Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to: eat pussy better than anyone else

Dear Angelos,

Good things happen when you LEAST expect them.

For instance the other day, my friend Sophie came over to help me with a project…

But instead, I helped her have an orgasm;)

Pretty good right?

And thanks to Sophie’s satisfied pussy…

…something good is about to happen to YOU!

Let me explain.

Remember that SURPRISE I promised you in my last email?

Well, it’s ready…

But it’s not the surprise I had originally planned.

See, my original idea was to send you some behind-the-scenes pics from a recent photoshoot I did…

So on Wednesday night, I asked Sophie to come over and help me edit a few of the pics.

Sophie is a model (and one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met).

But she also happens to love photography and knows how to use photo-editing software a lot better than I do.

Anyway, when Sophie got to my place, we decided to catch up over a glass or 2 of wine before getting down to business.

At first we talked about movies, men, shoes—you know, usual girl talk.

But my favorite topic of conversation tends to be my work…

So naturally, I mentioned this week’s fan discount on Oral Sex Magic…

And how I was already getting TONS letters from men wanting to thank me for finally putting this collection of powerful cunnilingus techniques on sale.

I even bragged about how dedicated my fans are to female pleasure…

And how they refuse to be “good in bed”…

…when they can be LEGENDS!

Wait, back up, Shawna,” Sophie said…

There’s a program that teaches guys how to go down on a woman?!

I was sure I’d told Sophie about Oral Sex Magic before…but I guess not.

So I explained that yes…this program really does reveal EVERYTHING there is to know…

…about flicking, licking, and caressing a girls’s pleasure cave and clit…

….to give her the longest, most intense orgasms of her life!

“Omg, I wish more guys knew about this…Actually, I wish it was MANDATORY for all men,” Sophie said.

It turns out that Sophie had been disappointed in the oral sex department pretty much her entire life:(

After another glass of wine, even opened up about her recent breakup with Brandon (a guy she dated for over 2 years and seemed to really like).

And said that his lack of oral sex skills was one of reasons she could never see a real future with him.

But enough about me” Sophie said…

…I’m dying to know more about this program. Do the techniques in it actually work?

Well, at this point we were both a little tipsy. So I gently put my hand on Sophie’s back and said…

How about I SHOW them to you? That way you can judge for yourself.

Sophie had never been with a girl before…but was surprisingly VERY into the idea!

I took her to my bedroom and I put in the Oral Sex Magic DVD.

Once we were both naked, I told Sophie to get comfortable on my bed…

…And hit ‘play.’

We went through the ENTIRE program, from beginning to end…

And everything that the gorgeous female sex coaches did in the video…

…I did to Sophie’s pussy.

She started getting insanely wet less than 2 minutes in…

I even had pace her pleasure—so that she didn’t have more orgasms than she could handle before we had a chance to go through ALL of the techniques.

And fortunately we managed covered every base…from oral foreplay to every type of oral orgasm.

And I’ll admit, it was definitely very enjoyable to feel her clit throb with pleasure…

…to taste her delicious wetness…

…and to ravage every inch of her beautiful pink pussy with my tongue.

Sophie must have cum 20 times that night!

She came with her clit, her hole, even her entire body.

But I think my favorite part was when we got to the extended climax lesson…

And I followed the step-by-step instructions to give Sophie an orgasm that keep going…and going…and going…

…even after I’d taken my mouth off her clit!

Once we finally finished, Sophie could hardly see straight.

But when she regained composure she sat up and said…

Shawna, I’ve never experienced ANYTHING like that before!”

Sophie admitted that a whole night of oral sex with her previous lovers…

…couldn’t compare to even 5 minutes of the pleasure she got from the Oral Sex Magic techniques.

I wasn’t surprised to hear this…

Because LOTS of women have told me the same thing after their husband or boyfriend completed the Oral Sex Magic program.

After all, Oral Sex Magic is guaranteed to dramatically improve any guys’s ability to go down on a woman—and his sex-life in general.

You can even use it to get a girl to start giving YOU oral sex anytime you want a blowjob!

But I didn’t expect what Sophie said next:

“Shawna, you have to put this video back on sale…PLEASE…I need the next guy I go out with to know this stuff!

Sophie had a point. I didn’t just owe it to my fans to make Oral Sex Magic more widely available…

I owed it to women everywhere.

Plus, it was getting really late and we were both too exhausted to edit any pictures!

So even though the 30% off Thanksgiving discount was supposed to end yesterday…

I went ahead and EXTENDED the 30% off Thanksgiving discount on Oral Sex Magic through this Sunday (Nov. 29) !

Click here to get 30% off Oral Sex Magic

Which means you now have 3 more days to discover the secrets most other men still don’t know.

And to finally give any women what other guys can’t…

Without having to pay full price for this life-changing information!

Of course you can wait until this sale ends—and pay more.

Or you can ignore this information altogether…

…and keep disappointing every woman you go down on. Every time.

After all, you don’t want your lady to start turning to her girlfriends for oral pleasure like Sophie did (and NO you won’t be invited).

Seriously, we’re is tired of faking orgasms.

But lucky for you, I’ve made it easy to give any girl what she REALLY needs…

…even if you’re on a tight holiday budget!

Click here to get 30% off Oral Sex Magic


Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Dear Angelos,

My mouth is watering already;)

But even though turkey and stuffing are great…

NOTHING compares to the sweet taste of a woman’s pussy!

So this Thanksgiving, I want to make sure you feast on more than just yummy foods—because oral sex is way MORE satisfying.

After all, feeling a girl’s clit quiver under your tongue when she cums...

is enough to give any man a sense of supreme sexual power

…a major hard-on

And a HUGE ego boost!

Plus, did you know that eating pussy is good for your health?

A recent study found that when you go down on a woman, her body releases certain hormones that are known to fight cancer and heart disease…and YOUR body starts producing them too!

Of course, if good health doesn’t make you CRAVE those delicious juices and soft flesh...

Maybe THIS will:

You see, going down on a woman isn’t a “bonus”…

It’s a MUST.

For one, a if girl isn’t getting it, she can’t have the toe-curling clitoral orgasms she NEEDS.

Not to mention, when a girl gets pleasured by a man’s tongue, it makes her feel a DEEP emotional connection...

And without this connection, it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE for her to become attached…

Meaning she won’t be able to fall—or stay—in love with you!

In fact, girls can’t even stay attracted to a guy who doesn’t know how to perform oral sex.

And you can forget about getting blowjobs unless YOU are regularly ‘going down’ on her too.

Wait, let me rephrase that:

Forget about blowjobs (and a healthy, happy sex-life), unless you’re regularly ‘going down’ on her…the RIGHT WAY!

(Remember: if you're not doing it right, you might as well not be doing it at all)

And even experienced guys don’t always get cunnilingus right (even though many of them THINK they know what they’re doing)

But I get it…

A girl’s ‘sweet spot’ has folds and flaps, nooks and crannies…

And the clitoris is definitely a mysterious little button!

The truth is, no man can truly understand the pussy…

…unless he has a WOMAN show him around.

Of course, the girl you’re hooking up with will never give you a guided tour of her private parts…

And she definitely won’t give you a tutorial on what she actually wants you to be doing down there.

But MY girls will!!!

See, I’ve always thought that men DESERVE to know the secrets of mind-blowing oral pleasure…

But most women are too shy to tell you what we like and what we don’t.

Plus, oral sex techniques are hard to explain—they require DEMONSTRATIONS.

So a few years ago, I got a few of the most gorgeous, most knowledgable, female sex coaches in the adult film industry…

And together we created a revolutionary instructional video program…

…that reveals EVERYTHING about giving a woman the most amazing oral sex of her life.

And since all my girls are bi-sexual, they had no problem demonstrating each technique on camera—for educational purposes, of course;)

The program is called Oral Sex Magic

And it’s the ONLY adult sex-ed program that’s guaranteed to dramatically improve your oral sex performance and take your sex-life to a new (very intense) level

Because the oral sex skills you’ll learn will actually enhance EVERY aspect of your sexual experience.

Go HERE to get an exclusive 30% fan discount on Oral Sex Magic

Your woman will want to f*ck more frequently...

Her feelings for you will SKYROCKET...

And you can be sure she’ll never want to trade you for a “more experienced” or “more satisfying” lover.

Here’s how it works….

After completing the complete live-demonstration program you’ll be able to:

*Induce 4 different types of oral sex orgasms (99% of men don’t realize there’s more than 1!)

*Give her the LONGEST oral sex orgasm she’s ever experienced

*Use the ‘triple-flick’ sequence to make her cum with 3X the intensity she’s normally feels (she can’t even achieve this incredible sensation with a vibrator!)

*Use a trick to “warm her up”—so she orgasms as soon as your mouth meets her pussy (this will make you job  super easy…while still giving her a shockingly powerful orgasm).

*Do THIS with your fingers to make her cum even harder (it’s not what you think)

*Make her DESPERATE to return “the favor” (I’m talking daily blow jobs)

And a lot more!

But like I said, the art of eating pussy can’t be described…it has to be demonstrated.

So why would I make you read about it, when you can WATCH all of these incredible tricks and techniques in action?

And since Thanksgiving is all about eating…

I want to make your holiday feast a whole lot tastier, by giving you 30% OFF the entire Oral Sex Magic lesson series!

Go HERE to get your 30% fan discount on Oral Sex Magic

But don’t thank me just yet—because you’ll be even MORE thankful for this deal when you see her pussy drip…

her clit tremble

…and her whole body convulse with uncontrollable pleasure a result of YOUR new skills!

Plus, it can be hard to rock her with your cock, when your belly is full of pumpkin pie...

And that’s why oral sex the perfect holiday sex act—it lets her cum, even if you’ve just had seconds;)

But be warned: You haven’t savored the flavor of maximum wetness until you’ve used the advanced Oral Sex Magic “eating” method…

So once you finally taste a TRULY satisfied pussy…

…your favorite foods will never taste nearly as delicious;)

PS: Oops, I forgot to mention that this Oral Sex Magic sale will only last through Thanksgiving. Plus, I only have a limited number of DVDs right now…and if those sell out before then, the sale will have to end even sooner. So get your order in ASAP, okay?

Go HERE to get your 30% fan discount on Oral Sex Magic

PPS: Please add my email address to your “favorites” folder to make sure you don’t miss any important updates…because I might have one more naughty surprise in store for you later this week;)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why do not women date strange guys?

Hey Angelos,

Getting the girl you really want comes down to one thing:

The ability to TURN HER ON just by talking to her.

> Here’s how to do that

If you can’t make a girl squirm with excitement during a casual conversation…

No amount of trying to CONVINCE her you’re a good choice…

Will open her legs to you (or make her your girlfriend)


If you can send a shiver of arousal up her spine just by chatting with her...

She’ll completely lose control over you

And will go to desperate… even embarrassing lengths to get into your bed...

> Find out how here

You see, researchers at MIT recently discovered an erotic tripwire in the female brain…

Once you set off this tripwire…

It wakes up powerful urges in a woman’s body…

And completely focuses her attention on satisfying those urges with you…

Wiping all ‘logical’ concerns out of her mind.

> See how to set off this tripwire

That’s why it doesn’t matter how you look…

…Or how little money you have…

…Or even how confident you are…

You just need to set off this tripwire…

Go here now to find out how!

And she’s yours, simple as that!



Friday, November 20, 2015

The TRUTH about relationships...

Dear Angelos,

Are you SURE you’re not settling for less than you deserve?

I’m talking less sex, less passion, less confidence, less romance, less success, less happiness…

And the big one: A less-than-perfect relationship.

You see, LOTS of guys sell themselves short…

…without even realizing that they can do a lot better!

Here, let’s check if you’re one of them…

1) Are you having boring sex (or no sex at all)?

2) Do you feel trapped in a stale relationship or a marriage that’s lost its spark?

3) Are used to being rejected by women?

4) Are you hung up on your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend?

5) Do you wish you were with someone OTHER than the woman you’re actually with?

6) Do you wish you could BE more like someone other than yourself?

7) Do you feel like your life is missing something?

If you said YES to any of these questions…

…then unfortunately, you ARE settling.

But guess what?

I just learned about an amazing new way to start getting what you really WANT... it personally, professionally, sexually, romantically, etc.

Don’t worry. It’s not a pill, or potion, or voodoo.

In fact, you already have everything you need to make it happen.

You see, I that there’s power current running through your veins…

Seriously, it’s inside you RIGHT NOW!

And it’s called “Deep Inner Game.”

The only problem is, you probably haven’t found a way to tap into this hidden super power (most people don’t even know they have it).

But if you DID unleash your deep inner game…

…you’d be able to get EVERYTHING you ever wanted!!

So, listen up, because what I'm about to tell you is very important...

For first time ever, the world’s leading expert on Deep Inner Game—Neil Strauss—has released a detailed guide, explaining how it works…

And how YOU can harness your own 'deep inner game'!

His book is called ‘The Truth’

And in it Neil reveals step-by-step instructions for unleashing this special power...

...a power that’s PROVEN to give you complete control over everything in your life…

…ESPECIALLY your relationship with your wife, girlfriend, and women in general.
Go here to discover The Truth

Now, ‘The Truth’ isn’t exactly a well-kept secret…

This book is ALREADY on the New York Times best-seller list!

That’s because Neil Strauss is one of the world’s MOST trusted advisors on sex, confidence, and getting the things you want and deserve.

And the information he reveals in ‘The Truth’ (about love, relationships, and Deep Inner Game) is all based on hard evidence and lots of research.

I just read the whole thing in one sitting (seriously, I couldn’t put it down because The Truth is not only super informative—it’s also VERY entertaining!)

And, trust me, it’t not like ANY relationship guide you’ve ever seen…

Go here to discover The Truth

I definitely didn’t expect Neil to write about stuff like:

*The truth about CHEATING.

*The trick to having hot, hot, hot sex—even if you’ve been married for years.

*What REALLY makes people attracted to one another.

*And there’s a particularly fascinating chapter that reveals something you DON’T know about monogamy.

Anyway, after reading it cover to cover, I can personally vouch for how POWERFUL this book is.

In fact, I have a feeling it’s going to change a lot of lives…

…and save a LOT of relationships.

So please check it out and let me know what you think.

Some of the information in it is a bit controversial, so you might have a lot of strong feelings about certain chapters…

And I’d love to hear about them…

Maybe we can have a heated debate;)

Go here to discover The Truth

But mostly, I wanna know about all the ways in which The Truth improves your life.

Like…how GOOD does it feel to finally stop settling for less?!

It’s even helped ME to think differently about love, sex, and romance—so if you’ve got a lady, make sure she reads it too!

Talk to you soon;)


Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Ultimate Penetration "O" (step to step guide)

Dear Angelos,

Being a great lover means keeping ALL the skills I've taught you fresh in your mind...

...because you never know when the situation may call for a SPECIFIC move or position.

Now, I know I’ve given you THOUSANDS of naughty tips, techniques, and suggestions over the years...

...all of which are guaranteed to ‘wow’ any woman...

But I also realize that so much sexy information can be HARD to remember!

That’s why I advise my sex-gods-in-training to pull up one of my old emails every now and then…

…and do a quick review to refresh your memory of techniques you may have forgotten.

You HAVE been saving all my emails…right?

Don’t worry, I won’t be mad if you haven’t!

In fact, I recently realized that a lot of guys have to delete my emails…

…because they don't want their wives or girlfriends to discover the REAL reason they’ve been having such mind-blowing orgasms;)

So every now and then, I like to send out a ‘review’ of past sex tips…

This way you can brush up on my most IMPORTANT material…without digging through your inbox.

(Of course, if you haven't been on my for very long, then you'll be seeing this information for the FIRST time ever!).

Anyway, I think today is a good time to brush up on, perhaps the most powerful pleasure technique I've ever revealed...

The ULTIMATE Penetration Orgasm!
This move will make a girl cum so hard, that she'll never want sex from anyone but YOU...

The steps are all laid out below, so study hard;)

Step 1: The Start-Up
This technique starts as soon as you are ready to penetrate her.

Hopefully you’ve got her nice and wet for you with some of my foreplay techniques... and now it’s time to take it home!

Slowly enter her with just the tip of your manhood...

And when I say “slowly”... I mean it! The point of this is to tease her so take it easy there stud!

Then, once you are in just past the tip, slowly start to pull OUT!

Go as far as you can without falling out completely... then slowly push just the tip back in again.

Step 2: The Build-Up
Now here’s where the fun begins!

What you are going to do now is begin to tease her like NO MAN has ever done before!

You see, just about every guy when he first penetrates a woman is so happy to be inside of her that he just starts pounding away.


Starting off slow and working your way up is better than starting out fast... but what you are going to do now is the NEXT LEVEL ;)

After you put in just the tip and start to pull out, push back in with just the tip again... Then... do it again. You are going to do this 9 times.

And not until the 10th stroke do you give her your full manhood!

So... that’s 9 shallow strokes, then 1 deep!

No matter how much she begs you or drives your hips into yours... do not give her the deep stroke until it’s time!

That way, when you DO give it to her after the 9 shallow ones... you are going to feel MASSIVE inside of her!

Step 3: Tease Time
Now, after you’ve given her that deep stroke, do you start pounding away?

No way jose! Now it’s time to really show her who’s in control here!

This time, you are going to give her 8 shallow strokes... then reward her with 2 deep ones!

Then 7 shallow strokes, and 3 deep.

Then 6 shallow, and 4 deep.

Then 5 and 5.

Around This Time Your Girl Is Gonna Start To Absolutely LOSE IT!

She’ll be grinding her hips closer to you during the shallow strokes... craving more and more of your cock!

But don’t give it to yet! Stick to the pattern...

4 shallow, then 6 deep.

3 shallow, then 7 deep.

2 shallow, then 8 deep strokes.

1 shallow, then 9 deep strokes.

So just so we are on the same page, here is the entire pattern:

9 shallow, then 1 deep.

8 shallow, then 2 deep.

7 shallow, then 3 deep.

6 shallow, then 4 deep.

5 shallow, then 5 deep.

4 shallow, then 6 deep.

3 shallow, then 7 deep.

2 shallow, then 8 deep.

1 shallow, then 9 deep.

Then, do it backwards!

2 shallow, then 8 deep.

3 shallow, then 7 deep.

Etc etc.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your deep strokes are SLOW. Let her feel your entire manhood slowly enter her. And watch her eyes roll back into her head ;)

Step 4: Drive It Home
Ok, now that you’ve gone through the entire cycle, your girl is going to be WETTER than she’s ever been before!

She may have already cum a few times, that’s totally normal =)

Now, it’s time to finally drive it home!

Put her into your favorite position... and give it to her hard and good!

Use a steady rhythm, and whatever position it is (it doesn’t matter much after you do this!)... hold that position steady also – don’t change too soon.

And get ready... because your girl is gonna have the most INTENSE penetration orgasm of her entire life!

I guarantee it =)



Thursday, November 12, 2015

Makeher orgasms great...and yours even better!

Dear Angelos,

You already know how important it is to have a firm, long-lasting cock…

The kind of cock that gets hard at a moments notice…

…and stays hard until she cums (even if she needs 20, 30, even 50 minutes in order to orgasm).

But did you know that there’s ANOTHER aspect of your cock that girls pay very close attention to?

I’m talking about what it releases—aka, the size of your load.

A lot guys don’t realize this, but most women consider ‘low-pressure loads’ to be a MAJOR turn-off!

In case you’re not familiar with the term…a

Low-pressure loads = releasing small, weak, and/or “watery” loads of sperm when you cum.

And along with hard-on problems and loss of stamina, guys start experiencing low-pressure loads more and more frequently as they get older.

Now obviously, a low-pressure load is EXTRA noticeable when you cum on her tits, face, or other body part... because she can see it.

But a woman can definitely FEEL the size, density, and velocity of your load when you cum inside her as well (in fact, that's when your load matters the most).

One time, one of my girlfriends even called me after having sex with her boyfriend for the first time…

…just to COMPLAIN about how disappointing his load proved to be!

“It was like a tiny dribble of sperm. I could even feel how small it was through the condom…and for some reason, it really grossed me out.”

Here’s the thing: most girls don’t actually know WHY a low-pressure load turns them off so much—they just know that it does.

But SCIENCE provides a very logical explanation…

You see, women subconsciously link the size of your load to your level of fertility.

So even if a women ISN’T looking to get pregnant—even if she’s taking measures to PREVENT pregnancy…

…she’s still biologically programmed to SUBCONSCIOUSLY evaluate your load, without even realizing she’s doing it.

So all she knows is: a thick, heavy, forceful stream is attractive and sexually satisfying.

While a thin, feeble load is unattractive and leaves her feeling unfulfilled after sex!

But let’s say you’re one of those guys that doesn’t really care about female satisfaction, as long as YOU get off (I hope you’re not, but you never know)

Anyway, if YOUR satisfaction is what matters most, then you should probably know that the bigger your load, the more POWERFUL your orgasm will be.

So if you think cumming feels good NOW…

... imagine how much BETTER it could feel if you were able to release bigger, thicker loads!

I’m sharing this with you because if you’d like to enjoy the many benefits of a HIGH-PRESSURE load, there happens to be an easy way to make it happen...

...even if your loads have already shrunk down to the size of a pea, or your sperm has gotten significantly thinner with age.

The solution is PHGH.

PHGH is an all-natural male supplement created by my friend, and former adult film star, John Lawrence.

Now, originally, John formulated PHGH to help him get stronger hard-ons and last longer during sex (after realizing that as he got older, his cock got weaker—which affected his ability to perform on camera and in real life).

And this unique formula really did work wonders to help John have the massive wood and long-lasting stamina he had as a young man...

But after a little while, John realized that PHGH had a very pleasant "side effect" as well...

Because, in addition to turbo-charging his cock, PHGH made ALSO made his loads bigger, stronger, and have a thicker consistency!

His female costars noticed it too…because once word got out, every actress in the industry was suddenly DYING to work with him.

And his girlfriend at the time began wanting to have sex morning, noon, and night...

Of course John definitely didn’t mind, because his orgasms started to feel better than EVER!

Long story short - even though PHGH started out as a supplement for enhancing the time and firmness of your hard-ons…

...before long, even guys who had no problem getting hard, were taking it for the load-boosting “side effect” ALONE!

And I think that's something you should definitely experience as well;)

Especially since in honor of Veteran’s Day, John is letting you have PHGH at 30% OFF its regular price.

Go here to get 30% off PHGH Male Supplements

So if you already use PHGH, now is the time to stock up for winter...

And if you haven’t tried PHGH yet, now is your chance to experience incredible, masculinity-enhancing results...for an incredibly low price!

The benefits of PHGH include:

*Increased libido

*Longer, firmer hard-ons

*Improved sexual stamina

*More strength and energy outside the bedroom
*And bigger, thicker loads...for increasing her satisfaction, as well as YOUR OWN!

Of course, PHGH is all-natural and safe for men of all ages—and comes with a full money-back guarantee (so you don’t risking your health or your money by ordering).

Go here to get 30% off PHGH Male Supplements

Personally, I think it’s wonderful that John decided to celebrate Veteran’s Day with such a huge discount on his game-changing male supplement.

After all, if anyone truly DESERVES a great cock, incredible orgasms, and complete sexual’s the brave men who’ve served our country!

Of course, you don't have to be a veteran to take advantage of this deal…

Because John believes that ALL men should enjoy stronger hard-ons, increased libido, longer-lasting stamina…

…and bigger, thicker loads that will feel amazing for both you AND your lady.

So if you’re stuck at work, I hope this news has made your day a little brighter.

And if you DID get the day off, I hope you’ve got something fun and sexy planned;)

Happy Veteran’s Day!


PS: Because of such high demand for PHGH, John can only run the 30% OFF Veteran’s Day sale until the end of the day on Friday (November 13th). That way he can ensure that his inventory doesn’t run out during the sale. So please be sure to get your order in ASAP…because I’d hate for you to miss out on the PHGH experience!
Go here to save 30% on PHGH Male Supplements

Sunday, November 08, 2015

How to increase energy and sex drive

Dear Angelos,

Here’s the information you asked for—straight from the source!

You see, earlier this week I told you about my mentor Joe, and the new discovery that—even though Joe’s about to turn 70—recently helped him to:

Feel like a younger man at the gym…
Think like a younger man at the office…

And f*ck like a younger man when he’s with a lady;)

Well, ever since, I’ve gotten hundreds of emails from fans wanting to know more about Joe’s happy, healthy, sexually satisfying new life.

...And, of course, how YOU can get the same results;)

So, I decided to call Joe and let HIM give you the answers himself!

Here’s what he had to say...

QUESTION: How would you describe yourself before you made this discovery?
"Before this little miracle came along, I was fat, I was flabby, I looked like crap.

But the way I looked was just a symptom of how I felt—which was OLD.

I just didn’t have the energy to take care of my appearance. Now, that in itself, that wasn’t a big deal...

...a man doesn’t need to be beautiful. But a man DOES need to feel like a man to be happy…

And since I was so lethargic I couldn’t do the things that gave me that confidence…
...that sense of masculinity, I had when I was younger."

QUESTION: What kinds of things did your age keep you from doing?
"Well, let’s start with the big one—SEX!
As I got older, I could feel that my sex-drive was gradually declining, but last year it took a real nose-dive.

I was having a hard time getting my ‘hog’ hard…

I didn’t have the strength for my favorite positions…

I got winded after a few minutes—boy, that was really embarrassing!

And the worst part was, that these things bothered me at first…but after a while, I didn’t even care.

Because I realized I didn’t even WANT sex as much as I used to.

I went from 25-year-old girls lining up to date me, to being the embarrassing grandpa no one wanted to be seen with.

But the other things I missed were my hobbies—rock climbing, traveling, fishing—you know, things that used to make life fun.

And I also missed my work like crazy. I worked hard to be successful…

…so I hated handing business decisions and creative control over to younger guys when I felt too worn down to even go to work."

QUESTION: How has your life changed since then?
"Where do I start? For one, the problems I just mentioned are long gone, so I’m back to my old ways…

And life is good again! I look years younger. Physically, I feel so much stronger, mentally I’m a lot sharper."

QUESTION: How has your life SEX-life improved?
"Sexually, I’m more fulfilled than ever!

It’s a good thing I got my looks back and women find me attractive again—because my libido has gone through the roof.

I feel free to be as adventurous in bed as I was in my 20s. And I can go for a long time too—women definitely like that!"

"It's not magic, it’s simple science.

I met this really innovative doctor—Dr. Rand McClain—and the guy didn’t write me a prescription or anything.

He just gave me a lot of fascinating new information about my health—stuff I’d NEVER heard from a medicine man before...

...and explained some simple lifestyle changes I can make.

So I followed his advice and a week later, I started to feel much, much better…and after about a month, I felt brand spankin’ new!

And since I’m still following Dr. McClain’s regimen—my body, my dick, my brain—they’re only getting better and better.

I’m sure that the results will plateau at some point, but it hasn’t happened yet"

QUESTION: Was your transformation expensive?
"Well, I booked an appointment with Dr. McClain, so I had to pay for that...HOWEVER, everything he told me in his office is in his online video report.

So be sure to tell your readers that they can just go and watch that—for FREE—instead of booking an appointment like I did.

I only went in person because I wanted to meet Dr. McClain after reading about how brilliant he is!

But as long as you pay close attention to the video, you’ll get the same results that I did."

QUESTION: Where can I find that video?
Go here to watch Dr. McClain’s video presentation

QUESTION: Is this for men MY age?
"It’s helpful at any age. I started my new lifestyle when I was almost 70…

And believe me, I thought I’d passed the point of no return myself—that’s how badly my body had aged.

But I think that if I’d met Dr. McClain 20 or 30 years ago, and started followed his advice when I was still in my prime…

…I probably wouldn’t have gotten to that ugly point in the first place."

I hope Joe answered your questions about his (well, Dr. McClain’s) solution to aging and libido loss!

Of course the REAL answers are in the video he mentioned…

Go here to watch Dr. McClain’s video presentation (free)

And I hope youto use this information to get the PASSIONATE sex-life you deserve;)


Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Feel young again ... in BED (must-see video)

Dear Αngelos,
I’ll have a woman on my hog til’ the day I die.

That’s what my mentor, Joe*, used to always say…

‘Hog’ was what he called his cock—and it made me giggle every time!

And I had no reason to doubt him...If there was anyone that could live to a 100 and STILL be a ladies’ man, it was Joe.

(By the way, Joe isn’t his real name…but he’s kind of a LEGEND in the adult entertainment industry, so I have to protect his privacy).

Anyway, Joe was in his early 60’s when I met him 8 years ago—but he had more energy than most guys HALF his age!

And even though Joe wasn’t an adult film actor himself

...he always surrounded by the HOTTEST girls in Hollywood, and definitely got laid as much—if not more—than most male porn stars!

But Joe didn’t JUST stay in bed with models all day long.

He was a very successful businessman, and worked harder than anyone I’ve ever met.

Plus, Joe worked out EVERY day, ran 5 miles every morning—and on the weekends would go rock climbing…just for fun!

So even though he was considered a “senior citizen,” Joe still looked sexy as hell;)

I always thought Joe was INVINCIBLE…

But then earlier this year, I noticed a big change in his behavior.

Joe used to be the life of every party, but suddenly, he began showing up at industry events less frequently…eventually, he stopped going out altogether.

And whenever I called him to ask for advice, he sounded tired. I could actually HEAR the weakness in his voice…

He never even joked about his ‘hog’ anymore:(

I had to know what was going on. So I asked Joe to meet me for lunch one day…

But when he walked in the restaurant, I hardly recognized him!

Joe had put on at LEAST 15 pounds, his hair looked thinner, his movements seemed sluggish...

And instead of his usual sexy suit or trendy jeans, Joe was wearing pants with an elastic waist…like an old man!

He could tell I was shocked.

“I know I don’t look my best, Shawna. But I’m going to be 70 soon…I guess I just have to accept that I’m past my prime now,” Joe said.
He went on to tell me that his mind had started to feel fuzzy, so he wasn't working as much...

And he DEFINITELY didn’t have the energy to work out or rock climb anymore.

“Well I bet your HOG is as active as ever,” I said, trying to make him laugh.
But Joe just shook his head sadly, “I haven’t had the strength for sex in months...Which is OK, because I haven’t really had the desire either—I guess my libido is past its prime too.

Joe was one of my heros (he was the one who inspired me to start my sex coaching business!)... so it was really hard watching him fall apart:(

After our depressing lunch date, I didn’t see or hear from Joe for more and 2 months.

Then this past Saturday, I got a text from him, asking to meet him in Malibu…

…for a HIKE!

So of course, I canceled my other plans and hurried over.

And once again, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Joe…But this time it was a very PLEASANT surprise;)

Joe was a total stud!

“Shawna, I’m baaaack” he sang, giving me a big hug.
Not only was Joe in shape again—I think he actually looked BETTER than when we first met.

I asked how he did it…and, it turned out that Joe had found out about a new doctor—this guy, named Dr. Rand McClain.

But Dr. McClain didn’t actually treat Joe with any pills or procedures...

He just told him to make ONE (very surprising) lifestyle change…
And within a few weeks of following Dr. McClain’s advice, Joe was a brand new man!

Joe said now felt stronger, more alert, more energetic—and more MANLY—than he had in years.

But here’s what’s REALLY interesting: Not only did Joe feel 15 years younger at work and at the gym…
He also felt 30 YEARS younger in the BEDROOM…
“I’m horny as a teenager and my hog is back in business!
Joe went on to tell me about how strong his libido had gotten… much his sexual performance has improved…

…and, of course, about all of his new girlfriends;)

“Shawna, you HAVE to tell your fans about me, and how I managed to cheat old age…Because they can do it to!” Joe said…
Then he texted me a link.

“Just tell them to go to this website. It’s Dr. McClain’s video seminar…and it’ll explain EVERYTHING, step-by-step.
I promised Joe I would, so here it is:

Click here to watch Dr. McClain’s video
After that, Joe took off running up the trail.

I could hardly keep up…but I was just happy to have my friend and mentor back!

And hopefully, his experience will help you get back YOUR manly mojo;)
Or, if you’re satisfied with your health and sexual performance—then PLEASE share this special link with anyone who does need help in this department.

Usually, I keep my tips exclusive, but Joe says this is a MAJOR breakthrough…and every man deserves to know about it.

Again, here’s the link Joe sent me:

Click HERE to watch Dr. McClain’s video presentation
And let me know what you think...

How quickly did you see results?

How has your sex-life changed?

How much better do you feel after following Dr. McClain’s suggestions?

I wouldn’t recommend this video if I didn’t see firsthand how much it helped Joe.

And I loved hearing about HIS recent sexploits so much...that now I’m dying to hear about YOURS;)