Saturday, June 27, 2015

I'm so mad!!

Dear Angelos,
UGH!!!I just had a BIG fight with one of my best girlfriends, Codi:(

Well, it was more of an argument than a fight—we weren’t like, rolling around on the ground or anything=)

But things got pretty heated, and I’m still a little worked up about it…

Because our argument had to do with YOU.

The thing is…now that I’m looking back on it, I think Codi might have been RIGHT!

Of course, I’m too stubborn admit this to her—not just yet anyways;)

Plus, I wanted to hear what YOU think first…

Okay, here’s what happened:

Codi and I had plans to go for a “sunrise” hike up Runyon Canyon this morning…

It’s sort of a tradition we have—we meet up bright and early (5:30am!), chug some coffee, and watch the sun come up, while walking the trail. It’s super relaxing, and we get a LOT of great girl-talk in;)

And I was really excited about our girl date, too. I hadn’t seen Codi in a long time…

For the past few months, Codi’s been busy working on, what she called, “a really important project.”

But she’d never say exactly what the project was. Kinda weird, right?

Anyway, today started out as usual…

Until I decided to tell Codi about all these emails I’ve been getting lately…

See, I’m used to guys writing to ask for hot new sex techniques to use when they’re with a woman…

But RECENTLY, I’ve been getting more and more letters from fans who want to know how they can GET a woman to sleep with them in the first place.

Even married guys don't seem to be scoring as often as they'd like to with their lady!

“They think that they’re doing something wrong…or that girls just don’t like them...or that their wives don’t find them sexy anymore.” I said to Codi.

“But I think that if a guy isn’t having much sex, it’s just because he doesn’t do enough to let the girl know he WANTS to f*ck her.”

Codi asked me what I meant…

So I explained that, in my opinion, SEXUAL attraction is all about BODY LANGUAGE…

…And the real reason many guys aren’t getting laid, is simply because, women don’t even realize that’s what they’re after!

Obviously a man shouldn’t just flat out say ‘hey, I want to pleasure your pussy tonight…’

But he SHOULD use body language to give off a sexy vibe…

…Like smiling, making eye contact, watching his posture, leaning in real CLOSE when she’s talking, seductively licking his lips, and so on.

Then out of nowhere, Codi totally SNAPPED!

“You’re WAY wrong, Shawna” she said. “

“There’s only ONE real way for a guy to make women want him sexually, or even romantically—and it’s by following a proven SCIENTIFIC method…”

WHOA, where did that come from?!?!

Codi is a MODEL, not a scientist…at least as far as I knew.

“Come on, Codi. Good SEX is a science…but there’s no way some special formula or whatever, can instantly make a man more attractive to women!!!”

I could tell Codi was getting mad…

“Yeah, you’re right, Shawna. This method DOESN’T make guys ‘more attractive’…


I thought she was going to HIT me!

So, I was like, “OMG, what’s your deal, Codi?”

And that was when Codi broke down and told me the TRUTH about why she’s been so busy lately…

It turns out that after some guy she was crazy about broke her heart again…

Codi made it her MISSION to figure out why she kept falling for one jerk after the next…

AND why she was completely UNATTRACTED to guys that would actually be good, caring boyfriends.

Codi had studied psychology in college, so she took a real scientific approach to finding the answer…

She put together all these charts, compared the ways in which different men behaved when they were with her..

... and even sent out surveys to THOUSANDS of women all over the world!

Sure enough, after just a few weeks of research, Codi began to notice some interesting patterns…

And then, it HIT her.

All the jerks she dated weren’t rich, or smart, or even that good-looking…

But they all managed to seduce her—and they all did it in the EXACT same way.

Codi became CONVINCED that what she’d discovered was some sort of universal code that a man can use to get inside a girl’s head.

…and INSTANTLY make her fall for him!

She said she even had real guys test out her theory on women WAY out of their league—and it worked every time.

So Codi decided to reveal everything about her experiments, her findings—and how this attraction trick works—in a formal report.

And NOW, she’s getting ready to publish it on the internet.

“I want good guys to know this stuff so THEY can get the girl, instead of some jerk!” Codi said.

OK, at first I really did think Codi had lost her marbles, but after hearing her out…

...everything she said actually started to make a lot of SENSE!

And I guess I can understand why she got so upset with me for doubting her…

…Obviously Codi had put a lot of work into figuring this stuff out.

But, of course, I wasn’t about to let her win.

“Maybe you’re right” I said…

“But I’d have to hear all this from a guy that’s actually used this trick of yours”

And guess how she responded…!

“Fine, Shawna,” she said…

“When I put my report online in a couple weeks, why don’t you send all your fans a link to it…and have THEM tell you if what I discovered really works or not? I DARE YOU!”

“What if they’re married, or are already dating someone?” I asked.

“Even BETTER!” Codi said…

“They can use this method to make their wives and girlfriends want to f*ck them more often…and even BEG for the chance to fulfill ALL their dirty fantasies.”

Wow, Codi must be REALLY confident. She knows how important you guys are to me…

And she knows that I’d NEVER forgive her, if she made me waste your time on something that DID’T really get you LAID!

So…I told her I’d think about it.

After that, we hiked the rest of the way in silence. But don’t worry, I’ve known Codi forever—we fight like sisters but we always make up=)

ANYWAY, before I give Codi an answer, I wanted to know what you make of all this…

Would you be interested in reading Codi’s report?

If so, can I count on you to try the secret technique that (according to Codi) makes women go CRAZY for any guy that uses it?

I HAVE to know if this is the REAL DEAL!

Please respond with YES or NO to this email…okay?

I know I can always count on you to be honest!!!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Girls are getting need to get ready

Dear Angelos,

It looks like it’s going to be a hot, sweaty weekend here in L.A…

Are temperatures rising where you live too?

Me? I don’t mind the heat. I’m just going to slip into my favorite bikini and spend allll day at the beach with my girlfriends;)

But, before I head out, there’s something IMPORTANT I’ve been meaning to tell you…

Okay, so—this is a little embarrassing—but…

I think summertime makes me crave SEX more than any other season!!!

I don’t know what the deal is...

At first, I thought it was just because I’ve been single for a while.

But when I confessed my sudden, insatiable desire for a great big ORGASM to a few close girlfriends...

…they ALL said they’d been feeling the SAME way recently!

So, last night I reached out to some other women I know—this time of all different ages—and asked if they too have been feeling extra "frisky" lately…

And guess what—everyone on of them said YES!!

I was SO relieved to hear that I'm not some sex-crazed FREAK after all...

...SUMMER just makes girls CRAZY HORNY=)))

So I wanted to tell you about this weird phenomenon, because.…it means that RIGHT NOW, your chances of getting LAID are better than ever.

And with so many tingly pussies walking around…SEX can happen at any minute!!!

BUT…will you be ready for it?

I mean REALLY ready?

When your lady suddenly grabs your cock in the kitchen…

OR when that foxy girl at the bar suggests going back to your place…

You better be prepared to FULLY satisfy her needs!!

I’m just saying...summer won’t last forever. And neither will our RABID summer sex-drive...

So since you’ll be be getting more opportunities to get your dick wet in the next couple of months…

You don’t want to BLOW your chance to WOW her!

See, girls might be super horny this time of year…but come fall, we probably won’t be quite as frisky.

However…IF you to get her hooked on your cock NOW (while she’s extra eager to jump into bed)…

…she’ll be coming back for more all year round!

What I'm saying is, you HAVE to make her CUM…or you probably won't be seeing her naked again for a long time--if EVER.


Even if you’re not super confident in your skills, you CAN get better…in fact, there's a way to get REALLY GOOD, really fast!

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It’s the program developed by adult film star, Marcus London that I was telling you about...

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I know FIRSTHAND…because an ex-boyfriend of mine ordered the program while we were dating.

And our sex life went from kind of dull to UNBELIEVABLE in less than a week!

I became straight up ADDICTED to that guy…Too bad I think his new rock star sex moves made him way too cocky and he cheated on me:(

ANYWAY…I know you’re not like that;)

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I want this to be your BEST summer ever… so don’t miss out;)))


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Her first orgasm on camera

Dear Angelos,

Have you ever seen a woman experience her very FIRST orgasm?

Because…I JUST DID!

And—WOW—it was SUCH an amazing thing to witness…I wanted to tell you about it ASAP;)

It happened yesterday at work…

And let me tell you, this orgasm was one of the HOTTEST things I’ve ever seen…

The way she screamed and shuttered…and how hard she SQUIRTED…

...Just watching it turned me on so much!

But let me explain what made her orgasm EXTRA special...

See, I’ve been working in the adult film industry for years…so I’ve pretty much heard and seen it all.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

But yesterday, one of my costars made a confession so SHOCKING, it made my head spin!

I mean, if one of the world’s BIGGEST female porn stars told you that she’s never REALLY cum with a man…

…you’d find it hard to believe, right?

But that was what my friend Sally told me in our dressing room yesterday.

...And I could tell she was telling the truth.

(By the way, that’s not her real name, but because the girl I’m talking about is such a high profile actress, I have to protect her identity…so I’m just going to call her Sally, ok?;))

Anyway… Sally said she could cum during oral on her CLIT or while pleasuring herself with a vibrator…

But no man had ever made her cum with his COCK—not in real life, OR on set!

Now, I don’t know much about the guys Sally has dated…

…but I do know that she’s WORKED with some of the HOTTEST, most sexually experienced adult film actors in the business…

Well, it turns out that all those screaming orgasms she had on camera were FAKE!

“I thought that eventually I’d just LEARN how cum with a guy…But it’s been years now, and it still hasn't happened!” she said.

“…I think today might be my last shoot. Maybe it’s time for me to try something different.”

Now, I’d already finished my scene for the day, but decided to stick around and watch Sally film hers…after all, she DID say it might be her last:(

Plus…she was going to be f*cking my friend, Marcus London—and I heard it was going to be a VERY dirty shoot.

The set was decorated like the site of an apocalyptic disaster…

Marcus and Sally were playing two survivors, who find each other among the wreckage…

…and then RAVAGE each other’s bodies!

And, let me tell you—I sure am glad I stayed…=)

As soon as the cameras got rolling, you could tell the chemistry between them was INTENSE…even though it was the first time they’d worked together.

Marcus ripped off Sally’s dress and buried his face between her tits…

Sally has UNBELIEVABLE tits by the way… each one is at least two handfuls and pillow-soft!

He passionately sucked on her large, rosy nipples...then Marcus pushed Sally onto the hood of a prop car, designed to look like the remains of a Camaro…He pulled her legs apart, and feverishly licked every inch of her glistening box…

I could tell Sally was genuinely enjoying it!

But then, it was time for Marcus to penetrate her with his famous cock.

...And with a DEEP, powerful thrust, he show REALLY began;)

Watching Marcus f*ck was, absolutely THRILLING!!

He and Sally constantly changed positions. Marcus started out on top…then pushed her up against a wall and drilled her from behind.

THEN they got on the ground for some girl-on-top and side-penetration…

I watched Sally VERY carefully the whole time—honestly, I was waiting for her big fake O…

But the fake orgasm never came…

...because it was SALLY that came INSTEAD!

She’d been moaning, screaming, and panting from the second Marcus first entered her…I just thought she was just putting on a great performance…

But then… IT happened!

Sally started WRITHING even more frantically underneath him...

Suddenly, she archer her back…

…grabbed her own hair,

…flailed about wildly for about 30 seconds,

….and then let out a WAIL I’d never heard from her before!

Marcus took it as his cue to PULL OUT.

And when he did, a TIDAL WAVE of sex juices erupted from Sally’s pussy!

It soaked Marcus—and even the nearest camera guy!

Everyone on set started clapping, and Marcus took a big bow…but Sally just lay there for the next 5 minutes.

…I think she was still cumming after the director yelled “CUT”=))

When she finally got up, I followed her back to the dressing room, and gave her a BIG hug—her heart was still pounding so hard!!

“That was REAL wasn’t it?” I asked.

Sally nodded. She totally glowing!!

“I guess I won’t be looking for a new job after all!”

Sally may have been surprised by her orgasm with Marcus…But I actually WASN’T.

If there’s anyone who can make a girl have her very first vaginal climax…it’s definitely MARCUS LONDON!

See, Marcus is famous for doing incredible things with his cock…

…AND for making any woman he penetrates have the best orgasm of her LIFE.

Some people think he was born with some special gift, but Marcus is a good friend of mine—so I know that’s NOT the case.

The TRUTH is, Marcus has devoted a lot of time to researching and perfecting penetration techniques that ALWAYS make girls cum.

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In fact, I personally think Penetration Orgasm Mastery is a course EVERY man  should take...

BECAUSE, believe it or not, a woman actually NEEDS a guy to make her cum with his cock in order to stay ATTRACTED to him…

And if he succeeds (which many guys don't) the girl will literally grow to WORSHIP him and his cock!’s like this weird biological thing that makes girls subconsciously think YOU'RE the one=)

And that's why Marcus wanted to share his expertise with other guys.

The only problem was… the time Marcus revealed ALL of his techniques on camera (complete with graphic LIVE demonstrations)…

….he realized that he had more than 8 HOURS of INSTRUCTIONAL FOOTAGE on his hands!

And no matter whatever anyone said, Marcus refused to cut a single minute of it.

But that's why this program WORKS so well…

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Plus, lots of other moves you have to SEE to believe.

…And Since the Penetration Orgasm Mastery program first launched, it has had HUNDREDS of very SATISFIED graduates=)))

So, anyway…later that night, I called Marcus to tell him how much the shoot had meant to Sally—and he was SO moved!

He said that EVERY guy should know how great it feels to make a woman CUM for the first time…

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I loved the idea—and it made me even MORE excited to tell you this story;)

I can’t wait for you to try Marcus’s program…because, once you do, YOU'LL be the guy making some lucky girl cum harder than ever…or for the first time!

By the way, did you know that 25% of women have NEVER had a penetration orgasm???

Most of the time...we have to FAKE them:(

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SO instead of taking her word for it (and forcing her to run off and find a guy that’ll REALLY make her cum)…

…Isn’t it better to be SURE that her  trembling orgasm was the REAL deal?

Learning Marcus’s amazing techniques will give you that peace of mind...and more pussy than you know what to do with;)

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PPS: I want to hear about your FIRST time inside her—after learn all the special POM moves, of course! Was it wetter than normal? Hotter than normal? Louder than normal? What did she say about your skills afterwards?...Give me all the details, OKAY?!?!;)

Friday, June 12, 2015

SCARY: Hot girls are begging ugly guys for sex!

Dear Αngelos,

Guys have it pretty tough…

I mean, if a GIRL goes up to a guy she likes or wants to sleep with…

…odds are she’s not gonna get rejected, right?

But for a guy it’s different—girls are tricky, and like to play mind games, and sometimes we can even be downright mean.

So I totally get why so many men are too scared to even TALK to women…

Rejection totally SUCKS!

I know, because I’ve watched lot of my guy friends struggle to get laid—or even get a date—for years!

Either they’d always get shut down…

…or WORSE, the girls they liked just saw them as FRIENDS!

It was tragic, and I hated to see such great guys strike out over and over:(

But what made me even more upset were all the so-called “professional pick-up artists” that prey on desperate guys…

They promise to get them laid…but instead just give them totally USELESS “pointers”…

Like “ask her about her pets” or some other nonsense…

Well, one day I just couldn’t stand to watch these guys suffer and embarrass themselves like that any longer…

So I decided to find them a resource that would actually WORK.

I knew that there had to be a REAL expert out there that could teach them how to get a girl…

For the first couple of weeks things were looking pretty bleak…

Every book, every lecture, and every website I came across was full of advice that, as a girl, I knew would NEVER actually work.

But then…I came across a video that changed EVERYTHING.

Click HERE to check it out

In it, this guy—Chris—talks about something called “natural arousal.”

It’s this weird system of techniques he discovered…that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for women to reject any guy that uses it on them.

Chris’s method isn’t hard to learn either…you can pretty much get the hang of it in a couple of hours.

But amazingly…IT WORKS!

I even showed the video to 4 of my close guy friends and asked them to try the techniques in it when we all went out later that night.

They were skeptical at first, but eventually agreed to at least give it a shot…and guess what…


Even Cameron—who usually couldn’t even get a chick’s NUMBER at a bar—went home with a girl he’d just met.

My friend Aaron’s home run was even more unexpected than Cam’s. This guy had spent his WHOLE life in the friendzone…

So how on earth did he manage to hook up with the hot BARTENDER…?

…especially when EVERY other guy in the bar was trying to get with her too?!

I felt like such a loser going home alone while my friends were shacking up all over town. JK;)

Anyway, that was when I knew I HAD to share this video with my fans as well.

Seriously, you have to see it… because once you do, you’ll NEVER go home alone again!

And that’s actually why a bunch of people are trying to BAN this video from the internet:/

I’m not sure WHY exactly. Maybe some guys don’t want any more competition when they go out...

…or maybe it’s because a few chicks saw it and got worried that someone they don’t like will use these techniques on them.

Either way, I think that’s just further proof of how powerful this video is!

Click THIS link to watch (I hope they haven’t taken it down yet!)

But here’s the best part—you won’t just start meeting, dating, and f*cking more girls than ever before…

You’ll be able to do those things with ANY woman you set your sights on.

Even if she’s way out of your league, even if she’s turned you down before…even if she has a BOYFRIEND!

After you see this video…she’ll be all YOURS;)

You could hook up with a different girl every night of the week…

OR turn that girl you’ve been crushing into a devoted GIRLFRIEND.

Whether you want a f*ck buddy, a one-night stand, or a serious relationship…

…this is the ONLY method I know of that GUARANTEES success.

Plus, you don’t have to be rich OR attractive for it to work!

You can even be old, fat, and bald—it’ll STILL work…even on stuck-up model types, or girls that are 20 years younger than you!

That’s because “natural arousal” is a technique that forces women to abandon “logic”….and allow themselves to be guided by sexual instincts instead.


… If YOU’RE the guy that puts her in this state of arousal…those instincts will guide her straight to your COCK!

In fact, you know those girls you lust after…but don’t have the balls to approach?

This video shows you an incredible trick you can use, that’s proven to make any woman so AROUSED that she’ll forget about all the other guys…

…and do whatever it takes to get with YOU. It’s kind of like putting blinders on a horse;)

Imagine putting in ZERO work and still getting laid whenever you want!

It sounds crazy, but this stuff is very REAL.

I’ve seen “natural arousal” in action so I can personally vouch for how powerful it is.

If you don’t believe me, you can check out the video for yourself.

Just follow THIS link to watch….

Now if only there was a system that made it this easy to date multiple girls without getting caught...

…at least that’s what all my (formerly hopeless) guy friends are now hoping to find!

But I don’t think that’s such a bad problem to have;)))



Sunday, June 07, 2015

Time to satisfy her NEEDS (50% off MEGA Endurance)

Dear Angelos,
I didn’t get ANY sleep last night;)

….Wanna know why?

No, I wasn’t doing a sexy late-night photo shoot…

And I wasn’t busy filming naughty videos either.

I didn’t even have a hot date or anything!

All those things would have been fun, but I actually spent the whole night…in front of my COMPUTER=))

That might not sound very exciting or very sexy…but it actually was!

Let me explain…

Earlier this week, I sent you a really dirty story from a guy named Tim, who had his very first REAL threesome...

Remember? I even told you about a little trick to getting 50% off MEGA Endurance male stamina supplements at the very bottom of that email…

(You can still get 50% off MEGA Endurance if you click HERE)
ANYWAY… right after I sent that email, my schedule suddenly got crazy busy.

I had to shoot like, 10 scenes for a new adult movie I’m starring in…in one day!

It was a lot of hard work, but also a lot of FUN…because I got to hook up with this really hot girl named Tanya, who is brand new to porn..

…and I get really turned when I have to “break in” a rookie;)

…AND I had to go to my friend Monica’s birthday party on Thursday night at this gorgeous mansion in the Hollywood—I was soooo tired, but it was a LINGERIE party…so how could I refuse?!

…AND I had to take care of some production details for a new educational video my girls and I are working on…

With so much going on, I didn’t have ANY time to check my email until last night...

When I finally got home, I stripped down, crawled into bed and logged into my account—thinking I’d just take a quick peek and then get some ZZZZZZ’s…

…But when I saw what was in my inbox, I knew there was NO WAY I’d be going to sleep anytime soon!

In just two days, I had gotten THOUSANDS of letters from my fans...

I usually get a lot of mail, but NEVER that much in such a short period of time…

So at first, I was like, OK, what’s going on here?

But it didn’t take long to for me to realize that most of the letters were in response to that WILD threesome story I showed you!

And to think, I’d been so busy, that I completely forgot I even sent you that email!

…In case you missed it, I shared a letter from a a guy named Tim, about his first time f*cking 2 girls at once.

And it was so HOT, because Tim described his experience in very GRAPHIC detail…

…like what their TITS felt like, and what positions they tried, and even what the girls did to EACH OTHER.

I mean, I couldn’t even write stuff THAT dirty!

I guess that’s why it caused such a stir….

A few people even said they thought it was FAKE…But I know for a FACT that it really happened…Because I called Tim and talked to him and his WIFE.

They’re both lovely by the way…and even though they’re an older couple, I’m kind of jealous of how HOT their sex life is=)

ANYWAY, other than that, most people were just really excited to learn that a REGULAR guy got to live out such a naughty FANTASY!

A lot of men said that they weren’t just aroused by the story…they were inspired not to give up on their own SEXUAL fantasies!

How cool is that?

Sure, a threesome probably isn't in the cards for EVERYONE, but great sex totally is!

But more than anything else, my fans wrote in asking about MEGA Endurance—the supplement Tim talked about in his email.

Tim said it gave him the stamina to keep his cock HARD for hours—allowing him to please both ladies;)

And now, it seems like EVERYONE wants to know more about this amazing supplement that my friend John Lawrence—a former adult film star—personally developed…

By the time I managed to read ALL the emails, the sun was coming up!

SO since there’s been an overwhelming amount of interest in MEGA Endurance...

... I want to make sure you have ALL the information about this very potent stamina booster…

First and foremost, let me remind you that John Lawrence is currently offering 50% off MEGA Endurance to MY fans only.

…However the discount only lasts until the end of the day on Sunday (June 7th)…So you have less than 48 hours to order!

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But on top of telling you WHERE to get this sexual secret weapon…and helping you save a lot of $$$$ on it….

I also want to tell you WHY it works!

So I called John earlier this morning and asked him to explain it.

Unfortunately he was too busy to talk, but a few minutes sent me this email….

A man’s ability to last during sex depends on a lot of different factors…

Sometimes, it’s as simple as naturally occurring changes in the body that come with age…or many cases it all boils down to genetics…

Which means, nature just designed your body that way!

HOWEVER, Mother Nature also NEEDS men—all men—to continue having sex…it’s how the human race evolves!

In fact, women will never stay with a guy who can’t get them off with his cock.

That’s just a very primal evolutionary instinct all females have.

Which is why turning to an ALL-NATURAL formula is not only the safest…but also the most effective way to REVERSE the—also natural—loss of endurance.

Get it?

And MEGA Endurance just so happens to be the exact combination of natural herbs and extracts that the male body requires to last LONGER……and get HARDER, during sex.

It took a long time to develop the MEGA Endurance formula, but it was worth the wait.

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Hope that helps!

That sounded pretty cool—and it makes so much sense, right?!

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Friday, June 05, 2015

Sexual Intellignece 184, June 2015

Marty Klein: Sexual Intelligence
Issue #184--June 2015 
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Sexual Intelligence™.

Sexual Intelligence
Sexual Intelligence

With engaging stories from his private practice, Marty shows how our ideas about sex - and ourselves - are more important than a perfect body or exotic techniques. 

Sexual Intelligence  offers a robust perspective that makes it impossible for people to fail at sex, because they don't aim for success.

"Read this book if you want to improve your sex life."
~ Psychology Today


Each month, Sexual Intelligence™  examines the sexual implications of current events, politics, technology, popular culture, and the media.

Dr. Marty Klein is a Certified Sex Therapist and sociologist with a special interest in public policy and sexuality. He has written 6 books, over 100 print articles, and has published 7 sets of training CDs. Each year he trains thousands of professionals in North America and abroad in clinical skills, human sexuality, and policy issues. 

Alfred Kinsey said it best in 1948: the world is not so easily divided into sheeps and goats. In his ground-breaking surveys of Americans' sex lives, Kinsey discovered that many "straight" people were not entirely straight....

And that's why it doesn't exist. But let's back up a few steps. On March 27, 1998 the FDA approved Viagra. The drug was hugely successful, misunderstood and misused, and expected to perform miracles. It hasn't....

Another woman leaves my office, broken-hearted that her husband looks at porn. Or enraged that her husband looks at porn. Or terrified, confused, or ashamed....

Sexual Intelligence in Nashville, TN 

July 23, 2015
Nashville Alliance for Sexual Health


June 14, 2015
New York, NY
The Therapist's Sexual Values--How They Shape Diagnosis & Treatment
NY Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy

July 23, 2015
Nashville, TN
Sexual Intelligence: A New View of Sexual Function & Satisfaction
Nashville Alliance for Sexual Health

You may quote anything herein,
with the following attribution:

 "Reprinted from Sexual Intelligence™
Marty Klein, Ph.D. ("

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