Sunday, April 26, 2015

Amazing Massage technique for Female Arousal (NSFW)

Dear Angelos,

I have a confession to make: I’d been feeling a little down in the dumps lately—don’t worry, nothing bad happened…

It’s just that…well…I haven’t had SEX in nearly a month:(

Sure, I get my pussy f*cked and pleasured on camera…But that’s my job. REAL sex, with a REAL guy—or girl—who turns me on when I’m off the clock is totally different…and makes me cum in totally different ways…

Sadly, I’m not really dating anyone at the moment, so…I’m sure you can imagine how painfully HORNY I’ve been!

I’m not throwing a pity party here…the reason I’m telling you this is because my dry spell turned out to have a silver lining…because it led me to discover a completely NEW kind of sexual release—all thanks to an ANCIENT EROTIC HEALING practice from India.

Not only did I have one of the DEEPEST orgasms of my life as a result of my remarkable discovery…today, I also woke up feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated…

Which is why I thought you might be interested in learning this mysterious technique, so YOU can perform it on your girl…

IF you’re okay with her thinking of you as sex GOD afterwards;)…and no, I’m NOT exaggerating!

I’m talking about YONI sexual massage…And once you give her one, I PROMISE, she won’t want anyone touching her pussy but you...

If you’ve never heard of yoni before, you’re not alone… I hadn’t either—until yesterday.

Here’s what happened…

Last night, I was—as I mentioned—feeling VERY sexually frustrated. My poor kitty was CRAVING some attention—but with no one around to pleasure me, I decided to take a nice, long walk to clear my head.

So…I wandered around aimlessly for hours—before realizing I’d gotten myself completely LOST, in a strange part of Downtown LA, I never even knew existed!

That was when I saw it…a sign taped to an otherwise unmarked door of an old brick building, with only the words “SENSUAL MASSAGE THERAPY” written on it. Naturally, I was intrigued…so I knocked.

Within a few seconds, a man answered. He was probably in his late 40’s, but in his body was in AMAZING shape.

“Hello, my name is Singh…I take it you are interested in my service. Please take off everything you are wearing and lay down” he said warmly, pointing to a VERY large massage table in the center of the room.

I was slightly caught off-guard…I hadn’t even introduced myself and he already wanted me to get naked!

But something about Singh made me feel completely at ease, so I followed his instructions.

As I removed my clothes…including my bra and panties…he explained that his “service” is something called ‘yoni massage’—a very special technique that has been practiced in India (where Singh is from) for THOUSANDS of years…It's rooted in ancient Tantra teachings, and is meant to promote good health, inner peace, and restore balance of the body and mind…

He also told me that ‘yoni’ is a Sanskrit term for ‘vagina.’ According to ancient Tantric teachings, a woman’s pussy is a sacred place, which must regularly be worshiped…

So I knew right away this massage is JUST for girls;)

“But I have to warn you,” Singh added, “yoni massage will cause you to have a very POWERFUL…physical reaction…And you should be ready for sensations you've never felt before.”

OKAY…here comes the part of the story where you’ll want to pay close ATTENTION…

Once I was on the table, Singh put a pillow under my ass to angle my pelvis slightly upwards, and told me to breathe slowly and deeply…

Then he asked me to spread my legs—like this:Yoni3

 Singh began the massage by gently stroking parts of my body--my shoulders, arms, hands…just as any other masseuse would.

…But all that changed when Singh ran his hands over my tits. It became clear this this was NOT going to be your typical rubdown.

My NIPPLES instantly got hard, to which he responded by lightly tracing them with his fingertips.

He then rubbed my legs, SLOWLY working his way up towards my yoni;) By the time he got to my inner thighs, I was already WET and QUIVERING in anticipation…Was this complete stranger really going to massage my pussy?! It was starting to look more and more likely…and I realized that, even though Singh wasn't at all my type...I actually WANTED him to. BADLY.

Sure enough, Singh then took a tube of liquid lubricant (“you NEVER use regular massage oil on the yoni,” he said), and squeezed a little bit on my pubic bone, from where it slowly dripped down, over my outer labia, and into my slit—even though I had already started to get very WET down there on my own…

Applying minimal pressure, Singh proceeded to slide his palm up and down the outer lips of my pussy for several minutes…then, using his thumb and index finger, lightly squeezed and tugged at one, then the other.Yoni1

 When he sensed that my body was ready for the next step, he tenderly parted my yoni and worked my INNER LABIA… LIGHTLY holding each one between two fingers, he stoked them up and down…then gently pulled them apart.

My pussy looked like a blooming flower!

…Then, it was clit-time. I’d been so excited for him to touch it after all that build-up, that when he finally did, it felt absolutely ELECTRIC.

With his fingers, Singh rubbed it in a circular motion—very slowly at first…but gradually building speed. The move almost brought me to orgasm, but just before I came, Singh took his hand off my clit…

When it returned just a few seconds later, he fondled my rosebud between his thumb and index finger for a while…then, went back to the circular rub—going in the opposite direction.

This time, I gave in to his touch, and let myself have, what proved to be, the most EXPLOSIVE clitoral orgasm of my life…

After I finished cumming, Singh retrained his focus from my clit to my hole.

He softly slid his middle finger inside me (palm-side up), and began to rhythmically bend and straighten it…this put pressure directly on my G-spot.

He asked if I could handle another finger…I said YES. He continued stimulating my G-spot—now using both his middle and index fingers—WHILE caressing my clit and labia with his other hand at the same time.

Now…Singh warned me that I’d be cumming HARD throughout this “procedure,” but I definitely didn’t expect what happened next…

…My ENTIRE body ERUPTED with pleasure. The orgasm may have started from my G-spot, but the intense sensation quickly traveled…it felt like every INCH of me was cumming—from my ears all the way to my toes!

Singh was delighted… “your massage is complete” he said…but told me to lay still and relax for a few minutes before getting dressed. I was more than happy to comply, because my pussy was STILL gushing, and I was STILL dizzy with EUPHORIA.

As I regained composure, Singh told me that because he’s a PROFESSIONAL healer, he never puts his mouth on his clients…HOWEVER, oral stimulation IS encouraged while performing yoni massage on a lover.

In fact, Singh said that the tongue can be used to massage AND PENETRATE the vagina, just as you would with your hands and fingers during yoni…

I mean…even without oral, the yoni message feels UNBELIEVABLE…so I’m SURE that adding a little mouth-action would make for absolute ECSTASY!

So when YOU’RE performing yoni at home, I want you to PROMISE me you’ll give her some tongue…and then tell me ALL about it;)

By the way…ANYONE can make a woman cum just as hard as Singh did, using yoni massage. Initially, I thought he must have been born with some sort of special gift or magic touch…But Singh insisted that any guy—who knows the sequence and technique of a yoni massage—can give women the same kind of mind-blowing yoni orgasms I had…

And guess what—now YOU’RE are a guy that knows!

…Just do what Singh did to ME (in that specific order), and you’re GUARANTEED to give her a sexual experience she’ll never forget.

Anyway—after last night, I’m definitely feeling a LOT better. The only thing I’m worried about is…that Singh will be angry with me for telling you about the yoni touch.

In hindsight, I’m starting to think the practice of yoni is somewhat of a secret…that professional healers—like Singh—don’t want common folk to know about…

But yoni is TOO HOT not to share! Just don’t tell anyone you heard about it from ME;)

I have to run, but I’m ALREADY looking forward to hearing about YOUR yoni experience. I promise—it’ll be UNFORGETTABLE…

So, have a great weekend…and REMEMBER to use your TONGUE!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

4 Easy Tricks That Make Girls Horny

Dear Angelos,

First of all, I want to thank you, and all my readers, for filling out my last survey!

I got hundreds, upon hundreds of very thoughtful responses…and now have LOTS of ideas for steamy, new SEX TIPS, to give you in the coming months—ALL based on the advice YOU asked for.

…Including never before revealed ORGASM techniques, mind-blowing new ways to eat her PUSSY, tips for the most satisfying ANAL sex ever, and sooo much more;)

But before you can make her clit tingle, or pleasure her holes with your cock…You FIRST have to make her WANT to fuck you…right?

Of course you do! Which is why today, I want to give to let you in on a few tricks that are proven to get any girl WET and HORNY for YOU in minutes.

…Remember, I’ve gotten plenty of girls “in the mood” myself, so I know what I’m talking about;)

Oh—And the best part is, the moves I’m about to share with you will work on ANY woman—whether she’s your wife, girlfriend, a secret crush, OR even a STRANGER you just met!

*Let Her Know You Want to Fuck Her
A lot of men seem to think they need to be sneaky about their intentions, or they’ll scare the girl off…But attempting to “trick” her into thinking you’re just “being friendly” when you first make contact is actually a major, MAJOR MISTAKE!

Women aren’t stupid. If you go up to a girl at a bar and awkwardly make small-talk about the weather…she’ll see right through you.

…And if beating around the bush doesn’t come off as creepy and insecure (which it almost always does), the most you can hope for by pretending to be her “friend” is just that—instant friend zone…And no guy wants to wind up there.

I’ll never forget the story my assistant, Drew, told me a while back…See, Drew was at a party and got a girl WAY out of his league to sleep with him, using ONLY FOUR WORDS:

“We’re. Going. To. Fuck.”

He even showed me pictures—and sure enough, this girl was super-model hot…but apparently VERY standoffish. Every man in the room wanted to get with her, but whenever anyone tried to make conversation, she’d just laugh in his face and shut him down IMMEDIATELY.

Now, Drew may not be the most handsome man around, but he knows how to get what he wants…So he marched right up to her, and instead of trivial chitchat, he simple said, “Hi, I’m Drew. Nice to meet you. We’re going to fuck.”

Then just WALKED away!

Well, guess what…this girl followed HIM around like a puppy dog the rest of the night!...Including back to his place, where she let him enjoy her perfect little body for HOURS!

Drew didn’t just get lucky that night. You see, once you plant the thought of fucking you in a girl’s head—but don’t put forth any further effort—she’ll subconsciously see YOU as being worthy of the chase…and in turn, want to prove herself worthy of your attention.

…EVEN if you’ve been TOGETHER for YEARS, your take-charge attitude will serve as an unexpected aphrodisiac.

Similarly, possessively putting your hand on her lower back, around her waist, or on her shoulders while you’re out in public…is a subtle, but assertive, non-verbal way of letting her know you plan on “steering” her into bed;)

*Find Excuses to Touch Her
Women are very responsive to physical contact…and even a seemingly “casual” connection with her body can trigger INVOLUNTARY arousal.

This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I get VERY turned on when a complete stranger brushes up against me in just the right way!

I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but…one time, I was on a flight and had to change my panties halfway through—all because the guy sitting next to me, kept accidentally grazing my leg.

…His touch was feather-light, but felt inexplicably good—and even though I was in no way attracted to him…my dripping slit felt otherwise.

What I’m trying to say is…if your girl tells you she’s not in the mood for sex…Or even if the object of your affection doesn’t think of you as a guy she’d spread her legs for—there are ways to change her mind in a matter of SECONDS…

For example, if she’s wearing jewelry, ask to take a closer look at it…that way you have an excuse to graze “secret” erogenous zones, like her neck, collar bones, and wrists with your fingers.

And everyone knows a girl can’t say ‘no’ to an innocent shoulder rub or foot massage…but a slow, sensual touch can quickly turn relaxation into foreplay.

A massage gives lets you get close enough for her to pick up on your scent (a natural source of sexual stimulation)…and gets her thinking about other parts of her body that your hands might feel good on…;)

And, if you’re with a woman that you’ve fucked before, turning her on becomes even easier!

Here’s an idea…. Instead of asking for sex, or trying to initiate it the usual sloppy make-session…surprise her with a long, tight hug from behind instead.

…After holding her for a few seconds, start to caress her tits with one hand and work the other slowly along her inner thighs…If you do this while softly kissing her neck at the same time, she’s certain to drop whatever she was doing—and make your cock her top priority…

*Eye Contact
At this very moment, you’re armed with what some believe to be the most POWERFUL weapon against sexual rejection…your EYES!

I’ve heard that women can actually be hypnotized into a state of sexual arousal through eye contact alone…But even without hypnosis, a seductive gaze goes a long way.

By maintaining direct eye contact during a conversation, you immediately project confidence and establish a sense of intimacy.

…But here’s the trick: While you’re eyes are meaningfully locked on hers, briefly but deliberately, let them wander to other parts of her body every so often—like her lips or breasts. Let them linger there for just a few seconds…then go right back to her eyes, like nothing ever happened!

It’s a little move I like to call INSTANT SEXUAL TENSION….and even though it’s easy, it’s also insanely effective.

Any guy who knows about this technique is more than an expert flirt—he’s a master of mind control…Which makes me a little nervous sometimes, because even porn stars can’t contain their CARNAL urges when a man whips out the secret sex stare;)

*Dirty Compliments
There is a direct connection between a woman’s ears and her pussy…and the two things that make even the biggest prude MELT, are compliments and dirty talk.

Now, here’s some intel most men aren’t aware of: If a girl appears uninterested in sex, it’s not because she doesn’t like to fuck—she does, and she may very well want YOU to fuck her—but often times, the problem is that she’s simply too insecure about her body.

Therefore, complimenting SPECIFIC things about her appearance is the perfect way to help her let go of all those silly inhibitions that are keeping her from getting TRULY HORNY.

But sometimes, compliments alone aren’t enough to get her thinking about how good your cock might feel right then and there…so that’s where a little dirty talk comes in.

The combination of sexually charged language and flattery instantly boosts her self-image while turning her on at the same time…

Simple phrases like, “you have the sexiest legs,” “I’m mesmerized by the curves of your body,” “your lips look addictive,” or “every inch of you turns me on,” are sure to take a casual cuddle with your girl to the next level…

…But they’re also innocent enough to use on a cutie you’re looking to take home from the bar;)

AND LASTLY, REMEMBER THIS: At the end of the day, your ability to influence a woman’s mind and body, is based on the amount of confidence you exude…

…You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it’s true. Self-assurance is one of those funny things that turns a guy who’s a 3 or 4 in the looks department, into a TOTAL 10—at least from a female’s standpoint…AND the way you carry yourself in the hours (or minutes) leading up to sex, can make or break your chances of getting to show her how HARD you can make a girl CUM;)

There are a number of other seduction strategies I want to tell you about, but I’ll give you some time to try this set of tips first...I’m already getting so EXCITED for your feedback.

And since I’m so SURE that these moves can help ANY guy wet his cock with the sweet nectar of whatever nice, tight pussy he desires…it makes me even MORE eager to hear all about your experiences;)

Also, as I mentioned earlier—this is just the beginning. I’ve been developing TONS of new ORAL, ANAL, PENETRATION, and SEDUCTION techniques to show you… Plus, I’m getting ready to touch on a few VERY EXPLICIT topics that I’ve NEVER written about before…So you definitely won’t want to miss any upcoming emails.

And in the meantime, if you're TRULY serious about learning to approach, seduce, and sleep with women like a PROFESSIONAL pick-up artist, I recommend you check out Stealth Attraction...

It's an absolutely GENIUS video that my friend, Craig, released...and it will teach you the highly ADVANCED seduction strategies which, until now, only a handful of the world's top playboys were privy to...Again, this video contains EXPERT LEVEL techniques, so it's' ONLY for guys who are highly DEDICATED to mastering Craig's 100% REJECTION-PROOF pick-up methods. If you think you can handle this previously CLASSIFIED information, CLICK HERE to get your copy of Stealth Attraction today!

...And as always, I forward to reading YOUR naughty stories;)…Talk soon!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Help me... I Can't Decide

Dear Αngelos,

The weekend is here at last, and I have some VERY exciting news to share with you!

I also need your help…Trust me, it’s a very small favor on your part, and won’t cost you a penny…but it would mean the WORLD to me;)

BUT, before we get into all that, I wanted to remind you about another very important event that’s HAPPENING RIGHT NOW...

As you may remember, earlier this week, my friend Lexi Belle was so excited to hear that one of our fans gave his girl a 20-MINUTE ORGASM after watching her amazing DVD, Female Body Mastery…that she cut the cost of it in HALF…As in 50% OFF…But only through THIS SUNDAY (April 19th)….

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So, click HERE to order Female Body Mastery at 50% OFF today!

Okay, now back to what I initially wanted to tell you about…

Things have been going really well with my education programs lately. I truly believe my girls and I have made a positive difference in the lives of millions of men all over the world…

…I even get letters from the wives and girlfriends of guys who learned from my videos, THANKING me for showing their man how a woman REALLY wants to be fucked!...;)

Anyway, I’ve been feeling more motivated and inspired than ever, these past few weeks…and I’ve decided it’s time to give you guys some brand NEW tips and techniques to getting ANY girl you want—and BLOWING her mind in bed.

But this is where YOU come in. My instructors and I have compiled a TON of new bedroom tricks in four different disciplines…so I need to know which of these DVD’s you want me to release first…

Squirting 3.0: As a woman, I can tell you firsthand how GOOD it feels when we squirt…It’s like having a powerful stream of liquid pleasure erupt from my pussy;)

And YES, EVERY girl can have a squirting orgasm—as long as YOU know the secret to giving her one.

We’ve taught you squirting techniques in the past…but Marcus recently discovered some new ways to make her SQUIRT harder than EVER. And he’s ready to SHOW them to you—on REAL women—in this super hot new video!

The Ultimate Orgasm: You’ve probably heard about the ‘full-body orgasm’…Well now, I want to show you how to take it a step further. The ‘ultimate orgasm’ is something most people don’t even know exists…but once you discover how to give her one, and actually WITNESS IT FOR YOURSELF, you sex life will never be the same!

You see, the ‘ultimate orgasm’ is so unique, because it can make a girl CUM for up to an HOUR!

…I had one on set recently, and nearly passed out=)

You see, the ‘ultimate orgasm’ can only be achieved by hitting ALL of a woman’s pleasure points…and I want to show you exactly where they are…

Plus and how to stimulate each one…from her nipples, to her clit, to her toes—and EVERYTHING in between!

Sexual Massage: Girls loooove massages…they make us so horny, and completely powerless to resist any guy who rubs our body the right way.

NOTHING leads to sex as quickly as a sensual massage. And no one gives a better than me and my girls. We started giving practicing our erotic massage techniques on each other years ago—to help us relax….and get wet…before shooting a scene.

And let me tell you…being caressed by my co-stars ALWAYS got me incredibly aroused. And these massages almost always led to us fooling around—WAY before the cameras started to roll.

So, by now, we’ve gotten the art of sexual massage down to a science;)

Now, it’s true that a woman knows how to touch another woman better than any guy—but we want YOU to know about our naughty massage techniques, so YOUR touch get’s her just as AROUSED!

We’ll even tell you the little-known trick that turns any ‘friendly’ massage into a sexual one…And it’s guaranteed to get you OUT of the “friend-zone” for good.

…And yes, we’ll demonstrate on each other!

BDSM Made Easy: Deep down, we ALL crave a little role-play. I’m sure you’ve probably thought about tying her up…spanking…whips…OR maybe your fantasies involve her tying you up during a game of MASTER and SLAVE;)

And if you don't think women want to explore this tantalizing sexual taboo just as much, YOU'RE SO WRONG. Remember how crazy women everywhere went over 'FIFTY SHADES OF GREY'? That's because the mere thought of a little BDSM secretly makes almost EVERY girl wet…even the shy ones.

These fantasies are normal, healthy, and very HOT…But I’ve found that a lot of guys don’t know how to go about exploring them….

Since my co-stars and I have all had lots of experience with bondage, dominance, and submission we want to help you guys get in on the action.

In this video, you’ll learn:

*How to combine pleasure and pain for OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD sex…

*How to make ANY girl want to experiment with dominant and submission roles (even if she’s said no before)…

*Different ways to tie each other up…

*Sexy bondage fantasies she’ll be EXCITED to act out…

And more!

Now, ALL of these videos are full of never-before revealed moves and strategies…

But I need to know which one YOU think should be released next.

So…if you don’t mind, please take my very quick survey and let me know what you think. Pretty please;)

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Your opinion is VERY important to me…and I promise the survey will only take a minute of your time!

I know you won’t let me down, so I want to thank you in advance for helping me out…And I’ll update you on which video get the most votes, next week!

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I hope you have a great rest of the weekend…and I can’t wait to read your survey answers, because my FANS always give me incredible feedback. You guys are the best!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A 20 Minute Orgasm? (True story)

Dear Αngelos,

I love getting mail from my readers…but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a letter as JUICY as the one I saw in my inbox this morning.

It’s about a very SPECIAL kind of female orgasm—but more on that later… First, you absolutely MUST read this guy’s incredible story.

…Then I’ll explain what this rare orgasm is, AND how to make your girl have her very first one;)

Dear Shawna,

I was given your email address by my good friend, Jeremy, who has been a big fan of yours for years.

He's always raving about your educational videos and bragging about how good in bed he's gotten since watching them.

But I always thought my bedroom skills to be rather advanced, and just assumed there couldn't possibly be anything left to learn for a guy like myself. I never had trouble making a woman cum.

But a few days ago I discovered just how wrong I was…and it's all thanks to you and your gorgeous porn star friends.

Let me start from the beginning...

Last week, while I was housesitting for Jeremy, I got kind of bored and decided to watch a movie.

Now, he’s got a lot of good flicks, but as I was going through Jeremy’s DVD collection, one caught my eye in particular—probably because it had a photograph of a GORGEOUS female ass, barely covered by a tiny lace thong, right on the cover! I had no idea what it was, but put it on IMMEDIATELY…

I’ll admit, I was expecting porn…but it turned out to be one of your instructional videos. I'm talking about the one called Female Body Mastery. I might not have lost interest, because, like I said, I thought I already knew how to pleasure a woman…

But the 'teacher' turned out to be an insanely hot, blonde (named Lexi, I believe), so I let it play.

And—WOW—I sure am glad I did., because everything Lexi talked about was brand new information…

Like, that the clit has over 8,000 nerve endings. Or that a girl’s body has a ton of OTHER pleasure zones, most men don’t even know about...and how to touch them so your girl cums harder than EVER before—and feels in throughout every inch of her body!

I even learned the trick to making ANY woman WANT to fuck you…Along with LOTS of other exclusive tips and techniques.

I swear, it’s like this video was full of top-secret information about the female orgasm that men aren’t supposed to know…because it’d give us too much power over women or something!

Anyway, last night I invited this cute girl I met the other day to hang out at my place. For one, I was really into her… but more than anything, I was curious to see if any of the stuff in that video would actually work in real life.

This girl was sort of out of my league, but I figured I’d at least give it a try…

So as soon as she got here, I started to get her good and horny…using one of Lexi’s tricks, of course. To my astonishment it worked like a charm, because within minutes she was completely naked.

I kept going. I touched her all her “secret” spots. I stimulated both her body and her MIND with some new dirty talk I’d picked up. I used my mouth in what seemed like a hundred ways I’d never known to before. And right away, I could tell she was LOVING IT.

By the time I worked my cock inside her tight, silky pussy, she was already moaning like crazy. The longer I fucked her, the louder she moaned…and got WETTER than I’d ever felt.

Then ‘IT’ happened. She came. But this was no REGULAR orgasm. First, I sensed her pussy convulse around my dick, as though it had been hit by an electric current as she thrashed around wildly.

I was so shocked, that I asked her if she was okay, but this girl could barely even talk. She just kind of nodded in between moans.

This went on for several minutes. Then, when I pulled my cock out, a sea of fluid came gushing from her pussy. Which only made her start CUMMING HARDER.

I think she writhed on my bed in ecstasy for nearly 20 minutes before her climax came to an end…and immediately fell asleep.

And when she woke up the this morning, the first thing she did was start making plans to hang out TONIGHT!

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this letter is first and foremost to thank both you and Lexi for providing such a valuable service.

The video warned that the techniques in it could yield very INTENSE results, but I never expected to witness an orgasm THAT strong.

I may have been caught off guard by how hard I made her cum, but it was by far my most exciting sexual experience to date.

Jeremy was right all along! Now I wish I'd discovered you girls sooner!

Stewart from Denver

….Okay, let’s break this down. It sounds like what Stewart saw was, in fact, the VERY RARE full-body orgasm. It only happens when a girl is stimulated in a very….specific…way—which results in the strongest orgasm a woman can have.

…Did I mention, these orgasms have been known to last for up to an hour?

If you’ve never seen a girl cum like that, it’s totally okay. MOST GUYS HAVEN’T.

That’s because most guys have no idea how to induce one…so even the majority of women don’t know they exist either. It’s like the best-kept sex secret there is!!

Well..unless you're one of the lucky guys out there who know about Female Body Mastery…Because I know for a fact that it's the ONLY instructional DVD series that teaches you to make a woman cum THAT HARD…and GUARANTEES results.

It was developed by Lexi Belle…who is a fellow adult film actress and one of my most talented video instructors. She’s definitely all kinds of sexy, but also very smart.

Because she's bi-sexual, Lexi knows everything about making girls cum. She truly gotten the art of the female orgasm—EVERY kind of female orgasm—down to an easy-to-learn science…You won't find a better teacher than Lexi;)

In fact, she's so passionate about helping guys learn to give women UNFORGETTABLE orgasms, I called to tell her about Stewart's success story right away.

…Well, guess what! Lexi was SO proud and excited to hear that her video led yet another man (and his girl) to total sexual satisfaction, she wanted to celebrate…by giving ALL our readers a chance to become the BEST LOVER she's ever had at HALF the COST!

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Lexi's tutorials will teach you:

*How to give her the long, powerful orgasms other guys can’t…

*How to sleep with any woman you want—yes, even if she’s “out of your league”

*The female erogenous zones most men would never discover on their own.

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One more thing: I want you to keep in mind that the techniques you’ll discover in FBM are SO EFFECTIVE, they may make any woman you use them on completely ADDICTED to you…And willing to do whatever it takes to see you again.

…So I want you to promise that you’ll only use the information in this video responsibly! This stuff should never be used to control or manipulate women.

That said, I hope once you watch Female Body Mastery, you’ll tell me ALL about your first full-body orgasm experience just like Stewart did...

It makes me so happy to know you're making your girl cum;)


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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Μy favorite Fingering Technicques (plus "how-to" pics)

Dear Αngelos,

I love getting together with my girlfriends to dish about our sex-lives over a bottle of wine or two…

It gets a little crazy because we share literally EVERY detail of our latest hook-ups;)

…Well, you’ll never believe what the topic of conversation turned to the other night—FINGERING!

And guess what—it turned out that every single one of us LOVES it when a guy takes the time to work our pussy with his fingers…Actually, I think most women do.

Anyway, since we were on the subject, I decided to tell my girlfriends about this CRAZY one-night stand I had a while back…

And…I thought you might want to hear about it, too!

See…a lot of men think finger-banging is just foreplay, but when done CORRECTLY, you can make a girl CUM just as hard with your digits as you can with your mouth or cock…Sometimes even HARDER.

Here’s how it happened to me for the first time…

I met this guy—Jason—last summer at the beach. I was laying out in a sexy little bikini, covered in oil, when suddenly this guy comes up out of nowhere, sits down right next to me and starts chatting.

He told me his name was Jason and that he’s a full-time busboy at a restaurant near by.

Now…Jason wasn’t a bad looking guy, but what really struck me was how COCKY he was. He didn’t seem nervous at all about going up to a hot girl he didn’t know…and even when he talked about washing dishes for a living, he sounded so confident, you’d think he was telling me about making millions on Wall Street.

Naturally, I assumed he MUST be really well-hung, to be this arrogant.

“I bet you have a monster cock inside those swim trunks,” I blurted out.

That was when Jason got weirdly quiet for a few seconds…then he said, “I know how to make a girl scream, let’s leave it at that.”

Our little chat was starting to really turn me on…”Prove it,” I replied.

So…We went back to his apartment, and after a couple drinks wound up making out in his bed…I was getting really excited to finally see his massive shaft.

But when I took off his boxers, I was absolutely SHOCKED by what I saw…

Jason’s dick was TINY…Seriously…it was one of the smallest cock’s I’d ever seen. But the worst part was…it didn’t wasn’t even remotely hard!

I thought I maybe if I sucked on it a little, his cock would get harder…so I was about to put it in my mouth…But all of the sudden, Jason pushed my head away from his dick.

At this point, I was on my knees, bent all the way forward, with my ass slightly raised up.

“Stay just like that,” Jason told me, “I can’t get hard until you cum”…Then he got behind me…

He started by gently running his middle and index fingers around the opening of my pussy in a circular motion…And when I started getting wet (which was almost immediately), he finally allowed them to slip inside.

Jason slid his fingers in and out…slowly at first, but gradually increasing in speed and force…and it felt AMAZING. He also surprised me with unexpected sensations.

…Like thrusting his fingers deep inside my pussy—but instead of pulling them back out right away, he’d pause to push up on my G-spot…Or going hard and fast—while twisting his fingers vigorously from left to right.

I thought there was no possible way for my slit to feel any better…But I was wrong once again.

Still thrusting his fingers hard in and out of my pussy, Jason reached around with his other hand and began stimulating my clit…

THEN…he angled the hand he was fingering me with in a way that allowed him to lightly press on my asshole with his thumb—ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Getting finger fucked by Jason felt so good, I even tried to keep myself from cumming as long as I could, just so he wouldn’t stop.

But when he unexpectedly shoved two more fingers inside my dripping wet pussy…I exploded in an orgasm that I could feel throughout every inch of my body, for what felt like several minutes…

Needless to say, I now knew what Jason meant when he said he could make a girl scream…

I guess that having such a small penis forced him to discover the ULTIMATE position in which to finger a girls pussy…While simultaneously hitting two other cum-inducing points of pleasure.

In case you want to try the doggie-style finger blast the next time you fuck, here’s a little visual to help illustrate exactly what goes where…I like to call it the 'The Puppetmaster' ;)

(If you can't see the images, click the "Display Images" button.)

Now, this position is INCREDIBLE, but there are a few other ways to finger her pussy, that I think every guy should know about….

1. The Thumbelina: When she’s laying on her back, insert your middle and index fingers inside her vagina, with your palm facing up. Position your thumb on top of her clit. Next, rather than thrusting your fingers back and forth, push them upwards instead, putting pressure directly on her G-spot…hold for a second, release, then repeat…All while working her clit in a circular motion with your thumb.
2. The Doorknob: Start by putting your middle and index finger inside her pussy (the angle of entry doesn’t matter). Twist your whole hand to the left, like you’re turning a doorknob. Then twist the “doorknob” to the right…Continue twisting it back and forth at alternating speeds.
3. V-Formation: Make a “peace sign” or “V” with your index and middle finger. Place your hand on her pussy—palm down—so her clit is at the center of the “V.” Alternate between squeezing your fingers together and sliding them up and down the lengthwise along the sides of her clit. MEANWHILE, you should be using your thumb to tease her hole with gentle bursts of pressure—but no penetration…until she’s BEGGING for it!
4. The Clit Boggler This move is ALL about clitoral stimulation. Start by using your index finger to move her clit up and down. Gradually increase the amount of pressure and speed of motion. Next, change the movement of your finger from up and down to side-to-side…frequently change the tempo, so she’ll never know what to expect. At this point she should be close to orgasm…Finish her off by using TWO fingers (middle and index) to rub her clit in a brisk, circular motion…Don’t stop until her pussy soaks your sheets;)
Fingering a girl’s pussy can be such a wonderful, intimate, and VERY erotic act…Sadly, a lot of guys just don’t bother to educate themselves on the art of digital penetration:(

But the good news is that YOU are now part of the elite minority that knows how to make her cum hard with just your hands…and I hope you get a chance to try these techniques out very soon.

Believe me, even if you regularly finger your girl, chances are, she’s wishing you’d finger her longer, harder, and in a variety of different ways—AND holes…Happy fingering;)


P.S. Once you've tried a couple (or better yet, ALL) of these super-satisfying ways to finger-blast your lady straight to orgasm Heaven...I want to hear about all about the experience. Did you love it? How many times did she cum? Send me all the dirty details as soon as you can!


Saturday, April 04, 2015

"Girl-On-Top" Position You've NEVER Seen Before (illustrated chart)

Hey Angelos,

I got a really interesting email from one my readers today…the subject line read ‘DESPERATE FOR A NEW WAY TO CUM,’ so you know I had to open it right away=)

Well, as it turned out, this gentleman happened to be looking for some advice on a sexual matter that I think almost all men—whether they’re married, in a relationship, or playing the field—can relate to.

That’s why I wanted to show you what he wrote…AND the naughty way to solve this common dilemma...

If you too are hungry for a hot, new sexual experience, then read on very carefully;)

"Dear Shawna,

I’ve been with my girlfriend for 5 years now. Everything’s great and I guess I should consider myself lucky, because even though we’ve been together for a long time, my lady still wants to have sex almost every day!

The problem is this: While I’m satisfied with the frequency of our lovemaking, I have to confess—our routine has gotten a little stale. I know a lot of different positions and am always up for trying new things. But at the end of the day, my girlfriend says she can only cum when she’s on top…so no matter which position we start fucking in, we always have to finish with your basic ‘cowgirl’.

It’s important to me that she cums, but constant cowgirl has made our sex life pretty monotonous. Even she seems to be a little bored with it, and quite frankly, it’s not my favorite position to orgasm in.

The worst part is, I’m a gentleman, so I’ve always make sure a lady cums first, but my current girlfriend doesn’t like to keep going after she does. And since she’s always riding me when she cums, all I can do is force myself to have a mediocre “cowgirl orgasm” at the same time, or pull out and finish myself off when she’s done. You’ve gotta help me, Shawna!

Are there any other girl-on-top positions we could try? I’m desperate for something new… that will also give BOTH of us an amazing orgasm. I look forward to any suggestions you might have.


Connor poses an excellent question. In fact, I get both guys AND girls asking me for girl-on-top suggestions ALL the time…

Luckily, I know EXACTLY how to solve this problem.

Here’s the thing: I think girl-on-top is great for a lot of reasons. For one, it really is the ONLY way that some women are able to achieve orgasm through penetration.

But it’s also great for men, because it’s an ideal go-to position if you’re injured, or just feeling lazy—but are also way too horny not to fuck;)

However, a lot of people assume that ‘cowgirl’ is the only position in which a girl can ride your cock…and eventually get bored with girl-on-top altogether.

It’s perfectly understandable…I mean, looking at even the most gorgeous set of tits bounce up and down while she plays rodeo on your hard-on, is bound to get old, if it’s the same visual you get EVERY TIME she’s on top. Right, guys?

Fortunately, there IS an alternative (and INCREDIBLY HOT) position that still has HER doing most of the work…AND feels amazing for both men and women.

Ready for it? It’s called the ‘COCKPIT’—and if you check out the diagram below, you can probably guess why;)

Extremely hotttt, right?;) Even DRAWINGS of people fucking ‘Cockpit-style’ get me extremely turned on.

Honestly, I love introducing people to the ‘Cockpit.’ That’s because time after time, they report back, saying they’ve completely rejuvenated their sex lives…just by adding this one, little-known girl-on-top position to their routine.

However, there’s just one more thing you should probably know about the ‘Cockpit’….

For best results you have to be REALLY hard.

You know how some positions are still doable when you’re semi-flaccid? THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

Unless, you get FULLY erect—I’m talking so hard you can actually see every vein in your dick THROBBING in anticipation of her pussy—it simply won’t feel as good for her OR for you.

You see…when fucking her ‘Cockpit-style,’ only a firm, swollen shaft can properly hit the pleasure points inside a woman that lead to mind-blowing vaginal orgasms.

But guys, please promise me you won’t let this one little ‘Cockpit’ catch keep you from trying it out.

Even if you’re not fully confident in your erections, or not getting as hard as you’d like—or even if you think you’re simply too old to get the kind of massive hard-on this position requires…These problems CAN EASILY be solved as well.

All it takes is a little boost of testosterone…

Instead, I’ll let you in on a little trick that will SAFELY increase your body’s levels of testosterone…and it works super fast too. I hope you’re paying attention;)

It’s an ALL-NATURAL male enhancement supplement called PHGH—and it’s so powerful that even porn stars swear by it to keep their cocks at full attention during long movie shoots.

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The reason that PHGH works is its unique blend of 5 potent herbs and extracts. When combined, the active ingredients in PHGH blend into one of the most powerful testosterone supplements on the market.

PHGH is guaranteed to help you get a diamond-hard dick every time you’re with a woman, AND increase your sexual stamina… because it targets and IMPROVES all of the bodily functions essential for optimal sexual performance.

With regular use, PHGH is designed to:

* Boost your sex drive.
* Improve semen density.
* Open the constricted blood vessels in your genitals—which are what cause weak erections.
* Increase the amount of blood going to your cock.
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* Give you more energy in bed.

…Which results in:

* A longer and more intense orgasm every time you cum.
* The kind of throbbing, rock-solid erections every girl dreams of having inside her.
* The ability to execute highly advanced sex positions.
* Access to her G-spot—and other orgasm triggering points hidden deep inside the vagina—during penetration.

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Trust me, a mind-blowing new position and a raging hard-on are all you’ll need feel unstoppable the next time she spreads her legs for you.

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