Thursday, December 31, 2015

Female orgasm triggers (NSFW)

Dear Angelos,

A naked girl can be very intimidating…

And even guys who’ve been with lots of women and had lots of sex…

...have no idea what a woman’s body truly craves.

Or where to touch it…

Or how to unleash those secret female orgasms (the ones tucked away in dark crevasses most guys NEVER even think to stimulate).

So I thought it’d be fun to test YOUR pleasure IQ;)

Here’s a quick quiz…

1. How do you give a girl the “I.P-60 orgasm”? (Hint: It requires stimulating a specific set of pleasure zones, in a certain order)

2. What should you do with your mouth BEFORE going down on a girl? (Hint: it will make her cum 2x as fast once you start eating her out).

3. Can you name all 16 pleasure zones on a woman’s body?

4. What does it mean to “reverse finger” a girl…and what happens when you do it?

5. A girl will cum instantly when you do THIS to her nipples…

6. What’s the fastest way to make a girl squirt?

7. This “casual touch” can make a girl that’s ‘out of your league’ instantly aroused. Describe the motion.

If these questions stumped you—that’s okay!

Most men can’t answer any of them…

Because this stuff is NOT common knowledge!

But sadly, not knowing it is holding you back from a WORLD of amazing sex...that the majority of guys can only dream about!

Because understanding a woman’s body…

I mean REALLY understanding it…on an orgasmic level…

Is what makes the difference between having a girl “like” you…

…and having a girl WORSHIP you!

Fortunately, you can get all the information you need by watching an educational video called Female Body Mastery.

Earlier this week, I put Female Body Mastery on sale—at a whopping 30% off (which I’m not really supposed to do hehe)

But it’s the holiday season and I’m in a giving mood;)

And if you’re interested in obtaining ‘sexual superpowers’ that most men don’t have…

…you still have until the end of this week to claim your copy!

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In fact, this confidential crash course will give you an instant advantage over 99% of men…

You’ll even become more desirable than guys who are better looking….younger …wealthier …or have more experience with women!

And you won’t believe how EASY it’ll be to get laid…

…or how many of your sexual fantasies (even the really dirty ones) women will be eager to fulfill.

Even a prude housewife can easily be turned into a naughty schoolgirl, that’s desperate to please…

…simply by tapping into her secret ‘sweet spots’ (which have been proven to unleash any woman’s wild side;)

Of course, I’m keeping this information exclusive, by making the 30% discount available to my fans ONLY…

So you won’t to worry about any competition =)

Now, if you’ve already acted on this special offer…


You’ve now joined the elite 1% of men who know the truth about every cook and cranny of a woman’s body.

You’ll even discover secret sweet spots most women don’t know they have…

So imagine the look on a girl’s face—and the wetness of her pussy

…when you unexpectedly trigger one of these hidden erogenous zones;)

And if you’re HAVEN’T signed up for the Female Body Mastery video training program…

What on earth are you waiting for??

It’s fast, it’s simple, and it WORKS (or your money back)…

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By putting together the most comprehensive guide to female pleasure…

…my team of sex coaches and I have already done most of the work for you.

And our breakthrough teaching method, finally makes it possible for any man to master the world’s most ADVANCED orgasm and arousal techniques.

So now all you have to do is order…watch…learn…

And get ready to be handsomely rewarded for being such a good student!

Oh, and one more thing—you have to let me know what happens when you put your new skills to use…

Seriously, I want EVERY detail…

From arousal…to foreplay…to orgasm…after orgasm…after orgasm…after orgasm…;)

Shawna sig
PS: To answer your question: Yes, Female Body Mastery is guaranteed to work for ANY man—no matter how old you are or what you look like. I’ve even known guys in their 80’s that got amazing results!

But like I said, this program is ADVANCED, so you should have some level of experience with women prior to taking the course (even if it’s just seeing pictures of videos of a naked woman). Otherwise, you may find some of the stuff in Female Body Mastery a little…shocking.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Angelos Angelos MERRY X-MAS (holiday special)

Dear Angelos,

Girls love to talk…about YOU.

Seriously—it doesn’t matter if she’s your wife, your girlfriend, or a girl you hooked up with one time…

The bottom line is: Every time you have sex with a woman…she gives her girlfriends a FULL review of your performance the next day!

So if you turn her on, give her intense orgasms, and really rock every inch of her pussy…

…ALL of her friends are going to know what an amazing lover you are.

In fact, her friends will secretly start wanting to sleep with you too!

(I’m not suggesting that you take advantage of their desire…but it WILL be an option ;))

Of course, all of these perks can only be yours if you truly give a woman what she needs…

And do it BETTER than any other man she’s been with…

And even she’s never slept with anyone but you…eventually, you’re going to have to start topping your OWN performance…

Because women get desensitized to a guy’s moves very quickly (even if they’re good)…and need new kinds of simulation to stay satisfied.

And if a man doesn’t satisfy?

Unfortunately, girls are just as willing to DESTROY a bad lover’s sexual reputation, as they are to brag about a man that blows their mind.

Sorry—we can’t help it!

It’s in our nature to share everything with our girlfriends…

Even if that means letting them know that you’re:




Unfamiliar with important erogenous zones…

Or are just plain BORING in bed!

So the harsh reality is: If you lack certain sex skills,  it will eventually ruin even a strong relationship or marriage...

But what’s even worse, is that once word gets out (and it will)…you’ll wind up on the sexual blacklist

And you’ll run the risk of repelling women before they even give you a CHANCE!

It happened to my friend Chase not long ago.

And it was totally unfair too, because Chase is a really awesome guy…

But after his girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend), Penelope, got fed up with his limited knowledge of everything from foreplay…

…to breast simulation…

…to cunnilingus…

…not to mention the fact that Chase knew only 3 different ways to make a girl cum.

She blabbed about it to all her friends…who told their friends…

And before long poor Chase (now single) couldn’t even get a date—let alone a new girlfriend:(

I told Chase he should try going out to bars in the next town over, or try to meet new girls online…

And he did…but still kept striking out.

So I offered to go out with him one night—as his ‘wing woman’—to help figure out what he was doing wrong…

Well, long story short, when I saw Chase in action, it became pretty obvious:

When Penelope called him out for being less-than-great in bed…it totally shattered his confidence.

As a result, Chase gave off such an insecure vibe, that girls could actually they could SENSE that he wouldn’t be able to fully satisfy their sexual needs...

...just by talking to him!

I felt really bad for Chase—he was smart, funny, and not bad-looking…

Then I it hit me. My Female Body Mastery training program would be perfect for a guy like Chase…

Because, you see, this program isn’t for beginners!!!

It’s for men who need to take their sex skills to the NEXT level…

…and want to FULLY master the female body!

Now, like all of the sex-training programs I develop, Female Body Mastery (FBM) features female sex-coaches, who really understand the science behind sex and attraction…

But the best part is that this program is guaranteed to turn your performance up to a “perfect 10”…

So FBM is just as beneficial for a guy who is currently an “8” in bed…as it is for a guy that’s at level “2”.

In fact, that’s what makes Female Body Mastery such a BREAKTHROUGH in adult sexual education.

You see, very few men—if any—are born with the sexual savvy of a “perfect 10” lover…

And no matter how many X-rated movies you watch, or books you read, or what your buddies tell you…

…You’ll never TRULY master the female body—unless a professional female sex expert shows you how to do it.

Which is why the techniques you’ll learn in FBM are known by only 1% of men worldwide!

And yet, women are hopeless romantics…

So despite the odds, we refuse to be satisfied by anything less than that “perfect 10” we fantasize about (no wonder, most guys can’t the spark alive in their relationship—or in some cases, even get laid).

Well, FBM helped Chase join the elite 1%—in less than a week!

In fact, 4 days after finishing the FBM program, Chase used the tactics in it seduce one of Penelope’s really good friends....sleep with her on the first date...

And make her cum over and over (even giving her the elusive “full body orgasm”)!

Now Chase is the talk of the town and practically beating girls off with a stick =)

But today isn’t about Chase…it’s about YOU…

See, I want more of my fans to join the 1% of men who:

NEVER get rejected…

NEVER disappoint…

NEVER get stuck in a stale, sexless relationship…

And ALWAYS receive rave reviews after a night of passion.

So, even though my production company doesn’t want to me put such an ‘exclusive” program on sale to the public…

…I’ve decided to let my my fans (that’s you) have Female Body Mastery at 30% off it’s regular price!

Think of it as a belated XXX-mas gift;)

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Now, there are only 2 DISCLAIMERS:

#1 The information in this program is INTENSE and may be shocking for some men to learn…

But more importantly: The techniques you discover will likely SHOCK any woman you use them on—because, like I said, very few men have ever fully mastered the female body.

Which means that most girls have NEVER experienced orgasms as powerful or as long-lasting…

…as the ones you’ll induce after completing the FBM video training course.

So just be warned, your girl might freak out from the unexpected amount of pleasure!

#2: This special 30% off discount is valid through this week only (otherwise I'll get in trouble)...

And copies will be selling fast.

So if you wanna become the “perfect 10” that every girl fantasizes about…you gotta get your order in ASAP!

Go HERE to get 30% off Female Body Mastery

Think of it this way—if you get FBM today, you can be among the 1% by New Years.

Personally I think you deserve to make 2016 your luckiest year ever.

And with some advanced FBM training…I know you have what it takes!

Shawna sig

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Report: Top 5 orgasm killers

Dear Αngelos,

Don't let bad sex ruin the holidays...

After all, what your girl REALLY wants is big juicy orgasm...

So please pay attention to this special report I've put together... keep your bedroom gift from becoming a bedroom GAFFE!

The Top 5 Orgasm Killers (and how to make sure she has one every time)

Killer #1) Putting on the pressure when you should be turning up the heat

I'm sure there's plenty of naughty things you wanna try...

Sadly, a lot of guys pressure their girl to do things that they're not comfortable with...which TURNS US GIRLS OFF!

To get a woman to climax, you need to BUILD HER UP to it.

And the best way to do this is to hit all her known hot spots...

So make sure you warm up by playing with and licking her hot spots in this order:

• Lips and tongue
• Shoulders and Neck
• Breasts and nipples
• Thighs and outer lips on her vagina
• Clitoris

Make your way around these pleasure centers and she'll DEFINITELY end up having a wildly intense "o" during your lovemaking session...maybe even before ;)

Killer #2) Mindless Talking vs. Dirty Talking

Dirty talking is always a great way to turn up the heat in bed...

But nothing can kill a girl's orgasm faster than talking about something OTHER than sex.

Women are typically more distracted during sex than men are...

So if you bring up anything other than how HOT she looks or how GREAT it feels to be inside her...'ll very likely throw her off to the point where she can't concentrate on the sex...


Girls usually spend a lot of time in their heads during the deed...

So to make sure you keep her focused on how AMAZING the sex and send her off with an intense climax...

Say things like:

• "Wow, Baby, it feels soooo amazing to be inside you."

• "Oh my God you look SO FUCKING HOT the way you ride me like that"

And avoid saying things like:

• "Wait, do you have to be somewhere right now?"

• "Are you comfortable right now? Do you want me to open a window or turn on the air conditioning?"

Killer #3) "Did you cum yet? Are you close? How bout NOW?"

Now it's one thing to say things like, "Oh you like that?" or "How does that feel, baby?"

But it's quite another thing to INTERROGATE HER about having an orgasm!

Like I said earlier, women can have a really difficult time cumming...

And when it comes to getting us there, our BIGGEST turn-off is feeling PRESSURED to do so.

Instead, talk to her about how badly you WANT to make her cum...

...and how you can't WAIT to feel her pulsating around your hard dick.

This will definitely do the trick in finally sending her over the edge if you REALLY wanna see her scream and squirm in delight ;)

Killer #4) The All-About-YOU Show

Women sense when a guy isn't focused on HER during sex...

Sadly guys can get into this groove where they're humpin and pumpin away...without ANY REGARD for the woman's enjoyment!

I mean it's get into this're trying to concentrate on not cumming too fast...

But pretty soon you've lost sight of the whole point of it all...which is having a hot and wild time with HER.

So to avoid getting TOO self-involved during sex...and ultimately RUINING any chance of making her cum:

Take the time to look into her eyes, kiss her all over, caress her body, and ask her how she's enjoying herself!

These simple moves go a long way into giving her a long and strong finish =)

Killer #5) Going so fast she can't catch up!

Women aren't meant to be pounded hard and fast...RIGHT AWAY.

I know you probably wanna get RIGHT TO BUSINESS once your "guy" is up and ready to rock...

...but if you don't take the time to get her wet, juicy, and ON THE VERGE OF CUMMING...

It's very likely she won't.

The key to giving her a wild "o" is to keep her as wet and horny THROUGHOUT your entire session...

So make sure you slow things down by going down on her or letting her get on top and take over...

This will build her up into an orgasm...and GUARANTEE that you have her screaming wildly in as many "o"s as you're willing to give her hehe

And there you have it!

In sum, these are the things you DON'T wanna do the next time you're with her:

• Insist she does things she's not into

• Distract her from the moment at hand

• Pressure her into having an orgasm

• Concentrate only on YOUR pleasure

• Rush into fast-paced sex

Those are the top orgasm killers...

So get started on taking these 5 suckers out of your session...

...and lemme know how CRAZY her orgasms get once you do!

Happy holidays;)

Shawna sig

Friday, December 18, 2015

4 Sex tips (for REAL men only)

Dear Angelos,

All women are different...but there's ONE THING
Dear angelos,

All women are different...but there's ONE THING that they all want and CRAVE when it comes to sex...

Which is a REAL man ;)

And unless you know exactly what it takes to be the kind of man that EVERY single women is fantasizing about...then you can be sure she'll get bored pretty FAST.

So here are the 4 "manly" things that EVERY woman wants from the guy she's sleeping with...and what you have to do to get praised and worshipped for many nights to come =)

Wish #1) Get Perverted!

Did you ever notice how super pervs like "The Situation" always seem to have hot girls crawling all over them?

The reason that's the case is because nice guys are too busy trying to be polite and sweet to women...

While the "rude guys" are noticing AND TELLING your girl how hot her legs look in that skirt...

Which actually makes her feel sexy and desirable even if she acts repulsed by it!

Your girl wants you to notice her cleavage in her new dress and grab her butt when she bends over...

...because it means you think she's irresistably sexy.

So next time you're in bed, don't hesitate to be more grabby with her naughty parts...and be sure to tell her how HOT you're getting just from looking at her...

She'll definitely get even hotter and wetter for you once you unleash your inner pervert in bed ;)

Wish #2) Master The Art of Chivalry

A real man knows how to be chivalrous...and I'm not talking about opening doors and picking up the tab either.

I'm talking about wining and dining your girl's SEXUAL appetite...something even a lot of "gentlemen" have no clue how to do!

Too many guys nag girls for sex and always want her to try things THEIR WAY...

But a REAL gentleman knows how to put his girl's sexual needs FIRST.

Your girl wants you to be THE MAN by knowing how to REALLY get her juices flowing, by knowing exaclty what buttons to push, by making her cum first...and by making her cum HARDER than any man ever has.

Once you know exactly what it takes to get the job can be sure to get anything YOU want in bed for plenty of nights to come ;)

Wish #3) Be Dark and Mysterious

There's a reason women are drawn to the strong and silent type...

It's because they don't know what to expect with them!

And when it comes to being the man in bed...girls get so hot and wet for the guys with secret tricks up their sleeves.

Women get bored with sex when it becomes predictable and when they know exactly what to expect.

So in order to pull off the manly mysterious look, make sure you're up to date on the hottest, steamiest ways to push her pleasure buttons when she LEAST expects it...and make her cum in ways that she NEVER knew possible!

Wish #4) Acquire A Special Skill In The Sack

Men with highly specialized tasks ALWAYS get the girls....just think of how CRAZY women go for rock stars, quarterbacks, and JAMES BOND.

The reason women can't resist these guys is because not EVERY GUY can be them...these men are the ones that live on the edge and take risks when other guys WON'T...

These are the guys that have the skills that make them IRREPLACEABLE by any random average Joe...and THAT'S the guy you need to be!

Just think...did Mick Jagger or Tommy Lee have stand-ins if they couldn't perform?

No because NOBODY could do what they did.

And that's exactly what your girl wants out of you when it comes to sex...

So make sure to remember these 4 manly rules the next time you're with a woman...

And I promise that she'll finally see you as The Man that she's always wanted...

...and do everything in her power to keep YOU around...

...insteading of making you do all the work!

Shawna sig
P.S. - You're always asking for here's one of me having some fun with a friend;)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Don' t tell your friends (extreme bedroom endurance)

Dear Αngelos,

Women heat up when the weather cools down…

Seriously, something about these cold winter nights get us VERY horny!

Even here in L.A, where it never actually gets that cold...

...a 10 degree temperature drop is enough to make me crave a man’s touch ;)

So YOU better be ready.

Because, when it’s rainy or snowy outside…

…what else is there to do but spend the night (or maybe the whole day) having hot, hot sex?

Now, you might already have a special lady in or life - or a reliable f*ck buddy - to pleasure this winter.

Or maybe you’re single and looking for a new cutie (this is a great time of year to find love, so I have a feeling there’s going to be a naked girl in your bed very soon!)

Either way, you gotta be prepared to go the distance…especially during the cold winter months.

I’m talking about stamina.

Unfortunately, a lot men can’t stay hard long enough for their girl to have even 1 orgasm...

...let alone the intense back-to-back orgasms every woman yearns for.

And it’s not just older guys that suffer the embarrassment of: Cumming too soon…

Weak wood…

Or a shaft that goes limp too quickly.

Of course, the chances of having stamina problems are much higher if you’re over 40…

But young guys have them too!

For example, a few years ago some of my girlfriends and I decided to go on a weekend ski-trip to Aspen.

It was supposed to be girls ONLY…

…but the week before we left, my friend Angelina met some new guy - Sam - and insisted on bringing him along.

Anyway, soon as we got to Aspen, the town was hit by a huge snowstorm.

So instead of skiing and going out, we were basically trapped inside our hotel :(

Of course, Angelina was pretty happy about this - because it meant she and her new beau could spend all day between the sheets…

So they went straight to their room and hung the “do not disturb” sign on the door.

But there was just one problem:

Same - who was only 39 at the time, mind you - had pretty low endurance.

The first time they tried to do the deed, he blew his load DURING FOREPLAY…

Angelina thought it had to be a one-time fluke, so they had a cup of hot cocoa in bed…

...and decided to try again.

This time, Sam was able to last long enough to actually get his cock into Angelina’s pussy…

But his hard-on went soft in LESS than 5 minutes!

After that, Sam was too embarrassed to give it another go.

And needless to say Angelina was super disappointed….

…because this meant that she was gonna be stuck with this guy - and no pleasure -for the next 48 hours!

She tried to make the most of it. They talked, watched TV, played cards…

But all Angelina could think about was that orgasm she DIDN’T have.

(Remember: There’s a female equivalent of blue balls - I call it “hungry pussy”- and yes, it can physically hurt when a girl gets turned on but doesn’t cum).

So between Angelina’s bad mood and Sam’s bruised ego, things between them were pretty tense.

They started bickering, which turned into fighting, and before even one full day had gone by…Sam and Angelina flat-out HATED each other!

In fact, only 4 hours after the happy couple told us they were going to their room for some “alone time”…and pranced away holding hands…

…I got a text from Angelina:

“OMG this is NOT working out. Sam’s cock is broken or something and we can’t stop arguing. Gotta ditch him. Where r u guys???”

Long story short, Angelina DID ditch Sam, and hung out in our room for the rest of the weekend…

And they never saw each other again.

I felt bad for her - and for Sam - but at least it turned out to be a fun girls-only trip after all;)

Moral of the story: You never wanna be stuck in a confined space with a sexually frustrated woman!

In fact, a weak penis is bad news for your relationship in ANY situation.

Luckily, there’s a proven way to keep low stamina…limp wood…or lack of control over your loads…

…from ruining your sex life.

Of course, I’m talking about Mega Endurance - the only male supplement that’s guaranteed to keep you going at full speed for up to 45 minutes at a time!

I told you about this extremely powerful formula in my last email…

So today, I just want to remind you that you still have until the end of tomorrow (Sunday, Dec. 13th) to get your supply of Mega Endurance at 50% OFF its regular price.

Go HERE to get your 50% discount on Mega Endurance

This special deal is for my fans only, so please don’t share the links in this email…

Because if a guy has the opportunity to:

*Dramatically increase the length of his performance

*Have a firmer, more solid member

*Make their shaft feel more powerful during sex

*Feel like a younger man in bed

…for only HALF of what this amazing transformation would normally cost…

…and with ZERO side effects or health risks…

There’s no way he’d turn it down, right?

And if too many men have access to this deal…there’s no way the makers of Mega Endurance could fulfill every order.

They'd run out in less than a day!

Go HERE to get your 50% discount on Mega Endurance

You see Megan Endurance contains extremely potent natural ingredients - and is carefully made in small batches to ensure top-quality results.

So their inventory is always somewhat limited…

And even though I have nothing against your friends, I want to make sure my FANS get it first...

That way you don't have to worry about seeing a big fat SOLD OUT on the order page!

So please don’t pass this email around, ok? Thanks!

And I have one other rule: Once Mega Endurance transforms your shaft into a pleasure power-tool…
You have you promise me you’ll use well…and use it OFTEN…

Because women need a guy that can last;)


Have YOU ever been snowed in with your lover? Was it a disaster, like Angelina’s? Or was it a round-the-clock sex fest? Hit ‘reply’ and tell me all about it =)

PPS: Don’t forget the 50% discount on Mega Endurance is only valid until the end of the day on Sunday, Dec. 13th (that’s tomorrow!)…so please make sure to get your order in asap!
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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Can't stay hard? Try this...

Dear Angelos,

In my last email, I showed you how to make your cock feel BIGGER during sex…

And since then, I’ve gotten a lot of letters from very happy men...who’ve been using my expert size-boosting techniques - and enjoying the results;)

But I’ve also been getting a lot of messages like this one from Charlie in Montreal:

Hey Shawna,

Great tips! My girlfriend was very (pleasantly) surprised by how large my penis felt when I used them.

But in that email you also mentioned that there are some foods and supplements that can increase a man’s sexual endurance.

Could you elaborate on what those are?

A big dick is definitely a plus, but it can’t make up for low stamina in bed.

I’m not saying I’m a 2 pump chump every time, but lately, it’s been happening more and more often (probably has to do with getting older).

I can tell how disappointed my girlfriend is very time I cum too quickly, or my dick just gets tired and goes limp before she can orgasm.

She tells me it’s not a big deal, but it’s embarrassing and makes me feel like less of a man. I believe that a REAL man should satisfy consistently.

I’m desperate to fix my performance and would really appreciate your help.

Well, since so many guys wrote in this question last week…

I’ve decided to help ALL of my fans increase their sexual endurance!

And in my experience, the best remedy for a cock that cums too fast…or goes limp way too quickly…

…is a male supplement called Mega Endurance.

The name of this powerful, all-natural formula says it all.

Simply take it every day as directed and soon you’ll be enjoying:

*Increased blood flow for firmer hard-on

*Long-lasting erections that don’t wilt until YOU decide cum

*More energy in bed - so you can go for long periods of time without slowing down, getting winded, or having to ask your girl to ‘get on top’
*More control over every sexual situation (from foreplay to deep penetration)
*Improved mood and decreased anxiety (which is a leading cause of firmness and stamina issues)
*The ability to get hard rock hard in seconds

And when your lady starts getting used to your turbo-charged shaft…

OR you want to shock a new lover with even more pleasure…

You can pop an additional capsule 30 minutes before any “special” occasion...and give your already-enhanced cock an EXTRA big boost of endurance.

Now, benefits can be expected within 2 weeks—and your results will continue to become stronger and more intense over time.

But many users notice a significant improvement after just a few DAYS!

That’s because Mega Endurance relies on a unique blend of ingredients, which was discovered by adult-film legend, John Lawrence…

...after low endurance nearly ruined his career AND his love-life.

So when you add Mega Endurance to your daily health regimen…

You’ll be fortifying your cock with the exact same formula that gave John the rock-hard erections and all-night stamina, that he needed to stay in the industry…

…and avoid getting dumped by his sexually frustrated girlfriend (he broke up with her a few years later - but that’s beside the point).

I should also add that this supplement is just as important for men who have ‘occasional’ low endurance…

As it is for guys who cum too quickly every time.

Because once you start blowing your load prematurely (even if it happens infrequently), it doesn’t take long for it to become a persistent issue.

For some men the problem escalates very rapidly and for others it’s a bit more gradual.

But either way - if you don’t take action as soon as possible - low endurance will destroy your sex-life!

Fortunately, Mega Endurance is designed to significantly improve a man’s performance at ANY stage of endurance loss.

So whether you need to bring your cock back from the dead…

Or simply ensure that you NEVER have an “off-night”…

This is supplement is guaranteed to give you the results you’re looking for - without any side effects or health risks.

In fact, today many of my friends…costars…and guys I’ve dated… SWEAR by Mega Endurance ;)

And since my last email generated so much demand for a way to last longer in bed, this morning I called John…

…to ask if he’d be okay with letting my fans try his amazing formula at a special insider price.

And as you may know, John genuinely loves helping his fellow man - so he gladly offered to give you 50% off!!!

Go here to save 50% off Mega Endurance

After all, you probably know that “thinking about something else” isn’t effective when you’re inside a girl’s wet, eager pussy…

Plus, it makes YOUR sexual experience less satisfying.

Luckily, with Mega-Endurance you don’t have to rid your mind of dirty thoughts, to avoid finishing too fast (which never works anyway)…

And you can say goodbye to the embarrassment of losing your hard-on halfway through…

(not to mention, you can say goodbye to that look of disappointment on a woman’s face!)

And right now you can experience the Mega Endurance promise of sky-high confidence and enhanced sexual satisfaction for HALF the price.

Go here to save 50% off Mega Endurance

But here’s the catch: John will only be running this 50% off sale until the end of this week.

So if you want to enjoy exclusive fan savings on the most extreme endurance boost a man can get…

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I hope this email has answered a lot of your questions - made the sex-life you deserve more affordable!

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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Add incjes to your manhood (8 fast-acting tips)

Dear Angelos,

When was the last time you measured your manhood?

Come on, I know ALL guys do it;)

But I never really understood why.

After all, size doesnt matter...well, not that much.

For example, my friend Hannah just started dating a guy with something called a “micropenis” (definition: a cock that’s 2 inches or less when erect)…

…And she can’t stop RAVING about how good the sex is!

I don’t know how he does it, but his 2 inches feel like 12 every time we do it!” she told me the other day.

So I let Hannah in on a little secret: A few sex-savvy men out there know how to make their shaft feel HUGE during sex…

…whether it’s 2 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches…

And these tricks even work to make a meaty 9-incher feel BIGGER.

Well, today I’m going to teach you exactly how it’s done!

After all, girls don’t care about size…they care about SENSATION.

In fact, if you don’t regularly create the illusion of increased girth and length, even a large penis can start to feel tiny to woman you’ve been with for a while.

And a small cock can be a major setback from the get-go—but only if it FEELS small.

Fortunately there are a few sneaky techniques that can instantly make your shaft feel—and even look— more massive...

Hope you're ready to take notes;)

1. Add a Finger
Dim the lights and pick a position that doesn’t explicitly showcase cock-in-pussy contact…and luckily a lot of very hot positions don’t!

(I particularly recommend missionary, doggy-style - or some version of “from behind” entry , or even reverse cowgirl.)

Then, use your hand to guide your cock inside her like you normally would…

But tilt your wrist so that 1 or 2 (maybe even 3 or 4!) of your fingers slip inside her pussy along with your shaft...

...And keep your hand on your shaft (and fingers in her pussy) the entire time you’re f*cking her.

Your fingers will add a LOT of very pleasurable girth and length to your cock—giving her the exact same sensation she’d get from a massive member.

PLUS, your fingers can move in ways that a penis can’t.

So if you bend them, twist them, spread them apart, etc…’ll be able to hit more of those hidden sweet spots inside her pussy!

Which means that your every thrust will feel intense, exciting, and give her more pleasure than even the biggest shaft ever could.

Now, even though it’s easy to keep this trick a secret from your girl (seriously, she’ll be too turned on to check and see what’s actually going on down there)…

…you actually don’t HAVE to hide your fingers.

Because for most women (myself included) the idea of being finger-f*cked during penetration is very titillating…

…and definitely not something you should be embarrassed about doing!

In fact, WATCHING it happen is actually very erotic;)

2. Put a “Plug” in it
A girl doesn’t have to love anal sex to be excited by a little “back door” exploration.

So if you gently slip a digit (index or middle finger) inside her bum during sex...chances are it’ll be very well-received;)

And that’s good news for YOU.

You see, light anal penetration doesn't' just feel naughty, exciting, and super arousing to a woman…

It also makes your penis instantly feel THICKER in her pussy!

That’s because when you use your finger to fill up some space in her “back door” tunnel, it creates less room up front….

So her will vagina instantly feel TIGHTER—and as a result your cock will feel BIGGER in it.

This trick is a real double-whammy for female pleasure…

Because it combines the thrill of a finger in her ass…with the sensation of a larger shaft in her pussy!

3. Trib
You’ve probably seen tribbing (also called “scissoring”) in girl-on-girl videos—if not, it’s is when two women grind their clits together to achieve orgasm.

And believe me, tribbing feels so GOOD that even straight girls who’ve tried it will tell you that it made them forget all about men for a minute;)

But tribbing is actually a technique that men can use too.

In fact, I wish guys would use it more often—even if they’re well endowed. Of course, tribbing is EXTRA helpful if your cock happens to be on the smaller side.

It’s very easy to do...

Rather than thrusting your penis in and out of her hole, use your shaft on her CLIT instead.

Be sure to frequently change up the amount of pressure on her clitoris—as well as the speed you grind down on it.

You should also switch between sliding your cock up and down...side to side... and in a circle against her pleasure bud…

And a smaller cock gives you an ADVANTAGE—because it lets you transition more smoothly between each of these motions.

In fact, in order to really mimic that sweet clit-on-clit sensation, it’s actually better to NOT be fully erect while tribbing...

So this technique is great when you just can’t seem to get hard…or you’ve had too much to drink;)

Now, tribbing is great foreplay—but I recommend doing it until she CUMS!

It might take a little longer, but the mind-blowing clitoral orgasm your girl is guaranteed to have will make it worth your while...

Because she’ll start to see your cock as the ultimate pleasure tool...and forget all about its actual size!

4. Pick Strategic Point of Entry
Certain positions really DO make your penis feel thicker, longer—and all-around bigger—during sex.

A lot has been written on this topic, (just Google “sex positions that make a man’s penis feel bigger” and you’ll get TONS of helpful diagrams)...

But as a RULE, positions that require penetrating a girl’s pussy from behind, tend to work best.

Whenever I’m dating a a guy with a smallish cock, my personal go-to position is doggy-style.

Doggy-style allows your cock to enter at an angle that MAXIMIZES the intensity of penetration…and let’s you go deeper than most other positions.

And the higher up she holds her hips, the more massive your shaft will feel.

So make sure her face and chest are FLAT on the bed (because it instantly jacks her hips and pussy UPWARDS), and don’t let her knees travel too far apart (or she’ll lose elevation)…

...And your cock will feel 3 times its size from the moment you enter until the second you cum!

5. Get a Trim
If you want a larger-looking cock, grooming can go a LONG way…literally.

You see, size, like anything else, is a matter of PERCEPTION.

So trim your man-bush using a beard trimmer or a small pair of scissors…

…and your new, minimized pubes will make your cock (and balls!) look maximized by comparison!

But be careful not to overdo it. After all women want a MAN not a prepubescent boy (so think “neatly manicured lawn”  not “barren desert).

6. Get Rid of Your Gut
Like man-scaping, this is meant to create the visual effect of a larger package.

You see, being in shape isn’t about looking good (girls really don’t care whether you have a six-pack or not)…

But staying lean DOES have an effect on how large your cock looks (and girls do enjoy looking at a sizable shaft).

So if your belly hangs over your manhood…we can’t get a good view of it.

If your penis is getting lost in folds of skin…how is it supposed to make a powerful first impression?

And even if you’ve got a big cock…carrying around extra body mass is sure to scale down its splendor!

And since women use all of their senses during sex…

…what they SEE can heavily influence what they FEEL.

So even though a leaner body doesn’t actually make your cock feel bigger during sex—it’ll convince her EYES that you’re packing some serious heat!

I’m so happy Hannah reminded me about these game-changing techniques for faking a fuller, more SATISFYING, phallus!

Because bigger isn’t better—but it helps.

After all, I often tell you about foods, supplements, and exercises that turbocharge your stamina, and give you firmer, longer-lasting hard-ons…

…but at the end of the day, your SIZE is up to you.

And now you’re among the men who know that you really CAN control how big your shaft feels during sex!

So go on. Get your girl naked, try these techniques…

...and experience the bigger-dick difference;)


PS: Don’t be surprised if your lady suddenly tells you to “go slow.” A massive-feeling cock can be hard to handle at first!