Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to tell if she's really cumming (NSFW PICS 18+)

Dear Angelos,
Are you ALONE? If not, please WAIT to read this email until no one is around!

Seriously… I’m about to share some very eye-opening sex tips that you definitely don't want to miss.

…Complete with hot, HOT, hot PICS, of very AROUSED women;)

The problem is… the stuff you’re about to see and read is definitely NOT safe for work (NSFW)!

But if you've got some privacy, then keep reading=)

So… have you ever been in bed with a girl, and wondered if she’s REALLY turned on?

And if so, HOW turned on is she? A little? A lot?

And was that orgasm she had REAL of FAKE?

These thoughts go through EVERY guy’s head during sex…

I know, because when I’m hooking up with a girl…I think about them TOO!

Luckily, I’m a girl myself, so I know what clues to look for…and believe me, they're not as obvious as you might think.

Which is why today, I’m going teach you a few sneaky ways to tell if she's TRULY turned on…or if she's FAKING it!

Let’s start from the beginning.

FOREPLAY…you know how it works. You kiss her hard on the lips, softly on the neck, and strip off her clothes. Once you’ve got her totally naked, start working her tits.

At this point, her NIPPLES will tell you if you’re on the right track…

Take a look to make sure they’re nice and ERECT at this stage—that means hard and pointy!

Like this…
If, her nipples are NOT erect, take a few more minutes to lightly pinch them with your fingers, flick them with your tongue and gently suck on each one…that’s sure to get the job done very quickly;)

Now, she should start getting wet…you can feel for it with your fingers. And if her juices are flowing, it’s time to travel further south!

After you’ve fingered her hole a little bit, shimmy on down and use your mouth…

Not only will licking her pussy turn her on even MORE, but it also lets you check and see if her pink parts are really STIMULATED.

The outer AND inner lips should also appear fuller—even ENGORGED.

Basically, if her entire pussy looks PUFFY and feels FIRM, she’s definitely not faking it;)

When foreplay ends, PENETRATION begins…Although you can look for most of the following signs during oral sex too.

But back to your cock…

As you thrust your in and out, she might moan and squeal like she’s loving it…

HOWEVER, the best way to tell if she’s actually on her way to an orgasm is by her looking at her SKIN.

The closer a woman is to cumming, the more FLUSHED her skin should get—especially her cheeks, chest, and neck.

A lot of times, red splotches will appear on her body…
….And that just means you’re doing a great job;)

At this stage, another place to check for changes in color are her INNER labia…

When a girl is getting f*cked just right, her inner pussy lips will change from PINK to bright RED—or if she’s had kids, they’ll usually take on a DARK PURPLE hue…

Okay, now she yells “I’m going to CUM!”

Here’s how to tell if she MEANS it….

First, notice her GRIP. When a woman is in the throes ECSTASY, she’ll involuntarily start to grab and squeeze whatever is in reach…TYPICALLY, that’ll be YOU.

So if she suddenly digs her nails into your arm, back, legs or ass, with a little EXTRA force, you can be sure that she’s getting very close.

Sometimes a girl will dig into a pillow or sheet instead…that just means she’s REALLY lost control and doesn’t want to hurt you;)

NEXT, check out her NIPPLES again. Most guys think the harder the better…

…BUT while that’s true during FOREPLAY, during a REAL orgasm, the nipples deflate and go back to being soft, NOT pointy…

Similarly, even though a hard, BULGING clit is a sign of arousal in the first stages of sex…when a girl is about to CUM, her clitoris actually RETREATS back inside of its hood!

Now, we come to the grand finale. Your cock is inside her and she tells you she’s cumming…

If she’s really having a powerful orgasm, her vagina will rapidly clench and unclench around your cock—like it’s having little mini spasms…and a sudden GUSH of fluid usually follows.

…If you’re LUCKY (and you pull out just in time) you might even see her SQUIRT!

The LAST indicator of sexual satisfaction actually comes once you’ve finished f*cking…

If you couldn't focus on telltale signs while doing the deed, a woman’s post-coital behavior can serve as a pretty reliable summary of your performance.

You see, when women cum, they usually feel closer and more attached to their guy immediately after…So if she’s extra cuddly, touchy, and talkative post pleasure, it’s safe to say you TRULY satisfied her=)

BUT, when a girl is DISAPPOINTED, she’ll turn away, fall asleep, or even get out of bed and start doing things around the house.

...And the LAST thing you want your girl to be thinking about after sex is flossing or folding laundry—because it USUALLY means she didn’t really cum!

Here’s one more helpful tip for measuring her sexual enjoyment: DON’T rely on VOLUME!

I say this because guys always think that the louder a woman is in bed, the more turned on she is…but that’s soooo FALSE!

Over-the-top shrieks and yelps are every girl’s go-to when FAKING an orgasm—take it from someone who’s been there.

Sure, SOMETIMES your cock really DOES feel so good we just wanna scream…

But other times we get all theatrical because we KNOW an orgasm with you isn’t in the cards…and kinda just want to get sex over with. Sorry, guys;)

So the lesson here is, if you want to be sure a woman is aroused by your touch in the bedroom, pay attention to the things you SEE and FEEL…

…And NOT the things you HEAR!

Now, if this information has suddenly made you realize the girls you’ve been with actually weren’t as turned-on as you thought…DON’T PANIC.

Maybe do a bit of research or try some new techniques…

Of course, instructional videos are a terrific resource as well. For example, Marcus London's Penetration Orgasm Mastery is one I recommend for both beginner AND experieced guys alike.

The program contains 8 HOURS of in-depth instruction and mind-blowing sex moves that are guaranteed to WOW any lady you set your sights on...You should totally give it a shot!

You can learn more about Penetration Orgasm Mastery and how to get it HERE...
...Trust me, if you just dedicate a little time to becoming a better lover, you’ll quickly figure out what gets a girl wet and wanting you—and what doesn't.

And if you have any questions or need some advice along the way, you know you can ALWAYS email me...seriously, it’s what I’m here for!

After all, it’s never too late to fine-tune your sex skills…and I’ll be there to help you do just that, every step of the way=)


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2 MORE Days to discover Oral Sex Magic (Surprise Statement!)

Dear Αngelos,

Are you ready for a BIG announcement…?

Great=)…Here goes!

You remember how excited I was about Memorial Day, right?

And, more than anything, about the opportunity to honor our military men with an unprecedented, 60% OFF SALE on Oral Sex Magic…

In case you forgot, Oral Sex Magic is my REVEALING program that's guaranteed to totally transform the way you pleasure her pussy…

It's definitely a MUST-SEE, because, most guys have no idea that they're actually doing it all WRONG!

…And I want ALL my fans to have this PRIVILEGED sexual information, that most other guys still DON'T=)

Well, this morning, something happened that made me SO happy, I just HAD to EXTEND the sale…and (after a lot of pleading and bargaining with our accountant) I was able to stretch my Memorial Day fan discount for TWO MORE DAYS!

What happened, you ask?

Well…in my last email, I told you that MANY of my fans were, or currently are in the military…

And it's BECAUSE their sacrifice, support, and letters have meant so much to me over the years that I decided to run such a DRASTIC sale thing weekend...

WELL, you won’t believe what I JUST read...

A truly touching (and slightly DIRTY;) email from a fan who’s deployed in the Middle East…thanking ME for spicing up his long-distance relationship with his girl back home.

…On a day when I should be the one thanking HIM for his service!

Can you imagine?!

Take a look…(I changed the name to protect his privacy)

Dear Shawna,

         Its ***** from Iraq. My girlfriend and I talk twice a day on Skype. Ya, it’s a long distance relationship.  I'm a contractor and I am gone for 3 and a half months then home for one.

The other morning we were talking and I knew she was all alone, so I told her about your emails and your programs that I had ordered.

  I was explaining to her that even though we have a great sex life, I wanted to learn to be a better lover and please her in ways that we haven't thought of.

I could tell that just the gesture of it had got her all Hot and Bothered. I started to talk dirty to her, telling here all the naughty little things I was going to do to her—like the ways I'm going to touch her, kiss her, and tease her!  She revealed her breast and started touching herself, getting really into it.

I kept talking dirty and telling her what to do. She got out her favorite glass toy that I bought for her and started to insert it!

I told her to take it and suck on it as though it were me and take her other hand, reach around under her leg, and insert a finger inside of her self!

 She came almost instantly!

 I of course was taking care of myself here on my end, as I told her what to do, what position to get in, and kept telling her to come for me.

She was EATING it up!  She must have came at least four times (keep in mind, this is computer sex)!

By the way, I was sitting naked on an exercise ball.  Watching her get into it and have orgasm after orgasm got me so worked up that I lost control and fell off…but quickly got back up as though nothing had happened!

We came at the exact same time, and then broke out into laughter together at my slip up!

Needless to say we both had a great experience and we are both really excited to enjoy your videos together, and add what we learn to our sex lives!  Got one month to go yet and you have already helped!

Thankfully yours,

This email totally made my Memorial Day!

…And I knew I had do MORE to thank those serving our country for making a difference in my AND for letting me make a difference in theirs!

So NOW all my fans have until WEDNESDAY to purchase Oral Sex Magic at a 60% DISCOUNT!

To access the EXTENDED 60% OFF sale, click HERE…

Also, I have an IMPORTANT update…

When I first launched this sale, I promised the FIRST 200 people who take advantage of my 60% OFF Memorial Day offer on Oral Sex Magic, would ALSO receive Superman Stamina for FREE…

Remember, Superman Stamina is PROVEN to increase your sexual stamina—regardless of age, experience, or fitness level increase…allowing you to f*ck for HOURS;)

Well, GOOD NEWS: As of today I still have 14 copies of Superman Stamina left…So you still have a chance to receive this POWERFUL program!

But it’s first come, first served…so if you’re interested in getting this fantastic BONUS, do NOT put ordering Oral Sex Magic off till the last minute!

To get 60% OFF Oral Sex Magic click HERE…

I know it’s a little unusual for a Memorial Day sale to last 5 WHOLE DAYS…but I don’t care!

…If it were up to me, I’d run sales honoring our military EVERY WEEK—but unfortunately, the high cost of video production makes that impossible.

In fact, I probably won’t be able to offer a 60% discount for quite some time once this sale ends…:(

…So PLEASE don’t miss out on this very special chance to save BIG on a video program that’s GUARANTEED to enhance your sex-life for YEARS to come!

Click HERE to save 60% on Oral Sex Magic!

After all, this kind of knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving…if you know what I mean;)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…and let me know what you think of Oral Sex Magic once you’ve had a chance to apply all the HOTTT new techniques you learn...

I bet you’ll have some GREAT oral sex stories in no time…and I’m already getting VERY excited to hear them;)



Sunday, May 24, 2015

How to: Make her cum with your tongue (HUGE holidaysale)

Dear Angelos,

Memorial Day is such an important tradition, and I hope you take some time this weekend to reflect and remember the extraordinary men and women who've given their lives for your freedom…

This holiday is especially close to my heart, because MANY of my fans are war veterans, or are CURRENTLY serving in the military.

…And let me tell you—I’m so HONORED to know that real-life HEROES take the time to read my letters and trust my videos to make them heroes in the bedroom as well;)

For instance, here's a very sweet message I got just last week…

Hi Shawna,

I have been reading your stories and love that they're always full of pleasure, intensity and excitement, from beginning to end.

I'm an ex- military guy who had little prior knowledge of how to make my girl cum…but that's all changed ever since I started following your advice.

I'm really looking forward for your next email!


And I get letters from patriots like him all the time!

But unfortunately, a few months back, I was heartbroken to receive a different kind of letter from the front...

Hello Miss Shawna,

    Quick question, do you have a military discount for this tutorial video? Even with your two-day sale, it's still over my military budget.

SSG. *******

Right away, I realized that other military men might have this problem as well…

But as far as I’m concerned, if even ONE national hero can't afford my programs, that's one too MANY:(

After all…if anyone truly DESERVES the upmost in sexual satisfaction, it’s the brave men who serve our country!

Well, this Memorial Day I want to make sure my military men feel loved...

So I’m doing something I’ve NEVER done before…

I've gone ahead and put one of my FAVORITE videos, Oral Sex Magic on SALE…NOW through MONDAY (May 25th)…


And don't worry...Though this sale is meant to HONOR America's heroes, both past and present…as one of my fans, you can still get Oral Sex Magic at 60% OFF, even if you HAVEN’T served.

Why did I choose this particular program?

For one, this video is TOTAL eye-candy…who doesn't love watching gorgeous girls give one another INTENSE oral pleasure?!

But the main reason is, I consider Oral Sex Magic MANDATORY viewing for EVERY man...

You see, how well you go down on a girl can literally MAKE or BREAK her evaluation of you in bed…and if her clit isn't completely satisfied, well, guess what…

She probably won't be very eager to f*ck you again…

…Has the girl you recently slept with still not called you back?

…Is sex not exactly a regular part of your marriage?

Lackluster oral may be to blame!

AND, did you know that women are way more willing to go down on YOU if you give THEM truly satisfying oral pleasure?

Yep…the better you lick her pink, the MORE blow jobs you get!

Now, I don’t want to freak you out, but…as a girl, I can tell you that the MAJORITY of men—no matter how old they are, how many women they’ve gone down on, or how frequently they perform oral—are eating pussy ALL WRONG…

And what’s really scary is…THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT, because most girls are too “nice” to say anything.

Why do you think we fake orgasms?

Here’s the cold, hard truth: No one knows how to go down on a woman better than a WOMAN…

But the good news is, you can LEARN to tongue her just as well—IF you learn from a woman, that is.

It sounds logical, but for some reason, guys almost ALWAYS turn to other men for advice. Kind of silly, right?

Which is why Oral Sex Magic features only FEMALE instructors…

…And my lovely ladies will show you, EXACTLY how to give your girl mind-blowing orgasms every time you go down on her!

By the time you finish this tutorial, you’ll know…

*All the DIFFERENT types of orgasms a woman can have during oral sex…and how to give them to her!

*What to do BEFORE performing oral sex, so she’s already turned on before you even lick her…

*The 3-step tongue flick that’s proven to make women cum OVER and OVER…

*Clit-licking techniques that 99% of men DON’T know about…

*How GIVING great oral leads to RECEIVING great oral…

Plus many other oral maneuvers that are guaranteed to make YOUR tongue the BEST she’s ever had!

Discover Oral Sex Magic for yourself HERE

… And, did I mention your sexy teachers will be demonstrating all of these techniques on one another?;)

Trust me, even if you THINK you know everything there is to know about eating pussy…odds are, there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

This program has even been known to SAVE relationships!

Now, 60% is the biggest discount I’ve ever given…but it’s the least I can do to express my gratitude to those who've fought in the name of FREEDOM!

…After all, without freedom , how could a girl like myself be OPEN and HONEST about sexuality…And promote the JOYS of sex, without being judged?!

Plus, I've always had a thing for guys in uniform;)

That’s why I’m going to SWEETEN this already sweet deal…

…By giving the first 200 people who order Oral Sex Magic before the end of the day on MONDAY, May 25th, a copy of one more MUST-SEE program, Superman Stamina...for FREE!!!

Because, let’s face it, making a woman cum with just your cock isn’t always easy…

You see, during PENETRATION sex, girls need to be f*cked way longer than they do during, let’s say, oral…

Fortunately, sexual stamina isn’t something you’re born with…it’s something you can DEVELOP with proper training.

…And this video features the FASTEST and most effective way to train your body to f*ck as long as it takes for her to CUM…And then f*ck a little longer;)

Think of it as bedroom boot camp!

…And it can be yours for FREE—if you hurry;)

Click HERE to ACT FAST on 60% OFF Oral Sex Magic

I hope you’re as excited about this very RARE holiday offer as I am!

…Giving my fans the opportunity to experience sexual thrills beyond their WILDEST dreams is such a RUSH;)

And it warms my heart to know that THIS Memorial Day weekend, those who’ve been unable to afford Oral Sex Magic in the past, will finally have access to so much LIFE-CHANGING information…

I wish I could sell my videos at such low prices every day…but because production costs are so high, I can only run sales like this once or twice a year, at MOST:(

I guess I just hope this small token of appreciation shows all my brave military men out there how much their selfless acts of courage mean to me and my girls.

Again, I can only offer 60% OFF Oral Sex Magic until the end of the day on MONDAY (May 25th).

So why not get your order out of the way NOW…and enjoy the rest of your long weekend without a care?!

…Plus, the sooner you order, the better your chances of getting Superman Stamina for FREEEEEEE!

To get 60% OFF Oral Sex Magic  click HERE asap!

I want to wish you a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend...

But…when you're out enjoying the BBQ's and parades, please keep in mind what this holiday is REALLY all about…

…Remembering those who gave their lives for this great country!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

An easy workout ...for your cock?

Dear Angelos,

Did you know there’s a super easy EXERCISE that can help you have better erections and more explosive orgasms?

I call it the PENILE POWER FLEX...

It works WONDERS…and today I'm going to teach you how it's done.

Now, I know this might sound kind of WEIRD…and I'll admit, I was skeptical at first too…

But TRUST ME, the Penile Power Flex is something you NEED to know about…

Because once you learn it—and IF you stick with it—this little-known trick is PROVEN to give your cock a serious performance boost!

I first heard about this exercise while having brunch with my friend, Liz, a little while back...

The night before, Liz had sex with Ron—this new guy she recently started dating—for the FIRST time…

And naturally, I wanted to hear all about it—especially since I knew how NERVOUS she’d been about sleeping with him.

You see, Liz fell head over heels for Ron the moment they met, and really wanted the relationship to work...

The only problem was that Ron is a lot older than Liz—like, in his late 50’s….

Plus, she knew that he was on a prescription medication that’s commonly known to make it hard for users to get an erection—a very UNFORTUNATE side effect…

And this made Liz really worried. What if Ron COULDN'T get it up?!

The odds of it happening were pretty high, considering his Rx AND his age—at which consistent hard-ons become a struggle for nearly ALL men.

And the harsh reality is…that bad sex would be a total DEAL-BREAKER, no matter how much she liked the guy:(

But to my surprise, Liz was glowing when we met up!

“It was the most AMAZING sex of my life,” she gushed.

“Ron had NO problem getting it up…and stayed ROCK-HARD the whole time. I couldn’t believe it!”

“Does he take Viagra?” I asked.

Liz said that’s what she thought as first too…so as they lay there spooning afterwards, she decided to ask Ron how he still managed to f*ck like a guy in his 20’s…

That was when he proudly told her that he doesn’t need Viagra—but his epic hard-ons aren’t exactly effortless either…

Ron went on to say that, because he doesn’t want to put any more chemicals in his body, he relies on natural supplements instead. BUT…Even though supplements definitely help…what gives his cock that extra “UMPH,” is an exercise, which he's been doing every day for several years.

Apparently, the secret to this unusual cock movement had been passed down among men in Ron's family for generations…but fortunately he told Liz exactly how it’s done—and she told me;)

Obviously, I HAD to look into this…

…And for the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of research to see if there’s any truth to the movement Liz had described…after all, I didn’t want to tell you about something that didn’t actually WORK.

Well, it turns out that the cock workout is NOT an urban legend…

The movement Ron told Liz about is actually a very legitimate exercise that even DOCTORS recommend for HUGE, long-lasting erections, INTENSE orgasms—and they even help with incontinence and an over-active bladder…

... So I thought that the ‘Penile Power Flex’ would be a most fitting name!

Like I said, the PPF is very simple and DOESN’T require a gym membership.

You can even do it RIGHT NOW as you read this;)


First, all you need to do is locate your kegel muscles. It’s easy—they’re the same ones you'd flex if you suddenly wanted to stop peeing midstream.

Okay, now contract those muscles and SLOWLY count to 5—then release.

That’s it…you just power-flexed your cock!

…Just remember to focus ONLY on those muscles—which means you should NOT be flexing your abs, buttocks, or legs during this exercise.

For best results do 3 SETS of 10 PPFs per day…You should start to notice results in about a week or two!

And the best part is, not only are kegels PROVEN to be super effective at improving erectile function and sexual PERFORMANCE (especially when combined with a daily male supplement)...

…But they also don’t require any extra time out of your busy schedule.

The PPF is so DISCREET, you can do it in the car, at your desk, on a date—literally ANY time, ANYWHERE…without anyone knowing you’re strengthening your COCK at the same time;)

Pretty cool, right?

I hope you give this amazing exercise a try, and make 3-a-day kegel sets part of your daily routine…

Because having now heard a number of testimonials from LOTS of men that have tried it, the Penile Power Flex can take your sex-life to the next level…So be sure to share this great FREE tip with your friends as well!

I'll touch base later this week with more helpful advice that you WON'T want to miss…so make sure to check your inbox often=)


Sunday, May 17, 2015


Catastrophic pre-sex mistakes

Dear Angelos,

Picture this: You’re on a date with the woman of your dreams…

So far, the night has gone off without a hitch and you KNOW that as soon as you get home, she’s DEFINITELY going to f*ck you.

So you pay for dinner and head back to your place…

Your cock miraculously starts getting hard as soon as you get in the car—you haven’t had an erection this big in years—and you can’t help but rub her thigh while driving.

As your hand creeps further in, you can actually sense her pussy tingle with excitement even through her dress and panties…both of you can’t wait!

You start tearing each other’s clothes off as soon as you walk in the door…She looks so hot naked!

You sense her nipples get hard as you caress her breasts…and when you gently suck on each one, they get even harder...

When you glance down, you notice a small puddle forming on the floor beneath her as juices gush from her pink, velvety slit…soaking her legs as they cascade downwards. Mmmmm;)

So you pick her up and carry her into the bedroom…

You throw her down on the bed. This turns her on even more…and now she’s laying there, legs wide open, moaning your name, BEGGING you to ravage her…

You can’t believe this is really happening!

But THEN—just as you’re about to bury your face in her delicious pussy—you hear it…

An embarrassing rumble in your stomach…and you know she heard it too!

You try to shake it off, but it’s too late. That huge T-bone steak and loaded baked potato you had at dinner aren’t sitting well.

Suddenly you realize how full and sluggish you feel…and now you kind of wish she’d just get on top.

She takes the hint….but you can tell she’s not thrilled. Like any girl, she REALLY wanted you to tongue her clit first…

Still, she straddles you and reaches down to guide your cock inside her…

”I want you to go REALLY deep,” she purrs…It sounds so sexy, and her touch feels amazing.

…So, wait—why are you losing your hard-on?!

Well, that third whiskey you ordered might have something to do with it.

At this point you’re beyond humiliated, but also secretly relieved…

…You drank a Red Bull earlier that day, hoping it would give you loads of energy for the night ahead…and for a few hours, it did….

BUT… now that the caffeine and sugar highs have worn off, you’re crashing so hard that that f*cking her the way you’ve been wanting to all night—HARD and FAST and for HOURS—now sounds way too exhausting…

The worst part though, is that despite your limp dick and sleepy state….you’re still horny for her!

Luckily, she’s horny too—way too horny to give up. So she put her soft, moist lips around your sad, shriveled shaft…

You can tell she desperately wants you to get hard, because now she’s sucking on your cock like a porn star…

She runs her tongue up and down your shaft, then works it in circles around the head, while gently kneading your balls with the other.

Just when you’re thinking this blow job couldn’t feel any more amazing, she stuffs your WHOLE cock down her throat…

You've never experienced oral like this before—it even feels better than ANAL SEX!

Little by little, your dick begins to firm up. Before long, her hot little mouth gets you hard enough to f*ck again…

You’re about to tell her to get on all fours, but she’s still sucking your cock so passionately, that before you even get a word out….

NOOOOOOO—you prematurely blow your whole load in her mouth!

You try to at least enjoy the orgasm, but can’t, because she immediately starts gagging in disgust…

“Your cum tastes ROTTEN,” she cries, “I’ve never tasted anything so terrible…what’s wrong with you!?”

“I’m so sorry, it must have been something I ate,” you mumble, frantically trying to remember what it could have been…The steak? The side of asparagus tips? The garlic butter?

You’re MORTIFIED! Not only did you completely blow your chance to pleasure her tonight, but now she’s both disgusted AND disappointed.

She goes to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out, and comes back fully dressed. Now you KNOW it’s over…it’ll definitely be a while before she jumps in bed with you again—if she EVER does that is:(

…It’s amazing how easy it is to turn what COULD have been a night of mind-blowing sex, into a complete disaster!

Believe it or not, the things that you eat, drink, do (or don’t do), throughout the day, DIRECTLY affect your performance at NIGHT.

Did you catch all the mistakes in this story?

Energy drinks can actually cause your energy to plummet at the WORST possible moment…

Alcohol may loosen you up, but a tipsy cock doesn’t stay hard.

Eating a rich, heavy meal before lovemaking can have all kinds of unsexy consequences—bloating, gas, cramping, lethargy, and so forth.

Asparagus and red meat happen to be two of the MANY foods that make your spunk taste TERRIBLE.

And starting the show a little too early—like, in the car—might be hot, but unless you plan on doing her in the car, getting yourself worked up prematurely can lead to one of the most embarrassing faux pas—cumming too soon!

And there are many OTHER seemingly innocuous activities that you should avoid prior to sex…Do YOU know what they are? A lot of men don’t!

So I’m going to let you in on all the things you should NEVER do if you think there’s even a small chance that you’ll be inside her tonight;)

AND… I’ll also tell you about a few super important pre-sex rituals you SHOULD follow, to ensure you AND your woman have the ULTIMATE intimate experience every time—and prevent any awkward moments from killing the mood….

DON’T masturbate the day of…If you jerk off too close to the main event, you may not have enough time to regenerate enough sperm to get you hard when you’re with her that night…And even if you do get it up, she probably won’t be very impressed by the size of your load when you cum.

Also…a guy’s sex drive temporarily drops for a period of time after cumming, so if you’re looking to pick up a new lover that night, you won’t be “hungry” enough to put in as much effort as a guy whose balls are full.

DO masturbate the night before…If you abstain from ejaculating for TOO long, you won’t be able to last inside her for very long either…you could even end up spraying during FOREPLAY—which is beyond upsetting for everyone involved!

...But a self-induced release the night before gives your body just enough time to restock your cock, while actually EXTENDING the amount of time you’re able to last in bed. Think of it as a warm-up!

DON’T overdo it at the gym…It’s tempting to try and undo several months of slacking off and overeating at the last minute, but if you go TOO hard in the morning, your muscles will be too tired and sore to properly f*ck her that night.

DO a bit of light exercise…Doing 50 jumping jacks, 30 sit-ups, and 20 push-ups right before you go out are all you need to get your blood flowing (crucial for a good erection), boost your energy, AND visibly make your abs and arms look more defined when you strip down.

DON’T eat any of the following: Red meat, asparagus, garlic, onions, curry, junk food or anything that contains preservatives, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower…

...These foods will make your sperm taste so icky that she won’t want to put your cock in her mouth again ever again!

BUT, if fill you up fresh fruits, vegetable, spices like cinnamon and cardamom, parsley, wheatgrass—and drink LOTS of water—during the day, your cum will taste like candy by sundown;)

DO abstain from various vices: Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and recreational drugs can also make your sperm taste nasty. PLUS, these bad habits often result in a limp dick and lack of stamina.

DON’T fight or argue…If you want your girl to stay in the mood, don’t pick a fight with her during dinner. Even if there’s something bothering you, that's not the time to bring it up—confrontation is a major turn off!

…And if you’re looking to take home a girl you just met, you should DEFINITELY avoid any topic that might be controversial—that means no discussing politics, religion, social issues, or sharing overly personal information.

DO throw in a little subtle dirty talk…Rather than talking about heavy subject matter or settling petty disputes, keep the conversation light—and a little dirty;)

…Of course, BEDROOM-style dirty talk isn’t appropriate when you’re out…however if you pepper in some mildly provocative language, playfully naughty jokes, and throw a few specific compliments her way (“your legs look really hot,” or “your eyes are incredible”), throughout the date, you can get her in a sexy state of mind without her even realizing it!

….Which means YOU’LL be getting laid at the end of the night for SURE—and that's definitely better than getting stuck in the doghouse!

BONUS 'DO': Take a supplement! This is a no-brainer...a good supplement is the easiest way to protect yourself against a poor performance in the bedroom...

So whether it's a product you take daily, or one you take shortly before sex...Why NOT let a safe, high-quality formula help you enjoy longer AND harder erections, give you more stamina, and naturally boost your I right?!

My favorite supplement is PHGH which you can order HERE!

Now, these are the same rituals that the world’s most successful lovers and ladies’ men ALL make sure to follow.

But if you’ve routinely been making some of these very common mistakes, DON’T beat yourself up…it’s never too late to change your routine…

And by the way…PSSSST—here’s a little secret: for the most part, girls are pretty understanding if things don’t always go according to plan in bed, so DON’T give up either!

In time, these pre-sex rituals will become second nature…and TRUST ME, you’ll soon see how big of a difference proper sex-prep actually makes;)

Have a great weekend!


PS: The story in the beginning of this email is REAL! It happened to ME and an old ex boyfriend many years ago…Now, I know better than to let a guy order a huge a gigantic meal and three drinks on “special” dates;)

PPS: Do you have any hook-up horror stories? Let me know and get it off your chest! The more we share, the better we can all learn from our mistakes=)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Feel Manly Again (How to Turn back the Clock)

Dear Angelos,

There's something I NEED to show you…and I promise, it'll make your day a WHOLE lot better;)

So, last night, I got an email from my friend John Lawrence…I think I've told you about him before. He used to be an adult film actor, but has since retired and gone on to become an expert on men's health and sexual performance…

Anyway, the subject line of his letter read 'URGENT'—and here's why…

Recently, John started taking a new performance supplement for men, called Niagen, hoping it would give him more energy, stronger muscles, and a more POWERFUL libido…you know, all the things that make a man FEEL like a MAN(and are also qualities that women go CRAZY for;))!

And it looks like he's completely BLOWN AWAY by the results—so much so that John actually INSISTED that I let my fans know about Niagen too!

Apparently, Niagen is a first-of-it’s-kind medical breakthrough…but instead of trying to explain all the scientific stuff myself, I’ll just show you what he wrote;)

Hey Shawna!

I just had an amazing weekend, and hope you did to! I went out with this gorgeous woman I’ve been seeing on Friday—and Saturday night somehow wound up in bed with a cutie I met at the gym earlier that day…oops!

I swear, I didn’t mean for it to happen…it just kind of did.

Anyway, on Sunday, the weather was beautiful, so I hit the beach with some of my buddies to do a little fishing and sailing…Talk about a perfect weekend!

A lot of people like to take it easy on their days off, but, as you know, I like to keep the momentum going. Getting to see, do, and experience as much of what life has to offer—that’s what I consider a good day.

Luckily…I’ve been having a LOT of “good days” lately—more than I have in years, actually—and it's all because I FINALLY found a way to keep my body running on all cylinders, at all times.

I’m talking about an all-natural, anti-aging male supplement called Niagen…and since you're always saying that "manliness" is the sexiest trait a man can possess, I URGE you to share this information with your readers.

Honestly, Niagen is something ALL men should be aware of, because it can decelerate, and even reverse, the aging process in humans at the microcellular level!

What does that have to do with masculinity? Well, in layman’s terms, Niagen is a completely revolutionary formula that makes men faster, stronger, healthier and more SEXUALLY CHARGED at ANY age—and with no risk of side effects.

At this point, I’ve been taking Niagen for about three months, and let me tell you, this product is a real game-changer—especially for guys over 30, like myself.

The first thing I noticed—and, Shawna, YOU are going to LOVE this—Niagen works wonders for the male libido!

Without getting TOO graphic, let me just say that my sex-drive is now as strong as it was in my 20’s—and since I have a thing for younger women, it’s been a real relief to no longer worry about keeping up with them in the bedroom:)

Speaking of sex…my friend, Mike, started taking Niagen a few weeks ago (he was skeptical at first, but I managed to convince him).

And what do you know? Yesterday he called me up to say that his wife of 12 years, suddenly can't keep her hands off him. I couldn’t believe it—six months ago Mike was convinced she was going to leave him!

But on another not, my newfound sex-drive also came with was a massive surge of energy in general.

I used to think that day-to-day fatigue was an inevitable part of life once you get to a certain age (I know you’re probably too young to relate, but trust me, Shawna, a lot of people deal with this when they get older).

Anyway, NOW I know there’s no excuse to be complacent about living with just a fraction of the vitality I had in my youth!

Even my hectic schedule and constant international travel don’t seem to wear on me like they used to.

And remember how I used to complain about “brain-fog”? Well, lately, my focus has been LASER SHARP, and I’m accomplishing more of the personal and professional goals I set for myself each day.

Plus, not to sound vain, but, I’ve been seeing a significant improvement in the size and definition of my muscles…

I thought this was just because Niagen allowed me work out longer, harder, and more frequently…but after looking into the science behind it, I learned that on top of boosting energy and endurance, Niagen actually can actually INCREASE muscle mass and density.

That might have had something to do with how easy it was to pick up that hottie on Saturday—she had no idea I was twice her age!

In all seriousness though… while I’m thoroughly IMPRESSED by these results, I’m not particularly surprised that Niagen works so well…

I don’t want to bore you with all the technical stuff…but when you tell guys about Niagen, it’s important that they know the science behind it.

See, you’d think it’s a really complicated formula, but Niagen actually contains only ONE ingredient—a special B13 vitamin called nicotinamide riboside (NR).

But let me back up….

Recently a Harvard University study led by Dr. David Sinclair—one of the most influential figures in modern-day medical research—concluded that NR significantly increases the body’s production of a naturally occurring compound called NAD+…

The reason this study was so groundbreaking is that NAD+ is responsible for the amount of energy released by the mitochondria in your cells.

In simpler terms, the more NAD+ your body produces, the more resilient it becomes against the effects of aging.

Therefore, people with higher levels of NAD+ also have more energy, healthier immune systems, stronger muscles, better brain function, greater stamina, and even sleep better, than folks with low NAD+ levels.

But as you can probably guess…our bodies produce less and less NAD+ as we age.

So, since I follow medicine pretty closely, you can imagine how eager I was to try Niagen—one of the ONLY products to contain NR currently on the market. And since it contains NO synthetic fillers, binders, or artificial toxins, I figured I had nothing to lose.

Well, having done so… Shawna, I'm not exaggerating when I say Niagen has exceeded all my expectations of what an anti-aging supplement can do.

I genuinely believe Niagen to be the “miracle” formula we've have been waiting for…and, mark my words, it'll soon be THE go-to supplement for guys who want to reclaim their youth, their masculinity, and of course, their SEX APPEAL.

I know how YOU'RE always saying that girls are turned on by MANLY traits…which is why you HAVE to tell your audience about Niagen!

I think they’ll really respect you for it.

Anyway, I’ll be out of town for the next two weeks, but let’s get together when I return!

Much love,

I know I'm not a guy, but John's email still made me VERY happy, because it proves a really important point that I make all the time in my videos…

When it comes to getting more women and have more SEX…masculinity is KEY!

And, you know something? I hope this helps to debunk the MYTH that each woman has a certain “type” of guy that turns her on…When all that they actually want is just someone that shows them he’s a REAL MAN!

We don’t care how old you are what kind of car you drive…Here’s what girls REALLY look for:

*He’s ACTIVE and ENERGETIC (a guy that’s too tired for fun things like SEX, or dancing, or other adventures, is boring—and boring is NOT a turn on!)

*He has a strong LIBIDO…being desired sexually makes women very HORNY!

*He's STRONG and takes care of his body…NO, you have to have a six pack or go to the gym every day.

…But we DO want to feel protected. And did you know that our maternal instincts subconsciously make women seek out HEALTHY, youthful sexual partners? It's true!

*He's got a sharp noggin! Forgetting plans, or birthdays, or things we like—especially things we like in bed;)—is NOT sexy. In fact, women find this very ANNOYING!

*And LASTLY…a hard cock and long-lasting stamina DO go along way with the ladies.

In a word: MASCULINITY—that’s all it takes to turn ANY girl on…I PROMISE!

Okay, I know, that’s a LOT of information…But I hope I opened your eyes to some exciting, news things!

…Things most guys DON'T know about yet;)

By the way, if you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of Niagen for yourself, it's SUPER easy to get online!

You can order your supply of Niagen right HERE!

I mean…why NOT let science help you develop the manly MAGNETISM that's PROVEN to get girls super WET?;)


PS: If you DO decide to try Niagen, PLEASE let me know what you think…I have to admit, John’s email has got me pretty intrigued about this SEXY-sounding supplement…So I'd love to hear about other men's experiences too;)

PPS: Also, make SURE you have my email address on under "favorites" in your inbox—otherwise it might end up in a folder you don't check very often, and you'll miss out on a lot of great sex tips, naughty stories,  and MORE!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Which of These Girls is Your Favorite? (Dirty Pics included!)

Dear Angelos,

Would it be okay if I show you a few pics?...Before you answer, I should warn you that there is a LOT of nudity in them, so DON’T open the link I’m about to give you at work…But when you have a minute to look at them in private, it would really help me out.

You see, I’m always looking for sexy young girls to feature in my upcoming videos, and over the past few weeks in articular, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at all the hot NEW actresses in adult entertainment, to determine the most PROMISING up-and-comers of 2015.

...And hopefully, finding a few potential recruits in the process!

So I put together a little list of my favorites…but still felt like I needed a guy’s opinion of them.

Well, LUCKILY I was going through my inbox this morning, when it hit me that an overwhelming amount of guys that email me have one thing in common—they want me to send more SEXY PICS.

…And who can blame them? There’s something so arousing about pictures of beautiful NAKED girls that look TOTALLY ready to f*ck…right?!

So naturally, I thought 'who better than my readers to weigh in on a few pics I've been going over…'

Anyway, I really hope you’ve been craving a little eye candy…Because it just so happens that I have some GORGEOUS (though slightly X-rated) pictures of hot, young porn stars, you HAVE to see…

I’m absolutely positive that you’re going to LOVE every one of these girls…I know I sure am finding it hard to pick a favorite!

…But if you could give me some feedback about which ones you liked the most—and why—it will make it MUCH easier to decide the kind of girls I’ll be asking to join my team in the future.

Of course, I don’t want you to rush…Take some time with these pics…see which ones turn you on the most…really get to know these beautiful young women—all of whom love sex SO much that they recently decided to make f*cking their full time job!

Maybe even check out a few of their movies (my personal favorites are listed under each girl’s pic!)…Then get back to me at your leisure, by replying to this email with your thoughts.

…and if you know of another girl who's NOT on this list, I'm open to your suggestions.

Okay—ready to view my picks for the TOP SIX new porn stars to watch in 2015?

You can see them ALL by going HERE!

...Remember, you just MIGHT see one of them in one of my upcoming videos;)

Again, the content of that page is NSFW…and even though all the girls are totally LEGAL, some of them look very make sure no one is watching.

Now, it’s time for me to get back to work, so, until next time, enjoy the pics…and have a GREAT weekend!


PS: My emails can sometimes be a little naughty…and, you never know—they might get EVEN naughtier down the road;) So to make sure you don’t miss a single letter from me, please MAKE SURE to add my email address to your “favorites” list…Otherwise it could end up a folder you don’t check!

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Free Report: The Sexual Mind F#ck (Plus 48-Hour Sale Warning)

Dear Angelos,
I hope you're well...and that you have a minute to let me share some REALLY important information, which just might make your weekend a whole lot SEXIER than usual;) 
But first, I just want to remind you that the EXCLUSIVE sale on Female Body Mastery I told you about earlier this week will be OVER in just 48 HOURS...

Get your 50% Female Mind Mastery DISCOUNT by clicking HERE.

...And, trust me, you DON'T want to miss out on this very rare opportunity to order this REVOLUTIONARY video program, that teaches you all the skills you need to become the guy other men HATE...Because he gets the girl EVERY TIME!

And this stuff WORKS, regardless of how old you are, your experience-level, or even what you look like!

Okay, moving on to MORE juicy news...

As I was saying... the weekend is finally here—which means it’s the PERFECT time to go out on a HOT date...

But whether it’s a first date, a romantic dinner with the missus—or maybe a chance encounter with a gorgeous stranger that TURNS into a date on the spot…the whole time you’re probably thinking about just ONE thing…Getting your COCK wet at the end of the night;)

I mean, what good is a date if it doesn’t lead to SEX…right?

I’m sure all guys would agree…but UNFORTUNATELY, a lot of women don’t always see it that way--or so they want you to think.

…Which is why you might not be getting laid as often as you’d probably like!

Well, I say we change that RIGHT NOW…and don’t worry, it won’t cost you a thing =)

You see, oftentimes, the reason a girl may seem reluctant to sleep with you, isn’t that she doesn’t WANT to f*ck—in fact, deep down, she probably wants to have sex just as badly as YOU do…

...However, there ARE other factors that keep girls from allowing themselves to get horny...

Maybe she’s not feeling very good about her body that day…maybe you’ve been together for a long time, and the thought of you inside her pussy isn’t as TANTALIZING as it once was…maybe she's not wearing her lucky lingerie or signature perfume (YOU still think she's sexy, but that's not how SHE feels!)...

Not to mention—if you just met, or only recently started dating, some girls won’t go ALL the way, simply because they don’t want you to think she’s a slut.

Whatever the reason may be, you should ALWAYS keep in mind that women are highly SEXUAL creatures, and most of us LOVE to f*ck…Sometimes, it just takes the right approach to get us excited;)

Luckily, there are methods you can use to accomplish this…methods which are PROVEN to make a girl—yes, ANY girl you want—very, very HORNY, specifically for YOU in no time…

AND there are even certain techniques that women CAN’T say ‘no’ to—and this has been SCIENTIFICALLY VERIFIED!

My colleagues and I talk about many of these techniques in our videos…But today, I want to show you one of the MOST effective ones for FREE…Just because I think you deserve to know =)

…It’s called “The Sexual Mind F*ck”… And it’s basically guaranteed way to make a woman LITERALLY beg you to F*CK her all the time…which means YOU get to have sex whenever you want!

To access the comprehensive, step-by-step guide to performing 'The Sexual Mind F*ck' just CLICK HERE.

…I believe I sent this tutorial to my readers a couple of years ago, but the information in it is so VITAL, that I wanted to make sure you read it…just in case you weren’t a subscriber back then, or you happened to miss it…

OR if you’ve just forgotten how to do it--though that scenario is pretty unlikely, considering how life-changing most guys find 'The Sexual Mind F*ck' to be.

Now, if you’re interested in learning MORE about the art of approaching women…Or proven ways to make your lady—or ANY lady—wet and constantly cock-hungry...then definitely don't forget to check out Female Mind Mastery

...Especially since Kirsten is offering a 50% DISCOUNT on Female Mind Mastery as we speak…but only through May 3, 2015—as in THIS SUNDAY!

Click HERE to learn how you can penerate a woman's mind (and body) TONIGHT at HALF the usual cost!

But before you order, PLEASE keep in mind that I only agreed to promote Female Mind Mastery under the condition that I get to disclose the COMPLETE TRUTH about it…

...In case you missed missed my last email, Female Mind Mastery is an instructional video program, which was developed by my good friend and world-renowned dating coach, Kirsten Price (she invented the ‘Sexual Mind F*ck’ too!)...And it reveals even more EXPERT tips and techniques that are guaranteed to make sexual frustration a thing of the past;)

But here’s the CATCH—some people consider Kirsten’s techniques a bit devious…because they’re so effective that TECHNICALLY, they can be used to manipulate a woman’s thoughts and feelings…

Basically, critics of Female Mind Mastery believe that the program only has such a high success rate, because it teaches guys mental-control 'tricks,' which force women into such a state of arousal and infatuation, that they become literally unable to reject any man who uses them…and in some cases Kirsten’s techniques even cause women to become DANGEROUSLY obsessed…

So, I’m hoping that you’ll only use Female Mind Mastery RESPONSIBLY, and not abuse the power it gives you.

That means ONLY use it on girls you care about and NOT on those you simply want to control or plan to hurt… Again, I’m only letting you in on Female Mind Mastery because I really TRUST that you won’t…

To access Female Mind Mastery at 50% OFF, click HERE now.

Okay, now that I’ve given you LOTS of great learning opportunities, I think you have everything you need for a PASSION FILLED weekend! So get out there and put as many of these techniques into practice…

I have a feeling you’ll be AMAZED by your own results! And as always, I want to know how it goes…so don’t forget to touch base with me on Monday;)


Friday, May 01, 2015

It's Never Too Late to Become a Ladies' Man (True Story Inside)

Dear Angelos,

Every day, I get emails from guys sharing their dating, relationship, and sexual HORROR stories!

Some are perpetually UNLUCKY when it comes to picking up girls…Others are always stuck in the FRIEND-ZONE…

And then there are guys who simply have NO idea how to make a woman LONG for sex with them—whether it’s on a first date…or even in a long-term relationship!

Maybe you know a few guys who have these problems, too…because they’re actually VERY common. Dealing with the opposite sex is HARD;)

Which is why I wanted to share something with you that’s sure to give EVERY man a whole lot of hope when it comes to women, dating, love and SEX!

You see, my friend Kirsten Price is a professional dating coach, who has helped THOUSANDS of frustrated guys to approach, attract, and, of course, F*CK any woman they desire…

She’s brilliant too. Kirsten knows all these subtle ‘tricks’ that ANY man can use to get inside a girl’s head, and INSTANTLY make her want to sleep with him…through a little mental manipulation;)

Some people think Kirsten’s tactics are unethical…but it’s only because they’re proven to WORK every time.

In fact, Kirsten has a whole file cabinet dedicated to her “success stories,” that’s filled with photos of average Joe’s posed next to wives and girlfriends who are WAY out of their league…

Anyway, a year ago, Kirsten introduced me to Anthony—a brand new client, who’d been struggling to get a date—and to even to GET LAID—his entire life.

The thing is, Anthony seemed to have lot more going for him than most of the guys Kirsten works with…He was only 40 years old, with a full head of hair, a nice smile, and a decent income. He wasn’t exactly Brad Pitt…but he wasn’t UNATTRACTIVE either.

…Which is why I was SO surprised when Kirsten told me his story. Apparently Anthony had tried EVERYTHING he could think of to land a girlfriend—but had been striking out over and over and OVER for YEARS!

And believe me…Anthony’s stories of total FAILURE with the ladies, were WAY worse than any I’d ever heard from my readers…

..Well, last week I got a call from Kirsten, who had some exciting news about Anthony…Apparently, the techniques he learned from her paid off in a BIG way;)

I immediately wanted to tell you all about his rocky journey AND surprise happy ending…BUT then I thought it’d be better to let Anthony speak for himself!

With Kirsten’s permission, I called Anthony to ask if he’d be willing to sit down with me for a quick Q&A session, that I could record and share with my readers…and Anthony happily agreed.

So yesterday, we met for coffee at this cozy little place in Santa Monica.

Here’s a slightly abridged version of how the conversation went…

SHAWNA: Hi Anthony, great to see you. You look much different than you did when we first met about a year ago. Have you been working out?

ANTHONY: Thank you, Shawna. Yes, I have actually! But I also FEEL completely different. We met when I first started working with Kirsten—and back then…boy, I was basically a hopeless MESS.

I was just really lonely, unhappy, and getting VERY desperate…I also wasn’t getting laid (laughs).

SHAWNA: Was that why you were so unhappy?

ANTHONY: Well, never having sex definitely didn’t help. But the real problem was that I couldn’t even get a woman to go on more than one date with me, let alone get naked—and that’s IF she even agreed to go on a date with me in the first place…which was rare.

SHAWNA: How long had you been having such a terrible dry spell?

ANTHONY: Until this past year, my whole life had been one long dry spell! Even when I was younger, I never really had a girlfriend…I couldn’t even seem to hookup with girls casually.

…And not for lack of trying! I did EVERYTHING in my power. I honestly thought I was putting myself out there—but every time I’d go after a woman I liked, it ended in complete DISASTER.

SHAWNA: Can you tell me about some of those experiences?

ANTHONY: Where to begin?!...One time, I was at a friend’s wedding and decided to try chatting with this real pretty bridesmaid…

So I went up and introduced myself…surprisingly she was very receptive. We must have talked for 45 minutes straight. I asked her all about her job, her family, what she liked to do for fun—you know, genuinely trying to get to know her. I even made her laugh a couple times.

I thought she was into me for sure…but RIGHT when I was about to ask for her number, this guy she’d never even met, comes up out of nowhere and asks her to dance, like I’m not even there…And you know what she did? She asked ME to watch her purse—and went off with HIM!

…I saw them kissing on the dance floor just a few minutes later.

That sort of thing happened to me a LOT.

Then there was the time I fell really hard for this woman at the office named Lisa. One day, I finally got the courage to ask her out to dinner, and she agreed.

...I made a reservation at a really nice restaurant and put on my best suit—I was SO determined to impress her.

Over dinner I told her about all the different countries I’ve traveled to, about the time I met Robert de Niro, about my collection of vintage records. I even made it a point to talk at length about various scientific theories I’d read about—just to show her I was intelligent, I guess…

SHAWNA: Did it work?

ANTHONY: Nope. No matter how interesting I tried to make myself sound, Lisa looked kind of bored the entire time.

After dinner I asked to walk her home. She said there was no need, but I insisted.

…As we walked, I made several attempts at holding her hand, but every time she’d brush me off. Eventually she just crossed her arms, and walked like that the rest of the way.

Even though our date definitely didn’t go well, I didn’t give up. For the next few weeks I brought Lisa flowers at work. I left little notes on her desk to let her know I was thinking about her…but each of my romantic gestures only seemed to make her more distant. And about a month later Lisa actually quit…I don’t know for SURE that it had anything to do with me, but…a lot of my coworkers thought it definitely did.

SHAWNA: Wow, you must have really turned her off…

ANTHONY: Yeah, I really did…And I honestly had no idea why!

After Lisa, I developed a pretty serious crush on a lovely young lady in my apartment building… but every time we crossed paths, the most I ever said to her was, “Hi Andrea…I think it’s supposed to rain later.”

It might sound stupid, but I was too scared to have a conversation with Andrea…mostly because I didn’t know how to approach an attractive woman face-to-face…

SHAWNA: Did you ever try online dating?

ANTHONY: Yes! And it was a nightmare. Sure it was easier to strike up a conversation when you have the safety of your computer screen to hide behind—I did like that aspect of online dating.

…But when it came to meeting the women I was ‘matched’ with in person, I was always disappointed.

A lot of them didn’t look anything like they did in their profile pictures…and the few that actually did, were really rude...

I think they were more interested in getting a free dinner, because they’d go home immediately as soon as I up the check…and after that, none of them made any effort to see me again.

SHAWNA: Was that why you turned to Kirsten for help?

ANTHONY: Yes! I realized that unless I want to die horny and alone, I was in dire need of a PROFESSIONAL dating coach.

I found Kirsten through her website—it said her pickup and seduction techniques were proven to work on ALL women…and best of all, ANY guy that used them was guaranteed success—even a guy as shy and clueless as myself.

Initially I was about to order Kirsten’s instructional video series, Female Mind Mastery—but since we live in the same city, I signed up to work with her in person instead. At the time, I don’t think I realized just how drastically my life was about to change…

SHAWNA: What do you mean?

ANTHONY: Well, I started working with Kirsten the next day…and after just one session, I began to feel a LOT more confident around women.

...And by the time I completed her program—let’s just say, I was already juggling THREE different women, ALL of whom were crazy about me…There was also a fourth girl chasing after me, but I just didn’t have enough time to date HER too.

SHAWNA: What did Kirsten teach you that made you so irresistible?

ANTHONY: First and foremost, she pointed out all the things I was doing WRONG before—which was pretty much everything.

I’d come on either too strong, or not strong enough…I didn’t project any confidence…I bragged about things that women aren’t actually impressed by at all.

Also my desperation was obvious—and that’s never sexy.

But Kirsten made me realize that turning a woman on sexually has NOTHING to do with flowers, or restaurants, or how smart I sound…It doesn’t even have anything to do with what I look like, or how old I am, or how much money I make!

The key to attracting women is actually VERY simple…you just have to target her MIND…and Kirsten showed me exactly how to do that.

Her techniques are very easy to learn and implement, but they’re incredibly effective…and can be used to get EXACTLY what you want—be it a date, a girlfriend, or a one-night stand with a total stranger.

SHAWNA: So since completing Kirsten’s program last year, what has your sex life been like?

ANTHONY: For the first few months I was playing the field like crazy—making up for a lot of lost time, if you will. I dated lots of different women…and had lots of really amazing sex.

I couldn’t believe that suddenly THEY were the ones desperate to sleep with ME.

But about six months ago, I met Allison—the kindest, most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.

…I fell in love with her IMMEDIATELY…and she did too—though I must admit, I used a couple of Kirsten’s special tricks to speed up the process.

Allison and have been together ever since…and I’m sure Kirsten already told you, but…we’re getting married in August!

SHAWNA: Yes, she did tell me. That’s wonderful, congratulations! So…now that you’re off the market, do you still use any Female Mind Mastery techniques?

ANTHONY: I love Allison, and don’t ever feel the need to go pick up women on the side…but I definitely still use a lot of what Kirsten taught me. Her techniques work just as well when you’re in a serious relationship, as they do when you’re single.

For instance, if I want to get Allison ‘in the mood’…I know EXACTLY how to make it happen…ANY TIME I WANT! Methods of seduction are a big part of Kirsten’s program.

SHAWNA: So you have no regrets, I take it?

ANTHONY: Well…if I had to do it all over again, I would have just ordered the Female Mind Mastery videos…Kirsten is a miracle worker, but private sessions with her aren’t cheap.

…And, as I later found out, the things I learned from her in person, are ALL part of the video curriculum too…Oh, well!

When I played that last part back to Kirsten last night, she thought it was hilarious…but also I could tell she kind of felt bad…because Anthony TOTALLY called her out.

I don’t think she ever REALIZED that the techniques she teaches her clients really are ALL featured in the Female Mind Mastery videos as well…So to make sure no one thought she was trying to shake people down for money—trust me, if anyone GENUINELY cares about helping others, it's Kirsten—she decided to put Female Mind Mastery on sale, at 50% OFF its original price for 4 WHOLE DAYS!

…And when she asked me to help promote her generous offer, I promised that I would.

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I could tell you about how life-changing Kirsten’s tutorials truly are…but I think Anthony’s story speaks for itself;)

After all, if it turned things around for someone as HOPELESS as Anthony was—there’s not one man on EARTH whose love-life, and SEX-LIFE, Female Body Mastery can’t DRASTICALLY improve…

If you have trouble meeting girls…or have your eye on a special lady that’s out of your league…or can’t get out of that darn friend-zone…or maybe you just want to F*CK your wife more often…Female Body Mastery will make it happen.

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By the way, I’m obligated to add one disclaimer: Kirsten’s methods are VERY powerful…and you will learn techniques that can easily be abused if implemented irresponsibly. Should this knowledge be obtained by the wrong person…it could ruin lives. So PLEASE promise me you won’t use Female Mind Mastery to hurt, manipulate, or control women in any way.

That said, I hope you found Anthony’s story as inspiring as I did…And I hope that if you can relate to his AWFUL experiences—even a little bit—you'll use this opportunity to TAKE CONTROL of your future, with the help of Female Mind Mastery—and finally get the girl (or f*ck-buddy;) you DESERVE!


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