Thursday, October 29, 2015

Very SCARY sex positions (you'll be dying to try!)

Dear Angelos,

Sometimes ‘scary’ can also be very SEXY…

Take Halloween for example—I think it’s the hottest holiday of the year.

For one, you get to watch girls parade around in skimpy costumes (this year I’m going as a ‘sand-wich’—that’s a witch in a bikini!)

AND Halloween is the perfect time to watch a horror movie or visit a haunted house with your lady…

After all, a good scare gets the heart pounding, which releases endorphins…

…and endorphins make girls very HORNY!

So this year, why not bring the sexy spirit of Halloween into your bedroom, with some frighteningly HOT new moves?

Here are 4 SCARY sex positions…that are guaranteed to keep her heart (and yours!) pounding all night!

The Blood Drainer

This one will definitely make you a little light-headed (but in a good way!).

While lying on your back, ease your body halfway off the bed (or as far as you feel comfortable. Rest your head and upper back on the floor if you need to....just as long as your head is aimed towards the floor).

Then have her mount your shaft in an upright sitting position.
Blood drainer 2

While she bounces up and down on your cock, you won’t be able to see what’s going on (which is a little thrilling in itself)…

…plus, with no visual stimulation, you’ll be able to focus on how EXTRA-TIGHT your girl’s pussy feels when she’s sitting on your cock with her knees bent (as pictured).

Meanwhile, blood will be rushing to your head…

...So if you pop yourself upright, right before you cum, the blood will rapidly flow back to your body…and AMPLIFY all the EUPHORIC sensations of your orgasm!

Rod The Impaler

Back in the day Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula) tortured his victims by driving sharp, metals spikes between their legs.

Needless to say, Vlad the Impaler caused people lots of pain and suffering….

But ROD the Impaler causes nothing but PLEASURE!
You see, despite its gruesome name, Rod the Impaler is perfect for inducing intense female orgasms, because it allows for extra-deep penetration

But be warned: Piercing you girl’s welcoming hole in this position WILL make her scream…in ecstasy;)

Bat Woman

This oral sex position will give you VIP access to every nook and cranny in her pussy…and bring out her inner bat.

Bat woman copy

Simply have your girl throw her legs over the headboard, so she’s hanging upside-down by the knees (like a bat!) with her torso flat on the bed.

Note: if you have a high headboard, put a few pillows under her back, so she’s not actually dangling.

Then spread her thighs about 50-70 degrees—et viola—her flower is in full bloom and ready to be ravaged by your mouth!

Even though ‘Bat Woman’ looks complicated, it’s not. In fact, it’s super comfortable for her…and actually less strenuous for YOU than most other pussy-eating positions.

The Six-Legged Spider

You and your lady are connected at the genitals, while your limbs and heads splay in different directions…

From an aerial view, this position definitely looks like a creepy crawly arachnid...
But all YOU’LL see…is your girl having orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm!

In fact, the spider feels so amazing that I recommend using it all year long, since it directs your cock right into her G-spot with EVERY thrust.

So you don't have to wonder if she's going to cum—because in this extra-orgasmic position it's impossible not to!

These positions are all you need for a night of fright-filled pleasure.

Try them…if you DARE!

Of course, don’t forget to throw in some hair-raising foreplay first…

Maybe put on a mask and chase your girl around the house like a sex-hungry monster…

Or explore your darkest desires by using whips and chains—or other BDSM/bondage sex toys—on each other (just make sure you have a safe word).

There are lots of ghouls and ghosts to turn to for inspiration, so get creative!

Well, what do you think…?

Will you be brave enough to bring these scary positions into the bedroom this Halloween?

I hope you do…and of course, I’ll want to hear all about it;)


PS: What do you think of my costume idea? Should I tone it down…or maybe spice it up? And if you’re getting dressed up this year—maybe for an “adult” Halloween party, or trick-or-treating with your kids—let me know what you’ll be going as!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ηow to buy female orgasms

Dear Angelos,

True or false: Women want a guy with money.

The answer is FALSE.

You’re probably surprised to hear this, right?

…After all, movies, TV shows, and pop culture have led guys to believe that lots of cash=lots of pussy…

But in real life that’s totally not the case…because in REAL life the majority of girls don’t care how much money you make (seriously, like not at all!).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that women see wealth to be a bad thing…

But we definitely aren’t impressed or turned on by it either.

Because what matters MOST is a man’s ability to satisfy our sexual needs…

And you can’t BUY a girl great orgasms;)

That means you can have a passionate, exciting sex-life and be irresistible to women, on ANY budget…

All you have to do is make her cum!

But while money won’t give you an advantage in the orgasm department…there is one thing that WILL.

And that’s STAMINA.

Now, not all guys are born with the stamina it takes to satisfy a girl’s needs…In fact, most men AREN’T.

After all, it takes on average 20 minutes of active cock-thrusting to give a woman the intense penetration orgasm her body CRAVES…

And a man’s stamina only decreases with age, so your chances of truly pleasing a woman get worse every year.

Maybe you’ve experienced the embarrassment of low stamina yourself…

Maybe you tire yourself out before she cums…or maybe you blow your load too quickly…
…either way, your girl is left UNSATISFIED.
Imagine the worst case of blue-balls you’ve ever had…that’s what it feels like for a woman when she doesn’t orgasm during sex!

Now, here’s the thing: you may not be able to buy love…

But you CAN buy long-lasting sexual stamina...60 Minute Stamina, to be exact!

And not only is this special training system guaranteed to work for men of all ages (yes, even if you’re over 80)…60 Minute Stamina is also something EVERY guy can afford!

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And why am I letting you have this incredible program at such LOW price?

Well, because it’s time to debunk the myth that a guy needs money to get a girlfriend…

…or to keep his wife from cheating, leaving, or getting bored.

I say it’s time to focus on what REALLY matters…and that’s making girls cum with your cock!

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If you got my last email, you already know how 60 Minute Stamina works…

But in case you didn’t here’s a quick rundown:

60 Minute Stamina is a video training system that teaches you highly effective techniques and at-home exercises which RAPIDLY increase your ability to last.

And don’t worry—even though this stamina-building system has been called “the ultimate workout for your cock”….it’s not definitely strenuous, difficult, or boring.

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So if you happen to be a millionaire, flaunting your wealth won’t get you very far…

…because it’s guys who LAST that keep the girl;)


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Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to: Last all night (at any age)

Dear Angelos,

Science was always one of my favorite subjects in school.

In fact, I still spend a LOT of my free time watching science documentaries and reading the latest scientific news…

And just yesterday I signed up for an online science trivia league…I guess I’m just a nerd lol ;)

Plus—many people don’t realize this—but as a sex coach, I rely on science almost every day.

Take orgasms for example: You probably already know that girls can have lots of different types of orgasms (like clitoral orgasms, g-spot orgasms, etc)…

But did you know that there’s a scientific REASON behind each one?

After all, our bodies were designed to procreate…which basically means that Mother Nature wants US to want SEX!

And that’s why the most import kind of female orgasm (the kind a woman’s body literally can’t survive without)…

…is the PENETRATION orgasm.

Now, if you’re not familiar with this term, “penetration orgasm” refers to the orgasm a woman has deep her inside her vagina…

…And it can ONLY be brought on by the thrusting of a man’s penis.

That’s right—penetration orgasms can’t be induced by fingering a girl, or even working her hole with a dildo…she NEEDS your COCK!

Unfortunately, penetration orgasms also take longer than, for example, clitoral orgasms…

On average, a girl needs to have her pussy penetrated for at least 20 minutes before she cums…

…because that’s how long it takes for her brain to produce a feel-good chemical, called ‘oxytocin.

Anyway—this is where we hit a little glitch.

Here’s the deal: women are genetically programmed to NEED penetration orgasms…

You see, penetration orgasms not only feel AMAZING….but on a subconscious level, they actually tell us whether a guy is fertile or not.

So if a man can make us cum during penetration, our internal “wiring” will make us want to keep having sex with him…

…and the more penetration orgasms he gives us, the more we want to have sex with him.

That’s why penetration orgasms are sometimes described as being “addictive” for women!

But here’s the problem: Even though we girls NEED penetration orgasms…

…a lot of MEN don’t have enough natural sexual stamina to go for the full 20 minutes that it takes to make us cum.

And if we want to cum more than once per session (and most of us need more than one orgasm in order to TRULY be satisfied)…

…well, then we need to look for a guy who can last even LONGER than that!

Sadly, like I said, MOST guys have a hard time making it to the 20-minute mark—let alone going beyond it.

And this is one of the main reasons why relationships fall apart.

See, our biological makeup tells us we need to be with a man who can penetrate us to orgasm…

So if a guy can’t give us what we need, our instincts will tell us to either LEAVE him…or CHEAT on him with someone that can.

It’s no wonder that pharmaceutical companies spend so much money on endurance-boosting drugs, like the V pill.

But as you probably know prescription pills have risky side effects—and they can be extra dangerous for guys with certain health conditions…

Now, natural supplements are good…

But the BEST way to for a guy to increase his endurance is by training his body!

You may have heard of the ’60 Minute Stamina’ system…

It’s a breakthrough instructional program…in which adult film legends (and my good friends!) Marcus London, Peter North, and Ron Jeremy reveal their ‘secret stamina workouts’…

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Monday, October 19, 2015

NCSF Photto Contest for Consent Month September 2015

Source: NCSF Newsletter, 3rd Quaerter 2015

Guest Blog - "What if You Get Squicked?"

The Elephant in the Hot Tub

By Russell Stambaugh

For Kink Aware Professionals. Like everything on this blog, context matters.  So if you find yourself acutely uncomfortable with a client's material, what you do depends on when, where, and how it comes up.  Some of these suggestions will not be helpful in all contexts.  Some even contradict each other.  Apologies to Mies van der Rohe, who didn't first say 'The devil and God are both in the details.'

Safety first, yours and theirs.  Insofar as you can, do not back away from the material, and do not ask for details that you are not ready to hear and/or the client seems unready to discuss.   You need the client to be able to observe their own responses, and for you to be listening to how it feels for them.  Consent is critical in BDSM as it is in therapy.  It is legitimate and often necessary to question the client about their consent when you reaction comes from ambiguity about whether they have agreed to whatever is disturbing you.

Ask yourself why you or the client are so offended.  If the behavior violates your core values, or you are unwilling to do the work in understanding it in the client's terms, maybe you need to refer the client out to someone who can.  If the discomfort is primarily the client's, then it may be resolved through therapeutic discussion.  While the typical condition of human existence may involve some ambivalence, acute and intolerable ambivalence is a proper subject of treatment.  Raw, unprocessed and out of control feelings do not advance the therapeutic process, and are signs that it may be premature to discuss disturbing material.

Give yourself permission to have your own feelings and do not rush to judge them a sign of inadequacy as a therapist.  In order to use your own feelings in therapy, you must first have them and recognize them.  Resolving countertransference is often a powerful resource in therapeutic change.  It is often uncomfortable.  Freud thought resolving transference was what therapy is all about, and countertransference was often how transference was first recognized.  Even if you think your response is excessive, recognizing your feelings is the first step that can eventually lead to acting on them in ways that serve your client.  If you have a strong therapeutic alliance with your client, any mistake you make is likely to be a point of learning for both of you, rather than ruin the treatment, if you deal with it honestly and directly.

Ask yourself if understanding and discussing the squicked material is essential to the treatment goals.  Often a client's kink is not central to the goals of therapy.  If your client complains they are deeply troubled by their desire, obviously the details of their fantasies and actions are essential to understand.  If they went to an event one time and had a bad reaction, you could be doing yourself and the client a favor to let the client vent as they need to, and return as soon as you can to the primary contract for treatment.  And if you do not understand the relevance on any material, squicked or not, ask your client what connections they see.  If neither of you see the relevance, let it go.  One sure characteristic of treatment is that if you gloss over important issues, they will come up again, so if it is important, you are likely to get another good chance to discuss it.

Get more information.  This holds the promise of helping you clarify why you are uncomfortable, and possible increasing your understanding in ways that make your reaction more manageable.  The question is often where to get good information.  Be careful of using sources like porn and fantasy sites, where there is a strong stylistic tendency to exaggerate for effect.  On-line sources - yes, I realize Elephant in the Hot Tub is one of those - vary in their objectivity and reliability.  Different Loving 2ed by Brame, Brame and Jacobs is a reliable resource for starters.  Look also at reliable sources on edge play.  It is wise when doing this work to have colleagues whose opinions you trust.  Sometimes professional listservs and forums can be helpful.  Triangulate information from multiple sources, and don't simply cherry pick the information that suits your preconceptions.  Do not take a poll on social media, or inadvertently out your client with specific information, even without names attached.  Often edgy practices are rare or singular events, and public discussion creates the impression that people are being outed and confidentiality violated.

If you have such contacts, ask others in the kink community about how similar material is treated there.  In this, you are not looking for advice, but trying to understand the context, contracting, consent, and community reactions to it.  Kink communities differ, have their own micro-cultures and house rules, and are not unfailingly accepting or nonjudgmental.  But understanding uncomfortable behavior in the likely context of the kink community can help you frame your own reaction, and perhaps, the client's.

Know your strengths and limits.  That knowledge is crucial in deciding which of the strategies listed here are most applicable to any specific case.  In the Goode Olde Days, therapists had 5 years of psychoanalysis to deepen their self-understanding. That was good, but by no means a perfect assurance of self-knowledge. Nowadays you can practically get licensed by reading a few good books.  Self-knowledge is fragile, but is also the best defense.

Get quality supervision from someone who knows about the scary practices that are vexing you.  That does not necessarily mean falling back on an old supervisor who is a fantastic clinician, helped in your training, but knows nothing about kink.  It is generally unwise to try to clinic such cases on listservs where just anyone can chime in, both for reasons of confidentiality, and for reasons that people unfamiliar with such material are at risk of being made uncomfortable too, and may simply and unintentionally reflect widespread social prejudices.  That may mean cultivating professional relationships ahead of time with people who have a wide familiarity with outliers among the populations you treat.

If you think your own reaction violates your core values, or reflects incomplete work on your part, by all means return to psychotherapy.  Being made uncomfortable by someone's material is ultimately a problem you can walk away from.  Be made uncomfortable with your own material is not.

Discuss your discomfort with an experienced and open client. This is their work too, and to the extent that they can cooperate in understanding together what your discomfort means, the client is an important resource.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your feelings, but when they are a reflection of the client's conflicts, showing the client you are comfortable with discussing your own discomfort can be good role modeling, and help them achieve important insight.  When you lack a trusting relationship and good working alliance, discussing your own discomfort can be disruptive and drive away a client.  It is wise to out-refer to someone better able to help.  If a client is gaming you in a way that feels manipulative, make sure that you take steps to ensure your own safety.  BDSM edge play, that is play that is known to be more dangerous and transgressive in the kink community, is mostly unsafe to discuss with severely personality disordered clients and clients with weak observing egos.

Therapy is a great way to fight social problems and social injustice in the world.  But it operates under ethical guidelines that put the client first.  Perhaps you can bring your own reaction into balance better by confronting some of the root problems that make you uncomfortable through teaching, advocacy, or direct social action and philanthropy better than through your psychotherapy with any one client.  This is a special subset of my final suggestion:

Make sure that you are adequately supported in the clinical work you are doing.  This may include your primary and secondary relationships, your institutional setting, your fees, office, training and other aspects of the context of doing treatment.  It may include proper organizational affiliations, and friends who do similar work.  And it includes collecting referrals and biblioresources that support the psychotherapy you are doing.  All of these factors make it easier to understand intense and/or unexpected client materials if they suddenly arise and help you use them to better serve your clients.

That is a starter list, but it is far from exhaustive.  Perhaps you can think of good coping strategies or additional resources I have left out.  By all means, include them in the comments section.


Finkelhor, D., Araji, S., Baron, L., Browne, A. Peters, S. D. & Wyatt, G. E. A Sourcebook on Child Sexual Abuse. Thousand Oaks, CA, US: Sage Publications, Inc (1986). 276 p.

Richters, J., De Visser, R. O., Rissel, C. E., Grulich, A. E., & Smith, A. (2008). Demographic and psychosocial features of participants in bondage and discipline, "Sadomasochism" or Dominance and Submission (BDSM): Data from a National Survey. The journal of sexual medicine, 5(7), 1660-1668.

Andreas A.J. Wismeijer PhD, Marcel A.L.M. van Assen PhD: Psychological Characteristics of BDSM Practitioners. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 10, Issue 8, pages 1943-1952, August 2013.

Patricia A. Cross PhD and Kim Matheson PhD in the book "Sadomasochism: Powerful Pleasures" (2006), published simultaneously as the Journal of Homosexuality, Vol. 50, Nos. 2/3.)

"Psychotherapeutic Issues with "Kinky" Clients: Yours and Their's" by Margie Nichols, PhD in Sadomasochism:  Powerful Pleasures ed. P Klienplatz and C. Moser (2006) published simultaneously as the Journal of Homosexuality, Vol. 50, Nos. 2/3.)

2015 Russell J Stambaugh, Ann Arbor, Michigan. All rights reserved.

(Source: NCSF Newsletter, 3rd Quarter 2015)

Incident Reporting & Response - 3rd Quarter 2015 report

By Susan Wright
Director of IRR

NCSF's Incident Reporting & Response received 56 requests for assistance from individuals, groups and businesses in July, August and September. NCSF maintains the confidentiality of those who come to us for help. However we balance that need with the need to report the services we are providing and to provide the community with a record of where the need is the greatest. Here is a breakdown of the cases we dealt with in the third quarter of 2015:

    There were 22 requests for resources and information involving kink and criminal law. In a sharp decline, only 3 of those requests came from people complaining about a kink-related assault/sexual assault who needed assistance in connecting with kink-aware victim services, and resources to educate law enforcement, investigators and prosecutors. We got 2 requests for information from witnesses who have been subpoenaed in a criminal trial. Another 3 were requests for referrals for kink aware expert witnesses in a criminal trial. 4 were requests for resources dealing with other kinds of crimes, and 1 involved sexual harassment because the person is kinky. 2 involved incarceration/parole violations. The remaining requests for information regarding criminal laws and kink/nonmonogamy did not involve charges being filed.

Child Custody/Divorce
    There were 12 child custody cases in the last three months. One case involved a Child Protective Services investigation that involved polyamory - in all there were 5 requests for information from poly parents facing child custody challenges. There were 3 requests for information and referrals to kink aware attorneys involving BDSM and child custody, and another 3 involving divorce and kink - 2 of these involved outing due to FetLife photos.

    There were 10 requests for help involving BDSM and swing groups. 5 groups asked for advice on dealing with consent violations. 4 groups asked for assistance in setting up a club or dealing with zoning and local authorities/media. 1 group had questions about liability regarding house parties.

    In an all-time low for NCSF, there was only 1 media incident this quarter. It involved a porn and sex ed convention in Dallas that was referred to us by Coalition Partner - they were getting attacked in the media for offering educational classes including some on the Lifestyle and BDSM.

    Six professionals asked NCSF for information and resources to assist in them in providing their services. These included victim services, therapists, teachers and researchers.

Civil Law
    There were 3 cases involving civil law: 1 by a group of authors regarding Amazon discriminating against kinky covers on their books; and 1 who needed a referral to a kink aware attorney because of an outing on FetLife; and 1 pro domme who needed assistance.

    In another all time low, there were only 2 cases of discrimination. There was an employment issue because of educating about ssc BDSM at adult health center, and another person needed a referral to a kink aware attorney to deal with school disciplinary action.

If you need NCSF's help because of discrimination or to remove kink as a barrier to service, please contact our Incident Reporting & Response today! Email

Please join now or donate to support NCSF's direct services!

Source: NCSF Newsletter, 3rd Quarterxx 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Με αφορμή πρόσφατο περιστατικό σε μικρή πόλη της πολιτείας Όρεγκον της Αμερικής οι αρχές της οποίας απαίτησαν από ιδιοκτήτη σαδομαζοχιστικής λέσχης να διακόψει τη λειτουργία της κατόπιν καταγγελίας γείτονα, τίθεται σε αμφισβήτηση το συνταγματικά κατοχυρωμένο δικαίωμα των κατ' οίκον συναντήσεων οπαδών των εναλλακτικών μορφών σεξουαλικής συμπεριφοράς.

Ο γείτονας ενοχλήθηκε απο την παρουσία μεγάλου αριθμού οχημάτων έξω από τη συγκεκριμένη λέσχη και έκρινε σκόπιμο να απευθυνθεί στις αρχές. Δεν αποκλείεται να παρακολουθούσε τα ζευγάρια που πήγαιναν στο χώρο. Το μυαλό του πήρε ανάποδες στροφές: ομαδικό σεξ, ανταλλαγή συντρόφων, μαστίγια, αφέντρες και άλλες άνομες πράξεις. Η δημοτική αρχή έσπευσε να ανταποκριθεί με την επιβολή περιοριστικών μέτρων λειτουργίας της λέσχης.

Ο σκοταδισμός εξελίσσεται σε μάστιγα της εποχής. Γυναίκες με μαστίγια, υποτακτικοί άνδρες, αμυδρός φωτισμός, εξάπτουν τη φαντασία των σεξουαλικά στερημένων που βλέπουν υπονόμευση των παραδοσιακών αρχών της αμερικανικής οικογένειας. Η διαρροή μελών του ιστότοπου "Ashley Madison" έφερε στην επιφάνεια δεκάδες σοβαροφανείς και όχι μόνο πολίτες που ζουν διπλή ζωή και ειδικεύονται στη σύναψη εξωσυζυγικών σχέσεων! Λόγω της σοβαρότητας του θέματος τη διερεύνηση έχει αναλάβει το FBI.

Οι συνειδητοποιημένοι swingers μοιράζονται την επιλογή τους με άλλα ζευγάρια στον ίδιο χώρο και στο ίδιο κρεβάτι - αν τους χωράει φυσικά- συναινετικά, έχοντας θέσει τα όριά τους. Τουλάχιστο απολαμβάνουν και μοιράζονται το πάθος τους ανοικτά!

Καλή συνέχεια και προσοχή στους περίεργους. Οι κυρίες, όταν προσέρχονται σε σπιτικές συναντήσεις, να είναι ευπρεπώς ντυμένες και να φορούν εσώρουχο!

Sex positions women secretly HATE

Dear Angelos,

Most girls won’t tell you this, so I guess I have to…

Here's the deal: There are a few “popular” sex moves that almost all women secretly HATE.

And I think it’s about time you knew what they are…

So that you can finally stop wasting your time on moves that are more likely to make a girl CRINGE...than they are to make her CUM!

Sixty-Nine (69)

In theory, 69-ing seems like the perfect oral sex position.

She’s blowing you…you’re licking her…

…everybody wins, right?


Sure, YOU get a unique view of her pussy and easy access to her ass (if that’s your thing)…all while laying comfortably on your back and getting blowjob!

For a guy 69-ing is a pretty sweet deal.

But for WOMEN this is both a physically uncomfortable position…and one that almost never leads to an orgasm.

You see, cumming requires a certain amount of focus.

So even if you’re working her clit like a professional pussy-eater…she can’t concentrate on how great it feels AND pleasure your shaft at the same time.

Then, throw in the challenge of having to be in basically a one-handed push-up position the entire time…

…and now she’s officially too distracted by muscle cramps and discomfort to even NOTICE anything you may be doing to her pussy (no matter how well you're doing it)!

So don’t 69. Seriously, just don’t even bother…

Especially since you can still get that same, intoxicating view of her juicy goods by going down on her from behind (while she’s in doggy-style position).

Bottom line: When it comes to oral sex, it’s always best to take turns;)

Overzealous Finger F*cking

I love getting fingered—most girls do!

And sometimes we DO want you to finger us good and hard;)

However, there is a line between getting fingered “hard”…and getting fingered TOO hard.

And it’s a line that get’s crossed by guys way too often.

I mean, we appreciate the enthusiasm…

But unless you're doing a SPECIFIC g-spot stimulation technique (like Marcus London's technique for inducing a "squirting" orgasm)...

...when it comes to foreplay fingering, after a certain point, pleasure turns to pain—and not the good ’50 Shades of Grey’ kind of pain either!

In fact, when you finger-bang a woman too aggressively (without aiming for a concrete pleasure point) a number of not-so-sexy things can happen…

You could scratch and tear her cervical tissue, causing it to bleed—or worse—get infected.

Or you could simply make her never want to sleep with you again because…well, because you’re hurting her!

Here’s a good rule of thumb: When you’re fingering a girl, stop and ask yourself “Can I go any harder?”

If the answer is NO…then you’re using too much force and need to tone it down.

Or better yet, make like a masseuse and just ASK “hey, how’s the pressure?”

After all, pleasing a woman isn’t about brute strength—it’s about tending to her needs.

Surprise Facials

Now, I’m not saying that girls NEVER want you to cum on their face.

Most of us find it to be perfectly tolerable (not every time you have sex, obviously)...

…But if it happens every now and then, a load to the face can actually be a naughty turn-on;)

HOWEVER, saving facials for "special occassions" isn’t the only ground-rule.

Facials also MUST to be announced in advance. Every. Single. Time.

That means you should never, ever abruptly pull out of whatever hole you’re f*cking and spray your seed in a woman’s face…without giving her a little ‘heads up,’ first!

Fortunately, it’s easy to do. A simple “I''m going to cum on your face" is all it takes.

And don’t worry, it’s just a formality. When given fair warning, girls will almost always agree to—or even welcome—a facial.

But an UNEXPECTED facial is NEVER okay.

And even a girl that genuinely enjoys feeling your spunk on her skin, will be VERY offended and irritated by an unannounced load to the face.

So if you ever get the urge to surprise your girl with a facial—it better be in the form of a spa gift certificate.

Nipple Twisting

There are lots of ways to stimulate the lovely female nipple.

Nipples like to be stroked, licked, sucked —sometimes even lightly tugged or gently flicked.

But the one thing our nipples WON'T stand being twisted back and forth like a locker combination!

Reason #1: It doesn’t feel good. It hurts. And on top of that, it’s just plain annoying.

Reason #2: It causes girls to think you’re inexperienced—even if you’re not.

You see, nipple twisting is a common mistake among men of all ages…

...but that doesn’t change the fact that it makes you look like a clumsy 13-year-old, who's touching breasts for the very first time.

Even girls that are into nipple clamps and bondage, won’t react positively to a sudden titty-twister!

Clamps are kinky. Twisting is immature.


Ugh, this one is a MAJOR point of frustration for women…

Their guy watches a porno....

He sees all kinds of crazy positions (upside down sex, handstand sex, twisted-into-a-pretzel sex, on the ceiling sex, etc)...

He sees that the girl on-screen seems to be enjoying herself...a LOT. She's screaming and moaning and cumming and all over the place...

So naturally, he assumes that REAL women want to get f*cked in these positions too...

So he goes and tries to re-create them with his girl...

And guess what?

....She HATES every minute of it!

For one, the actors you see in adult films are professionals. They spend long hours TRAINING for these difficult positions.

So even if you’re young, agile, and go to the gym—you still probably won’t be able to successfully perform such physically demanding moves.

And that’s FINE…Unless you have sex on camera for a living, there’s no reason why you would ever need to!

Take it from me—just because a position looks challenging, doesn’t mean it FEELS good.

In fact, a girl will ALWAYS be more satisfied by a basic position that you’ve mastered (even if it’s missionary)...

...than a more complicated position you may not have the strength, stamina, or flexibility for.

After all, sex is supposed to be a fun, stress-free experience—not a grueling workout.

So if you want to spice things up, only try new positions that have been PROVEN to feel good in real life (like the ones I tell you about in my emails and videos!).

That way, you won't be setting yourself up for failure (and your girl up for disappointment!) by attempting moves that are likely only meant to LOOK appealing on camera.

...I hope you found this brief tutorial useful!

Maybe it will even keep you from making some deal-breaking bedroom blunders this weekend;)

And don't feel bad if you've made any, or even all, of these mistakes in the past... Your sex-life isn’t doomed!

In fact, it’s about to get better.

Because NOW you’ll never be guilty of these devastating (but very common) mistakes again…

...While OTHER guys will keep on making them!


PS: Are there any other techniques or positions that you aren’t sure of (like, you don’t know if girls really like them or not)? If so, hit “reply"...describe them …and I’ll let you know what ladies REALLY think. You can always count on me to be honest!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Maximize female pleasure (on;y 48 hours remain)

Dear Angelos,

If you think it’s impossible for a guy like you to give a woman the most intense, most powerful orgasms of her life…

You’re dead WRONG.

If you think that a satisfying sex-life is only for guys who have washboard abs…or make a lot of money…

Well, you’d be wrong again!

Seriously. Stop fantasizing about the sexual experiences you want to have…

And stop wishing you had more sex…

Because there is a way for you—yes, YOU—to have the exciting, passionate sex-life you deserve…and get laid as often as you want!

And it will work whether you’re single, dating, or married.

But here’s the catch: You only have until the end of the day on Saturday (Oct. 17th) to make it happen.

You see, my breakthrough system for sexual success—2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0—has already turned an exclusive group of lucky guys into masters of the female body and mind…

By revealing classified sex and seduction techniques, this program has given them an advantage over 98% of men on the planet—and completely transformed their love-lives.

Imagine being able to give a girl the strongest, most unforgettable orgasms she’s every experienced…

Imagine making any woman you desire desperate to f*ck you again and again…

Imagine never doubting your performance in bed, because you KNOW she won’t be able to find a more satisfying lover….

For men who’ve discovered the power of 2GTS 2.0, all these dreams are now everyday realities!

And I’m giving you a rare opportunity to become part of this exclusive group.

Go HERE to get 2GTS 2.0

Take a look at what a few of the guys who completed the 2GTS 2.0 program have to say…

“The techniques (in 2GTS 2.0) are amazing. Especially the oral sex ones because they make girls desperate to keep you around. That means she’ll say yes to anything you ask for. Blowjobs, anal sex, back rubs, breakfast in bed. I’m living like a king!”
-Seth V., 41

“If only 2gts 2.0 was around when I was in my teens and 20s! I could have avoided years of loneliness and rejection LOL. I can laugh about it now, but back then I had a hard time getting dates and the few women I did go out with stopped returning my calls after the first time we had sex. I thought it was because I came on too strong since I really wanted a real relationship, but it turns out I was just terrible in bed. But 2gts 2.0 gave me a complete makeover. I finally have a beautiful girlfriend. I love her and she loves her long-lasting orgasms!
-Bill I., 33

“After 4 years of living together my girlfriend started cheating on me. Didn’t even bother to hide that she was doing it either. When I confronted her she just said ‘what’s the point of having sex with you if I never come?’ I was heartbroken. So when I heard about 2GTS 2.0 I figured why not? I didn’t want that cheater back or anything but I did want to prove her wrong. Long story short, I did the program, and that same night I used the techniques in it to 1) get her so horny she agreed to sex for the first time in over a year, and 2) Make her come 5 times in one session. After that she dumped the other guy and started following me around like a puppy dog. She begged me to go to counseling and work things out, but I was like ‘bye’ and moved out a week later. Now I’m dating, playing the field, and getting more pussy that I know what to do with. THANK YOU SHAWNA. 2GTS 2.0 gave me the confidence to leave my cheating gf. Now I’m the one that’s too good for her and I’m having a fun with new, better-looking women!”
-David R., 43

“Well the good news is, my wife wants to have sex with me all the time now. The bad news is that so do about a dozen other women! It’s as though they can smell how good I am in bed, because these same women never knew I existed before. I’m trying stay faithful, but it’s hard when females throw themselves at you. Not a bad problem to have, I guess.
-Donald C, 50

But remember: If you want to get these results you HAVE to act by Oct. 18th (that’s this Sunday)…

Because after that, access to 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 will be closed…and your chance at having the sex-life of a rock star will be GONE!

Go HERE to get 2GTS 2.0

I know it doesn’t sound fair, but it also wouldn’t be fair for me to make 2GTS 2.0 available any longer that I already have…

Because if too many men learn the secret sex and seduction techniques in 2GTS 2.0, then they wouldn’t be exclusive…and wouldn’t give YOU such a huge advantage over other guys.

So really, the fact that I’ll be closing down the 2GTS 2.0 website at midnight on Sunday, is actually for your own good—IF you sign up before then, that is!

Go HERE to get 2GTS 2.0

So don’t just sit there…go get the sexual satisfaction you've been longing for;)

PS. You can get 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 sent to you on DVD or download it instantly online (so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding it!).
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why flirting is important (even for married guys!)

Dear Angelos,

Quiz: What’s the FIRST step to getting laid?

The correct answer is: Flirting;)

That’s right. Whether you want to convince a girl to go home with you, or want to make your wife feel frisky....

Sex ALWAYS starts with flirting!

And it doesn't matter if you're 16 or 60...The better you are at flirting, the faster you can get laid. Period.

In fact, if you’re not having sex as often as you’d like...odds are, it’s because your flirting skills are WEAK.

Now, most guys aren’t born knowing how to flirt—but don’t worry.

Because it’s possible for any guy to learn—and quickly MASTER—the art of seductive banter & body language.

And today, I’m gonna teach you HOW!

Here are my “5 Steps for Effective Flirting”*

*That means the kind of flirting that ALWAYS leads to sex…

And if you’re trying to pick up a one night stand…seal the deal on a date…or give your wife those butterflies she had when you first met…

…this 5-step trick will work every time;)

1. Give off positive vibes
Flirting is all about keeping things light, cheerful, and only subtly sexy—so don’t try too hard to be “seductive.

And the point of flirting is to get her into a happy, carefree state of mind…

…so she stops thinking about problems at work, the fight she just had with her best friend (or maybe the boyfriend that’s waiting for her at home=)…

…and starts feeling playful, and adventurous!

To achieve this you need to smile big and keep your body very RELAXED when you first approach her.

For example, you can put your feet up…loosen your tie if you’re wearing one...lean back in your chair…or rest your arms behind your head.

Make sure you laugh and smile a lot—and AVOID any heavy topics. Even if she tries to talk about personal problems or politics or whatever…steer the conversation in a different direction right away!

You could even tell her a funny story about something slightly embarrassing that happened to you (this actually works REALLY well!).

Because once she see’s that YOU don’t take yourself too seriously, she will loosen up also.

In fact, she will actually start to feed off your positive energy, which will make her want to keep hanging around you.

...even if that means following you to BED!

2. Tease her
After you’ve put her in fun, spontaneous mood, it’s time to add a bit of tension to your interaction—just to keep her on her toes!

And teasing (or making jokes at her expense) is a great way to do this.

But for teasing to be a turn on, it’s important to find a happy medium between jabs that are too innocent to get her attention...and comments that are actually offensive (so as a rule, don’t pick on her appearance.)

Instead, try teasing her about being too pretty, or too smart, or too ambitious.

Choose something that you actually really LIKE about her and jokingly act like it’s a bad thing.

Example: If she has a great body, tease her about how much time she must spend at the gym….or if she loves reading, tell her she needs to ‘get out more’…etc.

3. Find a non-sexual reason to touch her
Like I said, flirting should NOT be explicitly sexual.

In fact, if you act like you’re just paling around with her like she's "just a friend"….she’ll immediately start to wonder why you don't seem attracted to her.

...And it will instantly make her want you (even if she didn’t before)!

So you can continue building the suspense by giving her a taste of your touch…but in way that keeps her guessing.

So don’t do anything obvious—like putting your hand on her lower back, or rubbing her thigh…

...Because that will give away your plan, and put HER back in control of the situation.

Instead, pretend there’s something icky caught in her hair…and reach over to pick it out.

Or challenge her to a ‘thumb war’ or arm wrestling contest.

Or say you want to teach her a secret handshake (that has lots of steps!).

Sure, it might seem a little juvenile—like pulling a girl’s pigtails on the playground.

But the ‘silly touch’ technique is actually extremely POWERFUL!

4.Get serious
Up until this point you’ve been keeping it light, fun, and very casual.

But it’s time to suddenly break that pattern…and get a little more serious.

Switch to a slightly deeper, slightly sexier topic of conversation…

Like a movie or love song that recently made you cry…or a goal you’d like to accomplish…

...or tell her something about yourself that you’ve “never told anyone before" (even if you have!).

This unexpected change of pace will make her heart beat a little faster…make her feel emotionally connected

…and make YOU suddenly seem mysterious, complex, and alluring!

Remember to change your body language during this step too: Lean in, deepen your voice, and make meaningful eye contact.

5.Now find a SEXUAL way to touch her!
By now she’s pretty much smitten. She has experienced a roller-coaster of emotions…she wants you to want her…her adrenaline is pumping (and adrenaline feels GOOD)…

...So she doesn’t want the ride to end!

This is when you make your move

Because at this point she’ll be so desperate to keep that emotional high going, that she won’t be able to resist another new sensation.

That means it's NOW safe to put your hand on her lower back, rub her knee, or sensually massage her neck and shoulders…

I promise—if you performed steps 1-4 correctly, your touch will NOT be rejected…

In fact, she might lean in to kiss you FIRST;)

And just like that, you have successfully completed the flirtation phase…

…and are now GUARANTEED to get lucky!

You see, this easy 5-step flirtation technique is specially designed to get inside ANY girls head, making her powerless against your advances.

And it can be performed from beginning to end in as little as 20 minutes—so you can get laid FASTER than ever before!

Just remember to make HER cum too!

Enjoy...and let me know how it goes;)



Sunday, October 11, 2015

2GTSex 2.0 is almost gone (important info)

Dear Angelos,
Okay…it’s time you learned the truth.

Ever since it was first released several years ago, my controversial sex-life enhancement program—2GTS 2.0—has been shrouded in mystery.

Back then, I only made it available for a short period of time…and made the guys who were lucky enough to get this program, promise not to reveal any of the information in it…

So after I decided to open one more limited-time access period earlier this week (to let YOU experience the incredible difference that 2GTS 2.0 is guaranteed make in any man's love life)…

…I got a flood of emails from guys wanting to know more about this powerful guide to women, seduction, and sex—and what exactly makes the 2GTS 2.0 system so effective.

Well right now, I’m going to address some of the most common questions and finally give you all the HONEST answers you need…so listen up because I'm about to reveal everything.

“I read that 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 ‘guarantees sexual success.’ What does that mean, exactly? Doesn’t every person have a different definition of success?”
-Peter G.

Great question…so let’s break it down.

First of all, yes, 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 really does guarantee success (in fact, you get a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with your results.)

And YES, every man does define success differently:

Some guys just want to improve one specific sex skill (like eating pussy, or fingering, or hitting the g-spot, or making a girl squirt, or breast stimulation, or dirty talk, or foreplay)…

Some want the secret to getting any girl they want, WITHOUT rejection…

Some want to learn a whole new set of pleasure techniques to spice up their usual routine and keep their lady from getting bored…

Some want to give a woman harder, longer-lasting orgasms than her ex-boyfriend ever could…

Some want the trick for convincing a girl to try naughty new things (like anal sex, role-play, bdsm, or sex toys)…

And some just want to have the confidence of knowing that they can satisfy a woman better that 98% of all men…

Well, 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 contains all this information…and then some (and it reveals secrets about the female body and mind that you won’t learn anywhere else!).

Plus, you’ll be getting detailed step-by-step instructions, up-close demonstrations, and honest insight you can ONLY get from girls that are willing to ‘tell it like is’—which make it impossible for you to fail.

And THAT’S why 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 is able to confidently guarantee your success—no matter what your sexual or romantic goals may be!

Go here to start the 2GTS 2.0 program
“I’m already good in bed (my girlfriend says so all the time). So I don’t really need this, do I?”
-Leon S.

I’m going to be honest. Women LIE. We fake orgasms. We moan and scream with “pleasure” when really, you’re not even close to making us cum.

It’s not because we WANT to deceive you. We just don’t like confrontation...and we would rather stroke your ego than hurt your feelings.

And because girls like to be “nice,” most guys think they’re a lot better in bed than they actually are.

In fact, there’s a good chance that your signature, go-to sex move (the one that every girl you’ve ever been with has “loved”) doesn’t feel good… AT ALL!

Luckily, the coaches you’ll meet in 2GTS 2.0 will give it to you straight.

And not only will they show you all the RIGHT ways to pleasure a woman’s body…they’ll also help you get rid of any bad bedroom habits you currently have.

So the next time a girl tells you “Omg, you were AMAZING”…she’ll actually mean it!

Speaking of which—even if you really ARE already “good” in bed…why would you pass up the opportunity to go from “good” to “MIND-BLOWING”?

Trust me, this program reveals techniques that even highly experienced lovers don’t know about…so no matter who you are, you’re going to see a major improvement in your sex life.

“How does 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 work and how soon will I start seeing results?”
-Robert S.

2 Girls Teach Sex is a video program, which you can either download instantly to your computer or receive by mail as a discreetly packaged DVD.

It contains about 5 hours of in-depth lessons. Each lesson features a “seminar” section (where your sex coaches talk about and explain the lesson's topic)...

Followed by the “demonstration” section, in which the girls SHOW you how to actually do the techniques from that lesson…by performing them on each other!

You can watch the whole program in one sitting or break it up into shorter sessions—whatever is most convenient for you.

You will be a better lover and feel more confident around women after just ONE lesson…and these results increase as you go further into the program.
By the time you make it through the whole program, you will feel like a brand new man…and women will notice your swagger even before they experience your new sexual mastery!

“How is 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 different from the original 2 Girls Teach Sex? I already have the first 2GTS and it seemed to have all the information a guy could want! What could possible be left to learn?”
-Jeff M.

Believe it or not, 2GTS 2.0 contains a LOT of new information and features the latest, cutting-edge teaching methods to help you learn even faster.

And of course 2 GTS 2.0 has ALL NEW sex coaches—all of whom are smart, beautiful, and are willing to share even more secrets than before;)

Plus, this program also features sex and seduction techniques that have previously NEVER been revealed to men. Some are exotic, some are shockingand all of them are proven to work!

“I don’t have very much experience. Does 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 work for beginners like me or does it only teach ‘advanced’ techniques?
-Derrick A.

Yes—even though this program does have a lot of very advanced information in it, the unique 2GTS 2.0 teaching strategy will quickly bring you up to speed, so you can begin learning the “expert level” stuff right away.

I'll be honest: as beginner you MIGHT have to watch certain lessons more than once to fully understand and become comfortable with some of the information. But believe me, it will be well worth your while in the end.

Follow this link to get 2GTS 2.0
“Is this program for single guys? I already have a woman.”
-Phillip J.

Think of it this way…

If you’re single 2GTS 2.0 will make it possible to GET any girl you desire…and then drive her wild with pleasure!
But be careful: many of the techniques you’ll learn have been known to make women addicted to your touch…so if you just want casual, no-strings hookups, your fuck buddies could get overly attached very quickly.
Now, If you’re in a relationship 2GTS 2.0 will ensure that your woman NEVER leaves you for a better lover…because she simply won’t be able to find a man more satisfying than you!
In fact I HIGHLY recommend this program to guys who already have a wife or girlfriend.

Because if you don’t improve and diversify your sexual skill set throughout your relationship…your girl will get bored and cheat on you with someone else…or just leave you altogether.

But 2GTS 2.0 is a proven way to keep that SPARK alive—even in a long-term relationship...

And it’s also guaranteed to bring passion and heat BACK into a relationship—even if your relationship lost its spark years ago!

Now there’s one more thing that almost everyone wanted to know...


Unfortunately the answer is: Not much longer:(

Go here to get your copy of 2GTS 2.0
You see, it’s crucial that the information in 2GTS 2.0 stay exclusive...

Because if every guy found out the secret to seducing women and giving them the most powerful orgasms they've ever had…

...then this program wouldn’t give you as BIG of an advantage over the competition, right?!

That’s why I will be shutting down the 2GTS 2.0 order page at some point next week…

It might be on Monday; it might be on Friday—but once I do pull the plug, 2GTS 2.0 won’t be available again for at least 2 years (that’s usually how long it takes for new membership slots to open up).

So to make sure you don’t miss out on this limited availability period, it’s best to order ASAP (like, right now!)


PS: After you complete the entire program, I’d love to hear what you think about the techniques and the girls in it (like which coach was your favorite?;) And of course, I also want to hear about your results…because remember success is guaranteed!
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