Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sex tips from porn stars (pus pics!)


Yay, it’s Friday…but I’m still recovering from LAST weekend:/

See, last weekend I was in Las Vegas for the annual AVN Awards (it’s like the Oscars of porn).

So I’ve been dying to show you some of the sexy pics I took...

Like this one (that's me!).

PLUS, since I was surrounded by the world’s biggest sex stars all weekend...

I thought it’d be fun to ask everyone for their #1 best sex tip…and then share the answers with YOU!

I think you’ll find these pointers VERY helpful;)

Riley Reid: “Dirty talk! It’s a huge turn on, but a lot of guys are scared to try it. So here’s an easy trick:

Do all the things you normally do in bed—but tell her what you’re about to before you do it…

Like, ‘Time to get those panties off…I’m gonna put my fingers inside you…it’s gonna feel really good…I wanna f*ck you so hard…yeah…you want me to do that?’

A little narration gets girls really wet—women are listeners, haha!”

Gracey Glam: “Dim the lights. We (girls) can be self-conscious about our bodies and that makes us less adventurous in bed.

But when the lights are low, we don’t worry about our flaws or how our body looks… and that gives us the confidence to try new things.

Seriously, low lighting can turn a shy girl into wild child!"

Michael Vegas: “I always drink pineapple juice before having sex—both on set and in real life. It’ll make your load taste sweet, so when you finish in a girl’s mouth she’ll never spit…

She’ll swallow — and then ask for MORE!”

Monique Alexander: "Be versatile. Sometimes I'm in the mood to be dominated by a rough, aggressive man...other times I want a lover that's sweet and sensitive with my body...and every now and then, I just want a guy than can laugh and not take himself too seriously in bed.

So whenever I get a bunch of different sexual experiences from just ONE man...I know he's a keeper. And I never feel the need to fantasize about other guys!"

Ryan Murphy: “Never go straight for the vagina—not even with your hands. Guys, this is for your own benefit!

Tease her with PG-13 foreplay for as long as possible before doing ANYTHING below the belt. Don’t even take her panties off while you’re doing it.

When you finally DO get to her pussy,the lightest touch will make her explode!

Dana DeArmond: "Don’t forget to lick her ass during oral sex!

It’s naughty and exciting…and feels very, VERY pleasant. And since a lot of guys don’t think to go there—you’ll have the honor of introducing her to this amazing sensation.

A girl never forgets her first ‘back-door’ tongue bath!"

Maddy O’Reilly: “If your sex life feels boring and repetitive, here’s the FASTEST way to spice it up:

Just go have sex in a place you don’t normally have sex in! It doesn’t have to be far away, it just has to be different.

Like, if you usually do it in the bedroom…go f*ck in the kitchen, or the bathroom instead. Sex feels 10 times hotter when you change the scenery!”

How great are these tips?!

I’m so happy that my brilliant colleagues took the time to share their secrets with you.

If you try any of the stuff you just read about…let me know how it goes. Seriously, hit ‘reply’ and tell me what worked…what didn’t….and which tips YOU personally found to be the most helpful.

Anyway, I hope all this expert advice has inspired you try something new—or at least got you thinking about sex;)

Have a great weekend!


PS: Are there any tips on this list that you DISAGREE with? If so…why? Personally, I think they’re all spot on, but I’m always open to different opinions. After all, sex can be a very personal thing.

PPS: Here are a few more pics of me and my girls having a blast in Vegas!
       Asa and tori
Tori  alexis  tasha

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

F*ck like a 20 year-old (this is your last chance!)


Have you used the “towel-hanging trick” yet?

Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can make your HARD ONS 3X stronger…and help you last longer in bed?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about…

It’s because you didn’t claim your copy of ’60 Minute Stamina’ yet!

Of course, the “towel trick” is just one of MANY techniques you'll discover in this breakthrough performance enhancing video for men.

In fact, 60 Minute Stamina is the ONLY at-home program that’s proven to help any guy last up to a full hour during sex…

…Or even longer!

And it allows you to get results WITHOUT pills or supplements. So no matter how old you are…

60 Minute Stamina is GUARANTEED to:

*Increase your performance time (so even if you’re with an incredibly hot girl, you WON’T blow your load prematurely)

*Help you give a girl mind-blowing penetration orgasms (So her climax will last longer and feel more intense than ANY orgasm she’s had before!)

* Make YOUR orgasms feel stronger and more powerful

* Give you a SURGE of sexual confidence — that women will notice outside the bedroom (so you’ll become more attractive, more desirable…and get laid more often;)

So I just want to remind you that your ’60 Minute Stamina’ fan discount

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You see, 60 Minute Stamina helps with problems like cumming too fast and weak hard ons

Because it addresses both the MENTAL and PHYSICAL aspects of a man’s performance.

After all, studies show that sexual stamina starts with the brain.

And that’s why 60 Minute Stamina has already WORKED for so many guys.

Plus, like I said…

Not only will this program help you give any woman the most EXTREME penetration orgasms of her life (trust me, she’ll be shocked)…

This program will also increase YOUR sexual pleasure as well…

Because the LONGER you’re able to hold your load…

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Go here to get your ‘fans only’ discount on 60 Minute Stamina today

So please don’t wait to get started.

And don’t worry, the 60 Minute Stamina system may sound advanced…

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Of course, YOU'LL be a more ADVANCED lover once you  finish this program...that much is true!

So get your copy (remember you only have until Thursday)…

And get ready to go all night;)

Oh—and let me know which technique is YOUR favorite.

PS: I just got back from the Adult Video awards in Los Vegas. It was so much fun and I picked up a lot of very HOTTT new sex tips…

I’m gonna share all them with you in the coming weeks, so you better be ready perform them …which means you gotta get your stamina UP, UP, UP!

Go here to get your ‘fans only’ discount on 60 Minute Stamina today

Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to: Screw HARD without blowing your load


Here’s the problem with sex:

You want to make a girl cum every time.

But in order to do have to know how she wants it every time too.

And a woman’s sexual cravings change from day to day (sometimes even hour to hour)!

So, when it's time to f*ck... are you supposed to predict what kind of sex she’s in the mood for?!

After all, a woman usually WON’T come out and tell you. So usually you just have to guess...

But with so many different sex styles to choose from — sensual, playful, raunchy, sweet, etc — the odds are definitely against you.

And when you guess WRONG, your lady doesn’t orgasm...she’s not satisfied...

And she won’t be coming back for more:(

In fact, she might start shopping around for a better lover.

But here’s a little secret that will help you get it right every time:

When in doubt...GO HARD!

You see, a girl’s sexual cravings change when it comes to foreplay, kink vs. intimacy, and so forth.

But strong, powerful, intense PENETRATION (aka "a hard f*ck”)… ALWAYS welcome;)

NOTE: “Hard” sex is NOT the same thing as “rough" sex.

Rough sex just means biting, slapping, and such...

But 'HARD sex' is a fail-proof orgasm technique — that you perform with your cock.

So if you want to give a girl that hard f*cking she yearns for…

* Your shaft needs to be rock-solid the whole time (obviously)

* You have to give her deep, powerful thrusts

* You have to thrust FAST

And most importantly:

You have to MAINTAIN your speed…

Your power…

Your rhythm...

And your wood…

…until she CUMS. might take a while to get there, but it’ll be SO worth it in the end.

Because once you give her that amazing, hard-f*cking orgasm…she’ll worship you like a GOD;)

But the best part is: Even if you don’t know what she wants…

Hard penetration will ALWAYS make up for it.

So even if you make mistakes during foreplay…IT WON’T MATTER!

Because a hard, powerful ride is guaranteed to leave her 100% satisfied every time.

Now, this is a powerful success secret...

But ONLY if you have the stamina to do it right.

After all, for most women, a great orgasm usually takes 20 or 30 minutes of hard penetration.

Sometimes it can even take a full hour!

So you have to be prepared to go the distance...

...without going soft...without getting tired...

And definitely WITHOUT blowing your load prematurely.

Now, for most guys that can be a real challenge.

And your stamina starts going down once you hit 40...

Which makes going hard…even harder to do!

But I have a solution for THAT problem too;)

It’s called ’60 Minute Stamina’—and it’s not a pill or a supplement.

It’s a 'training' program for your cock... (don’t worry, this isn’t the kind of 'training' that makes you sweat or anything!)

You see, '60 Minute Stamina' is a video full of very simple 'mind' tricks

And easy-to-master endurance techniques

That ANY man can use to:

*Significantly increase his bedroom stamina

*Strengthen his cock

*Get harder, longer-lasting wood

* Boost his sexual confidence

* Dramatically improve his overall performance

And of course…to give a girl the BEST hard f*ck of her life;)

Plus, you know 60 Minute Stamina works...because it was developed by world-famous adult film star (and my friend), Marcus London.

And NO ONE knows more about pleasing women than Marcus!

Oh—and he’s generous too.

Because after I told Marcus that I’d be telling YOU about the “hard sex shortcut” this week…

He insisted that I also tell you about '60 Minute Stamina'… that you get MAXIMUM hard-f*cking results!

In fact, Marcus even offered to give you a special discount

Just because he truly enjoys helping people have better sex. Awww=)

Go HERE to claim your 60 Minute Stamina discount (that means BIG savings!)

So remember…

1. You can always ‘cheat’ her unpredictable sexual desires…just by doing her extra HARD.

2. If you currently can’t last more than 15 minutes…don’t worry.

'60 Minute Stamina' is the EASY way to make your cock last longer & stronger—even when you’re going extra hard and extra fast.

3. Right now, you have the opportunity to save BIG on the complete '60 Minute Stamina' video series…

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Go HERE to get 60 Minute Stamina for a special low price

Now, I should warn you: Watching this video may result in very frequent and extremely intense sex...

But I know you can handle it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Shawna sig
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Help...they're ALL so sexy!

Hey Angelos,

Can you do me a favor?

I’m working on a new video — with LOTS hot girl-on-girl action;)

Now, I’ve already picked 3 of the sexy female stars, but I still need 2 more.

And I have no idea who I should choose, because they’re ALL incredibly sexy and talented!

So, would you mind taking a look at the finalists...and helping me decide?

I put all their pics in this email, so you can go through them…

Then hit ‘reply’ and let me know which TWO turn you on the most.

Sound good? Okay, here we go…

Ana Morna
     Anna morna

Chloe Lynn

Veronica Rodriguez
      Hot young sexy squirting babe veronica rodriguez 2

Adriana Chechnik
Adrianachadvert scene huge

Mia Malkova

Dani Jensen
     Slutty dani jensen flashes her sexy body 11716 1

Alexi Texas
      914499 alexis texas

Aren’t they amazing?

I wanna make out with every single one!

But remember, you can only pick TWO of these beauties as your favorites…so choose wisely :)

Anyway, thank you so much for your help, angelos…


Shawna sig

Sunday, January 17, 2016

For older guys who LOVE sex;)


Okay, I have a major update.

So...a few days ago I sent you link to website that can help you feel in peak condition at any age.

After all, women want a strong, manly, high-energy STALLION...

And you can’t be a stallion when you’re not at your best, right?

In fact, I sent the link to all of my guy friends…(go HERE if you missed it)

And guess what?!

Last night I got a very SURPRISING response from a fan in AZ named Daniel…

I just had to share it with you...

Because it turns out that Daniel ALREADY knew about the website…

And he says it made his life go from run-down to X-RATED.

Here’s what he wrote:

Hey Shawna,

Thank you for sharing this website.

For older guys who loooove sex (like yours truly) it is a real godsend!

I actually came across it last year, so I can confirm that this is life-changing stuff.

I’m 57 and for the first time in years I can eat whatever I want and I look good too (if i do say so myself!)

But it gets better!!

Like most “over the hill” men I used to have trouble getting hard.

It became a real problem for me and my wife Jodie. She wasn’t happy and I wasn’t happy.

When we stopped having sex, I decided to get a mistress. I’m not proud of that decision but I was lonely.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because even my attempts at cheating were all unsuccessful.

I’ve been married for over 20 years so I guess I forgot how hard it was to meet women and go on dates and do the whole “romance” thing.

I didn’t have the energy for it anymore!

I also didn’t feel attractive ( I 100% agree with what you said about a man needing to be healthy if he wants to appeal to women).

Anyway, around that time I came across the website. I was just surfing the web one lonely night and there it was.

It was made by a well-known doctor so I though WHY NOT?

Well I followed the docs advice and after that let’s just say that things got better. A lot better.

I just plain felt good, looked good, ate what I wanted, stopped getting sick all the time.

Even my own doctor noticed when I went in for my physical.

But here’s the real miracle: my hard ons came back!

Jodie took notice too. One day she looked at me and said:

“Something is different about you and whatever it is it’s turning me on.”

I took her straight to bed and showed her that there was something different about my dick as well (pardon the lewd detail).

But since then we’ve been doing it like newlyweds. Several times a week at least, but sometimes we do it a couple times in one DAY.

Good thing I’ve got the energy for it now! I don’t mean just for sex either. I take Jodie on nice dates and we take walks together every night.

The romance is back and so is the passion.

By the way, I gave up on finding a mistress because I don’t need one anymore. I get enough action at home!

But if I wanted a new girl on the side I know I could get one :)))

Anyway sorry for the long story.

Just wanted to say that you’re doing a great job and did the right thing by sending your fans to this website. Keep it up!


Pretty cool, right?!

I LOVED reading Daniel’s story ( so he really didn’t need to apologize for it being “long”)

And I hope YOU found it helpful too.

If you missed my last email or need the link again…

Go HERE to access the website

I’m so happy to hear that this information is even MORE powerful than I expected.

So let me know what it does for YOUR body — and your sex life!

I’m getting really excited to hear more success stories…

And if they’re a little naughty…that’s even better;)

Shawna sig

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How To: Stay Healthy for Sex


You know what’s sexy?

When a man takes care of his body.

I don’t mean the way it looks—I mean the way it WORKS...

Well, there’s this free video that’s getting really big on the internet right now…

…about BACTERIA that can help you stay hot & healthy at any age!

It sounds weird, but you HAVE to see it (I put the link at the bottom of this email)

Because being healthy makes you a better LOVER!!

Think about it…

Healthy men more energy for sex.

They don't get distracted by stomach trouble after a romantic dinner.

Being healthy even makes your cum TASTE better (which makes a girl want to give blow jobs more often!).

Plus, when a guy strives to be healthy, women see him as smart…reliable…DESIRABLE…

And this surprising bacteria report can help.

Go HERE to watch the free video 

I thought it was really interesting…what about you?

Hit 'reply' and let me know after you watch it!

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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Please her pussy with the C.A.T (instructions inside)

Dear Angelos,

I’m about to show you an extremely powerful sex move…

But first, a question:

Do you like the ‘missionary’ position?

If you said ‘NO’…you’re a liar =)

Sure, people love to say that the missionary position is “boring”…

I mean, even its name implies that it’s for people who DON’T f*ck for pleasure…

But the truth is…missionary can actually be one of the HOTTEST ways to have sex!

And YES—a girl CAN cum in missionary.

In fact, she can cum extra-hard…and super fast...

…IF you know the simple 'C.A.T' trick that turns “missionary” into “mind-blowing.”

Don’t know it?…Well, you're about to learn;)

The “trick” I’m talking about is the Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T)...

And it’s super simple to perform...

Because all it takes is a slight shift in the angle of your hips and legs…

Plus a special, extra sensual rhythm…

And your girl will immediately experience intense DUAL-ACTION pleasure!

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1 - Assume missionary position as you normally would...penetration and all!

Tip: Put a pillow under your girl’s tush before you mount her. This will make coital alignment easier…and even more enjoyable;)

Step 2 - Prop yourself up just a little onto your forearms…

And line your face up evenly with hers.

Step 3 - Distribute your body weight EVENLY over your partner’s.

Remember to use your forearms, elbows, and knees for support…so you don’t crush her!

Step 4 - Slide your body forward (so your shoulders are about level with her chin)...

But make sure to maintain the same amount of contact with her body—so again, push forward WITHOUT lifting up.

Why? Because this alignment puts the base of your shaft in direct contact with her CLIT…during penetration!

Note: Your cock will probably slide halfway out (or more)…

And that’s okay!

As long as your tip is inside her—or even just grazing her hole—you won’t go wrong…

Because this position is all about the pressure of your shaft on her clit.

Got it? Okay, now it’s time to f*ck;)

Step 5 - Go slow and DO NOT thrust.

It might be temping to just start pumping in and out—since that’s what you’re used to doing…

But the C.A.T is special because it’s different!

So instead of thrusting, move your hips in a slow and sensual rocking motion.

It might take a minute to get the rhythm down…

But if you just think about moving your pelvis forward and back—not up and down…

You’ll quickly get the hang of it!

Cat cut fc

Note: Your girl should synch her hips up with yours—so you rock together…

And for MAXIMUM stimulation of her naughty region, her legs stay close together the whole time.

Step 6 - Keep on rocking and rubbing your bodies until she cums!

What makes the C.A.T position so unique, is that it tends to both her clit and her hole simultaneously…

Plus, it makes for a very INTIMATE sexual experience…

So nearly ALL of the female pleasure sensors are stimulated at the same time…

And that means it won’t take long to make her pussy EXPLODE with orgasmic delight!

And after she does, she’ll be so GRATEFUL, that she’ll do anything to return the favor…

…and will gladly finish YOU off in any position you want…

Or maybe even with her mouth;)

Believe me, the Coital Alignment Technique is a MUST-TRY move.

It’s perfect for spicing things up with your lady…

…or WOW-ing a new lover (to keep her cumming back for more).

Give a whirl and let me know what you think!

Shawna sig
PS: Do you know of any OTHER fun, creative—maybe even kinky—twists on missionary position? If so, hit reply and give me the details. I love hearing about new ways to heat up bedroom ‘basics’;)

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

She;ll do ANYTHING you want (last chance!)

Dear Angelos,

Did you know that even “prude” women actually have lusty sexual urges every day?

It’s true. In fact, a girl typically thinks about getting f*cked, almost every hour!

Sadly, a lot of girls also think that fantasizing about your cock makes them a slut…

So they tend to SUPPRESS their carnal cravings and dirty desires.

And as a result, even the best guys get rejected

…end up sexually frustrated

…or get stuck having infrequent or “vanilla” sex with their lady.

But YOU don’t have to!

Because a few years ago, my team and I found a LOOPHOLE that makes it possible to:

Infiltrate a girl’s buried sexual desires…

Trigger instant arousal (even in a woman that wasn’t interested in you before)…

Even convince a woman to fall in love

And basically make her think—and DO—anything you want!

It’s called ‘Female Mind Mastery’…

And the men who know about it, know that it WORKS

“I’m not rich, I’m not famous, but now I’m rotating 4 insanely hot chicks who love sex. My dick can barely keep up because they want me all the time.”

“My wife never wanted to try new things in bed. Then I used Female Mind Mastery on her (I didn’t think something so easy to do would actually work, but i was desperate for change). Well, I got change alright—my old lady started f*cking me like a porn star!”

“I used FMM to get an amazing new girlfriend. I’m a 5 at best and she’s a total 10. I used to hate guys like me LOL.”

“The woman of my dreams thought I was a loser. So I learned female mind mastery and a few weeks later dumped her boyfriend for me!”

And YOU still have 48 HOURS left to discover this astonishing method…

…which will allow you to penetrate any girl’s heart (and pussy) by effectively penetrating her MIND.

You see, Female Mind Mastery has been locked away for the past few months (because it revealed secrets that some people thought were too powerful—and could potentially be used for unethical purposes).

But in honor of the New Year, I decided to throw caution to the wind and re-open access Female Mind Mastery…for one week only.

PLUS: I decided to let guys on my exclusive fan list - that’s you - access this powerful guide to sexual mind-control at 50% OFF its regular price.

Go HERE to get 50% OFF Female Mind Mastery today

That’s right - you’ll only pay HALF of what other guys pay…

Of course, since very few people know that these classified mind-control techniques even exist...

you’re ALREADY more ‘in-the-loop’ than most men!

And now you have the added advantage of achieving the HIGHEST level of sexual success (the kind of success enjoyed by millionaires and rock stars)…

…at this top-secret ‘fans-only’ price!

But trust me, once you learn the Female Mind Mastery techniques...

And USE them on your wife, girlfriend, or those stuck-up girls that used to reject you…

…you’ll realize that you would have gladly paid ANY price for such a DRAMATIC improvement to your sex life!

Just remember: Since I launched this sale last Friday (you got that email, right?) there are only 48 HOURS left to order.

After that, access to Female Mind Mastery will end indefinitely.

And your exclusive 50% off discount will disappear for good.

Go HERE to get 50% OFF Female Mind Mastery today

So please don’t delay, because you won’t get a chance like this any time soon—maybe not ever!

Now, I have to get back to work…I’m doing a very fun photoshoot with some of my girlfriends!

But I’ll be in touch later this week with some brand new sex tips you definitely won’t want to miss ;)

Shawna sig

PS: Don’t forget—Female Mind Mastery isn’t the only pleasure program you can save on today…

My OTHER breakthrough sexual training course, Female BODY Mastery (which I told you about over X-mas weekend), is also still on sale

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And it’s the perfect companion course to Female Mind Mastery, because once you get inside a girl’s head

…you’ll need to know what to do with her sweet, sexy body!

And Female Body Mastery will teach you to make her cum in ways that NO man ever has before.

Of course, both Female Body Mastery and Female Mind Mastery are extremely powerful on their own—and both guarantee results.

But TOGETHER, these exclusive training videos make for, in my opinion, the world’s most effective way to get ensure you get the girl you want…

…And KEEP the girl you have;)

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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Control her thought and sexual urge

Dear Αngelos,

It’s YOUR turn…

Are you ready to transform your love life?

To enjoy passionate, exciting sex—and a lot more of it?

To become wildly successful with women?

Well, a new year means a new YOU.

And the new you...always gets what he wants!

You see, I frequently get letters from fans wanting to know things like:

“Why do women reject me...and how do I make them say YES instead?”

“How can I make my wife want sex more often?”

“How can I be sure my girlfriend doesn’t cheat on me?”

And so on….

Well, the reason the MAJORITY of men have these questions…is simply because they don’t understand how a woman’s mind works.

But what if I told you there’s a (scientifically proven) trick...

...that lets YOU CONTROL a woman's thoughts and desires?

Well there is!

In fact, this hush-hush method can be used to make any woman desperate to be with with you…sleep with you…even fall in love with you.

And once you learn it, you’ll even be able to FULLY AROUSE a girl that’s:

*out of your league…

*has lost interest in sex…

*has rejected you in the past…

*or even a girl you just met…

...And make her so OBSESSED with you, that she’ll forget other men even exist!

In fact, you’ll be able to turn any woman you want into a loyal girlfriend…or f*ck buddy that’ll come running EVERY time you call…

And you can even use it to transform your wife or long-term girlfriend ...

...into a sex-crazed NYMPHO, that’ll fulfill you every fantasy, anytime you want!

The trick is called 'Female Mind Mastery.'

It’s a program I produced several years ago—starring the beautiful and brilliant sex-ologist, Kirsten Price…

And it’s been proven to help men like you to:

*Have hotter, more adventurous sex

*Have sex more OFTEN

*Seduce ANY woman you want

*Find love, passion, and happiness

*Make gorgeous girls chase YOU…instead of chasing them.

And more….

Now, this program guarantees your success, because it’s the only video tutorial that reveals the “secret to female mind control.”

And it WORKS, because the TRUTH about sex and attraction is this:

Any guy (regardless of age, income, or appearance) has the power to make women see him as desirable, charismatic, seductive, and a mind-blowing lover…

…IF he knows how to tap into a woman’s deep inner psyche.

And mastering the female mind is actually very easy, once you know a few simple—yet highly effective—psychological techniques…

Because these techniques work to PENETRATE the way a girl’s brain is wired…

Allowing you to plant any thoughts…cravings…or desires…that YOU want to her to have.

So, if you want a girl to see you as a sexual parter instead of a friend—she will.

If you want to turn a prude girl into a total FREAK between the sheets—there’s a way to tap into her deepest, dirtiest fantasies.

If you want a girl to ditch her boyfriend, and become your full-time lover—there’s a technique for that too!

In fact, once you complete this comprehensive training course, you’ll know:

* Verbal “arousal triggers” that make a girl want to have sex as soon she she meets you…

* A trick for establishing a deep, romantic connection with any woman in minutes…

* Key phrases that instantly make a woman see YOU as her #1 option…(she’ll automatically start trying to impress you…while you sit back and watch her desperately work for your cock!)

* A trick for shutting down a girl’s “logical brain”…making her UNABLE to reject you (even if she wasn’t attracted to you before)

But the Female Mind Mastery program DOESN’T stop at dating and pickup methods…

You’ll also learn:

*Techniques that make ANY woman’s pussy dripping wet with desire

*’Kink triggers’ that make girls say YES to anything during sex

*A way to convince any woman that she’ll never find a more satisfying lover than you…and make her DESPERATE to keep you.

*The mind-bending trick that’s proven to make a girl think about your cock ALL THE TIME (be careful with this one!)…

And a lot more…

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