Sunday, June 29, 2014

2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: Strange: Trick to GetYour Sex Life Done (it Worked for Pat!)


Last week I sent you an email about a date with a doctor...

He was a really great guy! Not really my type though.

BUT, he told me that most of his patients come in with stomach problems and a lack of energy.

What does he give them?


I was curious so I looked them up, and I found this weird video:

Scary right??

They have a 90-day return policy, so I decided I might as well try them…

But I just ordered more because I feel GREAT!!

Two weeks ago, I sent an email about this to my fans, and this morning I got this AMAZING email from a long time fan, Patrick L:

"hey Shawna, It's been a while :) So I check out that video you sent last week… That thing scared the bajeezus out of me! Honestly, i've had off and on stomach problems for a REALLY long time. I pretty much just stay indoors these days as I never know when nature will call. But NOT ANYMORE!

For the past week, since I got my package in the mail, I haven't had ANY issues… Not only that, but I've had WAY more of a sex drive! I've been making love to the wife for each of the last 4 nights in a row! I've got more energy, more energy in bed, and I get erections real fast :). Out of everything I've gotten from you, this might just be my favorite thing! Thanks Shawna,

I can't believe this worked for him so well!

Thank you so much for writing in Pat… If you guys want to try it out for yourselves you have to watch this video:

Talk to you guys soon, as usual please let me know what you think!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: Science Reveals Dirty Sex Secrets


You know how much I LOVE sharing things with you...

My juicy personal stories, relationship updates, and some of the HOTTEST sex tips that will totally blow your girl’s mind and make YOU a better lover...’s some REAL sex advice for ya...the FREAKIER the sex, the better it is for you. Seriously...even science says so.

I read this AMAZING article yesterday that talked about how “deviant” sex is actually good for you, and not just good for your junk =)

It’s actually GREAT for your health! Check this out...

1.) BDSM Is Good For Your Mental Health

Yep that’s right get out those handcuffs, ball gags, scarves, or whatever you've got in that bedroom of yours =)

If you’re a freak like me...then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about hehe...

But if you don’t, BDSM is short for Bondage, Discipline, Submission, Masochism.

It’s basically the kind of sex that’s considered weird, crazy, super kinky, and sometimes even scary! But the good kind of scary =)

Stuff like role-playing, restraints, blindfolds, spanking, and really rough sex! Mmmm, my favorite!!

Apparently people who practice forms of BDSM have better mental health than people who don’t!

I found this really cool study that talks about it more if you want to check it out here =)

Anyway, it found that the people who indulge in some spanking and rougher sex were more open to new experiences, are less neurotic, anxious and paranoid...

They also had more secure relationships...but that’s probably cause their lovers were tied up hehe! Kidding =)

2.) Polyamory Makes For Stronger Relationships

I’m talking about open relationships!

Now before rushing to your girl and asking to screw other people, you’ve gotta have trust, a STRONG bond, and open communication.

If you go about it the wrong way, you can hurt each other’s feelings, become jealous, annoyingly possessive, and the relationship will just fall apart =(

But if it does work out, science says the open relationships are actually the best kind.

It’s because each person in the relationship have the opportunity to grow and gain a variety of sexual experiences, which ultimately makes you happier =)

Plus, people who practice polyamory REALLY communicate, bring all of their feelings to the table and share exactly what they want and don’t want...

That’s something MOST regular relationships don’t even do. But keep in mind, it’s definitely NOT for everyone!

3.) Casual Sex Is Awesome

Having casual sex is really fun, totally exciting, and super HOT! But you have to be doing it for the right reasons of course...

You definitely shouldn’t be having a bunch of casual sex just for the heck of it!

Don't try to hide your feelings with meaningless bang sessions, cause you think it will make you hapier. That's just a quick fix and it won't last long =(

But...if you just enjoy sex, boobies, and found the right girl for some casual lovemaking every now and then, it could be really good for you!

Having casual sex for the right reasons can actually build your self-esteem and confidence!

Now if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons it can actually lower your self-esteem, or allow you to become anxious and depressed.

So the next time you have a chance to have casual sex, think about why you’re doing it first!

If it feels like you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, stop! But if you’re doing it for the right reasons...please carry on lover =)

4.) Period Sex Makes Your Girl’s Cramps Go Away

I know it sounds gross cause I’m talking about period blood, but this is SUPER important!

It turns out that having period sex can make your girl feel better when she has cramps!

The contractions from her orgasms feel like an internal massage and will make her feel so much better in the end!

Women are MUCH more sensitive during her period, which makes the sex even better than normal...

Plus, the orgasms also release endorphins, which are like natural painkillers...

Not only will they ease cramps, but they can even help headaches, irritability and other aches and pains.

So, throw down a towel, and get to it hehe! =)

5.) Masturbation At Work Is Good For The Economy

Soooo...apparently rubbing one out in the bathroom at work is really good for you and everyone around else around you...

Taking a quick break to cater to your “personal needs” will do the same in the workplace, making you easier to work with, more productive, and much, much happier...especially if you're dealing with unpleasant customers, or a jerk boss...

Besides, I’m sure there’s a few fitness magazines or Victoria's Secret catalogs you can look at in the company restroom hehe!

Masturbation in general improves your mood, makes your happier, and helps you live a longer, healthier life...

So why not do it at work too? BUT...if you get caught, you’re not allowed to blame it on me! Hehe =)

So that's that...5 Deviant sex acts that are REALLY good for you =) Use them to your advantage hehe!


P.S. If you try any of these acts you better tell me EVERYTHING! Email me at <3 font="">

Sunday, June 22, 2014

2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: Weird Enlargement Technique?


Oh boy…have I got a story for YOU! =)

Since I’ve been single, I’ve been reeallyyy upping my dating game...

I’m literally on the PROWL like never before, and have been hornier than ever these days! Thank goodness for my Magic Wand vibrator hehe!

So the other night I met up with my old friend Chris, and we had a little too much to drink, which ended up with me on top of him...very, very naked =)

Mmmm! So happy I got some! After knowing him for three years now, we ended up sleeping together for the second time, and I was completely BLOWN AWAY by his sexual confidence.

It’s crazy cause from what I remember, he wasn’t very “hung” if you know what I mean...

And even though a huge penis isn’t THAT important to me...Chris actually seemed a little bigger this time around!

The next morning I asked him what changed, and how after three years he all the sudden became so FEARLESS in bed...

Like he was a totally different guy. He even make me breakfast before I left!

He told me about this guy Alex Allman, a dating coach who’s apparently been VERY successful at what he does.

So I Looked Him Up And Found This Really AWESOME Video...

It's filled with crazy techniques to get BIGGER down there...Some of them were actually shocking!

It even explains this ancient Chinese KUNG FU trick that promises to make you LONGER and HARDER in bed.

You’ve Got To See What This Guy Does With His Junk...

This video doesn’t JUST teach you interesting also shows you a natural way to grow larger without pills, weird junk pumps, or surgery.

And this is why I just HAD to tell you about it...

Trust me...I know that seems like a big promise, but this guy’s for real...and so was the size of Chris' manhood =)

Everything that comes out of his mouth is science, science, science, and his main business is NOT sales...

It’s counseling couples with their relationships, and he's actually brilliant at it.

Click Here To Watch The Most Interesting Video I’ve Seen in a Long Time.

You’re gonna love it =)

OK, I’ve gotta go, I’m meeting Chris in a few! I just had to send you a quick email!!



P.S. Do you know what a “Frankencock” is??

Find Out Here...It's WAY Too Good!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: 5 Surprising Tips To Enhance Your Sex LIfe


There are a TON of erotic activities you can do in the bedroom that will make the sex CRAZIER, more adventurous, and totally HOT!

Plus, actively introducing new techniques to your girl and showing her that you're always looking for ways to spice things up will show her just how much you care about her pleasure...

And that obviously means a LOT more sex for YOU =)

Of all the sizzling bedroom advice out there, here are 5 bizarre sex tips that you might actually like to try... and I KNOW your girl won't mind your extra drive...

1.) Bite Her

This might sound a little vicious, but if you do it right...biting is one of the most EXCITING, and SEXIEST things you can do to a woman in the bedroom.

Whatever you do though, don't bite too hard...especially at first! Unless she asks you to or initiates rougher sex play =)

Instead, open your mouth on a shoulder, butt, or other erogenous zone like her inner thighs and favorite spot to get nibbled on! It feels so good, hehe!

Then, attempt to close your jaw by applying gentle pressure on her skin. Don't pinch down on the skin with your teeth or you could hurt your girl...

You have to be sure to warm her up to the idea and see if she likes what you're doing first...which, if she does, she might bite you back even harder hehe! Just remember it's supposed to be playful!

Do this a few times to show your girl you're extra passionate, but don't over do it.

One of my FAVORITE things is when a guy is taking me from behind and bites the back of my shoulder as he comes =) Try it out...I bet your girl will LOVE this move.

2.) Oil Up

Body oil is not just for giving massages...

Bringing the right oils into the bedroom gives you a sleek and slippery surface for your sex play and makes everything SO much better =)

When finding the perfect oil, you should choose aromas that can enhance the senses and create an intense sexual attraction! Vanilla, Musk and Ylang Ylang are all AMAZING...

But I like Ylang Ylang the best. I use it a lot because it acts as a natural aphrodisiac and increases energy so that you're super aroused, and ready for some hot and passionate grinding!

Grab a shower curtain or another type of oil-proof covering so that you don't ruin any sheets, lay it on the bed or floor, and start oiling each other up =)

Start by giving your girl a sensual, full-body rub down, massaging the oil into every inch of her soft skin. Be sure to take your time with her body and focus on her erogenous zones, or other areas that might be hurting.

Show her that you care about her comfort MORE than just having wild sex...Trust me it's the quickest way to get her all warmed up and in the mood =)

Then, once you finish the massage, have her do the same for you until you're both totally smooth and ready to slip and slide your way to the BEST orgasms ever!

3.) Suck Her Feet

OK,'s not as gross you think! And yes, some people HATE their own feet and don't want anyone near them...especially their lover.

But in all honesty, having your foot licked and sucked on is one of the most sensual of bizarre sex tips...and many women find a man licking her toes extremely arousing.

Follow my tips, and you will literally make your woman curl her toes in complete ecstasy!

Tickling and rubbing are the two most common practices when it comes to foot pleasure, but start slowly...

Rub your fingertips along her legs and and rub the sole of her foot to get into the act. Then warm her up with gentle kisses along her ankles before actually licking her feet.

Once she has warmed up to the idea, move on to licking between the toes and the arch of her foot, as those are the most sensitive areas.

If the two of you are both enjoying yourselves, move on to the big toe because it's the biggest and easiest to work with.

Start by kissing around the big toe and slowly wrap your mouth around it. While your mouth is covering her toe, use your tongue to lick it all around in a circular motion.

Then, simply follow the sound of her moans to give her the most enjoyable sensations she's probably ever felt!

4.) Spank Her

Spanking her is along the same lines as biting, but it can actually a very, VERY good way hehe =)

Actually it's been proven that spanking the booty while aroused tricks the body into translating the smack as pleasure instead of pain, and sends a rush of blood to the area.

To spank your girl the right way, slightly cup your hand, but keep it loose and give the area of the butt furthest from the anus a good whack!

You want to get that good slap sound and a good palm-butt connection, but don't over do it and hurt the poor girl or you'll totally kill the mood =(

Be sure to mix things up with a series of quick little slaps, followed by one big whack, and alternate between an open palm and a cupped hand. Then, gently rub the areas you spanked every once in a while for a more intense feeling.

Remember to stick to the fatty, lower part of her butt cheek and AVOID the tailbone or lower back. Also, be sure to listen to your girl so that you're both on the same page during the act.

5.) Eat

Having a sexy picnic is a super creative, and sensual way to combine sex and food.

Bringing food into the bedroom is not only erotic, it creates a more open and playful atmosphere.

Try surprising your girl with a good bag filled with yummy foods like fruits, cheeses and wine. That way you can use each others bodies as a plate and won't be left with a strong odor on your breath.

There are also plenty of frozen treats that can enhance your sexual experience.

For instance...sucking on an ice cube before giving your girl oral sex or holding it in your hand while letting the ice water drip onto her nipples and clit can be EXTREMELY enjoyable.

One of my favorite things to bring into the bedroom is whipped cream because it's a super sweet treat that makes everything taste MUCH better, including your member hehe =)

Hold the bottle and place the cream wherever she wants you to lick her for a creamier delight.

Chocolate syrup is another tasty addition as it stimulates endorphins and gives the body a natural feeling of falling in love... awww <3 br="">
Bon appetit!

I hope you enjoyed these 5 bizarre sex tips and never be afraid to try new things in the bedroom! Ever! Your girl wants and craves spice it up TONIGHT =)

And if you have yet to get inside that hottie with a body...

I have something that will show you EXACTLY how to get her.

Click here to for your A-to-Z Guide To Getting The Girl

You'll learn the BEST sexual escalation secrets that covers everything from when you meet your girl to getting her totally naked with you inside of her =)

Plus you'll see EXPLICIT demonstrations of every naughty sex technique by my sexy girlfriends...

The steamy positions to use, what you need to say to get a girl completely addicted to you, and exactly what to do AFTER the sex to keep her coming back for more...

Click here To Blow Her Mind The First Time

This program is better than all the others because it shows you EXACTLY how to get from the date to the bedroom, it focuses on first time sex, and it shows you how to have the relationship YOU want...
But if you're not comfortable watching seriously explicit demonstrations of sex techniques, this program is definitely not for you!!



P.S. Feel free to email me all your naughty stories, give me feedback, or just to say hi =)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: My WEIRD Date With A Doctor


If you've been keeping up with me these days, then you already know, J and I broke up a while ago.

And well, I waste no time when it comes to meeting men! I'm obviously dating again! I can't help it =)

So I went on a date last week with an incredibly good looking guy who turned out to be a doctor!

We had a good time, but sadly the night was nothing short of mediocre...

Anyway, over dinner I asked him what most of his patients come in for...

He said a lot of people have stomach problems, and he recommends 'Probiotics' to his patients all the time and that I should start taking them if I have any stomach problems.

When I got home, I decided to look it up and I came across this CRAZY video that totally FREAKED me out!

You have to watch this, click here

I found out that some of the symptoms were loss of energy, food allergies, stomach sensitivity and even a low sex drive!

After watching the video I bought two bottles of Keybiotics because I wanted to see if it would really work.

Now I wouldn't normally send you something like this and I'm kind of embarassed to even admit I have tummy issues sometimes...

But the Keybiotics have actually been working for me and I noticed a huge difference! I feel better in general and haven't had any tummy issues since I got them...

I'm wanted to share this story with you because the whole parasite thing really shook me up and I thought you'd want to hear about it too.

Click here to watch this FREAKY video.

And if you order some let me know if they work for you, because i want to know if they work for other people.



P.S. On a lighter note...I hope you tried out one or all five of my sex positions from the email I sent you the other day! Let me know how you liked them =)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: 5 Hot Sexy Positions With Pictures!


Spicing things up in the bedroom is one of the most important things you can do to keep your girl happy, and totally satisfied...

And while traditional sex positions tend to get a little repetitive and sometimes very boring...

I decided to add a little twist to 5 common positions that will enhance your sex life and TRIPLE the pleasure for you and your girl =)

1.) Cowgirl Lap Dance

I know how much you LOVE cowgirl position...watching your girl ride you hard and fast, while she's in full control of how deep she wants to be penetrated by your throbbing shaft...

It's one of the BEST sex positions ever! And although it's amazing all on its own...I wanted to put a little twist on it to make your night even HOTTER =)

Grab a kitchen chair and sit yourself down. Pull your woman close, and help her position herself onto your lap with her feet touching the floor.

This way she'll be able to rotate her hips and tease your erection with her clit, a very SEXY foreplay move before she slides you in.'ll have an INCREDIBLE view of her breasts as she moves up and down.

When she is ready for intercourse, this position will give her BETTER control than if she was in the original cowgirl position...

And that means the ride is going to be TWICE as wild and extremely pleasurable!

Just try not to blow your load too quickly =)

2.) Doggy Leg Lift

Doggy style is my absolute favorite position because I love to be dominated by a man...letting him have me any way he pleases hehe!

So...if you're looking to add an extra treat to doggy style, this sex position with a twist will definitely make your girl shout!

Bend her over on the bed, spread her legs and lift one of her thighs. This is going to make the penetration DEEPER than ever before...

Then, twist your body towards hers and let her thigh lean into your hip while you thrust!

Your free hand can gently tug on her hair, because we both know how much women CRAVE that move...

Or you can let your fingers do the walking and stimulate her clit at the same time. Either way she's going to be experiencing so much pleasure, she'll be screaming ALL night long!

Don't forget to close the window or she's going to wake up the entire neighborhood! =)

3.) Missionary With Pillows

Missionary is usually a woman's "go-to" position as it can lead to some MIND-BLOWING sex!

But...if you really want to SPICE it up for even greater pleasure, just add a pillow.

This sex position with a twist is super easy and pretty much GUARANTEES an orgasm...or two or three, and maybe even for both of you at the SAME time!

Lay your woman down on her back and slide a pillow under her butt. Then spread her thighs apart and place her feet flat against the mattress.

Penetrating her from this angle will be so deep you'll make her moan like never before...

And the constant clit stimulation she feels from the pillow will give her the most INTENSE, dripping wet orgasm of a lifetime!

4.) The Spoon Split

This sex position with a twist is a HUGE favorite of mine because it's very intimate and insanely RAUNCHY at the same time...

Get into the well-known, traditional spooning position, and take her top leg and lay it across yours.

This will force her thighs into a pretty widespread position, which will totally make your girl feel vulnerable and extra NAUGHTY =)

In this position you'll be able to thrust her deep, while having very easy access to her clit...and if you're lucky, she might even take matters into her own hands hehe!

This sex position will make your girl feel super saucy and have her spooning AND swooning.

5.) Reverse Cowgirl Squat

Every man knows that the #1 way to a woman's booty is through reverse cowgirl...

Not only do you get an AMAZING view of it as it bounces up and down on your junk, but you can also tease the area with a finger for extra pleasure!

This is one sex position that will get your girl VERY, very excited and lead to wild and CRAZY sex!

Get on your knees while facing the bed's headboard, and rest your butt on your heels. Then, have your girl squat over your lap while holding onto the headboard.

This will give her full support as she lowers her warm lady oven onto your thick erection =)

Grab onto the curve of her waist as she rides you to help her stay balanced during during the act.

Things like hair tugging, and gentle spanking...or rough if that's what she likes, can make this position even STEAMIER and more exciting for the perfect night.

So there you have it lover, 5 sex positions with a sexy little twist that will make your girl WILD!

Now go get her and start gettin busy =)


P.S. Don't forget to email me your comments and stories! You should know how much I love them by now hehe...


Sunday, June 08, 2014

2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: Girls love HUGE loads!


My biggest turn on is a man who can blow an ENORMOUS load all over my smooth, naked body!

Me just lying there on top of the soaking wet bed sheets we've been banging on all night, covered in thick, warm jizz...mmmmm! =)

Of course a guy will think that's HOT, but I LOVE it too! And truth is, the majority of women CRAVE bigger, stronger loads from their men.

I sent you an email on Thursday about ejaculation etiquette and I really hope you've been putting my tips to good use this weekend hehe!

But my main concern is MAXIMIZING your lovemaking skills, turbo charging your libido, and DOUBLING the size of your load for a sweaty, breathless, and totally enhanced sexual experience!

So, as a little reminder...John Lawrence is offering Max Recovery for 50% OFF until the end of this weekend when you buy 3 bottles...

Max Recovery was specifically formulated to dramatically speed up your recovery time after sex, so you'll be ROCK-FREAKIN-HARD, and totally ready to go within just minutes of having an ANY age.

But the BEST part is that it literally DOUBLES and in some cases...TRIPLES your sperm volume and thickness...the perfect ingredient to a HOT, and NAUGHTY night of sex...

And I STRONGLY encourage you to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind formula to benefit not only YOU...

But the next lucky lady you get to be DEEP inside of =)

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If you're looking to turn back time and get the sex drive and stamina to perform the way you did in your early 20s, this is EXACTLY what you need...

And trust me, women secretly hope for massive loads as you're ready to blow.

I hear it ALL the time from other girls in the industry and even from my low-key, more conservative girlfriends.

They say it makes them wetter, gives them a sense of accomplishment, and boosts their confidence in the bedroom knowing they're the reason for your EXTRA fluids.'s 10X MORE exciting to see it all come out like a garden hose hehe! I mean come one likes a leaky faucet =(

Click Here For Max Recovery at 1/2 The Price!

Whether it's with a girl you've just met, or your wife of 30+ years...this brilliant formula lets you give her the HOTTEST, craziest, and WETTEST sexual experience she'll be dying to brag to her friends about.

And I can assure you she'll keep coming back for more.

Max Recovery really is the absolute and ULTIMATE male load volumizer that you NEED.

It will give you the rocket fuel and power you must have to perform like the sexual BEAST I know you are...

While giving you some of the most MONSTROUS loads you've ever blown...

And like I always say...the more the merrier =)



P.S. Max Recovery will give you marathon sex sessions and the intensity your woman is dying for. I promise you won't be disappointed...

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Friday, June 06, 2014

Shawna's Guide To Ejaculation


Women are VERY lucky that they can have an orgasm just about anywhere and never worry about a sticky mess all over the bed sheets...well, unless you're making her squirt! Hehe =)

Men on the other hand have a BIG mess to clean up! And while that really just depends on how big your load is and what your girl might be into...

It's SUPER important to have an ejaculation etiquette plan so you know exactly where is goes, where it doesn't go, and how to clean up your manly fluids after a hot night of banging!

So, I broke it down for you into 5 sections:

  • Inside Her
  • In A Condom
  • In Her Mouth
  • On Her Butt Or Breasts
  • On Her Face
Inside Her:

If you are getting off inside your girl without a better be doing 2 things: making sure she's on birth control and getting her permission to do so.

Coming inside your girl obviously takes away from any mess that might be made from your blow because now your ejaculate is all up in her business =)

And if this happens, she will probably go to the restroom and clean herself up, which makes things A LOT easier for you...

But you should always follow up with your girl and make sure she is still comfortable, cleaned up, and totally satisfied.

Also...NEVER, ever tell her you aren't going to come inside her and then do it anyway. It's very rude and I promise your night won't end well.

In A Condom

When using a condom, it should be removed immediately after you blow your load, and BEFORE you lose your erection.

This will stop any sperm from escaping and oozing out all over her body, vagina, or on the bed.

Once you remove the condom, the best way to clean it up is to tie off one end so the fluids don't leak out, and toss it in the trash!

There are 2 rules to keep in mind when using a condom:
  1. Don't ever put it in the toilet or you can clog it, and that's never fun =(
  2. Never ask your girl to take the condom off for you. That's YOUR job mister!
In Her Mouth

When it comes to oral sex, things can get a little more complicated...

But the first thing you have to do is figure out whether or not she's willing to swallow!

Then, once she's made it clear that she is OK with licking up your goods, be sure to let her know when you are ready to come!

Girls LOVE a sweet surprise...but NOT when it comes to ejaculate. Give her time to prepare to swallow so she's not caught off guard.

If you just come in her mouth with no warning, she may gag, or worse...spit it out.

Not giving her a proper heads up can also get her thinking you're not ready to blow, and as a result...she might switch to a different method of stimulation, like using her hand to finish you off.

And sometimes, this can throw off your ability to come, especially if you were close!

Now, you don't have to go scream it out at the top of your lungs...just be simple about it and let her know it's time. Say something like, "Baby, I'm gonna come." =) See, totally easy!

And just a little tip from me to you...when coming in her mouth, DO NOT hold her head down! That's the quickest way to never get a blow job again.

On Her But Or Breasts

The idea of a man ejaculating all over my chest is the HOTTEST image ever! It makes me all kinds of warm inside.

BUT...just cause I like it doesn't mean ALL women do. Some women think it's sexy and others might think it's gross or degrading.

So again, you must be sure to communicate with her beforehand to find out if this is something she's into, or if it's something that will make her cringe!

If she likes the idea...then go right ahead, but don't rub it into her body afterward, or spread your goo around with your hands.

Sure, she took the load, but help her clean it up. Grab her a towel or an old t-shirt...whatever's near by, and wipe her down.

Doing this shows that even though you are having sexy time and getting EXTRA dirty, you still know how to be respectful.

Don't ever leave your girl on the bed covered in jizz while you go pee or grab a beer! Trust me...this has happened to me before and the guy DEFINTIELY paid for it.

On Her Face

Coming on a girl's face is by far the TRICKIEST of them all!

Some women really get off on the idea, but I'd say the majority of them think it's disgusting, degrading and totally messy.

Most girls are against it for the fear of getting your fluids in her eyes, up her nose, or making a tangled mess of her hair...but I suppose it all depends on the moment.

I mean...a load to the face in the shower isn't so bad hehe =)

Anyway, if blowing your load on a girl's face is your MUST talk about the idea thoroughly and way BEFORE the act.

Then, get her permission before you shoot anywhere near or on her face.

As a rule of thumb, you should definitely try to avoid her eyes and hair...

But sometimes accidents happen, and it's up to you to make sure your girl is comfortable and ready so that she doesn't get angry if it does.

Well, there you have it...ejaculation etiquette!

Now you'll have a better chance of keeping your woman happy, which means you'll have more places to release your load, a lot more sex, and more opportunities to practice my rules in the future =)

But I want to let you in on one little sex secret...

Whether you come in a condom, on your girl’s chest, or inside her warm, throbbing vagina, it’ll ALL be pointless if you’re not blowing BIG LOADS!

Why? Because a woman LOVES seeing her man shoot THICK, creamy loads during sex.

It’s an explosion of all that pent up sexual tension, and she knows SHE’S the reason for it.

You are giving a woman physical evidence of your sexual pleasure, and it makes her feel NAUGHTY, and very accomplished in the bedroom.’s WAY more exciting to see a HUGE money shot than a few little dribbles of jizz =(

Now of course there’s a few little things you can do to increase your load size like cutting back on alcohol, exercising and eating organic...but that’s no fun!

So, I have an easier, and much QUICKER way of doing it...

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Marty Klein: Sexual Intelligence
Issue #172--June 2014 
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Sexual Intelligence™.

Sexual Intelligence
Sexual Intelligence

With engaging stories from his private practice, Marty shows how our ideas about sex - and ourselves - are more important than a perfect body or exotic techniques. 

Sexual Intelligence  offers a robust perspective that makes it impossible for people to fail at sex, because they don't aim for success.

"Read this book if you want to improve your sex life."
~ Psychology Today


Each month, Sexual Intelligence™  examines the sexual implications of current events, politics, technology, popular culture, and the media.

Dr. Marty Klein is a Certified Sex Therapist and sociologist with a special interest in public policy and sexuality. He has written 6 books, over 100 print articles, and has published 7 sets of training CDs. Each year he trains thousands of professionals in North America and abroad in clinical skills, human sexuality, and policy issues. 
I'm in New York training psychologists this week, and as I always do here, I visited a neighborhood with a professional guide. This year we went to Williamsburg, home to the most insular and religious community of Hasidic Jews in North America....

A coalition of conservative Christian groups has petitioned a federal court to support Michigan's ban on gay marriage. No big surprise. Here's what should surprise: the coalition includes hundreds of African-American pastors....

Psychologists periodically tell patients that in life, you sometimes have to choose between being right and getting what you want....

Infidelity on Both Coasts!
June 20, 2014
July 14, 2014

After infidelity, helping a couple manage their power dynamics is crucial whether they want to reconcile or separate forever. Does the betrayed gain unlimited rights to information? Who decides what the kids are told? Once lost, how can trust be rebuilt?
Is the concept of emotional affair helpful or an obstacle? Are affairs caused by sex addiction? Is cybersex infidelity?
Join Dr. Klein in exploring these common, complex issues--and learn practical ways (with plenty of demonstrations) to help both couples and individuals.
Learn more:

June 20, 2014
Santa Cruz, CA
Infidelity--Off-line & On-line
Family Service Agency

July 9-12, 2014
Toronto, Canada

July 14, 2014
Washington, DC & Online
Infidelity: Who Owns the Relationship After An Affair?
American Psychological Association

September 19, 2014
Portland, OR 
Power Dynamics in Sexual & Intimate Relationships Oregon Psychological Association

You may quote anything herein,
with the following attribution:

 "Reprinted from Sexual Intelligence™
Marty Klein, Ph.D. ("

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Sunday, June 01, 2014

2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: Squirting Mastery On Sale! (Pl;us - Juicy Story Inside)


One of my favorite things in the world is having a squirting orgasm...

The idea alone of me feeling this BREATHTAKING, full-body explosion, and then having a fountain of fluids gush out from between my legs and all over the bed sheets like a super soaker makes me want to cream my panties right now! =)

I’m serious! It’s one of the HOTTEST things a woman can do...but what’s crazy is that far too many of them have never actually experienced one.

A few days ago I was at a girlfriend’s house, and we were exchanging a bunch of steamy sex stories cause that's what girls do after a night of Tequila hehe...

I started telling her about when I first started squirting, WAY before my adult video gigs, and let me tell you...I had her cracking up for hours!

Back in like 2009, I met this guy on OkCupid, a pretty popular online dating site.

We chatted back and fourth for about a week until our little talks turned into these HEATED, raunchy conversations. I would talk to him for hours and hours and never get any sleep.

Eventually we met up for a naughty night of fun, but I didn’t REALLY know what he looked like...

Cause you know, most the time you meet someone offline, they look NOTHING like they do in their photos...and this guy proved my point exactly.

I met him at his place and when he opened the door I was definitely NOT impressed...but at that point my expectations weren’t really high anyway...
I was just ridiculously horny and something inside me KNEW he was about to fulfill my sexual needs and turn me into a WILD sex kitten!

The two of us sat on the couch as he opened a bottle of Chardonnay. We made awkward conversation until finally he made a move...grabbing me and kissing me...hard with passion.

The chemistry was ELECTRIC, my heart was pounding and my lady parts tingled like I was being zapped my volts of electricity!

I’ll admit, I wasn’t too excited that this happened with a man I wasn’t even attracted to, but my body loved him from the very start.

And if it’s one thing a man should understand about a woman, it's that most of the time, our bodies make the decisions for us. It’s like our vaginas know right from the get go which guy will give it the most pleasure! =)

Anyway, that night I ended up having 7 orgasms!! 3 clit orgasms, 2 penetration orgasms, and 2 squirting orgasms that made me feel like he had a vibrator installed in his junk!

I remember laying there, eyes wide, totally speechless, hair was a mess, and my thighs were shaking uncontrollably as I tried to catch my breath before the next round.

That night he told me that he had never made a women squirt and he ended up giving me the nickname “White Wine Spritzy!” heard that right, "White Wine Spritzy!" Hehe! But I don’t blame him...I mean I literally DRENCHED his sheets!

I wanted to tell you this story because it means a lot to me. And I know it probably sounds silly, but it was the first time in my life when squirting became a consistent thing for me in the bedroom.

And the more I did it...the easier I came...and the more I came...the happier I was =)

The sensations I felt were ADDICTING and the orgasms that were taking over my body were intense, and completely mind-blowing as I could actually hear the sound of my warm juices while being penetrated.

Ok, I’m getting REALLY turned on so I’m going to stop describing the insane pleasure that comes with this kind of climax!! point is that EVERY woman should experience a squirting least once!

And because I believe in squirting so much, and because I KNOW that any woman who experiences a squirting orgasm will IMMEDIATELY become hooked on your sex, your body, and your love...

I want to give you one of my all-time FAVORITE programs for 25% off.

It’s called “Squirting Mastery” and you can get it here.

“Squirting Mastery” is my favorite program because it includes some of the SEXIEST girls in the industry like Aiden Ashley who got so comfortable during the scene that she gushed out like never before, and Sindee Jennings who actually sprayed her hot fluids ACROSS THE FREAKIN ROOM!

In addition to TONS of beautiful, naughty scenes, and naked girls, you will also get an endless amount of well-kept secrets that will get you making girls squirt faster than you or her ever thought possible...

The exact spot you must touch, how many fingers and pressure to use, and some of the most unique, and adventurous sex positions that will practically force your girl to have MULTIPLE, scream-at-the-top-of-her-lungs squirting orgasms in a single session.

Click here to get “Squirting Mastery” for 25% off.

I truly hope you will take advantage of my special sale because it will change EVERYTHING you ever thought you knew about sex. No joke =)

Just remember...once a squirter, always a squirter, hehe =)


P.S. Mmmmm I can't wait to hear your squirting stories!! Email me at
and don't spare the details!

2 GIRLS TEACH SEX: Bedroom Mind Reader


There’s nothing HOTTER than a man who knows EXACTLY how to please me and get me screaming at the top of my lungs…

Giving me pleasure that’s so STRONG and so PASSIONATE my legs start to quiver, my eyes roll to the back of my head, and goose bumps take over my warm body, inch by inch.

This is what happens when you truly know how to satisfy a woman. Even better when he knows what I want without me having to open my mouth…unless I’m going down on him hehe =)

And as a man, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is your biggest sexual desire.

One of my good friends, Susan Bratton, a highly trusted expert on passionate lovemaking created a super HOT  DVD series called “Steamy Sex Ed”.

When you sign up, you will get to watch not one, but TWO video trailers that show you EXACTLY what a girl wants in bed BEFORE the crowds.

If you’re the kind of guy I know you are…the kind of guy who settles for no less than multiple sheet-gripping climaxes for your woman…

Then read on…

The trickiest part in escalating your woman’s arousal is knowing what kind of NEW sexual techniques she’s ready for…each step of the way.

Now imagine if you could read her mind…and NEVER worry about getting rejected for trying something new and naughty in the bedroom…

I’m about to give you a sneaky strategy that’s even better than reading her mind. It’s a way to get your girl to tell YOU exactly
what she’s in the mood for…

A sensual massage, some deep penetrating G-Spot strokes, soaking wet oral pleasure, or even a raunchy new position that’s got her upside down and backwards…

And it doesn’t matter if she’s too shy to talk about it, if she’s had a long day, or even if she’s tired.

You will be able to get her to tell you what she wants EVERY single night.

It’s the easiest rejection proof way for you to become the lovemaking genius who knows what your woman will enjoy at ANY given moment.

When you watch these zero cost trailers, you will see (and probably for the first time) how a woman wants you to bang her so please take advantage of this early registration.

Registering now ensures you will be able to see the videos a day earlier than everyone else, and once you read her mind… the rest will follow =)