Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to make any firl say YES (to anla sex!)

Dear Angelos,

Have you ever made it to "5th base" with a girl?

Obviously, I'm talking about ANAL sex;)

If so, then you know how good it feels, and I bet you wish you got more of it…

And if you've NEVER felt the pleasure of cumming through the "backdoor"…

Well, I bet you're dying to try it, right?!

Either way, anal is AWESOME and we all know it…

HOWEVER, it's also important to do it SAFELY.

Now, as you may remember, I'm currently giving my fans (that means YOU) the chance to discover a fail-proof way to have anal sex with any woman, any time (and how to keep her cumming back for more;)

…Because this week only, Rear Entry Made Easy—the ULTIMATE video guide to getting anal, no matter who you are or what you look like—is on sale for just $25 (50% off)...but only until Thursday, July 30th.

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And guys are jumping on this deal like CRAZY.

So I figured that since so many of my fans are gonna be pleasuring some lucky girl's ass SOON……This is probably a good time to go over some anal sex safety tips.

After all, rear entry is amazing…but like all things that make us feel good, it can be risky!

So here we go...

1) Always, always, ALWAYS use lube! Otherwise your cock will HURT her…it might even cause her to tear and bleed, which isn't fun. So keep your hard-on nice and slippery.

3) Start out slow. You want to penetrate her ass gently and gradually. It's best to insert your cock little by little, rather than forcing it in all at once. It might take a few minutes to get your whole unit in there…but trust me, the pleasure will be well worth the wait;)

3) …And once you're in, don't pull back out until you've both 'finished'!

When you're doing her pussy, you can slip in and out as much you please (like every time you switch positions)...

But that's NOT the case with anal. Girls don't like going through the process of "putting it in" more than once per session.

4) And finally, remember: your cock can go from her front door to her backdoor—but never the other way around.

Okay—now you're officially ready for the ALL the anal action you're going to get using the Rear Entry Made Easy approach!

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It doesn't matter if you've never done it before…or would like to do it more often…or just want to learn how to give a girl her first anal orgasm...

...R.E.A.M is the only GUARANTEED way to make all your anal fantasies come true;)

For example...

If your girl doesn't let you put it in her ass…there's a proven trick to changing her mind!

And it never, ever fails—so you can use it over and over on your wife or girlfriend.

HOWEVER, if you want to have anal sex with a girl you hardly know...

…there's also technique for getting any girl to give up her ass on the FIRST DATE;)

And once you're in there…you gotta make her CUM.

Well…guess what? There's a special technique for that too.

And believe me…even "EXPERIENCED" guys don't know it.

…But it feels so good, that it's guaranteed to make her CRAVE anal all the time (even if she was totally AGAINST it before).

And Rear Entry Made Easy lets YOU learn all of these techniques in the privacy of your own home in just a matter of hours!

It's the ONLY educational program that reveals ALL the tricks and tactics you need for HOTTER, more SATISFYING, and more FREQUENT anal sex.

And THIS WEEK ONLY you can get the entire video series for only $25!

…Just cause I love ya;)

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Or you can NOT order this program…

…and just keep jerking off to OTHER people having anal sex in some porn video.

So where would you rather cum...?

In her ass…or into your own hand??

I know you'll make the right choice;)


PS: Please don't forget that this special sale is happening THIS WEEK ONLY…and I don't want you to have to pay full price for Rear Entry Made Easy down the road. So please, please, please make sure you get your order in before this Thursday, July 30th.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why am I turned on by this?

Dear Angelos,

OMG, there’s something you NEED to see…

But wait until you’re alone, because it’s definitely NSFW!!!

So, there’s this guy who has a TINY cock (he says so himself)…

… yet he’s going around, banging everyone from fat girls to 19-year-old BEAUTY QUEENS!

For real—his name is Julian Foxx…

…and he talks about all his SEX-CAPADES in this weird video I just found online.

AND Julian explains exactly HOW he gets all these women to sleep with him too!

It’s a really SLY trick, by the way—most men would never even THINK to try it.

But as a girl, I can tell you that it’s actually really clever;)

Watch the video HERE

You’ll see for yourself—he NEVER gets rejected. Not once…

He even beds a girl that’s clearly NOT attracted to him at first!

And Julian isn’t exactly the best-looking guy. So if it works for HIM…’ll work for ANYONE!!

I still can’t believe the things I just saw. I think Julian is some sort of crazy GENIUS.

I mean, he barely lifts a finger…and girls swarm all over him!

Oh—and this video is super FUNNY!

It’s kind of raunchy humor (maybe not for overly sensitive types)

… but I think YOU will definitely enjoy it;)

Not only will you learn how to get in any girl’s pants—just like Julian!

…You’ll laugh your butt off too.

HERE is the video

Let me know what you think!!!


PS Remember, this video is NSFW…so careful about where you watch it=)

Τhe "package" all girls want

Dear Angelos,

This is an awkward question, but here goes…

How do you REALLY feel about your cock?

If you said “I wish it was bigger” or “I wish it got harder” or “I wish it looked better"

…Then keep reading!!!!

See, I just came across this scientific study...that says MOST men are NOT happy with their package:(

In fact, a lot of guys are so EMBARASSED about the size and performance of their dick…that they’re TERRIFIED of being naked in front of a woman (even if she’s their wife or girlfriend).

Some guys avoid sex altogether!

Even when they’re super HORNY, they’d rather live with blue balls…than risk being LAUGHED at and ridiculed.

But here’s what’s REALLY WEIRD about cock insecurity…

A man might not even REALIZE that his low self-esteem and lack of confidence in every day situations—like work, social settings, talking to girls, etc…

…is simply because he’s ashamed of his PENIS!

It doesn’t even occur to guys that if ONLY they had a dick they could be PROUD of…they’d suddenly be more CONFIDENT all around…

...and of course, this would also automatically make them much SEXIER to women too;)

It makes sense. After all, your penis represents your manhood—so if you don’t think your cock measures up, it’s easy to feel like less of a man.

For example, let’s say you’re married or have a girlfriend. That’s cool…

But what good is a relationship, if you’re so self-conscious about your cock, that you never have the guts to f*ck her?

Or maybe SHE never seems to be “in the mood” because she can SENSE your insecurity…and is totally turned OFF by it?

Either way, you're not getting laid:(

Now, if you’re SINGLE…it’s even WORSE!

You know your dick can’t compete with that of a well-endowed man…

So you don’t have the confidence to even approach a woman you’d like to date or sleep with…

Instead, you stand in the corner and watch as she goes home with someone that's COCKSURE...someone that's a real man!

Sure, she doesn’t know what he has in his pants yet, but HE does…

And that knowledge is all he needs to be confident, assertive, manly…and GET THE GIRL!

Well, after I found out just how many guys are struggling with this problem…I wanted to find some way to help.

So I poked around online….and came across something AMAZING!

There IS a way to get the confidence of a man who’s HUNG like a HORSE…

Seriously, click HERE to learn how!

And don’t worry, I’m NOT talking about penis enlargement surgery=)

I’m not even talking about a PILL.

What I found, is a breakthrough, PERMANENT solution, for any man who suffers from self-doubt, insecurity, and lack of SEX.

It was developed by a LEADING sexual performance researcher, named Alex Allman…

And his method is guaranteed to make ANY man look down at his dick…and feel like KING KONG!

Follow THIS link to go to his website

This information can literally change a man's LIFE, so you should definitely check it out.

Trust me, your friends will notice there's something different about you...

And all the women you know...Well,let's just say WOMEN will suddenly see you in a whole new light!

So I hope you're prepared for a lot more attention than you're used to.

But I have a feeling you'll be able to handle it;)

Follow THIS link to get started!


Friday, July 24, 2015

How to play my favorite sex game (dirty instruction inside)

Dear Angelos,

I love to play games…NAUGHTY games, that is;)

Don’t get me wrong—sex is the greatest thing ever!

…even BAD sex is still more fun than most other activities, right?!

But what if you could make a good thing even BETTER?

You can. All you gotta do is turn good old-fashioned f*cking…

…into a dirty, GROWN-UPS ONLY, game!

And today I’m going to teach you how to play;)

Oh—and here’s a little secret…

Not only will these X-rated games spice up your sex life…

…They’re also a sneaky way to get your girl horny, even when she says she’s “not in the mood.”

One minute she thinks you’re just having an innocent game night, and the next, she’s riding your COCK!

So here are a few very kinky (and totally FREE) sex games that you absolutely HAVE to try…

Strip Ping Pong
Invite your girl to a game of table tennis.

But instead of keeping score, whenever one of you gets a point, the other one has to take off a piece of clothing…

The challenge is to NOT start fooling around until BOTH of you are completely NAKED!

This way, by the time you’ve finally stripped down to nothing…you’ll both be so HORNY that you’ll probably wanna f*ck there on the ping pong table…

And everyone knows that tabletop sex is always extra HOTTT!

Of course, you can pretty much play “strip” anything—checkers, darts, Monopoly, whatever.

But ping pong is BEST, because it’s more active—so you get to watch her body bounce…

I actually prefer to play this game with girls myself;)

Truth or Dare
I love this one, because it’s not necessarily a “SEXUAL” game…

…but it can take a very EROTIC turn if you want it to;)

And…NO, you’re NEVER too old to play!!!

For example, a few years ago, I went over to this guy’s house. His name Marco and he was really cool…

But we’d only met the night before and this was our FIRST date—so I wasn’t planning on hooking up with him.

Anyway, so I go over to Marco’s thinking we’d just watch TV or whatever…but then he suggested we play Truth or Dare instead.

So we did…and, well…things got hot and heavy VERY fast. And before I knew it, Marco and I were going at it like ANIMALS!

I was like ‘oops, how’d that happen?’ HAHA=) But luckily the sex was really, really good…and we actually dated for almost 6 months after that.

ANYWAY—you probably know the rules, right?

You take turns asking each other “truth or dare?”

…When a person picks “truth,” you ask them any question you want, and they have to give you an HONEST answer.

…When they pick “dare,” you have to think of something for them to DO, and they HAVE to do it!

Now here’s how you make it SEXY:

Whenever she picks “truth,” ask her questions that you know are gonna make her WET…

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in bed?”

“What’s your favorite position?”

“What’s your secret sex fantasy”

“What color panties are you wearing?”

“What’s your biggest turn on?”

You get the idea!

Now, if she chooses “dare,” you should make her do things that get her aroused…

...but DON’T be too obvious about it.

So don’t say stuff like “I dare you to suck my cock.” That’s not very sexy!

Instead, dare her to do stuff like:

Give you a lap dance for 30 seconds.

Sing the national anthem…TOPLESS

Let you suck on her toes.

Lick whipped cream off your bare chest.

Put something weird—but not dangerous—inside her pussy while you watch…like a cucumber, banana, or basically anything that’s shaped like a cock and won’t get stuck;)

Remember, she HAS to do it, or she loses the game—so be creative!

Carnal Cards
This game is super EASY and very DIRTY!

Get a deck of cards and assign a sexy act to each suit…

Spades: Kiss lips

Hearts: Hand stimulation

Diamonds: Oral stimulation

Clubs: Describe your wildest fantasy

Ace: Pleasure yourself (the other person gets to watch!)

King: Sensual massage

Queen: Kiss neck

Jack: WILD CARD (choose ANY one of the naughty deeds listed above)

Then, simply put the deck face-down and take turns picking cards…

Whatever suit you pick, you have to perform the act that corresponds with it on the other person!

Try to go through as many cards as you can, before blowing your load;)

So, now that I’ve told you about MY favorite games...I wanna hear about yours!

Do YOU know of any other fun, dirty, bedroom games? Let me know…

Seriously! I promise I’ll try it…and report back;)

Maybe I’ll even share your suggestion in an upcoming email!

Until next time…keep it sexy, fresh, and FUN in the bedroom=)


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Credit cards declined (24 hours left to get the Attraction Secret)

Dear Angelos,

I found a loophole!!

If you wanted to get The Attraction Secret this week, but didn’t make the cut…you still have a shot!!

But only for the next 24 hours!

Here’s what happened…

As you know, the last few weeks have been CRAZY for me with the launch this revolutionary dating program…

Side note: the guys who got The Attraction Secret cannot stop RAVING about it! It's been so much fun hearing about all of the girls they are meeting and dating =)

Anyway…the limited number of spots FILLED up fast, so yesterday, Cody closed the order page.

HOWEVER…this morning Cody realized that some of the credit cards people used to register with, had been DECLINED.

So those guys did NOT get their copy of The Attraction Secret…

Which means that their spots are NOW OPEN!!!

As of right now there are 13 spots—and one of them could be YOURS!

Get The Attraction Secret
But remember- you have to be one of the FIRST 13 guys to sign up...and you have to do it before this time tomorrow...

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After will be gone FOREVER!!

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Plus there are ONLY 13 spots…and a lot of guys that want them....

And if they fill up BEFORE the 24 hour limit...the site will be taken down even sooner!

So you have to HURRY…

…Or you’ll miss out AGAIN!!!

I expect these 13 lucky guys will soon be stealing girls from the guys that don't know this stuff. Hehe =)

Which side are YOU gonna be on??

I hope you make the right choice =)

Why are you still even reading this? The clock is ticking!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

I cn;t say 'no' to my fans (Attraction Secret update)

Dear Angelos,

I have good news…and MORE good news!

Okay, so first of all...

I’m ALREADY getting RAVE reviews from guys that learned The Attraction Secret—and GOT THE GIRL (or at the very least have a date lined up for this week)!!!
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Not that I’m surprised.

This top-secret dating program has been PROVEN to improve ANY man’s love life…

...and help him attract and date MORE women than ever before!

But if you did NOT get The Attraction Secret yet, then LISTEN UP.

The first 300 spots are now full...HOWEVER, ever since we reached max capacity and cut off access to The Attraction Secret…

I’ve gotten SO many calls and emails from guys saying they’d do ANYTHING to get this program…

People are actually BEGGING me to make an exception just for them!

And I realized that it’s not fair that a lot of  men (who are totally WORTHY of knowing the secret, and truly deserve to find that ‘special someone’—didn’t make the cut.

So, last night I called Cody…and we decided to give 100 MORE people access to The Attraction Secret!
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Now, I know that a LOT of people are gonna be pissed off about this…especially all the girls that didn’t even want us to reveal The Attraction Secret in the first place...

...because they thought men would abuse the power it gave them:-/

But I just can’t say no to my fans…your happiness is my top priority!

So, as of TODAY, anyone that didn’t get The Attraction Secret has one more chance to sign up!

Just keep in mind—the first 300 spots filled up really quickly...

And I expect this BONUS registration period to fill up just as fast, if not FASTER.

So sign up ASAP!!!

Get The Attraction Secret HERE

And don’t worry—even though more men will be learning The Attraction Secret than we’d planned on…The information in this program will still be HIGHLY exclusive.

After all, guys have been registering from all over the world—so chances are, you’ll still be one of the only ones using The Attraction Secret on women where you live.

That said—it’s even more important now that, once you learn The Attraction Secret, you DON’T SHARE IT with anyone, okay?

Otherwise, these top-secret techniques will spread like WILD FIRE!

Get The Attraction Secret HERE

With a program as effective as The Attractive Secret there’s no reason agreat guy like you should be alone=)

Trust, this is the gift that keeps on giving;)

Talk soon!


PS: After this, I don’t know if I’ll be able to convince Cody to give out any more passes (it was hard enough getting her to allow even 100 more guys to learn her secret method)…So please DON'T take this opportunity for granted!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Attraction Secret update (this is unreal!)

Dear Angelos,

Wow,wow,wow… the spots for The Attraction Secret
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The first 100 spots—that include 30 Days of
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Either it helps you get the girl or you don't pay. It’s that simple.

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Trust me, the next time you see a hot girl—and get her phone number without even TRYING—you'll be VERY happy you did ;)

Get The Attraction Secret


P.S. Please be patient if the page loads slow. There is 
just a LOT of activity on the site right now, so it's crawling...
but it works!


Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Attraction Secret is NOW open (access pass inside)

Dear Angelos,

It's finally HERE! The Attraction Secret is now open to the public.

Click the link below to get this BREAKTHROUGH dating program:

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Only the first 300 people to register will be allowed to access The Attraction Secret…

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Get The Attraction Secret
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Are you ready for the attraction secret? (3 hour warning)

Dear Angelos,

You are only a few hours away from learning The Attraction Secret!

Are you ready to start meeting, dating, and SCORING with beautiful women?

…I hope so, because you’re about to become the guy that ALL other men want to be. Don’t be surprised if your buddies start to secretly hate you a little HAHA=)

So here’s what’s going to happen today (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):

If you signed up for my “Early Bird” priority access list:

Be on your computer, with your email open at EXACTLY 12pm PST (3pm EST)…At that time, you’re going to get an email from me with special link to The Attraction Secret!

Even though you’re on the early bird list, you should still register RIGHT AWAY. I did not expect there to be THIS much demand…so even early access spots are gonna go FAST!

If you did NOT sign up for the Early Bird list:

You will get an email from me with a link to The Attraction Secret your at EXACTLY 1pm PST (4pm EST)

Click on it ASAP, because orders are LIMITED, and the early birds got a head start. The longer you wait, the lower your chances of getting this program!

Good luck!!! Let me know if you get in or not, okay?


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Get The Attraction Secret tomorrow (personal instructions)

Well Angelos…

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

The Attraction Secret—Cody Renee's breakthrough program that reveals the world's first proven formula for attracting, dating and keeping the girl of your dreams, is being released at 1pm PST (4pm EST).

But, remember—when The Attraction Secret is released tomorrow, ONLY the FIRST 300 PEOPLE to register will be given access to Cody’s shocking report…

(The powerful techniques you’ll learn are somewhat controversial, and we don’t want to get in trouble for revealing things that SOME women DON’T want you to know)
However, IF you signed up for my “Early Bird” early access list...

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If you have NOT signed up for this exclusive list…it may not be too late!!!

If the link below works, that means there are still spaces available:

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Which is why I want to give you a SNEAK PEEK at what you'll be getting with The Attraction Secret package…

Here come some SPOILERS!!!
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The Attraction
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So if you are on the Early Bird Access list…I’ll talk to you tomorrow at 12pm PST (please be on your computer, with your email open at EXACTLY 12pm PST).
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Friday, July 10, 2015

Τhe truth about kissing;)

Dear Angelos,

You’re just 2 days away from learning The Attraction Secret!!

I hope you’re excited...because I’m SO excited for you!

I’ve been over at Cody’s all week, helping her put all of the incredible, SECRET dating and attraction techniques she discovered, up on a private website...

But yesterday I realized something…

If you’re about to learn The Attraction Secret…that means you’re about to start going on a LOT of DATES!!

That’s why I wanted to share something very IMPORTANT, that will help you prepare for this major life change…

Let me ask you…are you a good kisser?

How can you be sure?

In my experience, most guys are NOT as good as they THINK…

Some are TERRIBLE even…and still, they have NO IDEA.

And they also don't realize that their total LACK of kissing skills…is KILLING their love life!!

You see, kissing a woman the RIGHT way, can make all the difference between having sex on the FIRST date and going home alone…

It’s also a great way to get out of the FRIENDZONE instantly!

And if you're already in a RELATIONSHIP…

…being an AMAZING kisser is what keeps your woman HOT and HORNY for you, even if you’ve been together for years.

But being a bad—or just an “okay” kisser—causes girls to quickly lose interest...

And leads to dull, SEXLESS relationships!

In my experience, one of the most effective ways to make a girl feel sexual PASSION, and DESIRE…

….is KISSING!!!

It sounds so simple, but it’s totally TRUE (it’s even been proven by science)!

That’s why I’ve put together the ULTIMATE kissing guide…

And it’s GUARANTEED to make every date you go on a lot sexier;)

PART 1: Going in for the Kiss
One little kiss can change EVERYTHING.

Which makes initiating a kiss—especially a first kiss—SO nerve-wracking.

But the most important thing to remember is: NEVER let the girl know that you’re nervous beforehand.

Being nervous makes you look insecure—which is a total turn off. So when you finally DO kiss her, she may not be very eager to kiss you back…because you FAILED to put out a sexy, CONFIDENT vibe.

If you make it seem like you're worried about being rejected…

...she'll catch on and automatically start to think there really is a reason for her to do just that (reject you)!

Nothing will make you look more pathetic than leaning in, getting flustered, and backing out…then awkwardly PRETENDING like you didn’t just try to kiss her, Yuck!

So don’t let yourself even THINK about kissing her until the time comes to actually do it.

Then, when you go in for it, COMMIT to following through. Seriously…be confident and just GO FOR IT.

Because, guess what?...Women almost NEVER make the first move.

So chances are she’s just sitting there, HOPING you’ll man up and kiss her already!

Here’s the sequence you need to follow to successfully initiate a kiss (the whole process should take no more than four seconds):

1. Make eye contact.
2. Place one hand gently—yet assertively—on her cheek or under her chin.
3. Put your lips on hers.

Part 2: Technique
Okay, so now that your lips are locked, it’s time to use them to arouse her.

At this stage, keep your kisses SLOW and DRY

…You should NEVER rush into full-on make-out mode, because, believe me, that really grosses girls out!

Use both of your lips (top and bottom) to lightly caress each one of her lips INDIVIDUALLY.

Remember: NO TONGUE…and your mouth should just BARELY open.

After giving her a few of these soft, “introductory” kisses…

PULL AWAY, look into her eyes for a few seconds—then go back to kissing her….

But THIS time, increase the speed and intensity by just a LITTLE.

At this stage you can softly (and briefly) SUCK on each of her lips, and start opening your mouth a bit wider with each kiss.

Part 3: Making Out
During Part 2, your tongue should NOT have left your mouth at any point.

But now it’s time to start using it!

As you kiss her, allow just a bit of your tongue to unexpectedly graze her mouth, in a quick, sideways motion...

…then go back to dry kisses for a few seconds, before slipping her a little tongue once again.

GRADUALLY, increase the frequency of these tongue slips, until they eventually start happening with every kiss.

When that happens, you can stop pulling your tongue back each time you kiss her.

Instead, leave it in her mouth and use it to caress HER tongue, while moving your lips up and down over hers.

Change the speed of this technique OFTEN, so she can’t predict what’s coming next!

By the way…do you know why using your tongue is so important?

It’s because your SALIVA contains testosterone—which, when transmitted to your girl via French kissing—helps to increase her libido!

Trust me, making out makes girls really, really wet!

So even if she wasn’t PLANNING on having sex with you...a proper kiss makes girls suddenly feel a CARNAL urge to f*ck, that we often CAN’T resist;)

Part 4: Using Your Hands
Your mouth may be the star of the show, but even the best tongue-technique won’t make her heart race, if you’re not also TOUCHING her body.

Using your palm to cup her cheek or chin is a great way to START the kiss…

But you definitely SHOULDN'T let your hand linger on her face for more than a few seconds after that.

While you’re still in the “sensual” phase of kissing (prior to making out), move them to down to her shoulders…

Then wrap your arms around her and begin caressing her back.

As things heat up (and your kisses get more passionate), there are LOTS of different places your hands should visit…

Try putting one hand on the back of her head to lightly press her lips even more tightly against yours. That creates some very sexy friction;)

You can also stroke her hair…or up the intensity by giving it a gentle tug at the ROOTS (not at the ends of her hair, like you’re pulling pigtails on the playground!)

And if you’re looking to turn your make-out session into SEX…

...put one hand on her neck (just rest it there! this isn’t the time to choke her—even if you think she might be into that sort of thing).

Then firmly run your other hand down the length of her back…and when you get down to her ass, give it a good SQUEEZE!

This sequence lets her know that you’re getting turned on by her body…which will be a major turn-on for HER, because women love to feel DESIRED;)

Part 5: Mix It Up
A great kisser pays attention to more than just the girl’s lips...

Once things get REALLY hot and heavy, let your mouth travel to other parts of her body.

Women like to be surprised with unexpected kisses on their cheeks, eyes, and forehead…

And if you want to give her instant GOOSEBUMPS, soft kisses on her neck will do the trick every time;)

So now that you know how to kiss…all you need is a girl to make out with, right?!

Well, that’s where The Attraction Secret comes in!

This powerful instructional program will show you how to make a woman interested in you... excited to hang out with you... and even FANTASIZE about being with you!

But don't take my word for it... I want you to use it yourself and find out ;)

This Saturday, July 11th at 11pm PST... 300 copies of The Attraction Secret program will finally be released... and it’s gonna change the lives of the guys who get it...

And GET THIS…Cody has also created 9 BONUS videos, which you’ll get in ADDITION to The Attraction Secret!!

Bonus # 1: One Night Stand Secrets

Have you ever wondered how some guys can go out and get laid whenever they want? In this bonus you'll discover the secrets to going out and getting sex with a new, hot girl, every night of the week!

Bonus # 2: Text Message Mind Control

In this bonus we give you our collection of word-for-word text messages to use in any situation with a woman! Everything from fun, flirty jokes... to how to ask her out... to how to get her thinking naughty thoughts about you and sending you naked pictures of herself!

Bonus # 3: Women Approach You

In this bonus you'll discover a magical secret that makes women approach you first! Use it at a bar, coffee shop, or even at the mall – your friends will be in shock as one woman after another comes up and starts a conversation with you! Requires no special “props” and works even better if you are average looking.

Bonus # 4: Sexual Inception

This is the art of planting a thought inside of someone else's mind. In this controversial video, we'll show you the 7 ways to get a girl thinking SEXUAL thoughts about you.

Bonus # 5: Hypnotic Confidence

This special audio takes you through a simple, 5-minute hypnosis exercise that FORCES nervousness from your body and replaces it with ROCK- SOLID CONFIDENCE women feel and respond to. Listen to it before a date or night out to charge yourself up... then once daily for 30 days to create lasting, permanent confidence that commands respect from men and women alike.

Bonus # 6: Magic Female Mind Reading
Have you ever wished you could read a woman's mind? In this video you'll discover secret tricks used by F.B.I. Forensic Analysts to know exactly what a woman is thinking without her ever saying a word!

Bonus # 7: Friend Into Lover

Have you ever wanted a girl who was only interested in you as a friend? This report details a PROVEN way to not only get her wanting you sexually – but actually make the first move and ask you out!

Bonus # 8: The 4-Word Phone Number Technique

In this short but powerful report, you'll get a top secret technique for getting a woman's phone number that works every time! It's as simple as saying 4 words to her... after which she'll not only give you her number... but text you first!

Bonus # 9: Conversational Secrets
The one thing women want more than anything else with a man is to feel a connection with him. In this special bonus, I show you 3 conversational tricks to use in the first 5 minutes of meeting a woman to spark an intense connection that makes her feel like you are the one for her.

... and those are just the bonuses! The secrets inside the actual program are gonna BLOW YOUR MIND ;)

So if you REALLY want to land the girl of your dreams –then you need to make sure you get in on The Attraction Secret and the bonuses before the 300 spots fill up...

The best way to do that is to get on the special Early Bird List…it’s for my fans ONLY;)

Click HERE to sign up!

Go there and enter your name and email, we'll email you a special secret order link ONE FULL HOUR before the page opens up to the public... so you can reserve your copy before anyone else!

We've had thousands of guys email us about wanting to get it…so make sure you get on this list to give yourself the best possible chance. Then make sure you are by your computer at 12pm PST this Saturday, July 11.

Click HERE to get on the Early Bird list

I can’t wait for you to use The Attraction Secret to get a great girl…

…And WOW her with your kissing skills, of course;)

In the meantime, keep checking your email…more details are coming soon!


PS: What kinds of things do you like for GIRLS to do when you’re making out? I think I’m a pretty good kisser…;) But it always helps to get a guy’s opinion…and maybe I’ll pass YOUR tips along to my girlfriends!

Thursday, July 09, 2015

The girls you'll meet on Saturday (hot pictures included(

Dear Angelos,
I just wanted to send you a quick email about who's in The Attraction Secret.

The main girl’s name is Cody Renee—she’s the one who discovered The Attraction Secret and created this program.

Cody is VERY smart, and knows everything about the science of attraction and relationships between men and women…

But she’s also a well-known model!

You can see another pic of Cody HERE

It's a special early bird page she's put up for my subscribers…so be sure to sign up while you’re there, to make SURE you get a copy of The Attraction Secret, this Saturday.

Plus Cody recruited some of her model friends to help her make some instructional videos (which you’ll see when you get The Attraction Secret).

Here’s Paulina.
She gets hit on ALL the time...

by lots of different men...

...and she’ll tell you what WORKS and what DOESN’T on hotties like her!

This is Erica.
She’s a model, but she doesn’t care about looks.

If you want to win her over, Erica says, “you just gotta have the right moves.”

This Bracha Kruegar.
She tells it like it is...

...and she isn’t afraid to reveal things that most women don’t want guys to know!

Oh, and PLEASE remember to sign up for the early bird list, to make sure you get The Attraction Secret.

We are releasing it to the public this Saturday, July 11 at 1pm PST...BUT guys on the early bird list will be given access a full HOUR before everyone else (only the first 300 visitors will be able to access this amazing program, so it's best to beat the rush!)

Click HERE to get on the early bird list

Talk soon!


Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Your Attraction Secret Questions Answered (plus hot pic of Cody!)

Dear Angelos,

So now that the "cat's out the bag" and people know The Attraction Secret program is being released this Saturday, July 11th… I've had a TON of guys write in with questions…

I wanted to take just a minute to answer the most popular ones now… so here we go!

QUESTION: How do I know it will work for me?

The Attraction Secret works because it takes advantage of a psychological "loophole" in the female mind.

And once you learn The Attraction Secret, it’s super EASY to use on ANY girl you want.

The best way I can describe it is that it’s like CAT NIP for women!

When a guy uses The Attraction Secret, we'll actually chase him and chase him and CHASE him until he's ours…even if our own best friends tell us he's no good for us!

And get this—it makes no difference if the woman is in her 20's or her 50's.

The Attraction Secret plays on a basic emotional need shared by ALL women.

You see, we not only WANT a guy who does these specific things...

But we are actually BIOLOGICALLY PROGRAMMED to choose him over all other men—even over men that are better looking or have more money!

Unfortunately these are also the things that "jerks" usually do to makes women so crazy for them…(I’m sure you’ve noticed that JERKS always seem to get the girl. It’s so unfair, right?!)

But The Attraction Secret method works EVEN BETTER when used by a GOOD GUY… and that's why we're so excited to share it with you!

I can't wait for you to try it out for yourself!

QUESTION: Who is the girl behind The Attraction Secret, Cody Renee?

Great question!

Cody is an old friend of mine who I met at a photo shoot some time ago… we totally hit it off!

She is a mainstream model and has been featured in Playboy, Maxim, Hooters ads, and even on the show CSI: Las Vegas!

What I LOVE about Cody though is, in addition to being absolutely GORGEOUS…she is also super SMART!

Listening to her talk about dating and attraction will BLOW YOUR MIND… I feel like I learn something new about dating every time we talk!

Cody’s DEFINITELY an expert on this stuff, and the best person to trust with your love life!

(This is Cody;))

QUESTION: What exactly is The Attraction Secret?

The Attraction Secret is something Cody discovered after interviewing literally HUNDREDS of women about what makes them attracted to one guy over another!

She found that there are several things that the guys women WANT, do in almost *every* situation…

…And that the guys who get REJECTED don’t even think to do them!

What's really amazing is that all a guy has to do is follow The Attraction Secret system when he meets a woman, is talking to her on the phone, or is on a date with her…

…and she will AUTOMATICALLY start to see him as PRIZE she must have!

QUESTION: What kind of results can I expect?

Upon learning The Attraction Secret and using it when you meet a woman, you can expect:

-Her to suddenly become EXTREMELY CURIOUS about you. She'll be asking YOU questions and wanting to get to know you better… even if you've just met!

-She will immediately start looking at you as potential MATE… meaning instead of sizing you up as a "friend," she will start thinking about what it would be like to HAVE SEX WITH YOU!

And what's really WILD is because of the psychology behind The Attraction Secret, she will automatically assume that you are *GREAT* in bed!

-She will see you as her BEST possible choice… whether it's at the place you've met, or later when she is deciding which of the 10 guys who are calling her to go out with. A guy who knows The Attraction Secret is always FIRST on a woman's relationship prospect list!

QUESTION: When is it going to be ready, and how can I be sure I get it?

The Attraction Secret will go LIVE this Saturday, July 11th at 1pm PST.

At that time, ONLY 300 copies of The Attraction Secret will be released.

There are now 68,544 people on The Attraction Secret newsletter list—it's so CRAZY to me how quickly it's grown…

However, we're limiting access to The Attraction Secret to only 300 passes, because we don't want the technique to lose its POWER.

It is important to us that all 300 guys who get in, have a HUGE advantage with the women they meet.

After all…if EVERYONE knew The Attraction Secret, it wouldn’t be nearly as effective!

And because many parts of this program cover how to date Playboy Playmates and other top models, we don't want the same guys using the same techniques on the same girls.

That way, the lucky 300 guys will get to have these beauties all to themselves!

And the other guys who try hitting on the HOTTEST girls in town WITHOUT The Attraction Secret, will only make the guys who know it, LOOK EVEN BETTER!!

If you want to be SURE you get access to The Attraction Secret—and trust me—YOU DO…

…then I URGE you to sign up for the special "Early Bird" list I've created, here:

Get on the Early Bird list

Again, the main registration page for The Attraction Secret is going to go "live" on Saturday, July 11th …

BUT…if you’re on the Early Bird list, I'm gonna send you a secret order link that goes "live" ONE FULL HOUR before the “official” public release—that way you’ll practically be guaranteed to get in!

I'm going to stop taking sign-ups for the Early Bird List very soon, so go get on it NOW:

Get on the Early Bird list

(If the registration page is still up, that means there is still room)

Then, be by your computer this SATURDAY July 11th at 12pm Pacific time… with your email OPEN to receive your secret link.

And once you register...GET READY!

…Because your dating life is about to change FOREVER

Talk to you soon!!!