that is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

So far, things weren’t going that well…

I tried to make conversation with him, asking what he did for fun. At first, he went off for about 15 minutes about his job…None of which I understood.

I tried to change the subject, and asked him what he liked to do for fun.

At that point, he whipped out his phone again and showed me a bunch of videos he had taken of his cat and uploaded to youtube.



Thankfully, the waiter came by right then to take our order. I ordered the roasted chicken and a white wine, he ordered a steak salad and a glass of sparkling water.

At this point, I had pretty much written off the date as a total bust…But it’s what happened next that really blew my mind so much I just HAD to tell you about it.

So, when the food comes, my meal arrives as I ordered it…But instead of a steak salad, the waiter just brings my date a tiny little side salad…

No meat…Just some tomatoes, lettuce, a few croutons.

He looks unhappy about it…But to my surprise, he doesn’t say anything to the waiter.

Instead, he just starts timidly picking at his salad.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” I ask.

And he just says “No, I don’t want to make any trouble. I’ll just Yelp about it later.”

WHAT?? I was shocked.

I gulped my wine and tried to eat as quickly as possible.

Finally, after a pretty awkward meal…The bill arrives.

He offers to split it with me, right down the middle. What a gentleman!

“Fine,” I say, just wanting to get out of there.

And then I look down at the bill…And I see that they’ve charged us for a steak salad!

There’s no way I’m paying for half of a steak salad this dude didn’t even eat! So I call over the waiter and make a big stink about it.

What does my date do? His face turns beet red, and he actually gets up and excuses himself to the bathroom as I complain to the manager about not getting our order right.

I didn’t end up having to pay full price. But I was steamed that I had to be the one to deal with it!

Finally, we get out of there…

Not that I would have let him anyways, but this guy doesn’t even have the balls to make a move on me.

He actually just shakes my hand and walks off…He doesn’t even walk me to my car!!

I wanted to scream!!

So here I am back at home, alone…

I’ve had a couple glasses of wine, and here’s what I want to know….

Why are men today so WIMPY?

Because this is not the first time I’ve gone out with a WUSS like this!

Are there even any REAL MEN out there anymore?

I mean, today men aren’t even “men”….they’re “guys” or “dudes”…

And they can barely take care of themselves….They’re really more like children than men, always playing their video games…

Either that or they’re glued to their cell phones or their iPads.

A lot of these “guys” spend so much time online, they don’t even know how to talk to a real woman when they meet one in real life.

Which means girls like me end up having to date a lot of inconsiderate JERKS just because they’re the only ones who have the BALLS to even approach us!

And don’t get me started on the metrosexuals…Guys who spend more time in the mirror doing their hair than I do!


Where are all the REAL MEN??

Guys who know how to fix a flat tire…

Guys who work hard to take care of their families and who don’t back down from a fight when someone is trying to rip them off…

Guys who know how to treat a woman, too…In the bedroom AND outside of it.

A real man is tough, a little bit macho…But he’s also a gentleman.

It seems like in the past, there used to be a lot more of them, those REAL MEN…

Maybe that’s why I find older guys so much sexier, usually…Guys like Clint Eastwood, for example. Now there’s a guy who has never uploaded a cat video to Youtube, you can bet on that!

If you ask me, something’s changed in this country in the past 30 years or so…

What is it?

Is it because today’s “guys” grow up playing with dolls - sorry, “action figures” - rather than playing with guns?

Or because their parents were all so overprotective they made them wear helmets and knee pads whenever they rode their bikes?

Or how about the fact that now, there aren’t even any winners or losers at sports anymore. Everyone gets a trophy! What kind of world is this?

I actually feel bad for the next generation…They’re gonna be awfully poorly prepared for the REAL WORLD with that kind of education.

Or maybe it’s our “nanny state”…Big government taking care of everybody, so everyone ends up feeling entitled. No wonder these guys are like overgrown children…

I want a REAL MAN!

Are there any left?

That’s what I want to know?

Am I way off target here?

Please write me back and let me know if you agree with me.

And if so, I’d LOVE to hear your explanation for why all the real men are disappearing in this country!

Anyways…Sorry for the rant…

I know I don’t normally get this riled up…And maybe I shouldn’t even hit the “Send” button on this…

But I just had to get this off my chest…It’s just how I really feel!


P.S., I’m serious…Please let me know if you think I’m way off base here? Have American men gotten more WUSSY than in the past? And if so…WHY? I’d love to hear your opinion on this!

Friday, January 02, 2015

A "Hardcore" New Year (NOT safe for work!)

Hey Angelos,

For the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing this new guy… I’ll call him “Bob”

He’s a bit older, which always turns me on anyways…Something about that streak of grey around the temples just gets me MOIST! =)

And for his age (he’s in his 60s!!) he’s in great shape…and of course, he’s a perfect gentleman, always opening the car door for me and paying for all of our 4-course Mediterranean dinners

We didn’t “get physical” until we’d had 6 dates….and when we did, Bob had such a smooth, sure hand….

Stroking my sweet spot with the right force & tempo…making smouldering eye contact and telling me how sexy I looked in my black lingerie and fishnet stockings…

But unfortunately..

When we got around to some hardcore penetration….

Bob’s member was slightly wilted. And he barely lasted long enough to get the tip inside me!

At which point he pulled out and released the feeblest, most pathetic stream of clear, thin sperm I’ve EVER seen in my life onto my right thigh…

He looked embarassed. I felt bad for him…

But it was a MAJOR turn off.

I wiped myself off and told “Bob” we’d try again later…

In about 30 minutes, we got to making out….But Bob just couldn’t “Stand at attention” for me…

I told him we’d call it a night.

I was pretty bummed because I really like Bob….And even in the bedroom, he did a lot of things right. He;s a great kisser, and his oral skills are first-rate.

But here’s the thing…

A girl just wants…no, NEEDS….a big, thick, healthy-looking sperm load from a guy.

When we get a wimpy, thin little load….A lot of girls take it to mean that the guy just isn’t that “into” her.

And there’s a biological, evolutionary reason for this..

You see, bigger loads mean MORE SPERM…Which means there’s a much higher chance of the woman getting pregnant!

We’re biologically programmed to equate big loads with virility…even if we’re not interested in getting pregnant!

So I thought about it…I wasn’t ready to give up on “Bob” just yet…

I remembered that I had some MAX Recovery….the supplement from John Lawrence (Inventor of PHGH) that can DOUBLE your sperm volume and thickness….

As well as help you recover your erection quickly after sex, turbocharging your libido so you can go at it 4, 5…even 6 times in one night!

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Keeping the same vitality erection-strength the 5th or 6th time as they had the FIRST time, no matter how old they are…

And it’s the secret ingredient that allows them to shoot the HUGE, THICK LOADS you see in adult videos!

I thought this was just what Bob needed!

But when I went to look for it, I realized I was all out.

So I called up my good friend John Lawrence, the product’s inventor, to see if I could get a few more bottles for my personal use.

John said, sure…I could have a few bottles. And to my surprise, he even added that he was now making a new and improved formula of MAX Recovery…

Which really surprised me, because I didn’t think it could get any better than it already is! Every time I’ve released it through this newsletter, it sells out almost INSTANTLY!

I’m STILL getting emails from guys telling me how much they love this stuff…

In addition to the original great ingredients, he’s now added:

- L-Arginine, the keystone ingredient of John’s PHGH formula, which opens up your blood vessels and helps give you a harder erection FASTER

- Celery Seed Extract, shown to help lower blood pressure and get the blood flowing tot he right places when you need it most!

- Bromelain, extracted from pineapples. And as every girl knows, guys who eat a lot of pineapples have the best, SWEETEST tasting cum….So when you add this supplement to your diet, you’re sure to get LOTS of amazing oral from your spunk-craving little lady at home!

It sounded amazing…I was SUPER excited to try it out with Bob!

So…I went by John’s and picked up a box full of the stuff.

That night, I had a fantastic date with Bob…

And afterwards, when we got back to my place…I told him I wanted him to try this exciting new “herbal Viagra” pill for hot sex…

He gladly took a mouthful of John’s formula…

And let me just say, when that MAX kicked in, Bob was literally like a NEW MAN!

Not only did he have amazing stamina, going at it with the vigor of a man thirty years younger for what seemed like hours…

But when he came, he unleashed a MASSIVE, MAN-SIZED load onto my heaving tits…

Which I was all too eager to scoop up with my fingers, then lick them clean of that deliciously gooey man-cream!

And then, about 15 minutes later….We went at it again, and it was even more INTENSE!

He slurped my swollen pink pussy for 20 minutes, bringing me right to the edge of orgasm…

Then eased his throbbing monster inside of me…filling my dripping hole with every inch of his manhood…

Thrusting harder and deeper, hitting my G-spot with the force of a battering ram….

I came so hard I nearly passed out!!

And when he was ready to blow his load again, I told him I wanted it all over my face…I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and looked him right in the eyes, and when he exploded, it was even thicker than the first time…

I let it drip down my chin and onto my tits before I gobbled up that sweet sticky goodness again.

Wow, there’s nothing like the experience of an older guy….

Especially when he’s got the edge that MAX Recovery gives him….

When he can go all night long and still deliver the BIGGEST, THICKEST payloads that every girl goes crazy for…

Bob and I are starting this New Year with a lot of romance, passion…and hot, nasty SEX!

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