Sunday, September 27, 2015

How long dhould a quickie last?

Dear Angelos,

Are you up for a challenge?

Here it is: I dare you to have a “quickie” this weekend.

If you didn’t already know, a quickie = a short, fast f*ck.

But here’s the catch: BOTH of you have to cum, or it doesn’t count.

See, even though quickie sex is the opposite of an all-night pleasure fest, it can be JUST as hottt!

… But ONLY if you do it right.

So here’s a quick guide to having the perfect quickie ;)

Quickies need a reason
You can’t fake or force sexual frenzy if there’s no reason for it—like if you’re really just sitting at home with plenty of time and privacy.

But there ARE ways to create situations that naturally spark those feelings of urgency that give quickies their lusty fuel…

* Start sending your lady dirty text messages several hours BEFORE you meet up. Maybe even send her a pic of your cock;)

And of course, encourage her to respond with “sexts” of her own!

This way, by the time finally see each in person, you’ll both already be so turned on that you’ll start furiously f*cking before you even say “hello”;)

For EXTRA heat, don’t waste time getting her naked…

Show her how uncontrollable your desire is, by pushing her panties to the SIDE (rather than taking them off) when you go to penetrate her pussy!

*Initiate sex in a public or semi-public place.
Go out to eat and see if you can get away with a quick f*ck in the restaurant’s bathroom.

Or duck behind some bushes in a public park.

Or sneak into a narrow ally way...

…The options are endless, so get creative!

And the great thing about public quickies is that the possibility of getting caught is a major turn on for women...

So you can skip the foreplay…and STILL make her cum!

Some quickies call for unusual positions
You CAN have a quickie in your own bedroom (like if your kids are about to come home from school, or there's a pie in the oven that's about to burn)...

But USUALLY, quickies happen in places where missionary position is NOT an option.

So it’s important learn a few go-to quickie poses beforehand, so you don't have to fumble around for a good angle in the moment.

For a standing quickie, have her bend slightly forward at the waist and penetrate her from behind.

For a bathroom quickie, sit your lady on the sink (if it’s sturdy!).

For a nature-hike quickie, find a grassy spot and have her mount you (so she doesn’t worry about getting bugs and dirt caught in her hair).

There are lots of great quickie positions. So take some time to explore numerous options—and you’ll be ready for a fast f*ck in almost any setting!

Quickies require major ‘cock-control’
The ideal length of quickie is 9 minutes.

Now that might not seem like a very long time…

But here’s the thing: 1/3 of all men have trouble lasting for more than 3 MINUTES

So even though quickies are shorter than standard sex …there’s actually even more pressure on you to perform!

See, every second counts during a quickie…

…so you gotta get it up FAST and stay your HARDEST the whole time.

Plus, quickies tend to be hotter and more passionate than leisurely lovemaking…

Which is great—but it also makes it very easy for you to cum way too FAST!

And if you blow your load prematurely during a quickie, you WON’T get a second chance to redeem yourself!

So you need to have full control of your cock.

I recommend Mega Endurance (which I told you about earlier this week). Because even if you suffer from chronic early ejaculation or poor sexual stamina…

Mega Endurance is guaranteed to put YOU back in charge of your performance!

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PLUS, Max Endurance is what famous adult film stars rely on to last for hours on camera—even when they’re f*cking the world’s HOTTEST women.

So you can use it to get through any sex session—whether it's a quickie or an all-nighter!

I've actually seen guys take Mega Endurance on set…and make a girl orgasm over and over and over without even trying!

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After all, you gotta have VARIETY. Mixing it up is what keeps women coming back for more—because there’s nothing worse than ROUTINE sex. Yuck!

Sometimes you surprise her with an unexpected quickie, other times you’ll need to penetrate her for hours…

Either you need to be confident that your tool won't disappoint.

Anyway, I hope you found these tips helpful.

And make sure to write back and let me know if you passed my quickie test;)

But don’t get discouraged if she doesn’t cum the first time you try. The perfect quickie can take some practice!


PS: Also, let me know what you think of Mega Endurance. One thing guys really love about this supplement is that you DON’T have to take it every day (although some men do because it also boosts mood and energy levels). But if you just want better control over your cock during sex, simply take 2 capsules about 30 min before getting frisky—and you’ll be all set;)
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to Stay hard longer

Dear Angelos,

Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of guys…

You’re with a woman, you’re turned on…then SPLAT!

You’ve blown your load:(

Early ejaculation is embarrassing, but think about it this way…

At least you don’t work in the adult film industry.

Because in MY line of work, when a guy cums too fast…

…he doesn’t just get embarrassed. He gets FIRED!

In fact, it almost happened to my friend Kyle (not his real name, but he’s pretty famous so I gotta protect his privacy).

Anyway, I met Kyle about a year ago on the set of a movie we’d both been cast in.

I was really excited because Kyle was a BIG name. Ironically, his cock wasn’t that big, but he knew how to use it, and every girl who worked with him (or dated him) RAVED about Kyle’s performance.

Well, things got off to a good start. Kyle was really sweet and made me feel very comfortable…

But once the cameras started rolling, the trouble began. Kyle couldn’t stay hard for more than a few minutes…

Either he’d lose his erection…or worse, he’d blow his whole load before I could even get wet!

I couldn’t believe that this famous porn star…was performing like a 2-PUMP CHUMP!

I tried to be nice about it, because Kyle seemed so embarrassed and couldn’t stop apologizing…

“It’s okay, I’m flattered. You must just find me really attractive,” I joked…even though I was getting pretty annoyed.

And the director was getting frustrated too...

Because he had to yell CUT every time Kyle jizzed when he wasn’t supposed to—and then let him take a 30 minute break to recover.

Seriously, we wound up spending most of the day just sitting around, waiting for him to get hard again!

I know Kyle couldn’t control his cock…but he was really holding things up and wasting everyone’s time.

Anyway, once we FINALLY wrapped, Kyle pulled me aside.

“I feel terrible, Shawna. This only started to happen recently," he whispered…

“I don’t know what’s going on…but it’s ruining my career. And my girlfriend isn’t happy about it either.”

I felt really bad for him. Kyle was a nice guy and I wanted to help.

So I told him about a supplement that my friend (and former porn star), John Lawrence, developed back when HE was struggling with early ejaculation…

…and how now, men all over the world rely on John's Mega Endurance formula to last longer and perform stronger during sex.

But Kyle’s problem seemed REALLY bad.

I hoped my suggestion would help his cock…but wasn’t sure that a supplement—no matter how powerful—could really solve such a serious performance issue:(

I didn’t see Kyle again for long time after that. I sort of assumed his lack of stamina had forced him to retire from adult entertainment for good.

But last month, I got cast in a new XXX feature…and guess who my co-star was? Kyle!

To be honest, I was NOT looking forward to working with Kyle again…

After all, having sex with a guy who can’t f*ck for more than 2 minutes is the worst—both on camera AND in real life.

So when I got on set that day, I expected another long, frustrating shoot…

But luckily…I was in for a BIG surprise!

Because this time, Kyle’s cock lasted like a Duracell battery. In fact, he could drill me for 30-40 minutes straight without cumming or going soft.

And since Kyle was actually able to LAST this time, I finally understood why everyone raved about working with him...

…He really was an AMAZING lover!

Even when the director yelled CUT…I kind of wanted to keep going…And I could tell Kyle had it in him to make me cum a few more times;)

But of course, I knew we had to be professional.

So rather than begging Kyle to come to my dressing room so we could continue making love away from the cameras…I decided to inquire about about his incredible stamina instead!

"What happened to the guy who couldn’t hold his load??" I asked.

“Don't you remember, Shawna? I took YOUR advice!”

Suddenly everything made sense.

Kyle had been taking Mega Endurance for the past few months…and clearly it was WORKING.

He then started telling me all about how much his life had changed (he was getting a lot more work, his girlfriend couldn’t keep her hands off him).

...And it was all thanks to MY suggestion!

The last time I worked with Kyle he couldn’t stop apologizing...and now the guy couldn’t stop THANKING me=)

I was so happy for Kyle. And so relieved that Mega Endurance didn’t disappoint.

I knew it was a very powerful formula…but I was worried Kyle might be a lost cause.

Turns out that Mega Endurance really can make ANY cock better!

Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this story TODAY, is because I just found out that this week only you can get Mega Endurance at 50% off its regular price.

For real! John just called to tell me about this exciting sale—and asked that I let YOU know about it as well.

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And I’m MORE than happy to spread the word, because…well, here’s the thing…

Mega Endurance is a very advanced, very high-quality supplement.

And it’s made with only the most potent natural ingredients—some of which can be hard to find...

As a result, this formula is expensive to make…which is why John can’t afford to give you such a big discount on Mega Endurance very often.

…So whenever he does, it’s a BIG DEAL!

OH—and you’ll never believe WHY he decided to do a Mega Endurance sale this week…

It’s the weirdest coincidence…

See, it turns out that John ALSO has a friend that’s an adult film actor. And apparently, this guy was ALSO struggling with early ejaculation—until he too started taking Mega Endurance...

Well, this past weekend he called John to THANK him for making Mega Endurance…because it totally saved his career!

And John was so happy about his buddy’s success that he decided to help even more guys experience Mega Endurance by practically giving it away.

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Anyway, I asked John if he’d tell me who his friend is (after all, we DO know a lot of the same people)…and guess what?!

It was KYLE!

What a small world—but more importantly, what a great supplement...

As a girl, I love knowing there's a way for men to never disappoint me in bed again-and that it's been proven to work for so many people.

I mean, if a porn star owes his career to it, imagine what Mega Endurance can do for YOUR sex life.

Actually, don’t imagine it—LIVE IT!

And tell your girl to get excited too…because from now on, she’s ALWAYS going to cum first;)


PS Mega Endurance is safe for men of all ages! If you have any other questions about it, let me know.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Want gerat sex? Put THIS on your nightstand!

Dear Angelos,

Tell me what’s on your nightstand…and I’ll tell you if you’re good in bed;)

You see, there are 3 ordinary items that can turn weak sex into wild sex..
(You already have at least 2 of them at home!)

And the best part is, they look innocent enough to keep in plain sight on your nightstand...

...because you want your bedroom to give off a sexy vibe—not a creepy vibe!

Well, unlike sex toys, these 3 items will instantly spice up your sex-life...without scaring a girl off.

So even if your wife or girlfriend isn't into trying new things in bed, she won't know what's coming—'til it happens...

...and by that point, she'll be too overcome with pleasure to shut you down!

That’s why smart lovers know to be SLY when decorating their nightstand for sex;)

But most guys need help in this department…

So today, I'm going to reveal the 3 things every man MUST HAVE on his nightstand…

…and how these innocent items can go from ORDINARY to EROTIC in seconds!

1) Glass of ice water
There are TWO reasons to for this item.

The first one is obvious: Sex makes people hot, thirsty, and parched!

And you don’t want to interrupt the action by running to the kitchen for some H2O every time your mouth feels dry.

Plus, a girl is more likely to suck your cock if she can wet she whistle before 'going down south.'

Now, the 2nd reason is a little naughtier...

You see, ice cubes can add major HEAT to foreplay!

Of course, it’ll seem creepy if you just have a bowl of ice sitting next to your bed…

But an innocent glass of ice water allows you to “spontaneously” introduce her to that special icy touch—without looking like you planned it.

Here’s how it’s done: Start by giving her a massage…

Then, casually reach over, grab an ice cube from the glass…and surprise her by very gently running it down her back—just ONCE.

The unexpected sensation will shock her at first—but trust me—surprise is a huge TURN-ON!

Next, suck on the ice cube for a few seconds, and use your icy lips to kiss the back of her neck, shoulders, ass and lower back.

You can then turn her over to see how she reacts to your chilly touch on her stomach, chest, legs…and eventually her CLIT!

To keep things interesting, alternate between these three techniques:

*Gliding the ice cube along her skin
*Giving her body the “icy kisses” I just mentioned
*Letting the ice cube DRIP frosty droplets onto her body, as it melts in your hard.

Once she’s excited and her are nipples hard (from being both cold and aroused)…

…put the ice cube away and start warming her back up with your body—and your cock;)

2) Your (silk) necktie
To the untrained eye, a tie looks perfectly innocent on a man’s nightstand.

He just took it off after work and forgot to put it away…she’ll think!

But after you get her naked, that necktie will serve a very different purpose;)

Once things heat up, pick up the tie, and start tickling her with it.

Run it softly along her body...

Trace her nipples with its tip…

Then stimulate her pussy by rubbing your tie on the outside of her vagina…and using the end of it to lightly diddle her clit.

If she’s into it, you can even use the tie to gently “floss” the entire length of her slit and ass-crack!

And when you’re feeling extra-adventurous, say something like...

“I just got an idea!"

Then use your tie to do exactly what its name suggests—TIE her up!

You can loosely bind her wrists or strap her hand to the bedpost, for that “domination fantasy” almost ALL girls secretly desire;)

Just make sure she feels in control of the situation by whispering a “safe word” in her ear at the very she can call TIME-OUT whenever she wants.

3) A massage candle
A candle never looks suspicious on a nightstand…It’s a perfectly normal place to keep one!

And lots of companies make candles with sexy, masculine scents, so there’s no reason a guy shouldn’t have them around.

Except, YOUR nightstand candle should be a special MASSAGE CANDLE (you can get them online and they look just like ordinary candles).

...So she won’t be able to tell that your candle is actually made for foreplay!

Note: Do NOT use a regular candle for what I’m about to tell you.

OK, so here's what you do...

Light your massage candle a few minutes before you and your girl decide to get comfortable in the bedroom.

Candlelight is soft, romantic, and very flattering…

...and will instantly make a woman more willing to let you SEE and EXPLORE her whole body;)

Now, it’s actually better to have TWO candles going. Here’s why:

Once you get her clothes off, blow out one of the candles…

Then use the hot, melted wax to stimulate her skin!

But there are some differences between heat stimulation and ice stimulation.

With wax, only use the DROP-BY-DROP technique when applying it to her body...

...meaning, don’t dump a big puddle of wax on any area of skin all at once!

Instead, SLOWLY drip the hot wax on places like her chest, stomach, back, ass-cheeks, legs and arms...even her nipples...

And listen to her gasp with each drop that hits her body!

So now you know how 3 common items can turn your nightstand into a treasure chest of sexual surprises;)

I call it sexual fung-shui;)

Because these 3 things will give a girl unforgettable pleasure …

...WITHOUT making you look like a guy that NEEDS to sex toys to spice up his performance!

Instead, you’ll look creative and SPONTANEOUS…which are both very sexy qualities!

And don’t worry—these items will never wear out their welcome in the bedroom…

Because the more you use use them, the more sexy things you'll discover to do with each one!

So get your nightstand ready…and get going!

And be sure to let me know which of these 3 nightstand must-haves you like using the MOST;)

Although, it might be hard to pick a favorite…So just be sure to give me the dirty details!


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Warning: 48 hours remain

Dear Angelos,

What are you up to this weekend?

It’s Saturday…and I don’t have any plans!

If you’re not busy either, then I have a great idea;)

Why not use this free time to become a more advanced, more satisfying…more desirable lover?

Because…life is unfair!!!

You work hard. You’re kind, funny, considerate. But guess what?

Unless you can meet ALL of a woman’s sexual needs…AND do it better than any guy she’s been with before…

...chances are, she’ll eventually leave.

It might happen right away, or it may happen years later. Either way, she’ll end up with a guy that f*cks her right—instead of you:(

But if you’re not among the 2% of men that have the female body figured out (yes, only 2% of you are fully satisfying during sex!)…

…there’s a way to level the playing field. FAST.

Even if you only have a few hours—that’s all you’ll need to take you bedroom skills to the NEXT LEVEL.

Because all the secrets to giving a girl the best sex of her life (the secrets that 98% of guys don’t know) are revealed in my break-through instructional video program—called 2 Girls Teach Sex.

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Basically, it’s like having ME as your very own, personal sex coach!

Imagine a woman having the biggest orgasm of her life...on YOUR cock.

Imagine your girl falling back in love with you…even if your relationship lost its spark years ago.

Imagine knowing a trick that gets her so wet, she’ll need you to f*ck her pussy all night.

All this is all possible, you just have to know HOW!

And I want to teach you. So why not start learning THIS weekend?

After all, once this special 50% offer ends at the end of the day tomorrow (Sun, Sept. 13th)…

I won’t be able to run a sale this big on 2GTS for a looooong time.

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That way you’ll have more money to spend on romantic dinners and sexy gifts for your lady;)

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Of course, if I COULD I would give 2 Girls Teach Sex to every guy for FREE.

Because like nearly all women, I’m sick of searching high and low for a guy that knows what I want in bed!

And I hate having to keep breaking up with awesome guys just because they aren’t making me cum…but I have no choice:(

Bad sex is a total deal-breaker!

Seriously, even guys who THINK they’re good lovers…usually aren’t even coming close to satisfying a woman’s sexual needs.

Don’t be one of those guys!

The only way to be 100% confident in your ability to work a pussy is by learning from a professional who has a pussy=)

That’s why ALL the coaches in 2 Girls Teach Sex are gorgeous, experienced, and very knowledgeable women—like me.

So you get exclusive first-hand insight…plus some HOT girl-on-girl demonstrations that I know will turn you on.

Alright, I’m gonna go to the gym...And I hope you put YOUR day off to good use too!

Remember, learning to be a great lover only takes a few hours (and my girls and I make it fun)…

But being a good lover gives you a lifetime of pleasure, loyalty, and PASSION!

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Watch 2 girls teach sex TONIGHT!

Dear Angelos,

Picture me. Naked. In your house.

My nipples are hard and my shaved pussy is getting wet…

But I’m not alone. I brought a friend—she’s also young, hot, naked, and very horny.

Before you know it, we start making out…then move on to sucking and fondling each others tits.

We move to the couch, where she passionately licks my clit and fingers my hole. Then, things get REALLY intense...

And you get to watch us the whole time;)

It’s not just a fantasy. You can have this amazing experience in REAL LIFE!

And the best part is: By the time my girlfriend and I finish pleasuring each other, YOU will have transformed into a better lover than 98% of ALL men...

In fact, you’ll be able perform expert-level sex techniques with EASE and induce long, hard, heart-pounding orgasms…

So not only will a woman be unable to resist your touch…her panties will flood at the thought of you alone.

That’s right—seeing me naked will also be the most important learning experience of your life. And that's a promise.

You see, I’ve always believed that every guy has the potential to be a fantastic lover—but he won’t pick up any useful sex tips from his male friends…

Because the only person that fully understands how to satisfy a woman…is another woman!

FACT: When a woman ISN’T satisfied, she gets bored…and leaves to find a better lover.

That’s why 5 years ago I released 2 Girls Teach Sex—my first ever hands-on sex tutorial.

I simply felt that the most effective way to help men discover the secret to pleasing a woman… is by SHOWING them how it’s done myself;)

In fact, it was 5 years ago THIS WEEK that we finished filming the last scene of the 2 Girls Teach Sex video…

So I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.

I still vividly remember that last day on set. It was kind of bittersweet…

On one hand, I had so much fun hooking up with my female co-star.

She was so HOT and had such a nice pussy, that I was sad for our on-camera hookups to end!

But at the same time, I knew we were on the verge of something BIG!

I knew that this program was going to change people’s lives…save relationships…and make the world a better place through sexual satisfaction!

And I’m proud to say that this video is STILL the most comprehensive collection of advanced love-making techniques you can get.

And it’s also still the ONLY adult sex-ed program that guarantees improved sexual performance and long-term sexual success.

Plus, once you learn the 2 Girls Teach Sex method, you won't have to worry about 1) being dumped and 2) being cheated on, ever again...

Because your girl will NEVER be bored in bed!

Here’s how it works…

After completing 2GTS dvd program you’ll be able to:

*Bring passion and excitement back into you current relationship (and establish a strong sexual dynamic with future partners from the get-go)

*Induce INTENSE, mind-blowing orgasms—even in women who usually don’t cum during sex.

*Bring out her sense of adventure in the bedroom. FACT: even if she’s a conservative housewife by day, this trick will turn her into a naughty “bad girl” at night.

*Give her a wide variety of orgasms—squirting, g-spot, multiples and more—so sex never becomes repetitive.

…Plus, I’ll show you how to make her orgasms last LONGER and feel better than she ever thought possible!

*Turn your cock into a penetration powerhouse—regardless of size, stamina, or ability to get hard. (we use a strap-on to show you these techniques!)

*Discover hidden female erogenous zones—including a few “taboo” sweet spots that may SHOCK you…

*Master new fingering and oral sex techniques (you’ll never guess what stimulates girls the most!)

*Make ANY girl horny in minutes

*Perfect the art of foreplay (be prepared for the wettest pussy you've ever felt)

And that’s just the beginning…

…oh, and did I mention you get to watch ME demonstrate all of these techniques?;)

I could go on and on about the benefits…

But today isn’t about convincing you that 2 Girls Teach Sex works wonders—any guy that's used it can tell you all that.

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When I think about YOU watching ME make love…well, it kind of turns me on.

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And I hope you treat yourself to a glass of CHAMPAGNE or something equally festive this week…I know I will!

After all, my 5-year 2GTS anniversary is a big deal—so if anyone asks, you have a REASON to celebrate;)


PS: By the way, you can get the 2 Girls Teach Sex program as hardcopy DVD (which will be delivered in a discreet package to your house)…OR you can choose to instantly download 2GTS directly to your computer instead. Whatever is most convenient for you=)
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Saturday, September 05, 2015

My most controversial sex tip EVER (this mya shock you)

Dear Angelos,

I want a man who’s not afraid to put his mouth on my body;)

Actually, all girls do. So if you’re not licking, sucking, and flicking....

…You’re not giving her what she REALLY wants in bed!

Now, there are lots of ways to orally stimulate a woman.

You can use your mouth on her tits, her clit…and obviously to passionately kiss her on the lips.

But there’s one more place she secretly wishes your tongue would go…

And that’s her ASS!

Anal oral sex—also known as annilingus, or a “rim job”—is becoming very popular.

Sure, this sex act used to be considered taboo, but now it’s going mainstream.

And I think that’s GREAT=)

In fact, I want to help spread the word about this incredibly HOT sex act.

Because even though more and more men are starting to eat tushy….

…there are still WAY too many guys who are scared to try it:(

Well, guess what? They’re missing out big-time!

So to help you discover the joy of giving a woman anal pleasure with your mouth… I’m going to debunk some very common MYTHS about annilingus.

And I’ll also give you a few tips that will enhance your performance…and heighten your level of sexual pleasure as well;)

Here we go!

Myth #1: Licking a girl’s ass is unsanitary and tastes “gross”

Men who believe this couldn’t be more WRONG.

If a woman practices basic hygiene, her “other hole” is no less clean than her pussy.

Moreover, you’ll be surprised by how DELICIOUS it smells and tastes!

In fact, I would describe a girl’s backdoor as having a natural, earthy, and very feminine flavor;)

Another pleasant surprise is how SILKY and VELVETY it feels on your tongue.

And because performing annilingus stimulates so many different senses, the experience becomes as arousing for YOU as it is for her.

Myth #2: Women don’t want to be licked “back there”

Oh, yes we DO!

First and foremost…annilingus just FEELS really good.

Of course, it’s also a huge turn on…

Because nothing makes a girl feel more DESIRED than knowing you’re SO into her body, that even her darkest crevasse tastes sweet to you.

In fact, the very nature of annilingus is extremely intimate—and as you know, women crave intimacy more than anything.

So even though rim jobs are thought to be “kinky” or “perverse” by some…they’re actually a very intimate and SENSUAL act!

And anyway, the element of TABOO only makes annilingus more exciting to women.

That said, sometimes a woman WILL reject your attempt to eat her ass.

If this happens, BELIEVE ME, it’s NOT because the idea of annilingus doesn’t turn her on…

The only reason a girl would say “hey, don’t do that!” is because she, like many people, has misconceptions about this lovely practice.

As a result, she’s worried about what you’ll think of the way her bum looks, smells, and tastes.

Or maybe she’s worried that enjoying something so naughty will make her look like some sort of deviant sex freak.

Or maybe she’s worried that if you do it to her, she’ll be expected reciprocate (more on this later)…

Whatever the case, just convince her to relax, let her know you think her bottom is sexy, and that there’s no reason to be embarrassed about letting you see it.

Because, yes—there are plenty of women who SAY they don’t like having their ass licked. But they are also the same women who’ve never actually HAD it done to them.

Whereas 100% of woman that HAVE, will give you the green light to rim them every time you have the urge!

Myth #3: If she doesn’t like anal sex, she doesn’t like annilingus

The way a girl feels about anal sex is in no way related to how she feels about annilingus.

…Because they are two very DIFFERENT things.

Anal sex is an acquired taste. But the sensation of a soft, wet mouth tending to our anal rim—well, that’s something all women will agree is a very good feeling.

Similarly, just because a woman likes annilingus, it doesn’t mean she likes anal sex.

Although…annilingus CAN be a nice, gentle way to introduce your girl to other kinds of anal pleasure.

If she responds favorably to you licking around the “rim,” try sticking your tongue a little further in.

If she appears to like your tongue, go ahead and use your finger next time. If one finger is well received, see what happens when you give her two.

If she’s into it, chances are it won’t be long before she invites your cock to enter through her “backdoor!”

Myth #4: Performing annilingus is hard

Licking a girl’s ass is a million times EASIER than eating her pussy.

I mean—everything is right there. It’s a smooth surface.

There are no flaps to lift or separate…or secret buttons to find.

There’s nothing to tweak or rub, or diddle, or suck.

And you don’t have to do anything fancy with your fingers.

When performing annilingus—just keep it simple!

Move your tongue up and down, side to side, in a circle—and that’s all you need to know.

Just change your speed every now and she’ll be in HEAVEN…

Trust me, it’s hard to give a BAD rim job=)

Myth #5: Men give, they don’t receive

Okay, so there are lots of guys that truly LOVE going down (and around) on a woman.

But among that group of adventerous lovers, only a small percentage has experienced REVERSE annilingus…

That’s right—I’m talking about letting a girl lick YOU;)

Now, if the thought of anything—even the gentle tongue of a pretty lady—going near your ass freaks you out, that’s okay.

Because there are also plenty of women that will gladly receive anal oral…but would never perform it on a man.

After all, guys are harrier…sweatier…and not always as pristinely clean back there, as women tend to be.

HOWEVER, I’m a believer in never knocking something until you try it.

And guess what? Just like women, if guys were to give reverse annilingus a chance, they’d probably really enjoy it (just make sure to clean and groom yourself first!).

Personally, I find a guy that can take pleasure in something a little unconventional…to be very, very sexy;)

It tells me that he’s bold, adventurous, sensual…and most importantly it shows me he’s CONFIDENT in his body, his desires, and his masculinity.

But if you don’t think it’s your thing, it’s no big deal...girls appreciate a guy who’d rather give than receive!

And there you have it...The 5 biggest misconceptions about a saucy little sex move known as annilingus.

Personally, I LOVE anal oral, but now I wanna know what you think…

Are you already hooked on the yummy experience of eating a girl’s bottom?

If not, are you willing to give it a whirl? What about letting her do you?

Seriously, babe…shoot me an email when you get this!

I need to know what you like;)


Friday, September 04, 2015

Can your heart keep up with your cock?

Dear Angelos,

I got worried about you last night:/

Okay, let me explain. Last night, I was having dinner with my friend Erica…

And she started gushing about Vince—this new guy she’s been dating. She went on about how he’s so handsome and funny…and an amazing lover too;)

There’s just one problem, Erica said. Vince is 64 years old.

It’s not what you think. Erica couldn’t care less about the 33-year age difference between them…

Because all girl's know that men only get SEXIER with age!

After all, it takes years to perfect the art of pleasing a woman in bed. So the older you are, the better you are at it.

And now that there are some great sexual supplements (like PHGH) on the market, guys no longer have to worry about getting an erection or lasting long enough in matter how old they are!

Anyway—back to Erica. Apparently, her boyfriend Vince has no problem getting hard or making her cum...

Over dinner Erica told me that he can f*ck her for hours—and most nights that’s exactly what he does.

I thought Erica was just bragging about her sex I definitely didn’t expect what she said next.

“I love being with Vince. But the other day he was on top, doing me really hard…and suddenly he clutched his chest. We even had to stop because he was in so much pain….

He played it off like no big deal, but I’m afraid that maybe his body can’t handle so much intense activity. I'm afraid that one day, he'll have a heart attack while we're f*cking….I really care about Vince and don’t want to lose him.”

Wow! I could tell Erica was upset. And then I got upset too…

Because Erica’s story made me realized that male supplements strengthen your cock…but they don’t strengthen your HEART.

So how do I know if my fans are keeping their bodies—especially their hearts—strong enough to endure powerful orgasms, lengthy sex sessions, or even sudden arousal?

And it’s NOT just my older fans I’m worried about…Sex can strain your heart at any age, so it’s extremely important to keep yourself in good shape.

Since we were both freaked out, after dinner Erica and I went back to my place and started doing research about Vince’s symptoms…and heart health in general.

We read a lot of articles on the Internet, but then we came across something that seemed to have ALL the answers we needed!

It was this scientific video...and it revealed some pretty shocking information about health problems that people never see coming. Until it's too late:(

You can watch the video HERE

At first, I was terrified. But I kept watching and realized that the video wasn't made to scare people…it was made to help.

Because, it went on to show a surprisingly easy way to REDUCE the risk of these scary health problems—including the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease!

Honestly, this is stuff everyone should know about…

...But if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or are even a few pounds overweight, then this video could actually save your life!

Of course I'm not a doctor, but I think anything that COULD potentially help my fans stay healthy enough for lots and lots of worth looking into.

After all, your HEART needs to keep up with her sexual appetite!

So promise me you’ll check it out, okay?

Click here to watch the video

It won’t take much of your time, but it would mean a lot to me…

Because I don’t want anything to happen to you—especially while you're pleasing your lady;)