Sunday, August 30, 2015

Beautiful girls+Real sex confessions (NSFW pics)

Dear Angelos,

Have you ever seen a REALLY hot girl…and wondered what she’s thinking?

What turns her on…What does she like in bed…What does she look for in a man…What makes her wet?

Well, today, you’re going to get answers to all those questions—plus many more!

You see, last night I got a group of real-life beauties together, to find out what turns them on…

… and how guys like YOU can make hotties like them very horny;)

And today, I’m going to reveal EVERYTHING they had to say.

Check out these naughty confessions…and dirty pics!

What makes a man sexy?
Rikki Six: I like a man who’s passionate about something. Like maybe his job, or a hobby, or music, or a charity…It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as he’s PASSIONATE about it. He could be a janitor, but if he’s really passionate about being a janitor, it’s an instant turn on for me.

Erica Fontes: I think older men are sexy…like, WAY older. I love hooking up with guys in their 60’s or 70’s because they’re more sexually experienced and know how to satisfy all my needs.
Erica fontes 2
Erica Fontes

Ash Hollywood: Being assertive. I get turned on when a guy takes charge, and makes decisions for me…maybe even bosses me around a little bit! It tells me that he’s going to be dominant in bed…and I love to be dominated!

Romi Rain: A guy in a leather jacket is always sexy to me!

Madelyn Monroe: A good cologne! My favorites are Hugo Boss and Nautica Blue. My panties literally get moist whenever I smell those.
Photo babe pornstar teen 390575289
Madelyn Monroe

What’s your favorite sex position?
Ash: Well, I really like it doggy-style. But believe it or not, my FAVORITE position is good old missionary! I know that sounds really vanilla or whatever, I love how intimate missionary feels. You get to make out while f*cking!

Romi: Definitely reverse cowgirl, because it makes they guy’s cock hit my G-spot head on. I always cum!

Romi rain 2
Romi Rain

Rikki: Doggy-style does it for me.

Madelyn: I love being penetrated from behind too, but not doggy-style necessarily. I’d rather be standing up or bent over something, like a couch.

Erica: My favorite position is—not sure what it’s called—but when I have my legs up, resting on the guy’s shoulders.

What’s your most sensitive erogenous zone?
Rikki: Probably my breasts. I like it when guys pay a lot of attention to them during sex.

Rikki Six
Romi: Other than my clit? I’d have to say my ears. I really like it when a man talks dirty in bed…and I like having my ears kissed and licked.

Erica: My ass. I love having it slapped and fingered. Anal beads feel amazing too.

Ash: My G-spot.

Madelyn: I agree with Erica. It’s my ass!

Madelyn monroe 3
Madelyn Monroe

What’s the fastest way for a man to make you horny?
Erica: He should just start describing all the things he wants to do to me. If they sound appealing, I’ll definitely get in the mood.

Madelyn: I get horny the second a man touches my knee—or better yet, rubs my thigh.

Romi: Romance makes me horny. So flowers, champagne, a slow-dance…all those things.

Rikki: I’m the opposite! When a guy acts like he’s not interested in me, I suddenly really want to f*ck him!

Ash: Well, porn obviously makes me horny. Like, even I’m at a bar and the guy I’m talking to whips out his phone and shows me some dirty pictures, I’ll immediately want him to do

Ash hollywood 04
Ash Hollywood

What’s your favorite form of foreplay?
Romi: Getting fingered.

Madelyn: A slow, sensual, oily massage.

Ash: I actually REALLY enjoy giving head during foreplay—so not a full blowjob, but just long enough to get him hard and excited before we actually have sex.

Erica: I like for the guy to go down on ME! The longer he eats my pussy, the better.

Rikki: Annilingus. More men need to start doing it. I'm happy to do it back too!

How important is the size of a man’s cock?
Erica: Personally, I prefer it to be on the smaller side. If it’s too big, it makes some of my favorite sex positions uncomfortable or even painful. And I definitely wouldn’t have anal sex with a guy that’s too well hung…but a small or medium cock feels great inside my ass.

Romi: I completely agree!

Rikki: Same here.

Rikki six 3
Rikki Six
Ash: I prefer a bigger package…but size has never been a deal breaker.

Madelyn: It really doesn’t matter to me, as long as he knows how to use it. But I’ve noticed that guys with big dicks usually never bother to learn any penetration techniques, because they figure size is all it takes to make a girl cum. And that’s SO not true!

Where is your favorite place to have sex?
Ash: In bed…or at least on some sort of soft surface.

Madelyn: I like doing it on a kitchen counter. That might be my favorite.

Rikki: Doing it in a public place—like a restaurant bathroom, or a supply closet—is always exciting. Anyplace where you might get caught is a good place for sex.

Romi: I don’t like the idea of getting caught, but I do like having sex outside. So my favorite might have to be the beach…or a secluded hiking trail.

Romi rain
Romi Rain
Erica: Couches are always good. They help you get into positions that you can’t really do on a bed.

Okay, last question: what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you during sex?
Romi: Oh gosh…okay, well one time, my boyfriends condom got stuck inside me. We didn’t realize until after he’d cum…so we had a pregnancy scare on top of having to fish the condom out of my pussy! It took us a pretty long time, but we got it.

Madelyn: Luckily, I’ve never done anything very embarrassing…but I always get embarrassed for the guy if he can’t get hard or cums too fast.

Ash: I was SO embarrassed the first time I squirted. Back then, I didn’t know that guys thought it was sexy or that that’s exactly what my partner was trying to get me to do. I started trying to make excuses and assure him that it wasn’t pee that he just got sprayed with. But after he explained what had happened…I wanted it to happen again and again!

Ash hollywood 2
Ash Hollywood

Erica: My first time giving a blowjob was pretty mortifying. I had no idea what I was doing, and accidentally dug my teeth into this poor guy’s shaft! He let out a bloodcurdling scream, threw me off of him, and ran off to get an ice pack. I never heard from him again! But I do think his reaction was a little over-dramatic.

Rikki: One time my brother walked in on me and my ex-boyfriend. It was beyond awkward!
See? Gorgeous, sexy models are just like everyone else!

They’ve had their share of sexual mishaps…

You don't need to be rich or good-looking to turn them on...

And they even don’t care how big your cock is!
Personally, I’m turned on by confidence—and yeah, maybe a nice cologne=)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this sexy Q&A…

Is there anything YOU want to ask my girls? Let me know!

If I get enough juicy fan questions, I’ll gladly get these beautiful ladies together for another interview session;)

Shawna ,

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

6 most powerful female orgasms

Dear Angelos,

What if you never had to worry about being rejected or broken up with?

Well, today I’m going to help you get that peace of mind…AND the sexy confidence that goes along with it;)

But first, let’s see if you can answer this question:

Why do women dump their boyfriends and leave their husbands?

The most common reason: They don’t feel sexually satisfied!

It’s true. Sooner or later, all girls start craving new sensations…

…and most importantly, better ORGASMS!

Trust me, if you want a girl to stick around, you better make her cum longer, harder, and more often than the other guys she’s been with…

And you can't just give her the same old orgasm over and over. You gotta mix it up!

After all—unlike men—women can have lots of different orgasms…

Do YOU know what they are and how to perform each one?

Most guys DON’T...

However, a small number of guys DO. They're the guys that always get the girl…And they’re also the ones that women will dump even a great man to be with.

Fortunately, there IS a proven way to make sexual competition a thing of the past!!

All you gotta do is learn the 6 most powerful kinds of female orgasms—and you’ll be able to make any woman YOURS forever.

Here they are…

*The “Multiple” Orgasm Picture ocean waves. When a wave crashes on the beach, there’s always another one right behind it—so the sand always stays wet;)

The multiple orgasm works the same way. If you know how to get it started, your girl will cum over and over and over. And before one orgasm fully ends, a new wave of intense pleasure will have already washed over her body. It’s an AMAZING thing to watch!

*The Deep Spot Orgasm Very few women have ever experienced one of these, because most guys haven’t heard of it. It requires thrusting your cock (or fingers) into parts of her pussy you've probably never explored…But once you learn this technique, she’ll cum like CRAZY every time.
*The Squirting Orgasm It’s not a myth. Making girls squirt isn’t something only porn stars do. More and more guys are figuring out how it’s done…
...and now many women EXPECT to squirt during sex! So if you haven’t mastered this orgasm yet, you’re falling behind.

*The Clitoral Orgasm You’ve probably heard of it, and maybe you think you know how it’s done. But are you doing it RIGHT? Chances are, you're not giving this special sweet spot what it really needs.
*The G-Spot Orgasm Another well-known orgasm…but do you know how to make it MORE intense than she’s ever had before? There’s a very easy trick to it, and it's not one you'd ever expect;)
*The Extended Orgasm This one takes a while to master—but it’s well worth the work. Unlike multiple orgasms, the extended orgasm is one single orgasm that lasts and lasts. ...With practice, you can use this technique to make a girl cum for a FULL 15 MINUTES! My first extended orgasm felt like pure ecstasy.

Unfortunately, I CAN'T teach you how to perform these 6 orgasms in an email…

Because you have to SEE these techniques in action, in order to understand how they’re done.

However…there’s an educational video that shows you detailed, step-by-step demonstrations of ALL 6 orgasms.

And makes it EASY for any guy to master them (it also makes learning fun!)

It’s called “Asa Teaches Sex”

..and it’s the ONLY video program to ever reveal the truth about female orgasms and sexual pleasure!

And last Saturday, I announced that for the next 6 days...

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Now, I already told you about the 6 female orgasms that Asa will help you discover…

But that's only a portion of what you'll learn in this video.

For one, you’ll LOVE Asa! She’s a good friend of mine, and one of the smartest, sexiest sex coaches in the world.

Plus, you’ll meet lots of other gorgeous girls (all very experienced adult film stars)...

And these beauties will teach you:

*New sex positions you won’t see anywhere else.
*A technique that will make your cock feel MASSIVE inside a girl’s pussy…even if your shaft is small!
*The tongue trick that will make any woman's pussy GUSH.
*Ways to make your sexual experience more INTIMATE and more PASSIONATE.

*A method to making women want to fuck you every time you feel horny…and bringing the inner FREAK out of even the most shy and conservative girls.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Amish man f*cks like a porn star (he might steal your girl!)

Dear Angelos,

This made me a good way;)

See, I get tons of letters from guys who became better in bed (and started having a lot more sex!) thanks to my educational videos and erotic advice...

But last night I got an email from a fan that really touched my heart.

And I want you to read it too, ok?

Because this guy’s unbelievable transformation from “pleasure virgin” to “pussy MASTER” will blow your mind!

…And it just might make you think differently about your own sex life;)

Dearest Shawna,

This time last year, I didn’t have an email account. I had never even touched a computer!

Back then, if you had told me that I would soon be using this strange contraption to thank a beautiful adult film star for getting me through the most difficult time of my life, I would have never believed it!

Actually, I didn’t even know what an “adult film” was back then—despite being a 44 year-old man!

Don’t worry though. There is no need to feel sorry for me. Because today, I’m a totally different person.

For one, I know how to use a computer (obviously haha). And I definitely know what an adult film is. Although these days, I don’t have much need for porn...

When it comes to sex, I’ve gone from knowing almost nothing about pleasing a woman, to being a better lover than most men out there. Even better than those who have had years of experience.

Shawna, I’m not bragging! You can ask any of the ladies I slept with in the past year. And there were quite a few. Or you can ask my current girlfriend, Maria. All of them told me I was the best they’d ever had, and I’m sure they’d tell you the same thing.

And it’s all thanks to YOU!

You see, I was raised in a very strict Amish community in Pennsylvania. It was strict even by Amish standards!

Of course, at the time I didn’t know any better. And I didn’t know how great it was on the “outside.” I had no idea about all the fun gadgets and technology that people were using these days. I didn’t know how convenient it is to have a car. And I definitely didn’t know how lovely, euphoric, and just plain fun sex could be.

Like a good Amish boy, I got married when I was 18 to a girl from my community, named Blythe.

Blythe was sweet. Of course, my community was very small so it’s not like I had a lot of girls to choose from.

And yes, we did have sex. Well, the Amish version of sex, which was only for procreation. In fact, we went out of our way to ensure neither one of us got any pleasure from sexual intercourse. That is how we were taught to do it.

Blythe would lie on the bed, wearing an ankle length, long sleeved nightdress and I’d blow out all the candles to make the room pitch black, because we were not supposed to look at each other’s genitals.

There was no foreplay and we did not even kiss. I would just penetrate her dry vagina in missionary position for as long as it took me to cum. And then it was over.

Over the years, we had 5 children and yet I never even knew what Blythe’s tits looked like.

Sometimes, I would go behind the barn and jerk off while fantasizing about naked women and what their pussies might taste like. For decades, these were the only orgasms I really enjoyed.

Anyway, last year I suddenly started having chest pain and heart palpitations almost every day.

My community did not believe in modern medicine, and everyone said I should treat my condition with prayer and homeopathic remedies. But I knew something was seriously wrong. So I decided to go see a real doctor.

Sadly, my community did not support this. Not even my own wife and children. They told me that if I left, I would not be welcome back—or “shunned,” as they call it.

This was very painful to hear, but I had to put my health first.

Fortunately, it turned out that my condition wasn’t too serious and could be controlled with a daily prescription medication. But adjusting to the modern world wasn’t as easy. I was out of my element and very scared.

At the same time, I was starting to realize that the attitude towards sex was very different here from what it was in the Amish community.

TV shows, magazines, billboard ads, and just the way that men and women interacted—all these things taught me that sex was about more than making babies.

Out in the real world, sex was FUN!

This gave me hope that all those fantasies I had behind the barn could actually come true! And during this very dark time, it was nice to have something to look forward to.

The only problem was I didn’t know the first thing about having real sex. I could talk to women—in fact I was pretty good in that department.

But I was too embarrassed by my lack of sexual experience to date anyone. And started feeling pretty lonely.

Fortunately, I had gotten a job at the local brewery, and quickly made some great new friends—my coworkers became like brothers to me.

And over beers one evening, I spilled my guts. I told them everything!

I know nothing about sexual pleasure. I don’t know how to give a woman an orgasm. I’ve never touched a pussy. I’ve heard about the clit, but I have no idea what to do with it. And so forth.

They laughed and told me that no one really knows what to do with the clit, but I wasn’t in the mood for jokes.

I explained that where I come from, women don’t care about sex and they don’t expect you to give them orgasms.

But in the real world, women love sex—and it seems like if a man doesn’t satisfy all their needs, they’ll leave him for someone that will.

The guys had to admit I was right.

So how can I possibly compete with men who’ve been having sex for pleasure since they were teenagers? I asked.

That was when Zach (a really great fellow around my age) told me about YOU.

He told me how smart you are, how much he enjoys reading your emails…And how YOU were the one that introduced him to an instructional video called “Asa Teaches Sex.”

Zach said that this sex-ed program saved his marriage, and that it teaches you everything there is to know about pleasing a woman.

I asked Zach why he of all people needed a sex ed video. The guy always talks about how much sex he had in college, and all the dirty things he now does with his wife. So he definitely wasn’t short on experience.

But Zach’s answer surprised me. He explained that just because a man has had lots of sex, that doesn’t mean he’s good at it.

Most men go their whole lives without knowing how to make a woman cum, or fully meet her needs.

If I hadn’t seen this video, my wife would probably have left me by now, he said.

The next day, Zach let me borrow his copy of “Asa Teaches Sex” and I guess you could say the rest is history!

It took me a couple days to get through the whole program since it contained 8 hours of information. But that’s because Asa covers everything—every sex act, every position, every kind of orgasm, every type of foreplay, and she revealed all the other things that women yearn for.

And I certainly didn’t mind that Asa and the other instructors are beautiful young women or that they demonstrated a lot of the techniques on each others bodies. Very nice images!

Of course, this program isn’t made for total beginners like me. It’s meant to make good lovers into amazing lovers—that way they never have to worry about women leaving them for someone that’s better.

So I’ll admit, I actually had to watch the program 3 times from beginning to end, to make sure I fully mastered all the techniques. But when I finally did, I felt like a brand new man.

For the first time in my life, I understood what sex was really all about. And I couldn’t wait to finally put my new skills to the test.

So I started dating. And somehow, even having dinner with a woman suddenly became less intimidating. Just knowing that you have the power to give a woman the longest, most intense orgasms she’s ever had, really boosts a man’s confidence.

But even better than knowing I could do it when the time came, was actually doing it! And every woman I laid with said the same thing: I was the best she’d ever had.

One even told me I should be a porn star. I almost bust out laughing!

If only she knew that the guy that just gave her 6 different kinds of orgasms in one night (that’s me!), didn’t even know what the G-spot was until a few months ago.

I’m a relationship now, but thanks to this video, I managed to make up for all the sex I’d missed out on, in less than a year. So I don’t mind settling down. My new lady is great and so is our sex. I don’t miss Blythe one bit, that’s for sure!

And while I do hope my children and I can rebuild our relationship, I wouldn’t trade my new life for anything.

So thank you Shawna. Thank you for producing and promoting your wonderful videos, especially—Asa Teaches Sex.

It might sound strange, but becoming a great lover made my overall transition into the real world much easier. Having something I could do not only as well as, but BETTER, than other men (I’m talking about pleasing a woman, of course)…it just made me feel like less of an outsider during that scary first year.

By the way, now I'm the guy with all the great sex stories at work. I think Zach is jealous (ha).

I don’t know what I would have done without this video!

Forever your fan,

What an awesome story! 

It just goes to show that every guy has what it takes to be a rock star in bed....

...but ONLY if he gets the right training!

And you know what this means…

Whenever I hear an truly amazing success story, I get real, real happy…

…and I put stuff on SALE (my accountant is starting to hate me lol)!

But this fan letter deserves more than the usual weekend-long sale. WAY more.

I mean, Asa Teaches Sex changed both this wonderful man’s sex life and his REAL life too—all for the better of course!

And because this was one of the most heartfelt emails I’ve ever gotten, I’m putting Asa Teaches Sex on sale for 50% OFF…for 6 full days!

So that means you have between NOW and Thursday (August 27th) to get this miraculous program...

That’s 8 full hours of in-depth sexual instruction...for HALF of what it normally costs!

Why did I decide to do a 6 day sale?

Well it’s in honor of the 6 different ORGASMS Paul mentioned in his letter;)

Click HERE to get 50% OFF Asa Teaches Sex

And it’s true. Asa (an award winning porn star and the foxy lead coach in Asa Teaches Sex) really DOES show you how to make a girl cum in 6 different ways!

*The clit orgasm

*The G-spot orgasm

*The deep spot orgasm

*The “multiple” orgasm

*The squirter

*And the 15 minute orgasm

Click HERE to get started 

Most guys I f*ck outside of porn only know about maybe 2 of these orgasms…

So even though Paul got a late's no wonder he's now way ahead of other men!

Now imagine what Asa can do for YOU;)

If you want to know more about this program, send me an email with your questions...

...and I’ll be happy to give you all the juicy details!

But all you really need to know is that Asa Teaches Sex will make you SO good in bed...

...that even your “player” friends will want to know your secret;)

Click HERE to get 50% OFF Asa Teaches Sex

But this sale is for my fans ONLY, so please don’t tell other guys about it, ok?

I'll talk to ya soon!



Thursday, August 20, 2015

Prude girl turned blowjob queen

Dear Angelos,

My friend Julie has this unusual fetish…

She LOVES to give blowjobs!

Using her lips and tongue jack a man’s shaft until it EXPLODES in her mouth—it’s Julie’s favorite thing about sex.

She even likes performing oral sex more than receiving it…because Julie says that giving a blowjob makes her feel sexy and powerful!

And for her, there’s no bigger turn on than the sweet taste of her boyfriend’s load when he cums.

Now, I bet you’re thinking ‘Wow, Julie sounds like my DREAM girl!’

After all, most guys think that women HATE giving blowjobs, and only do it on special occasions…but NEVER really enjoy it.

Well, what if I told you there’s a way to make any girl want to “go down” as much as Julie does…so that you get all the juicy, wet, mouth-action you want?

You see, over the weekend, I learned something kind of SHOCKING…

…It turns out that Julie wasn’t BORN with an insatiable taste for cock!

I found this out on Sunday, when I had a few friends over to my place for ‘girls’ night.’

As always, the wine was flowing and we were all dishing about our sex lives.

…The more we drank, the dirtier the details got;)

Then, when we were all on our 4th or 5th glass of Chardonnay… Julie suddenly made a startling confession about her boyfriend, Will!

“You guys aren’t gonna believe this, but I NEVER used to go down on guys. It just didn’t seem fun,” she said…

“But then I met Will and—I don’t even know how it happened—but he was the one that turned me into the blowjob FIEND I am today!”

The other girls all told Julie that this was just because she had a special connection with Will, and that’s what happens when you meet “the one”, and blah blah blah…

But I knew something was up.

I didn’t wanna say anything to Julie, but it was OBVIOUS that Will had a trick or two up his sleeve…

CLEARLY, Will had found a way to TRAIN a woman to love giving him head!

Luckily, Will and I had become pretty good friends since he and Julie started dating. So the very next morning I gave him a call…

“Will, you have to promise not to tell Julie that I’m asking you this, but I have to know your secret… What did you do to make her so obsessed with blowjobs?!”

Will laughed, “You caught me, Shawna! You’re right, I DO have a special system for getting lots and lots of oral…”

Long story short—I got Will to tell me EVERYTHING!

Of course, he made me promise not to repeat any of it to Julie…but agreed to let me share his technique with YOU, because that’s part of “guy code” or something=)

So let’s get down to business!

If your girl hates the idea of sucking your shaft…or doesn’t do it as often as you’d like…

Or even if she’s all teeth, has a weak grip, a dry mouth, or doesn’t know how to deep-throat….

Here’s how you can turn any woman into a cock-hungry blowjob queen!
*Avoid this common mistake: Contrary to popular belief, pushing a girl’s head down towards your junk will NOT make her want to blow you.

Women HATE when you do this, so the “head push” will only turn her off.

In fact, forcing the head can actually make a girl who would have otherwise been happy to suck you off, decide NOT to do it—just to punish you for this disrespectful gesture.

*Lead by example: Go down on HER, silly! Go down on her every time you have sex—and when you do, make sure to eat her pussy for a

LONG time.


...It won’t take long for her to take a hint, and feel OBLIGATED to return the favor!

In fact, the better you make her feel with your mouth, the more GUILT she’ll feel about not pleasuring you with hers…

And women hate feeling like they owe you!

So before you know it, she’ll be dropping to her knees on a regular basis to make sure the “score” is always even.

*Cheer her on: Am I doing a good job? Is this how he likes it? Did his ex-girlfriend do it better?

These are the things that go through a girl’s head EVERY time she goes down on you! Believe it or not, even EXPERIENCED girls, like myself, worry about their performance.

So it’s up to you to give her LOTS of positive reinforcement during the deed—instead of waiting until it’s over to let her know that you had a very nice time.

A lot of times guys will lay back and just enjoy the ride in silence, so as not to break their—or their girl’s—focus. The better the blowjob, the less they wanna ruin it by talking.

But women can totally take that the wrong way!

You see, we almost ALWAYS assume that if you’re not saying anything, it’s because you don’t like what we’re doing!

And when our insecurities are fueled even further by YOUR silence, we’ll either call it quits halfway through…

Or even if we finish the job, our ego will be too bruised to ever blow you again.

Obviously, you don’t have spout a steady stream of compliments the entire time…

But a simple “that’s it,” “oh yeah,” or “you’re SO good,” every couple minutes, is all it takes to boost her confidence... and keep her chugging!

*Give her an incentive Will said that Julie didn’t officially become OBSESSED with sucking his cock, until he made her realize that when she gives him a blowjob…she gets to CUM TOO!

At first he’d have her go down on him in a 69 formation—so he was able to lick and finger her pussy while she gave him head.

After a few nights of 69-ing, Will started to do less and less…and eventually suggested that Julie use her free hand to rub her own clit when sucking his dick.

“It would be so HOT if you touched YOURSELF this time,” he told her.

Sure enough, Julie was totally turned on by the idea—and now see’s every blowjob she gives Will, as an opportunity to stroke her way to the perfect orgasm…

After all, every girl knows the only time she's GUARANTEED an orgasm, is when she does it herself!

*Turn your spunk into a treat She’s finally sucking your dick…it feels amazing…and you cum HARD.

But if that load you just blew into her mouth tastes NASTY—you can kiss any future blowjobs goodbye!

However, if you always keep your cum delicious—then the very thought performing oral, will soon go from making her GAG to making her DROOL!

So be sure to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and drink lots and LOTS of water—these are all things that will make your load taste fresh and healthy.

And for women, tasty sperm can be downright ADDICTIVE!

But whatever you do, steer clear of garlic, asparagus, alcohol, and pungent spices such as curry power—because even in small amounts, these things can quickly curdle your man juice!

*Kiss Her After working hard to give a great blowjob—and swallowing every drop of “evidence”—girls demand to be shown a little appreciation.
A “thank you” is nice, but a kiss is


Kissing your girl (yes, ON THE MOUTH) is how you let her know that what she just did was special, not DIRTY.

It tells her you’re SO grateful, that you want to show her affection, even if it means getting a taste of your own cum.

This little gesture goes a long way towards securing more BJs down the road….

However, AVOIDING her lips makes a bold statement too…

It tells her you’re an ungrateful jerk...

…and that there’s absolutely no reason for her to ever suck you off again!

*Last resort: Ask for what you want! If for some reason planting the idea of “give-and-take” doesn’t work, go ahead and just use your WORDS.

After rocking her pussy with your own tongue, it’s perfectly acceptable to gently say something like:

“How about you do me now?”

Or “I bet your mouth would feel amazing on my cock.”

After all, if you don't express your needs, how is she supposed to know what they are? Just remember to always say 'PLEASE'!

And there you have it. Easy, right?=)

Personally, I think this blowjob system is ON POINT…don’t you?

As a woman, I can tell you that any guy that follows these surprisingly SIMPLE rules, will soon be getting a LOT more head…

…be it from his wife or gf…OR even during a one-night stand!

So here’s a shout out to Will for being such a good sport and letting me share his strategy with my fans…

Sure, I kinda feel bad about having to keep our convo a secret from Julia…

But when the letters start pouring in from guys wanting to THANK ME for the non-stop oral sex…I’ll know I did the right thing.

So don’t forget to let me know happens when you start using Will’s system.

I just know it’ll make for a nice, SLOPPY story…and I can't wait to hear it=)



Sunday, August 16, 2015

Thanks for the big load(+hot pics)

Dear Angelos,

I know you’ve got a really nice cock. That’s why I want to take it…and turn it into the best, most powerful cock in town;)

Come on...don’t tell me you forgot!!!

A few days ago, I hooked you up with a very sweet deal on something that people in the adult film biz call PENIS ROCKET FUEL!

…Also known as Max Recovery sexual performance enhancer.


As you can tell, girls really like what it does for a man. This is a REAL photo from the girlfriend of a Max Recovery user!

And my friend John Lawrence (he’s the one that developed Max Recovery) gets pics like this from satisfied ladies all the time…

Anyway, I want YOUR shaft to have the same effect on women.

That’s why I practically got on my knees and begged John to let you have Max Recovery for HALF the price that other guys have to pay.

And finally he agreed!

So I really hope you don't let your 50% OFF discount go to waste...and if you haven’t ordered Max Recovery yet, it’s NOT TOO LATE.

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But the clock is ticking. As of right now, you’ve got 48 HOURS to get Max Recovery at this ridiculously low price!

Only MY fans could get a deal this good;)

But it’s only going to last until MONDAY (Sunday, August 17).

And I really don't want you to miss out, because this supplement is the read deal—and works to make any man's sexual performance INTOXICATING!

Even OLDER guys, that couldn’t get hard…suddenly turn into turbo-charged sex machines that can go ALL NIGHT (after taking Max Recovery that is).

And don’t get me started on what it can do for younger men, who think their cock works “good enough”… Max Recovery turns a “good” shaft into the ultimate PUSSY-PLEASER!

...Yep, another pic from a happy girl.

 Here’s how it works: You take just 1 capsule a day (or take 2 for an even stronger effect!).

And then this is what Max Recovery DOES:

*Naturally boosts your ability have MULTIPLE erections in one night—so you can have back-to-back sex sessions!

*Infuses your cock with powerful extracts that help to keep every hard-on you have… just as stiff as the one before it. Even if they’re just MINUTES apart!

*Cuts down your "recovery time"—so that once you cum, your girl doesn't have to wait long for you to be ready to f*ck her AGAIN!

*Speeds up your sperm production—so even if you just blew a big load, your next load will be JUST as massive.

*Increases the THICKNESS of your sperm—so your orgasms feel better than ever (and that's a plus since you'll be having lots of them in one night)!

*Boosts your sex-drive—some users even say they now have the libido of a 20 year old!

And I know you care about your health…so let me assure you, Max Recovery is 100% NATURAL…100% SAFE…and has ZERO negative side effects.

In fact, taking this incredible supplement every day can actually IMPROVE your overall health, because it supports your immune system…

And it can give you more energy outside the bedroom as well;)

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Hard, sexy, full of spunk, and able to please a woman for HOURS?

THAT'S the kind of man you wanna be!

And Max Recovery is just the thing to help your body keep up with all your dirty desires;)

Plus, it'll help you satisfy even the HORNIEST girl's sexual needs...

...So if you're single, that means you'll be free to go after those sweet YOUNGER hotties you fantasize about;)

Now do you get why I asked John to let you have Max Recovery for 50% OFF its regular price??

It's because I wanted you to experience all of these life-changing benefits—even if you happen to be on a tight budget. Trust me, once you unlock your cock's  full potential...

...You'll be amazed by what it can do!

But remember, this deal ends on Monday, August 17th so please order ASAP…

Or all my begging and pleading will have been for nothing=)

Go on, click here to get 50% OFF Max Recovery

For the next 48 hours, HALF the cost of Max Recovery is still on ME!!


Friday, August 14, 2015

1. Cum 2. Cum AGAIN

Dear Angelos,

“I’ve never cum so hard before!”

There’s nothing better than hearing that from a girl you just had sex with, right?

But there is just one DOWNSIDE to being great in bed…

See, the more pleasure you give your woman, the more often she wants to have sex with you…

And here’s a little secret: When we ladies get f*cked by a guy with all the right moves…we start demanding MARATHON SEX!!

In case you don’t know what that is, marathon sex is when you spend the WHOLE night f*ucking.

It’s DIFFERENT from tantric sex—that’s when you go for HOURS without either person cumming...

During MARATHON sex, you CUM, rest a few minutes, get a drink of water, and GO FOR ROUND 2 right away…

...then round 3…then round 4…then round 5…and so on. The MORE the BETTER;)

All you gotta do is blow a girl’s mind ONE time…and she wants you to immediately do it again!

Sounds great, right?

Well, there’s just one problem:(

For girls, it’s EASY to go again, and again, and again…

We can get wet and horny minutes—if not seconds—after having an orgasm.

But for MEN…that’s not the case.

You know the drill—once you cum, you need some time to RECOVER.

You need to catch your breath, wait for your balls to fill back up…

…and of course, you gotta wait for your BONER to come back!

For most guys this takes a long time - WAY longer than a horny girl is willing to wait between sessions.

And this is becoming a real problem for many of my fans:(

Since you read my emails and watch my videos… it means YOU have sex skills that other men DON’T.

You know how to turn a girl on, excite her pussy, and make her cum in LOTS of different ways…

So you might be used to girls moaning “angelos, you’re the best I’ve EVER had!”

But being the BEST, also puts a lot of pressure on you to perform multiple times in one day…

And if you CAN’T…you risk LETTING YOUR GIRL DOWN:(

Just the other day I got a letter from a fan named Michael…

He joined the group only a month ago, hoping to bring sex back into his marriage (he and his wife hadn’t done it in over 4 years!).

Anyway, he said that my tips worked like a CHARM…

For the first time in years, he got his wife wet and wanting sex.

And when they finally did the deed, she couldn’t believe how amazing it was.

She didn’t remember Michael ever being this good…even when they were newlyweds!

But his NEW moves had her hooked. And she started begging him to f*ck her ALL the time.

As soon as they’d finish…she’d want to go again.

Michael may have had the moves for ONE mind-blowing sex session…

But he didn’t have the STAMINA for a marathon…

He couldn’t even recover fast enough to pleasure his wife 2 times in one night.

And just like that…she was DISAPPOINTED all over again.

Now Michael is worried that he’s gonna go through another DRY SPELL!

And that makes me sad:(

I may be able to show you exciting positions, naughty tricks, and sex techniques that drive women crazy…

But sadly, I can’t train your cock for a marathon—nobody can.

…Because stamina and speedy sexual recovery AREN'T things you can learn.

However, there IS a trick to MASTERING marathon sex…and it all has to do with your DIET;)

There’s this special RECIPE (it's a combination of natural ingredients)...that makes it possible for a man to get ROCK HARD, horny, and ready to f*ck...

Even if he JUST CAME minutes earlier!

And no matter how old you WORKS.

Guys that have this "magic formula" NEVER need hours to recover between sessions...

...and NEVER make their lady wait for them to get it back up;)

The secret to instant cock-recovery was discovered by former porn star, John Lawrence…maybe you’ve heard the story?

John started taking this weird, but ultra-powerful blend of herbal extracts each day—because he believed it would help him have sex over and over on camera…

And the results were INCREDIBLE!

John’s cock would be just as hard in the last scene of the day as it was during the first (and in porn, the typical “workday” can last way longer than 8 hours).

But even more impressive, was that John’s LOADS never got smaller…

Even after cumming for the 4th time in one hour, John only needed a minute or two of rest…

…before giving his co-star a massive MOUTHFUL of his "stuff" in the very next scene (I saw it happen with my own eyes)!!

Then, several years ago, John decided to let regular guys in on the marathon-sex experience…

…So he turned his recipe into a daily supplement, called it MAX RECOVERY, and made it available to men everywhere.

Ever since, guys having been writing to tell John stories about their ALL-NIGHT sex binges…

…and some of them couldn't even have sex more than ONCE A WEEK before Max Recovery!

One guy even COMPLAINED that his wife couldn’t last as many rounds as he could after taking this extraordinary supplement…John thought that was pretty funny=)

Anyway, I’m telling you this because last night I talked to John and told him about the “problem” that my fans are having…

“They know how to make girls cum…But now they need a way to KEEP them cumming all night—and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having orgasm after orgasm themselves!” I said.

John heard me out and agreed—Max Recovery is the ONLY solution.

And guess what? Because I asked very nicely…

…John’s gonna give my fans a 50% discount on Max Recovery!!!

Go HERE to get 50% OFF Max Recovery

That’s 50% OFF a lifetime of solid erections, powerful loads, increased libido...

...and the confidence that comes with knowing you’ll NEVER have to make her wait for sex again;)

I'd say that’s a pretty sweet deal!!!

And this special “friends of Shawna discount” will last until SUNDAY (August 16th)…which is way longer than most sales.

But John’s just a generous guy and he TRULY believes in helping men improve their sex lives!

For him, giving guys a supplement that really WORKS and delivers on every promise it makes—it’s a personal point of pride.

That’s why Max Recovery is safe to take at any age (it actually boosts your immune system!)

…AND is also PROVEN to significantly shorten a man's "recovery time" between rounds of sex.

In fact, John is so confident in the power of Max Recovery, that he’ll give you a FULL REFUND if it doesn’t work for you.

A 50% discount and a money-back guarantee? It doesn’t get much better than that…

Well, I guess the only thing better would be the having a turbo-charged COCK, lasting LIBIDO, hours of sexual ENERGY...

…and enough LOADS to last all night!

And all this can be YOURS if you order Max Recovery by August 16th (that’s this Sunday)!

Go HERE to get 50% OFF Max Recovery

So please don’t wait to place your order…or your GIRL is gonna be the one waiting for you!

And I always want my fans to DELIVER in bed—not disappoint.

Trust me, you're going to LOVE marathon sex. It makes guys feel like super heroes!

So enjoy, stay hydrated, and see how many rounds you can go. My record is 17…I dare you to break it;)



Sunday, August 09, 2015

All-new advanced sex positions (with pics!)

Dear Angelos,

I know you love learning hottt new sex positions and different ways to get girls wet…

And I LOVE helping you unleash your inner sex god!!!

But today, I'm NOT going to teach you anything:-O
HAHA—don't worry—you're still in for a real TREAT (just keep reading;)

See, I was going to show you a few sex positions from the KAMA SUTRA…

So I called John Lawrence to see which ones he would recommend.

In case you don't know John, he's a good friend of mine and an AMAZING sex guru!

He used to be an adult film actor, just like me….But a few years ago he stopped making movies and started helping men of all ages to improve their love lives.

He's always discovering these really EXOTIC sex moves and knows everything about pleasing a woman;)

Anyway, when I asked John about the Kama Sutra he got really worked up…

He told me that the Kama Sutra is COMPLETE BS and that none of the positions in it work!

Then John told me to check my email…and hung up (he's ALWAYS busy with something!)

Sure enough, he me a link to a post on his blog, where he shares all kinds of interesting facts about sex…AND gives really great bedroom TIPS!

Anyway, it turns out that John published a story just this week about the Kama Sutra—and why it’s actually the WORST sex guide ever written.

He exposes EVERYTHING about why the Kama Sutra is bad—and even DANGEROUS!

Plus…he figured out a few positions to try INSTEAD of ones in the Kama Sutra.

John swears that these positions feel INCREDIBLE... and unlike positions in the Kama Sutra, his are actually SAFE to perform.

His article shows you EXACTLY HOW TO DO THEM too!!!!

Click HERE to read John's article

(heads up: it might turn you on make sure you're alone)

John's a real pro at pleasing a girl's pussy

And if HE says these moves work…you know they’re the real deal.

AND not only does he give really great sex advice…

…John also happens to be the man that created PHGH!

Have you heard of it?

It’s an all-natural male supplement that works WONDERS for your COCK;)

Guys take PHGH to get stronger erections and last longer during sex.

Even guys that are old enough to be my GRANDFATHER say it gives them the libido of a teenager…

…and makes them able to get HARD at the drop of a hat.

Plus, men that take PHGH can F*CK for HOURS (trust me I’ve been with a few of them)!!!

And did I mention it makes a man’s ORGASMS more powerful?

Seriously, PHGH does it ALL….and does it better than ANY other supplement out there.

Come to think of it, PHGH might actually help you get hard for the incredible sex positions John talks about;)

MMMMMMM….they ALL look soooooo good!!!

…I can’t WAIT to try them.

Hopefully I find a nice guy that wants to try them with me this weekend;)

And you have to promise me that YOU will try them with whatever lucky lady you pleasure next!

Click here to learn these positions

Okay I gotta get going, but I’ll talk to you soon.

Have a great day…and let me know what you think of John’s tips!


PS: Wanna know more about PHGH? Of course you do;) This stuff can turn even the weakest, most shriveled cock into a POWERFUL SHAFT that makes girls go crazy!...I bet you want to get some right now, huh? Well, You CAN!

Click HERE to get PHGH today

PPS: When you start having the best boners of your life after taking PHGH...don't thank me...Thank John, okay?

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Fetal Tissue Research Benefits Everyone, Even Hypocrites

Nine Absolutely Untrue Myths About Porn—And One Fact We Can All Agree On

What I Know About Your (Hetero) Man’s Sexuality

Οne pump made me cum (learn the magic move!)

Dear Angelos,

I couldn’t sleep last night…so I started playing with myself hehe;)

An orgasm always helps me relax!

But I didn’t really feel like watching a dirty movie...

So I decided to just close my eyes and pleasure my pussy to a sexy MEMORY instead.

It totally works—all I have to do is think back on a really HOT sexual encounter I had in the past, stroke my kitty—and I’m in HEAVEN!

And you know what popped into my head last night?

The time that I had my very first “One-pump orgasm!”

I’ve NEVER told anyone about it before,’s kind of a personal story.

But last night I realized that my fans should definitely know about this very special way of making a woman cum…

Because it happens to be a sneaky way for any guy that can't get it up, or has low stamina, or cums too fast, or has a small cock…to go from being a two pump chump… a ONE PUMP CHAMP (oh, and you get off too)!!!
So, what the heck!

I’ll tell you how the one-pump orgasm happened to me…THEN you can do the same thing with your girl;)

Here’s the story…

A few months ago I went to my friend Krista’s birthday party. It was at her boyfriend’s mansion in Beverly Hills and there were TONS of people there…

But there was one guest that really caught my eye.

He was standing alone, drinking a beer…he wasn’t especially handsome and had these bushy sideburns (which I’m not usually into).

But for some reason he gave off a really sexy vibe, so I went up and introduced myself.

Good thing I did!

His name was Brandon, he was a stunt car driver—and I couldn’t believe how much we had in common!

We had the EXACT same taste in music, movies, food...and he even grew up in Ohio, just like me!

I liked Brandon right away. The longer we talked, the sexier he seemed. And I could tell he was attracted to me too.

“Hey, let’s go look around upstairs,” he said after we'd been flirting for a bit…

And we did. But instead of exploring, Brandon led me straight to one of the mansion’s many bedrooms…and locked the door. Then he kissed me.

Now, I don’t usually hook up with guys I just met…but for some reason I really wanted Brandon…

So I figured it couldn’t hurt have a quickie!

But instead of hiking up my dress and pushing my panties to the side, like I expected him to do…Brandon picked me up and carried me to the bed.

He undressed me very slowly, then he began softly kissing my body.

He started with my neck…moved to my tits, my stomach, my legs, my feet…then back up to my ass, back, shoulders, and face.

Brandon must have spent at least 20 minutes on this alone!

I was starting to suspect that this was NOT going to be a quickie—and for a second got worried that people would wonder where we went…

But I was also starting to get VERY WET…and didn’t want him to stop.

Anyway, once Brandon had covered every inch of me with kisses, he began to give me a slow, SENSUAL massage.

His hands caressed my breasts and my nipples, then he went down to rub my thighs.

His fingers were so close to my pussy—but he didn’t touch it! Well, not right away….

Brandon massaged my other parts for at least a half hour before putting his hands on my slit.

By the time he did, I was so turned on my whole body was QUIVERING.

First, he spent a LONG time just rubbing my throbbing clitoris…and I was in ecstasy!

No one had EVER tended to it so patiently before—usually guys just RUSH through foreplay:(

But not Brandon. After stimulating my clit, he STILL was in no hurry to wet his cock.

Instead, he slid two fingers inside me…and suddenly I felt something very familiar…

…Brandon was using the same fingering technique that Marcus London uses to make girls SQUIRT!

I couldn’t believe he knew about it—but he did—and he performed it for what seemed like HOURS.

He’d stimulate my G-spot hard and fast…then slow WAY down every time I got close to cumming…

…And then bring close to climax all over again!

By now, I was more aroused than I had ever been and on the verge of a powerful orgasm…

But I had no idea just how intense it was going to be—until it finally happened.

See, after he finished fingering me, Brandon finally pulled out his shaft…

I gasped in anticipation (not because it was big or anything, it was actually on the smaller side)...

...It’s just that I was so TURNED ON after all that foreplay!

And I guess that’s why I came so HARD as soon as Brandon stuck his cock inside me!!!

ONE pump was all it took for a powerful wave of pleasure to consume my entire body…I was even seeing STARS!

But I was even more surprised when I saw that Brandon was cumming too.

That one pump made us have INSTANT orgasms at the exact same time...

…and there’s nothing more INTIMATE than cumming together.

For a second I thought I might be in LOVE;)

…But I knew it was just the endorphins!

Anyway, as Brandon and I lay there holding each other, I asked him about his unusual technique.

“A few years ago, I got into a bad car crash on a movie set. I was lucky to be alive…but it really messed up my hips.

Ever since, I haven’t been able to have sex for long periods of time…thrusting and pumping is way to painful,” he said.

And that was what led Brandon to discover the one-pump orgasm…

“I just spend a really long time on foreplay instead of sex. I bring the girl so close to cumming that one pump is all it takes to put her over the edge...And exploring her body turns me on just as much, so I'm ready to cum too,” he explained.

“Of course, the only problem is…I can’t ever have a quickie!”

Sure enough, I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe my eyes.

TWO whole hours had gone by since we went up stairs—and because the sex itself only lasted, like, 3 seconds—it meant that Brandon had spent ALL that time on foreplay!

I wish every guy would pace himself this way during sex.

The problem is, most men don’t realize that long-lasting foreplay, means LESS WORK for them during the main event.

Imagine not having to worry about embarrassing things like blowing your load before your girl gets off, or getting winded in front of her….

Imagine not having to pump, thrust, and sweat for hours…

…But still giving her that mind-blowing PENETRATION orgasm that all women crave—and getting YOURSELF off too!

It’s like…everybody wins=)

Plus, since the one-pump technique makes you cum at the same time, she’ll instantly feel more attached and attracted to you.

I know I developed REAL feelings for Brandon right away…but after we went back to the party, he suddenly vanished…

I didn’t even get his number or give him mine, and I never saw him again:(

I guess it wasn’t meant to be…but I’ll always be grateful for those 2 amazing hours we spent together!

And I hope that YOU learn a thing or two from my brief romance.

Would you be willing to give the one-pump orgasm a try?

You totally should!

But be sure to follow Brandon's EXACT sequence of moves (otherwise it might not work)...

And then let me know how you like it, okay??

After all, this is the first time I've ever told anyone about my one-pump experience… it’s only fair that you tell me about yours;)